Best Steam Cleaner & Mop Reviews UK 2022 – A Battle of the Top 9

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Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Shark Klik N Flip Blue and White
Choice with Child Safety Lock:
Kärcher SC2 EasyFix Yellow
Powerful Choice:
Vileda Red and Black with Cord

Have you ever struggled to scrub dirt from your floor with a mop and bucket of soapy water? The chances are you have experienced this at some point in your life. Not only is it strenuous and boring, but this method usually takes forever to achieve truly bright and clean results. Having the best steam mop or cleaner can do a faster and better job. These tools attack dirt and grime throughout the cleaning process instead of dragging dirty, soapy water across the floor of your home. Many products have proven to kill as much as 99.9% of the bacteria, dust mites and other contaminants they encounter. But how do you find the best steam cleaner to buy?

Well, you can put that mop and bucket down because we’ve done the research for you! In this article, we have compiled a list of steam mop reviews to aid your decision, so you’ll never have to scrub a dirty floor ever again.

How We Compared Steam Cleaners & Mops

steam cleaners collage

To find the right steam cleaners & mops we considered multiple factors including:

  • Versatility
  • Ease of use
  • Heat up time
  • Water tank capacity
  • Availability of different accessories

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Steam Cleaner & Mop Reviews – Top 9 Picks

1. Shark Klik N Flip Blue and White (Editor’s Choice)

shark klik n flip

The Klik N Flip is the best steam mop in our selection for sparkling clean hard floors without any hassle. While this unit has a low power level, it makes use of an innovative manual pump action to put you in control of how much steam it produces.

Shark is well-known for their vacuum cleaners, and their steam mop showcases the same great quality. It has a Steam Blaster Mode to remove stubborn stains making this steam mop suitable for any type of hard floor in your home from the nozzle. Its dirt-trapping pads have the advantage of being double-sided, meaning you can clean for twice as long before having to change to another pad, saving you the hassle.

While the Shark Klik N Flip offers excellent hard floor washing and manoeuvrability, thanks to its swivel steering system, it does have a few flaws. It can be difficult to release the head from the body to switch your pad around. Additionally, you’ll need to hang it up or support it when you’re not using it. This is because when left unattended, it has a tendency to fall over.

There is no on/off switch so you will need to unplug it at the wall, potentially walking over your slightly damp clean floor. While this model is an excellent lower energy choice, if you have carpeted floors, or require a multi-use handheld and upright steam cleaner, this might not be the ideal choice for you.


  • 1050 watts
  • Steam Blaster Mode for stubborn stains
  • Has double-sided pads
  • Pumping action to activate steam
  • Swivel steering for quick manoeuvrability
  • Additional accessories included


  • Difficult to release head from the body
  • No on/off switch
  • Falls over when not in use

2. Kärcher SC2 EasyFix Yellow (Ideal for Hard Floors)

karcher sc2 easyfix

If you are looking for a hard floor steam cleaner or a steam mop for wooden floors, then the SC2 by Kärcher is designed to provide effective, thorough results.

The large one-litre tank means you won’t have to stop and frequently fill up as is often the case with smaller upright models. However, you will need to wait considerably longer for the Karcher to produce steam when it is first switched on. For this reason, this steam cleaner is an excellent choice for longer sessions, but less useful for quick, spontaneous housekeeping needs.

Aside from being an excellent floor steam cleaner for tiles, the Karcher also comes with a range of accessories so you can use it for any cleaning job including washing your worktops, shower and many other hard to reach nooks and crannies. It has a simple to fit attachment system that makes the SC2 simple to use and ensures a thorough clean, while the integrated child safety lock makes it a good choice for homes with children.

Be aware that if you are thinking to buy this Karcher model, you will need to change its filter regularly and that there is no carpet glider provided for your rugs or carpeted rooms.


  • 1500 watts
  • Large one-litre tank
  • Comes with several Karcher accessories like nozzle attachments and brushes
  • Has a simple to fit attachment system
  • Child safety lock


  • Need to replace filters regularly
  • Long heat up wait
  • No carpet glider included

3. Vileda Red and Black with Cord (Ideal for Carpets and Rugs)


Are you looking for the best steam cleaner for carpets? The Vileda Steam Mop makes an excellent choice if you’re wondering which steam cleaner to choose for your mostly carpeted home.

At 1550 watts, it is one of the more powerful steam cleaners in our selection. It effectively and thoroughly cleans carpeting and rugs, thanks to the included carpet glider attachment. But it can also be used on any type of hard floor, which makes it suitable for every home. Additionally, the long cord makes it especially useful if you have larger rooms or a few sockets.

