Best Pressure Washers of 2021

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Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 10 Best Pressure Washers

  1. WORX WG629E Hydroshot (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Kärcher K4 (Luxury Choice)
  3. Bosch EasyAquatak (Best Value)
  4. Kärcher K2 (Best with Iconography Guide)
  5. Ryobi RPW130XRBB 130B (Best with Hose Reel)
  6. Kärcher K2 Compact (Best Compact)
  7. Kärcher 16018850
  8. Nilfisk X-Tra Compact
  9. Vytronix PW1500
  10. Paxcess Power Washer

From an overgrowth of moss on garden furniture to a dirty car, the best pressure washers on our list are useful power tools that can cut through the dirt and grime with barely any effort. On the hunt for the best pressure washer in the UK, we’ve discovered that these machines are incredibly useful. Using a high-pressure spray of water, they can tackle tough cleaning jobs in a fraction of the time than you could with a scrub brush and some elbow grease.

In our reviews, we try to provide you with a balanced opinion on each of our picks for the best pressure washers. We offer up certain things to watch out for and provide you with a nice overview of the features and benefits.

Pressure Washer Reviews

WORX WG629E Hydroshot (Editor’s Choice)

The Hydroshot from WORX is a unique offering on our reviews list because it is a cordless, battery-operated pressure washer. Not having a cord gives you extreme freedom when using it, and this model is easy to use.

Because of its cordless nature, the Hydroshot is our pick for the best portable pressure washer. It is also extremely lightweight, coming in at only 2.5kg, and is the smallest pressure washer on our list, meaning it is incredibly easy to move around. 

The compact size means it is easy to store and allows you to have more control over the unit. It provides you with about four times the water flow rate of a standard garden hose.

The battery on this pressure washer lasts for 30 minutes per charge. You can use this power washer anywhere because it can use any type of water source, including a bucket or a garden hose. This feature and its complete versatility is part of why we feel it is the best home pressure washer.   

The biggest issue with this pressure washer is that it lacks a powerful motor. However, due to the low pressure, it allows for many more common tasks you are likely to have at home without fear of causing damage including cleaning delicate garden furniture.

The other main issue is the limited run time, but that is an expected side effect of a cordless power washer.


  • Variable power
  • Easy to carry due to lightweight design
  • Can use any type of water source
  • Cordless for extra manoeuvrability


  • 30-minute use time may not be long enough
  • May not have enough pressure

Kärcher K4 (Luxury Choice)

The Kärcher K4 comes to you from one of the most well-known home pressure washer brands, which you will discover shows up multiple times on our reviews list of best pressure washers, due to the brand’s quality reputation. This electric high-pressure washer has quite a few excellent features that make it a pretty impressive machine.

The K4 weighs in at 11.9kg and has an extendable handle and wheels to make it easy to move. It has an LED display on the wand that lets you choose the perfect pressure setting for your needs. The pressure washer also has a stability foot on the base to ensure it stays upright the whole time you use it.

This is also one of our most powerful pressure washer picks with a motor moving water at 130 maximum bar pressure. It has a hose length of 6m and a 5m cable so you can easily move to wherever you plan to use it without having to worry about additional power cables. The K4 comes with vario and dirt blaster lances. It also includes a patio cleaner attachment, which makes it the best pressure washer for patio use. 

Using detergent is simple with the Plug ‘n’ Clean system where you just lock in the detergent bottle. All parts and accessories easily attach thanks to the quick connect setup, and there’s onboard storage for the lance, gun, and cable.

This is the only one of the best jet washer options on our list that requires 2 AAA batteries for running the LED display. It is also quite heavy, which can be difficult for older consumers. The pressure washer also doesn’t have an integrated lance, which just adds to the setup time.


  • Auto feed detergent saves time
  • Efficient attachments included in the purchase
  • Easy to move due to wheels and telescoping handle
  • LED display for pressure settings


  • Power cord could be too short for some
  • No integrated lance may slow down set up

Bosch EasyAquatak (Best Value)

The Bosch EasyAquatak power washer is our best value pressure washer. It has a portable design and weighs just 3.8kg. It packs quite a bit of power into a small package with a motor running a maximum of 110 bar pressure water flow rate, making it the best small pressure washer on our list.

The electric pressure washer has a base that will store all the accessories, the cable, and the hose. It comes with variable power and rotary nozzles. It has an integrated lance and features push-fit connections for easy setup and so you can easily switch between jobs.

The EasyAquatak has a 3m hose length and 5m power cable length. You can fill it with detergent if you wish, including using it with snow foam. The broad base of the power washer helps with stability, and the engine has an efficiency feature to only run when you need power.

