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best pressure washer

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Karcher K7 Premium
Professional Choice: Ryobi RPW150XRB
Lightweight Choice: Karcher K3 Home

At some point, since you first purchased your own home, you’ve probably come across pressure washers. They’re a remarkable contraption which turns the act of outdoor cleaning and scrubbing into something which is over in seconds flat. With a huge variety of choices in terms of brand, price and model, it can be pretty difficult to figure out which is the best pressure washer on the market. To help you to find the right one for your needs, we will compare pressure washers based on customer satisfaction, performance and affordability. Here’s our selection of pressure washer reviews – whether you’re looking to buy your first one, an entry-level basic jet wash or a premium model, we’ve reviewed a huge range to take the hassle out of making your decision.

How We Compared Pressure Washers

To find the right pressure washers we considered multiple factors including:

  • Electrical Motor or Petrol-Powered Motor
  • Performance
  • Power Level
  • Cordless or Corded Pressure Washer
  • Noise
  • Additional Features

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Pressure Washer Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Karcher K7 Premium (Editor’s Choice)


Looking for a great pressure washer? Then look no further, the Karcher K7 Premium is arguably the most powerful pressure washer thanks to its maximum 180 bar pressure, making it our best pressure washer for patios. The Karcher K7 features a Full Control Plus trigger gun complete with an LED display that lets you know which pressure setting to use where. Simply push the buttons to alter the pressure as well as the detergent and dirt blaster settings. This power washer is extremely practical as well as powerful. The long, 10-meter hose comes with a winder and reel so it’s easy to put away when you’re done. The included T450 accessory makes light work of even very large, dirty patios for a fast yet effective clean. As this Karcher K7 jet washer is very powerful, you’ll need to be careful where you use it as it can easily damage fragile finishes such as paintwork. Understandably, it does get through a lot of water and it’s rather heavy, which you’ll need to bear in mind if you’re going to need to lift it rather than use its wheels. If you’re looking for an incredibly powerful jet washer then the Karcher K7 is the best pressure washer for you.



  • Includes a trigger gun with flow adjustment buttons and LED display
  • 3-in-1 multi-jet lance combines detergent, vario and dirt blaster settings
  • Long 10m hose with reel and winder for easy storage
  • Complete with T450 accessory for large patio areas
  • Five-year warranty
  • Heavy duty 180 bar pressure compared to other power washers


  • May be too heavy if you need to lift it for steps or storage
  • May use a lot of water
  • Very powerful – may not be the best option for fragile surfaces and paintwork

2. Ryobi RPW150XRB (Professional Choice)


With its eight-metre steel-armed hose and wheeled compact design, the Ryobi Corded Pressure Washer is ideal for getting your vehicle or any outdoor area clean. Thanks to its high-performance 150 bar pressure rating with a 420 litre-per-minute maximum flow rate, this pressure washer is designed to give you the extra power you need to remove stubborn dirt and stains. To make cleaning your driveway easier than ever before, the Ryobi Corded Pressure Washer features an integrated one-litre detergent tank, plus a 30cm surface cleaner. For tough spots, switch to the rotary brush or blast away grime with the turbo lance. The onboard hose reel makes it quick to put away when you’re done, as well as easy to store. An excellent model for multi-surface cleaning, whether you want to rinse off your car or remove moss from your drive, the Ryobi pressure washer makes it a quick and simple process. If you need a power washer for your back yard or driveway, this high-powered version is the one to go for. While it isn’t difficult to use, some written instructions would help out for first-time use. Unfortunately, this model does not have the best durability record, so you may find that the hose washer needs replacing from the very start.



  • 150 bar working pressure
  • Integrated one-litre detergent tank
  • 8-metre kink-resistant hose
  • Compact, wheeled design
  • Includes 30cm surface cleaner, rotary brush, turbo and vario lance


  • May not be very durable
  • No instructions may make it difficult to operate
  • Hose washer may need replacing

3. Karcher K3 Home (Lightweight Choice)


If you need the best home pressure washer that will make short work of tired-looking patios and dirty decking, you can’t go wrong with the Kärcher K3. Perfect for a range of tough outdoor cleaning jobs, the 1600W Kärcher K3 Home boasts an impressive maximum pressure of 120. Its generous flow rate of 380 l/h can blast grime away in minutes. The 6-metre hose offers plenty of reach, while the Control Vario Lance allows you to adjust the pressure twisting the handle. What’s more, a rotating pencil jet of water lifts even the most embedded of dirt. Hence, whether you’re cleaning your muddy car or attacking the lichen on a stone wall, this pressure washer is versatile enough to meet your needs. Connecting the accompanying attachments is simple, too, as this model uses ‘quick-connect’ technology. All you need to do is click on your desired attachment and you’re good to go. This feature will save you time and hassle on those days where you have lots of chores to get through. At just 7.62kg, this model is lightweight, yet powerful. The power cable can be easily stored away on the cable hook for simple storage. However, we were disappointed to see that there’s no space for onboard storage of the attachments. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best domestic pressure washer options on the market.