On the downside, the Vileda steam mop lacks flexibility, making it rather difficult to clean dirt and grime under and around furniture. This model does not feature a handheld mode, so if you’d like to clean more than just your floors, you would be better off looking at one of our other recommended models. Another slight issue is that you cannot see how much water is remaining inside the tank so you won’t be able to gauge when you need a refill partway through cleaning.

However, when you consider this unit comes complete with a two-year warranty, a carpet glider attachment and two microfibre pads, then this steam mop is still a great choice for keeping both carpeted and hard floors fresh and clean.


  • 1550 watts
  • Can be used on both rugs and hard floors
  • The long cord allows flexibility
  • Comes with two microfibre pads and a carpet glider
  • Two-year warranty


  • Head lacks the flexibility to clean under furniture
  • No handheld mode
  • Cannot see the water level

4. Mlmlant 2000W (Multipurpose Option)

mlmlant 2000ml

If you are looking for the best multipurpose steam cleaner for use all-around your home, then try out this steam cleaner by Mlmlant. It comes complete with a 20-piece accessory kit, so whatever you are looking to clean, this steam mop is likely to have an attachment for it.

As this cleaner is suitable for the majority of surfaces and fabrics, you may find that it is the best steam cleaner for mattress cleaning and general upholstery, as well as being the best floor steam cleaner. Thanks to its powerful 2000 watts and large 1.5-litre tank, this means you won’t have to keep on refilling, even if you have a large home.

The Mlmlmant steam cleaner features a useful five-foot hose, making it quick to get into hard to reach areas. Additionally, the superheated steam that it produces is low in moisture. This means less hassle for you as it cleans faster and has a shorter drying period. However, as the tank is very large, it heats up considerably longer than other smaller models.

If you are looking to compare steam mops with this model, we think this may not be the right choice for your needs if you are going for a quick start or will be taking on small cleaning tasks. It can also be a little bulky to pull around behind you compared to some of the upright models. Additionally, the four-metre cord can be a little restrictive, so you may instead want to try a cordless steam mop if you have a larger home.


  • 2000 watts
  • Large 1.5L tank
  • Superheated steam up to 135 degrees
  • Includes 20 piece accessory kit
  • With brushes and nozzle attachments
  • Five-foot hose for accessing hard to reach areas


  • Heat up is quite long
  • A little bulky to pull around
  • Short 4-metre cord

5. Shark S6003UK Klik n Flip (Easy Storage Option)

shark s6003uk klik n flip

Shark is a popular brand across the UK for their reliable vacuum cleaners; it’s no surprise that they have some incredible mop products to offer, too. This Shark Klick n’ Flip model is a corded steam pocket mop, offering up to 1200 watts of power.

With pioneering dirt-grip technology, the double-sided microfibre pads included with this mop effectively traps household dirt. It also has three intelligent, direct steam controls to choose from. You can decide whether you need targeted cleaning, consistent scrubbing, or cleaning without streaking.

Whatever option you go for, you can rest assured that the Shark will eliminate up to 99.9% of all common bacteria in your living spaces, without chemicals or cleaners. That makes it an ideal choice for people with allergies.

On the downside, if you want to use this device on carpets, you need to buy a separate accessory. Additionally, some reviewers noted that the Klik n Flip is quite heavy for a steam mop. It’s worth mentioning, however, that it does come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. Hence, you can always send the item back if you have any issues with performance.


  • Excellent dirt grip technology
  • Steam blaster mode included for targeted cleaning
  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty included
  • Streak-free cleaning mode


  • Very heavy according to some reviews
  • Needs a separate attachment for carpet cleaning

6. Russell Hobbs RHSM1001-G Aqua (Best Value)

russell hobbs rhsm1001 g

The Steam and Clean by Russell Hobbs is our best budget steam mop choice. It is extremely lightweight at just 2.3kg, without the fragility that often comes with cheaper priced models.

Its low weight and tilting head make it simple to move around when cleaning your home. The reservoir is on the small side so you may need to top it up several times throughout your dirt cleaning session. On the other hand, the rapid 15-second heat up means that you won’t waste any unnecessary seconds waiting for it to be ready for use. Offering 1189 watts, it gives a powerful, efficient clean – even on stubborn stains.

If you’re thinking to buy this steam mop, you should bear in mind that you may need an extension cord if you have a large home. The cord is a little on the short side at 5m. This steam mop has a safety cut off when placed in the upright position to prevent damage to fabrics. While this makes it safer and easier to use in some respects, it does mean you’ll need to keep it at a 45-degree angle at all times for it to release steam. This isn’t always practical when cleaning around furniture and in more cluttered spaces. However, with the two pads and a carpet glider included when you buy, as well as up to two years warranty, this steam mop still offers unbeatable value for money.