A concern about this Bosch pressure washer is that the hose is rather short. This will limit uses and could be a deal-breaker for some. You also will add the cleaning detergent directly to the base instead of a holding tank or through a tube, which can be messy. It is also easy to knock it over because it is so lightweight.


  • Very lightweight for added portability
  • Base doubles as storage
  • Powerful for its size
  • Efficient engine


  • May be easy to knock over
  • Instructions may not explain nozzle attachment and removal
  • Hose may be too short

Kärcher K2 (Best with Iconography Guide)

The Kärcher K2  is another great pressure washer machine from a well-known brand. It weighs in at 6.86kg and provides you with a maximum of 110 bar pressure motor. The K2 has a 6m hose and 5m cable so you don’t have to worry too much about additional extension leads.

You’ll find this is easy to move about as it has wheels and a telescoping handle, like you would find on a piece of luggage. It also has a twist lance to control the pressure and a targeted pressure regulation trigger gun so it is suitable for a range of jobs and is easily adjustable.

Comparable to the Karcher K5 premium full control plus, the pressure washer base stores your handle, gun, hose, lances, cable, and other accessories. You will get a patio cleaner with this model. It also features an iconography guide that lets you easily know the right pressure setting for different tasks making it the best pressure washer for cars.

To add detergent, you will use a suction tube in the detergent bottle, but it uses up detergent quickly, so you may have to fill this up quite often, which can be frustrating. Also, the instructions are lacking, making it tricky to set up this pressure washer model.


  • Well-known brand name
  • Telescoping handle
  • Multiple pressure control and assist features
  • Excellent storage options


  • May use detergent too quickly
  • Instruction guide may be lacking

Ryobi RPW130XRBB 130B (Best with Hose Reel)

Ryobi brings you the RPW130XRBB 130B new model full control home pressure washer with a motor with a maximum water flow rate of 130 bar pressure. It weighs in a little heavy at 8.9kg but has wheels to make moving it easier.

This electric pressure washer features a steel-armed hose that won’t kink and a hose reel for keeping it tidy. It also has a built-in detergent tank with an on-demand function directly on the wand. You’ll find it simple to get suds at the push of the button only when you need them.

Overall, the Ryobi pressure washer is compact, but it does have storage for accessories so you never have to worry about where you put your extra brush. It comes with a turbo lance, vario lance, patio cleaner, and multi-purpose brush. The 6m hose also gives you enough length to work with.

The hose reel is challenging to use and more of a bother than a help. You may end up just winding the cable on your own and stashing it inside the reel. Also, the attachments can be tricky to remove and put on, and the instructions lack help for this issue.


  • On-demand detergent function
  • Hose is resistant to kinks
  • Compact size is easy to move around
  • Lightweight design


  • Attachments may be difficult to use
  • Hose reel could be seen as ineffective

Kärcher K2 Compact (Best Compact)

The K2 power washer is a compact design that keeps things simple. It does not have a lot of frills, but it does have features you come to expect as standard.

The K2 full control plus home pressure washer weighs in at only 3.7kg and has a 4m hose. Its motor runs at a max pressure of 110 bar of water flow. Despite its small size, onboard storage is available for the gun, hose, lance, and cable so you can be assured that you won’t lose any bits or trip over any parts when it’s tucked away in your shed or garage. Plus, it is super easy to carry and won’t be difficult for anyone to use.

This full control home pressure washer features one way and dirt blaster lances to tackle almost any cleaning jobs. It also uses detergent, which you will feed into the system via a suction tube.

You shouldn’t expect that this pressure washer can handle heavy-duty jobs. It’s made for doing light to medium duty jobs. Long use is also something to avoid so as not to overwork the small motor. The onboard storage is lacking when it comes to cord storage as it doesn’t fit into the providing housing well.


  • Compact size is easy to store
  • Lightweight design is highly portable
  • Can use detergent
  • Comes with two lance options


  • May not store cord well
  • May not offer enough power for heavy tasks
  • May not be suitable for longer jobs

Kärcher 16018850

Yet another showing on our list for Kärcher, proving it is a leading name in pressure washers. The 16018850 model motor provides a max water pressure of 120 bar. It weighs in at 8.24kg and features a carry handle and wheels to allow you the best portability to move it around when it’s in use, or to put it away at the end of a long day.

The pressure washer comes with a 6m hose, patio cleaner, and two lances: Vario and dirt blaster. You get onboard storage for the gun, hose, and lances, along with a cable wrap.