  • 1600W of power
  • 120 bar max pressure is great for tough jobs
  • VPS lance makes adjusting pressure effortless
  • Quick-connect technology saves time
  • Lightweight and easy to store


  • Comes with a European plug
  • May not be for those looking for onboard tool storage
  • Unit may be prone to toppling over

4. Stream Portable (Best for Patios)


The Stream Portable Car Power Jet Washer is a popular home pressure washer ideal for cleaning your car, patio, and driveway with ease. Thanks to its 1650W power, you get an excellent 135 bar working pressure with a 420 litres per hour flow to remove even stubborn, built-up grime quickly. Highly portable with two large wheels, this lightweight pressure washer is very easy to manoeuvre and comes with an onboard hose reel complete with a 32-foot hose to reach all areas. Add on the adjustable or fixed nozzle for a highly concentrated water jet – ideal for cleaning small areas. Use the included rotary brush for a sparkling clean patio or the fixed brush for all-purpose cleaning. For extra ease of use and to save precious water and energy, this pressure washer features a Total Stop System that automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged. The integrated inlet filter keeps debris out of the system, while the copper outlet pipe joint ensures your unit won’t rust for extra durability. Unfortunately, the hose attachment for this model isn’t a standard fit, although you can use some PTFE tape on the outlet. Also, there are no instructions on how to set it up for water suction, plus the gun is a little fragile, so take care.



  • 135 bar working pressure
  • Energy and water-saving Total Stop System
  • Integrated inlet filter
  • Wheels and onboard hose reel
  • Includes two nozzles and two brush attachments


  • Non-standard hose attachment may be restrictive
  • Gun can be fragile
  • May be difficult to set up for suction

5. Bosch EasyAquatak 06008A7971 (Portable Choice)


The EasyAquatak 120 High-Pressure Washer by Bosch Home and Garden is a good compact, entry-level model that is lightweight and easy to use. A great choice for homes with small outdoor spaces, use it on your balcony or patio decking, as well as on your vehicles. Thanks to its 120 bar cleaning pressure, this unit cleans quickly and effectively for an effortless way to a spotless exterior. Use the included variable power or rotary nozzle for an in-depth clean or save time with the high-pressure detergent nozzle. For ease of use, you can even store all of the included accessories on the base unit, then simply attach them when needed via the push-fit connections. With its low weight and ultra-compact design, this model is easy to carry and set up wherever you need it. The broad base ensures that it remains upright throughout usage, while the five-metre hose and power cable allow you to clean without obstruction. Hard to beat for easy cleaning of smaller spaces. On the downside, the instructions could be a lot better with mostly pictures but few words. Also, the soapbox and hose holder are prone to falling off, so make sure you fix them securely in place.



  • 120 bar working pressure
  • Compact design
  • Onboard accessory storage
  • Easy to use
  • Includes rotary, variable power and detergent nozzle


  • Instructions could be better
  • Soapbox can be prone to falling off
  • Hose holder may be loose

6. Makita HW101 (Budget Choice)


The Makita HW101 is our best budget pressure washer. Ideal for all of your occasional outdoor cleaning needs, such as cars, garden furniture and bicycles. Designed to last with stainless steel pistons and an aluminium pump, this pressure washer has a 360 litre per hour flow rate and a maximum pressure of 100 bar. Supplied with a gun, lance and detergent bottle, the HW101 also has a useful Total Stop System, allowing you to stop and start the motor via the trigger situated on the lance. This helps to save you money on your electricity and water bills. Our only real issue with the Makita HW101 budget pressure washer is its extremely short three-metre hose. Even in small outdoor spaces, another meter or two would make this jet wash a lot easier to use. If you have never assembled a pressure washer before, then this may not be a great option for you to get as the assembly instructions leave a lot to be explained. Lastly, note that you cannot alter the pressure on this model, so if you have any less robust items that you wish to clean, you may be better off if you buy another model from our list that allows you to alter the pressure.



