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At House Junkie we believe everyone should be able to make their house a home, it’s just a question of having the right knowledge. Whether your looking to improve the decor of your house, or simply fix it up with some repairs, we are here to help.

Thousands of people use our tips and guides each month in order to do everything from cleaning their decking, picking the kitchen appliance for your dietary needs or even making your house smarter. Our editor’s and writers are all passionate about their homes and each have their own areas of expertise, ensuring we can deliver trustworthy and helpful information, every time.


Editorial Guidelines

At House Junkie, our editors work hard to ensure the accuracy and quality of our content. This means using their knowledge to fact check and ensure everything is as it should be. If you think you came across a mistake or have some complaint about a piece of content, please get in touch using our contact page.

Along with our home guides, we also occasionally review and compare some products. If you click on the links, we may receive some commission if you make a purchase. Rest assured, our team has no incentive to recommend one product over another, it is 100% independent research and we never accept any special compensation that would comprise the integrity of our editorials.

Meet our Team

We are real people, below are some of our great team members.



Home Organisation Master

Amy is always on the lookout for the latest home gadget and loves to organise and tidy her home. When she’s not busy with housework, she’s discovering and writing about the comfiest furniture, cleaning products, and more.



Home Improvement Addict

Ian is rather technical and loves DIY; he spends his free time working on various home improvement projects. He also loves to share different tips through his writing so that others can do the same.



Home Expert

Michelle loves a clean and organised home. She is always trying out the newest cleaning products and trends. As a busy mum who also works full-time, she loves to share all her cleaning tips and help people juggle that work/life balance that we all crave.



Head Handyman

Paul is very practical and loves to get his hands dirty. You’ll often find him fixing something in the house, even if it isn’t broken. You’ll find his tips and tricks in a number of the guides he has contributed. Aside from being handy, Paul also loves to travel and even do some photography.



Senior Researcher

Kelly is an expert in consumer product research, which is very important when it comes to finding the most useful and aesthetically pleasing items for your home. This became her passion after finding it very time-consuming to wade through all the product information online.



Home Expert

Rebekah is a dedicated writer and a home enthusiast. She loves exploring new products and discovering hacks to make life easier. Rebekah has a passion for home improvement, health and fitness.

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If you have relevant experience relating to home decor, DIY, garden, kitchen or any other topics we cover on our site then we would love to hear from you. We are always looking to bring on more experts to add value to our readers.

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