The integrated soap tank makes it a snap to add some soap to your power washing task. The quick connect hose allows for simple set up, so you waste no time getting a start on car cleaning, cleaning patios, or whatever task you want to tackle.

There is an issue with confusing instructions that lead to a longer setup time than is necessary. The storage options for the hose and cable are also not too great because the hook system simply isn’t sufficient to hold them in place, and there’s no storage for the patio cleaner.


  • Compact size
  • Integrated detergent tank
  • Quick connect hose
  • Carry handle for portability
  • 2 lances included


  • Instructions may be confusing
  • Hose and cable storage may not work properly

Nilfisk X-Tra Compact

The Nilfisk X-tra Compact pressure washer may be little, but it does a lot and comes with a laundry list of features. Weighing in at 6kg, it has a 5m cable and 5m hose length.

This pressure washer motor will provide you with a maximum water pressure of 110 bar. It is lightweight but has wheels and a handle to let you move it easily. It also features a trigger lock for safety purposes to not spray unintentionally and a thermal sensor cut out to protect the motor from overheating.

You can expect to get tornado and power speed nozzle accessories with a powerful pressure regulation built into them. There is storage built-in for the lance and spray gun. It also has cable storage. A couple more features worth mentioning are the anti-twist hose and auto start/stop. Plus, this compact pressure washer has a bristle skirt to stop splashing and minimise any unnecessary soaking of you or anything in the surrounding area.

The Nilfisk X-Tra Compact pressure washer is only for light or medium jobs. Trying anything heavy could wear it out or leave you unsatisfied with the results. Also, the instructions are difficult to understand and may make it hard to set up.


  • Anti-twist hose
  • Bristle skirt to reduce splashback
  • Trigger lock for added ergonomics
  • Thermal sensor cut out


  • Instructions may be confusing
  • It may not handle heavy duty jobs well

Vytronix PW1500

The Vytronix pressure washer is another lightweight model. It is easy to carry around, so that helps make it quite portable and usable in various situations, such as car cleaning. It offers you a maximum pressure of 105 bar water flow.

One stand out feature with this home pressure washer is that it has an adjustable nozzle on the trigger gun. That means not only do you not have to change out the nozzle whenever you switch jobs or want a pressure change but also it means you don’t have to find somewhere to store a variety of nozzles. Better yet, you won’t have to buy more nozzles to do a variety of tasks.

The unit has a 5m hose length with onboard storage. You can also store the gun and lance in the onboard areas. All accessories use the quick connect feature to make it simple to use.

You’ll want to stick to light or medium home jobs with this. If you run it too long, the pressure washer tends to have motor issues. While it is lightweight, it does lack wheels, which can make it cumbersome.


  • Onboard storage
  • Adjustable nozzle on the trigger gun
  • Lightweight design
  • Quick connect feature


  • Low maximum pressure may not be ideal
  • Can struggle on longer jobs
  • Lack of wheels may make it harder to manoeuvre

Paxcess Power Washer

The high pressure washer from Paxcess gives you a maximum flow rate of 130 bar pressure. It is powerful and effective thanks to the 8m hose. This Paxcess model does a decent job for all levels of use, no matter what you are hoping to clean, or your level of experience with a pressure washer.

Like our previous pressure washer, this one also features an adjustable nozzle on the trigger gun, which provides convenience and control. It has a soap tank for detergent as well. The unit has a hose reel and plenty of onboard storage for all the accessories and parts.

The unit has a pistol style gun and an 8m cord. It features a hose reel for ease of use. It has wheels to make it easy to move around, which is nice for car cleaning tasks. You’ll also find the easy connect aspect makes setup simple. Plus, this unit has a safety automatic total stop, which means it will shut off the pump when you are not pressing the trigger.

It is rather large, weighing 10kg, so it won’t work well if you need something compact. It also lacks some of the higher end pressure control features that we see on the other pressure washers on our reviews list.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good for all jobs
  • Automatic total stop feature
  • 8m hose


  • May be too heavy for some
  • No special features for managing the pressure may be inconvenient

Best Power Washer Buying Guide

After reading our power washer reviews, you may still be unsure which choice is the best for you. It can help to learn a little more about how to use these machines and what features may work well so that you can choose the best pressure washer for your home use.

Gas vs Electric

While all of the options on our best pressure washer in the UK reviews list are battery or electric units, you can get gas pressure washers. Consumer Reports explains that gas versions do operate at higher pressures, but we feel that most people won’t need excess pressure for the tasks they have to do, and the disadvantages of a gas unit far outweigh this perk.