  • 360 litres per hour flow rate and a heavy duty 100 bar pressure
  • Supplied with detergent holder, gun and lance
  • Stainless steel pistons and an aluminium pump for improved longevity
  • Total Stop System – motor switches on/off via lance trigger gun operation
  • Lightweight and easy to move around


  • Inadequate assembly instructions
  • Can’t adjust the pressure
  • Short hose – just three metres long

7. VYTRONIX Jet Wash (Compact Choice)


If you’re looking for a lightweight and compact washer that packs a punch, this model by VYTRONIX makes an excellent choice. Weighing in at only 6.1kg, this pressure washer is perfect for limiting fatigue while working. It has a maximum pressure of 105 bar and a working pressure of 70 bar, which may not be the most powerful on the market. However, it’s more than enough to blast dirt and grime from your car, decking, or patio. Featuring a 330 litres per hour flow rate, you can easily adjust the jet stream by twisting the pressure nozzle as required. This means you don’t need to mess around with different attachments for different surfaces. So, if you’re moving from cleaning your car to washing down your BBQ, simply twist the nozzle to tailor the pressure to your needs. Compact and easy to carry, the VYTRONIX high-pressure washer is also a great option if you have limited storage space. The accompanying trigger gun, lance, and hose can all be packed onto the storage rack on the side of the unit. Hence, you’ll always have everything within your reach. This pressure washer is no doubt a high-quality product, but all items have their downsides. In this case, some users have said that the trigger gun develops leaks. Also, the water inlet fitting can occasionally get stuck, making it difficult to remove without some effort. However, those minor considerations aside, the VYTRONIX pressure washer will get the job done without weighing you down or taking up all the space in your workshop. As an added bonus, this model comes with a 1-year guarantee as standard.



  • Lightweight at only 6.1kg
  • Max pressure: 105 bar, working pressure: 70 bar
  • 330 litres per hour flow rate
  • Compact and easy to store
  • No need to swap attachments


  • Water inlet fitting can be a bit stiff
  • Pressure may not be sufficient for some
  • Trigger may leak

8. Karcher K2 (Best Adjustable Lance)


With a maximum of 110 bar pressure and telescopic lance, this Karcher K2 lightweight, mobile pressure washer is an ideal choice if you’re looking for the best jet washer for use around your home. Complete with a dirt blaster rotating jet lance to remove even stubborn grime, the Karcher K2 also features a variable lance to ensure that you get the correct setting for any surface thanks to its four predefined modes. The detergent suction tube allows you to draw detergent from a container and the Karcher K2 also comes with a T150 patio accessory for fast and efficient cleaning of large spaces with fewer splashes. While this power washer is an excellent choice for around the home, some jet washer reviews mention that the six-metre hose can be a little restrictive. You may want to consider another model or you can buy a longer hose if this is likely to be an issue for you. The Karcher K2 plastic attachment piece itself is a little tricky to use and not very durable. Lastly, if you’re not familiar with power washers then the lack of detail in the assembly instructions could leave you a little puzzled.



  • 360 litres per hour maximum flow rate
  • Telescopic handle with Dirt Blaster rotating jet lance and variable pressure lance
  • Detergent suction tube and four predefined pressure settings
  • Comes with T150 patio cleaner accessory
  • Mobile and lightweight design
  • Heavy duty 110 bar pressure


  • The 6-metre hose may be a little restrictive and its plastic attachment is not very durable
  • Assembly instructions could be improved

9. Wilks-USA RX545 (Most Powerful)


Another worthy contender is the Wilks-USA RX545, a high powered pressure washer that offers an impressive maximum pressure of 210 bar. Perfect for blasting stuck-on mud off your car or patio, this pressure washer combines a powerful 2400W copper-wound, brushless motor with a manoeuvrable and easy to use design. It may be a little heavy for some at 11kg. However, the comfortable handle and built-in wheels enable you to move it around without the need for any lifting. Great for stubborn stains and tough dirt, the Wilks-USA RX545 gets the job done fast with its strong 3050 max PSI water jet and 480 l/hr flow rate. The 5-metre power cord may be restrictive if you have a large garden. Still, this can be easily rectified by using an extension lead for extra reach. It’s also rather loud, but thanks to its power, you shouldn’t need to put up with the noise for long. This model comes complete with a variety of useful attachments for all scenarios, such as a rotary brush, patio cleaner, gutter lance and fixed washer brush, among others. The 1.2l detergent tank is also large enough to last through a deep clean. Hence, you won’t have to worry about stopping to refill part-way through a task. Overall, we think this is a fantastic choice of pressure washer that will achieve great results across a variety of cleaning jobs.