  • 1189 watts
  • Lightweight at 2.3kg
  • Rapid 15-second heat up
  • Tilting head for easy access
  • Two-year warranty
  • Additional accessories included


  • Need to hold at 45 degrees for steam
  • Short 5m cord
  • Small reservoir runs out quickly

7. Light N Easy S3101 Lightweight (Rapid Heat Up Time)

light n easy

The Light N Easy Steam Cleaner is a great choice for your floors, whether they’re hard or carpeted. If you’re looking for the best floor steamer for your home, then you won’t be disappointed with this cleaner’s impressive performance, thanks to its 1500 watts and a heats up rapidly in 20 seconds.

Its swivel head allows you to get around furniture with ease, while its low weight makes it easier to manoeuvre. Powerful steam is released as you move the cleaner, so you don’t need to press on a trigger. This makes it easier on your hands, making this steam mop an especially good choice if you suffer from arthritis or weak hands.

The Light N Easy is not only the best steam cleaner for grout, but it also effectively cleans your carpeting and rugs with the included carpet steamer glider. While it is a highly efficient floor cleaner, if you need a handheld, multipurpose model for other cleaning tasks, such as upholstery, windows and ovens, then take a look at our other recommended multipurpose steam cleaners.

For this review, we think that this steam cleaner is a good choice for a compact home. However, if you plan on using it over large areas, bear in mind that you will need an extension as the cord only runs for approximately four metres. Also, the cleaner itself does not have an on/off button, meaning you’ll have to plug or unplug it to start, something which may or may not influence your decision.


  • 1500 watts
  • Fast 20-second heat up
  • Swivel head for quick manoeuvrability
  • Suitable for all floor types
  • Carpet steamer glider accessory included


  • Upright only
  • No power switch
  • Short cord

8. H20 X5 5-in-1 Green (Best with Handheld Mode)

h20 x5

The H20 X5 has been designed to be used for a range of cleaning tasks around your home. Use it as an upright to steam mop your floors or to clean your rugs and carpets.

In handheld jet mode, make use of the range of included attachments and accessories to steam your clothes, clean windows, ovens and much more.

The H20 is simple to use, lightweight and compact so you won’t struggle to store it even if your home is a little short on space. With 1300 watts, this model heats up quickly and efficiently, saving you hours.

On the downside, while this steam cleaner is lightweight and quick to move around, it does have a small tank which needs frequently refilling when you’re cleaning the whole house. The range of included attachments makes this steam cleaner a great choice for a variety of cleaning tasks. However, you should note that the attachments do not fit on to the extension tube. So, for any high reach areas, you will need a chair or a ladder.

Also, the plastic wand and handle do not feel very robust when using this cleaner on floors. Therefore, if you’re the heavy-handed type, or intend on frequently using your steam cleaner, you may be better off with a more durable, solidly constructed model. All in all, this is a good multipurpose steam cleaner when used with care.


  • 1300 watts
  • Transforms from handheld to upright
  • Includes extra accessories
  • Lightweight for less fatigue
  • Compact and easy to store


  • Handle and wand aren’t very robust
  • Attachments don’t fit well on an extension tube
  • Small tank runs out fast

9. Vytronix Multifunction 10-in-1 STM01 (Best with Steam Control)

vytronix multifunction

This 10-in-1 steam cleaner by Vytronix is great for use all around your home thanks to its 10-piece accessory kit and handheld or upright choice of functionality.

It is simple to manoeuvre, making this lightweight steam mop a good choice for floors, both upstairs and downstairs. However, the downside of its low weight is that the tank is a little on the small side. Therefore, if you have a large home or one that frequently requires deep cleaning, you will have to regularly stop to refill. Fortunately, this means that this model heats up quickly for a short wait after refilling.

The Vytronix Steam Mop is powerful enough for any of your everyday cleaning job with its 1300 watts and variable steam control, allowing you to increase or decrease to steam output as necessary. There is only one pad included, so you will most probably need to buy more for use between washes.

In this review, the only real flaw that we found with this budget-priced steam cleaner is its plastic handle that detaches a little too easily due to the fragile clip that should keep it in place.

Otherwise, for the cost, this steam mop is good to buy if you want to keep your home sparkling clean, with a range of included accessories to make quick work of a variety of tasks.