Gas pressure washers are much heavier, which means they have to have stronger wheels to move them about, and you will never find one that is really portable. You also must store these pressure washers outside and use them outside in an open area to avoid carbon monoxide issues.  

They are much louder than an electric pressure washer when in operation. You probably need to wear ear protection when using gas pressure washers. They require much more maintenance than electric pressure washers.

As you know from our pressure washer reviews list, electric pressure washers can be so light and compact that you can virtually use them anywhere. They are also much quieter, although all pressure washers make some noise. They don’t need a lot of maintenance and are much easier to start and stop.

Other Features to Consider

There are many features that the best pressure washers may have, and while many of them are excellent, such as a patio cleaner or a car wash brush, there are a few that we feel are the most important for home use:


Nozzles are the end piece on the trigger gun that allows you to control the flow rate and angle of the water. There are two general types of nozzle accessories found on pressure washers. One type is where you replace the whole nozzle to change the flow and angle. The other type is adjustable and allows you to change the nozzle pressure settings without changing the entire nozzle.

a man washing wooden balcony

Many people prefer the adjustable type because it doesn’t require having a set of nozzles. You just use one for every job, from cleaning siding to garden furniture. They like that they don’t have to store multiple nozzles or worry about changing them when using the machine.

Others prefer the changeable nozzles. Being able to change the nozzle does give you more control options over the pressure settings. You can use specialised max pressure nozzles as well. An adjustable nozzle comes with specific settings, which may not tackle every job you have.


When it comes to storage, you have a couple of things to consider. First, you want to think about how easy it is to store the various parts of the pressure washer. Most models will have onboard storage for the accessories and spots to wrap up the hose and cable.

Cable storage is fairly important because if you don’t properly store it, it can suffer damage. The same is true for hose storage, so we think onboard storage for both is an essential feature for a top power washer to have for anyone buying for home use.

The other storage consideration is how easy it is to store the pressure unit as a whole. Some units are much more compact than others, which means they will take less space in your storage area. However, these units may not have other features you want.

For example, a unit with a built-in water tank for soap will be bigger than one without a water tank. If you use soap a lot, you probably want the built-in tank, so you may need to compromise on size and storage needs.


The whole reason to buy a pressure washer is for cleaning power. You want something that will cut your cleaning time down and do an excellent job tackling tough grime.

In general, a pressure washer will shoot water at 30 to 80 times the pressure of a regular garden hose. We measure the flow rate of the water in bars. The typical rating for pressure washers is 110 to 180 bars. To give you a better idea of how strong that cleaning power is, your typical tap has water pressure at 0.1 to 2 bar.

cleaning wooden terrace

The higher the pressure is, the quicker the unit will work. Do note that higher pressure does not necessarily mean it has a better cleaning performance. Lower pressures can work just as well and tackle heavy duty jobs, but they will take longer to do it, which is why we weren’t hesitant in our pressure jet washers reviews to include lower flow rate units. The most powerful high pressure washer we have is 130 bar.

A high pressure bar can be negative sometimes because of the pressure that intense is dangerous and damaging. The high pressure, especially when using a more concentrated nozzle, can cut through anything soft, such as skin, wood, or even patio pavers, and isn’t necessary for most situations.

Benefits of Pressure Washers

If you are still on the fence about buying a pressure washer after reading the reviews, you are not alone. Many people think that they only have one job, such as tackling a dirty patio, that needs the cleaning power of a pressure washer. They prefer to just hire a crew to do it.

However, most of those people discover that a power washer is an excellent purchase and there are many things you can do with it. Not only does it reduce your cleaning time but it also allows you to reach hard to get areas and doesn’t require chemicals for effective cleaning, either!

You are in complete control over the job. You can control the pressure to ensure there’s no damage, and you can make sure it is done to your high standards.

Finally, owning a full control home power washer means you can tackle cleaning tasks whenever you want. You won’t have to schedule an appointment and wait for an overbooked crew to show up.

Wrapping Up

Our top pick, the editor’s choice, for the best pressure washer in the UK from our reviews is the WORX WG629E Hydroshot. We simply love that this is a compact and versatile unit. While it may not be the most powerful option, we feel it is ideal for most home uses without the high level of safety risk of higher-powered units.

Its battery power makes it completely portable. Plus, the ability to use it with virtually any type of water source makes it something most people will find incredibly useful for everything from car washing to cleaning off moss growth.

It hits on most of the main points we recommend looking for, including being easy to store, lightweight, safe, and versatile.

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