  • Powerful 2400W copper-wound, brushless motor
  • Impressive maximum pressure of 210 bar
  • Built-in wheels for easy transport
  • Max PSI of 3050
  • Variety of attachments


  • Noisy
  • Quite heavy
  • Instruction manual is poor

10. Bosch UniversalAquatak 135 (Best Fully Assembled Pressure Washer)


If you’re looking to purchase a simple, ready-to-use, and reliable pressure washer, the Bosch UniversalAquatek 135 could be the perfect product for you. With a powerful performance provided by its 135 bar pressure and 410 litres per hour flow rate, the 135 is an excellent choice for all of your outdoor cleaning tasks. Delivered fully assembled, this is the best jet wash for an immediate and hassle-free start, ideal if you have limited experience with the workings of pressure washers. The 3-in-1 nozzle replaces the need for many different accessories as well as reduces clutter. However, the cable storage could be better designed for a tidier look. It has a clean water filter that helps to protect the pump for a longer product lifespan that has excellent value for money. For stubborn hard to clean areas, the nozzle’s extra-powerful pencil jet function works extremely well. However, the settings are a little on the sensitive side and you may find that they may inadvertently change if you put the handle down. The lance can be somewhat on the short side for some people. However, this is the best power washer if you’re looking for a simple, easy to use, extremely powerful model without any assembly hassle.



  • 410 litres per hour flow rate and a heavy duty 135 bar pressure
  • 3-in-1 nozzle with extra-strong pencil jet function
  • Comes with detergent accessory
  • No assembly required – delivered ready for use
  • Clean water filter for more effective cleaning and pump protection


  • Lance may be a little on the short side
  • Nozzle may be very sensitive – may inadvertently change settings
  • Cable storage could be improved

What Can I Use a Pressure Washer For?


Now that we have finished discussing the top 10 pressure washers in the UK, let’s talk about the numerous benefits of owning a pressure washer. We take a look at the most important ones to know before you decide which pressure washer to buy.

Washing Your Car

A pressure washer may be used to clean your car, truck, or van. Such use makes for a quick alternative to the commercial car wash. Some power washers even come complete with convenient secondary tanks to be used for detergents – leaving your vehicle gleaming brilliantly without having to move from your drive.

Saves The Use Of a Ladder

A good pressure washer will negate the need for a regular garden hose or ladder to reach formerly inconvenient locations. Depending upon the power level of the model, it can reach the top of a two to three-story home. This way, it is able to clean accumulated dirt and grit from places that seldom see any kind of upkeep or routine maintenance. A few simple passes with a standard residential pressure washer, and your house’s exterior will look as though it’s been freshly painted.

For Home & Garden

The best pressure washer UK buyers choose usually have low to modest power which can be used to safely clean window and door mouldings, construction joints and exterior windows. Normally, these would require all but a fine-tooth comb to penetrate it to any substantial extent. A standard residential electric pressure washer may also be used to clean pathways, sidewalks and walkways paved with wood, stone or concrete. Wooden structures like decks and porches may be safely cleaned too, leaving your home and garden looking good as new.

Should I Choose an Electric or Petrol Powered Pressure Washer?

Electrical Motor

The best electric pressure washer brands on the market today are designed with homeowners in mind. They feature optional amenities such as secondary tanks for cleansing agents, a finely-tuned max pressure gauge, or other similar functionalities. These electric pressure washers come in two primary varieties: corded and the cordless. A cordless pressure washer will generally use a rechargeable battery pack, often having modern lithium-ion batteries for extended efficiency and virtually no reduction in battery life over time. One hitch to using electrical pressure washers is that they are likely to be less powerful than petrol ones. Moreover, corded electric pressure washers are often restricted to the cord they are tethered to. Lastly, cordless, battery-powered options are often the most expensive models available.

Petrol-Powered Motor

Garden equipment like lawn scarifiers and hedge trimmers are typically petrol-powered. A pressure washer can be the same. Petrol jet washers have considerable fuel consumption but also have greater overall power. On the other hand, the output power may be more than necessary to accomplish your common household jobs. Petrol models are often large and heavy, may be attached to a four-wheeled trailer, and even spend some of their fuel on motorised movement assistance. Furthermore, the usage of a petrol-powered machine requires the obvious storage of petrol. Although this may be in their garage or garden shed which is separate from your dwelling, for some homeowners, this is something they might wish to avoid for safety reasons. Finally, petrol-powered models tend to be extremely noisy. During certain hours of the day, they might prove disruptive to the neighbours.


While each of the pressure washer reviews we have seen would make great choices, we think the best pressure washer has to be the Karcher K7 pressure washer. Offering 180 bar pressure, this model comes with a multipurpose lance, onboard storage and several attachments for your cleaning convenience. Moreover, it has a 10m long hose and features a Full Control Plus trigger with an LED screen to determine which pressure to use on which surfaces.

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