House Junkie

Are you familiar with the phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? Well, neither was your home. Our homes must be cared for and nurtured through beautiful design and unique pieces.

Here at Uniche Interior Furnishings we believe that vintage industrial furniture combines rustic charm with a sense of aged elegance. Our home interiors are no longer about blending in and conforming to neutral design; we want to express ourselves through rare and individual pieces that add just a touch of quirkiness to our homes.

Industrial Vintage Furniture:

Our Industrial vintage furniture collection showcases rough luxe with the finest take on chic merged with strong materials including woods, metals, wire, glass and leather.


Whether you are looking for a decorative piece or are focussed on the practicalities we have all the bases covered. From cabinets to stools and chairs to stunning home accessories you will find what you are seeking here.


Or, take a look at our shelving items such as our wire locker-room shelves or large iron and wood factory shelves – a fantastic storage solution.

Uniche Lighting And Accessories:

Our Vintage Industrial Furniture continues in our accessories collection; find your perfect cushions, glasses, candle sticks, vases and so much more. Be inspired to include some alternative decor in your home with our doggy bookends or Moose Head ornament.


Our lighting fixtures not only illuminate a room but are also incredibly striking;whether you are looking for a kooky lamp shade or an unusual standing lamp, from our Disco Neon light to our Seated Greyhound Lamp, we have something for everyone.

Our pieces really do capture the imagination and will have you wanting more and more vintage industrial furniture in your home!


What makes us different is what makes us who we are and the same applies to our homes. We apply this method to providing you with furnishings that are both remarkably different but still in keep with beautiful design and craftsmanship.