  • 1300 watts
  • 2-in-1 handheld and upright cleaner
  • Includes 10-piece accessory kit
  • Variable steam control
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Small capacity tank
  • Only one pad included
  • Fragile handle clip

Finding the Best Steam Cleaner For You

Using home cleaning appliances including window vacs, carpet cleaners and cordless vacuums offer a wealth of benefits. Steam cleaners are no different.

Steam Cleaning Can Be Good For Your Family’s Health

best steam cleaner

These tools allow you to free up and eliminate stubborn grease and dirt, including killing virus and bacteria, without spending a fortune on detergents which may pose their own health risks. If you suffer from allergies, steam cleaners are also effective at reducing the prevalence of dust mites in your home.

Even if you’re partial to an old-fashioned hand mop, steam cleaning can do a much better job of disinfecting and washing while still leaving that wonderful “just-mopped” look – and it won’t leave you exhausted and sore from continually bending over a pail full of soapy water on the floor for an hour or two.

But if you’re ready to buy a steam cleaner for the first time, where do you begin? Besides reading steam mop reviews, you should also look at some of the most important things to consider when choosing the best steam cleaner for home use.

Steam Mop Buying Guide

Buying a steam cleaner is the same as it is for any cleaning appliance. You have to think about how and how often you’ll be using it. Otherwise, the chances are great that you’ll end up with the wrong machine for your needs. Let’s review what other attributes you need to consider before you buy.

1. Choose From Different Types of Steam Cleaners

A multifunctional cleaning equipment

There are many different kinds of steam mops. Your first big decision is if you will get an upright, cylinder, handheld or two-in-one units.

a. Upright

Upright steam mops vary widely in the features and flexibility they offer, but they’re somewhat similar to a traditional long-handled mop with extra cleaning power. These tools are built almost the same as the one your grandmother probably used, except with a tank attached to the handle; this is where the steam is generated and then sent to the head to do its work. Like old-school mops, some steam cleaners have double-hinged or swivelling heads, making it easier to get into tough spaces.

b. Cylinder

There are other steam mop designs that are more powerful but are much bulkier. These cylinder steam cleaners resemble an old-style carpet vacuum with a large body and an attached flexible hose used for the actual cleaning. These cleaning tools naturally store much more water than upright steam models, and they’re built to produce a lot more steam for deeper and heavier washing and sanitizing.

c. Handheld

Handheld units are portable and meant primarily for use in small spaces or to clean showers or work surfaces.

d. Two-In-One

Two-in-one cleaners are essentially larger and come with a detachable handheld attachment built into it, making them more versatile but also heavier to use than an upright model.

2. Consider the Versatility For Cleaning A Variety of Surfaces

The best steam mop can have the power to tackle built-up grease quick and simple that wouldn’t be able to budge during normal cleaning. You can use them on non-porous surfaces, including floor tiles without any issues, but some lower-level cleaners aren’t the ideal choice for wood floors or rugs. You’ll probably need one with a variable steam control if you want to clean hardwood or laminate without damaging them.

3. Think About Ease of Use and Heat Up Time

A cleaning machine that is ready to use

Steam mops are definitely the most convenient choice, partly because of their quick manoeuvrability but also because they’ll also heat water and be ready to produce steam extremely quickly, usually from a minute to 30 seconds or even less.

4. Water Tank Capacity

Having a larger capacity means you won’t have to refill as often as a steam mop, but it can be a 5-minute up to 10-minute wait for the water to get to the right temperature. Most models will offer variable steam controls to help you adjust the intensity, but you should definitely check this is you’ll be cleaning delicate surfaces and fabrics. However, their small water capacity only provides a short amount of steaming before they must be refilled.

5. Availability of Different Accessories

Steam cleaners usually come with one or two accessories. On the other hand, some heavy-duty models include a large variety of accessories like nozzles and tubes designed to clean everything from bathroom floors to kitchen counters, and some can even steam ovens, upholstery or car boots.

Which One Makes A Clean Sweep?

Each of the steam mop reviews we have seen would make fantastic cleaning tools, but if you’re still undecided, our recommendation is the Shark Klik N Flip Steam Mop.

With its low energy consumption, Steam Cleaning Blast Mode removes stubborn stains and double-sided cleaning pads for ease of use. The Shark easily outperforms many of the other models in terms of convenience and power and efficacy.

Sure, it may lack an on/off switch and be prone to falling over, but when we consider that it’s also lightweight and has a swivelled steering system, we think the Shark Klik N Flip Steam Mop still deserves to be crowned the best steam mop on the market.

Which is your choice for the best steam cleaner or mop? Let us know in the comments section.

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