Best Garden Hose Reviews UK 2021 – Top 7 Picks Compared

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Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Hozelock Auto Reel 30m
Choice with Cart: Hozelock Assembled Cart 50 Meters
Anti-Kink Choice: HmiL-U Strong Double Latex Brass Fittings

Whether you’re a natural green thumb, or you’re just trying to keep on top of your gardening, it’s safe to say that you’re going to need a garden hose. The best garden hose does a lot more than just feed your plants; it’s a useful tool when it comes to cleaning your patio, washing your car, or just keeping your yard tidy.

Whether you’re looking for a hose that expands to cover a 100-foot garden space, or you just want something simple to keep your lawn looking fresh and green, there’s something out there for everyone. The question is, what kind of hose do you need?

There are so many diverse options to consider including hoses made from different materials like rubber or plastic. Other hose options include those with automatic reels and more. With these in mind, it’s difficult to know where you should invest your cash. After all, you want to buy a hose that will last as long as possible.

Fortunately, to save you the time and effort of searching the internet for the right options, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve checked out the best hose pipe reviews on the market, examined the features of the biggest contenders, and brought you this list of excellent hoses to choose from.

Best Garden Hose Reviews – Top 7 Picks

1. Hozelock Auto Reel 30m (Editor’s Choice)

Hozelock Auto Reel 30 MetersLet’s look at the Hozelock auto reel solution that could be the best auto reel hose pipe with an incredible all in one spray. This hose is intended to be mounted on a wall, so you don’t have to carry your hose with you wherever you go.

The 180-degree angle pivot means that you should be able to reach various areas of your garden pretty easily. What’s more, with 30 metres of hose to spare, there’s plenty of reach with this product.

The reel system automatically locks while you’re using it so you can stop and water certain patches of your garden without having to always pull the hose taught. With a single tug, you can then unlatch the drum and move freely again. The auto reel also automatically pulls the hose back into the drum when you’re finished using it. This saves you time and effort when tidying up.

One particularly nifty feature for families is the added child lock, to prevent your kids from running rampant with your water supply. Just bear in mind that the hose takes some time getting used to the system at first – with frequent use, you’ll soon get the hang of it.


  • Wall-mounted hose reel with self-layering
  • Automatically rewind the hose
  • 180-degree pivot
  • Easy to remove from wall bracket for storage
  • Child lock included


  • You have to yank hard sometimes to engage the lock
  • When mounting on a wall, it is difficult to screw into place
  • Tough to get used to at first

2. Hozelock Assembled Cart 50 Meters (Best Cart)

hozelock-assembled-cartThis is another excellent hose from the Hozelock brand. The pre-assembled 60m hose cart comes ready to use from the minute you take it out of the box.

Equipped with a multi-purpose hose and a system that makes rewinding easy, this state-of-the-art product is excellent for people with big gardens. If you’re looking for the best hose pipe to take with you as you move around the yard, this Hozelock solution could be just the thing.

The cart comes with a low centre of gravity and a wide stance which makes it easier to move. The hose is also very stable when you stop to water various parts of the garden. Having the towing handle collars mean that you can adjust the system to suit your needs anytime. You can even retract the handle so that it’s easier to put your hose in a garden shed for storage.

The durable reel will also protect the hose as you use it, reducing the risk of kinks and tangles. Just remember that if you’re tall, you might have to bend down to grab the handle, as it only extends a certain length. Anyone close to 6 feet might have trouble.


  • Pre-assembled and ready to use
  • One-piece winding handle
  • Easy to move around the garden
  • Robust and durable
  • Great for storage


  • Short handle not ideal for tall people
  • Hose leaks a little at the tap
  • The extendable handle makes it difficult to get a grip on the reel

3. HmiL-U Strong Double Latex Brass Fittings (Best Anti-Kink)

hmil-uSimple and reliable, the HmiL-U Garden hose is probably the best anti kink garden hose that we’ve found so far. Using some of the most innovative materials on the market, the manufacturer has created a way to simultaneously protect the latex pipe of your hose and prevent kinks.

The HmiL comes with a multi-functional spray gun so you can either use a jet, an angled blast or a mist depending on what you’re trying to do in your garden. There’s no problem with using the same hose to wash your car, your dog, or even water your plants. To help protect your investment and for your hose to last a lot longer than other hoses in the market, the product comes with a storage bag too.

Complete with a 2-year guarantee, the HmiL garden hose is an excellent piece of gardening equipment. On the other hand, it doesn’t stretch quite as far as it claims. Rather than getting about 50 feet out of your hose, you’ll probably be able to manage about 30 according to most reviews.


  • High-quality, durable material
  • Kink-proof
  • Built to last
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Includes a storage bag
  • 9 Spray options
  • Nozzle wall hook included


  • Not metal hanger as described
  • Doesn’t expand to 50 feet
  • Doesn’t coil well when not in use

4. Hozelock 30m Compact Reel Freestanding (Best Freestanding)

hozelock-30m-compact-reelSimple and straightforward is usually the way to go when it comes to choosing a quality garden hose. The lightweight Hozelock 30m hose is one of the best garden hose reels on the market, thanks to its ease-of-use, and its durable construction.

The hose comes with a 25m multi-purpose hose and there’s a handle included so you can carry the system with you as you move around the garden. The sturdy frame offers a reliable experience for most gardeners and homeowners. Additionally, the hose is small enough that you shouldn’t have to struggle too hard to find a place to store the equipment in your garage when you’re done with it.

As with most Hozelock products, you can rest assured that this compact reel features some of the highest-quality materials on the market so you should be able to rely on it to stand the test of time. However, it’s not as long as some hoses. Lastly, the spray gun included with this hose is basic so it does only one thing.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Quick storage
  • Easy to use
  • Has a sturdy and reliable frame
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great quality of material


  • Spray gun only has one function
  • Not very long hose
  • Hose gets twisted easily

5. Homeme 100FT Brass (Best Spray Pattern)

homeme-100ft-brassIf you’ve got a wide area to cover in one go, then you’ll love the Homeme 100-feet long distance garden hose.

This easy-to-use hose is entirely expandable so it contracts all the way down to a small, baggable piece of equipment when you’re not using it, then expands outwards when you need to water the furthest reaches of your garden.

This hose promises a 10-year average lifespan. What’s more, the system comes with all-brass fittings so you don’t have to worry about plastic cracking and breaking in the future. Additionally, the adjustable spray gun gives you plenty of control over your water jets.

The Homeme hose is very lightweight, starting out at a length of about 33 feet and expanding to between 50-60 feet. Unfortunately, the hose doesn’t stretch to the full 100 feet that its product description claims.


  • Designed to expand and contract
  • Excellent quality materials
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Solid brass fittings
  • Long-life durability
  • Includes storage bag


  • Not 100-feet long as described
  • Spray on the gun can falter at times
  • Gun leaks occasionally

6. Homeme 100FT Expandable Green with Spray Gun (Best Expandable)

homeme-100ft-expandableWhen you’re investing in a crucial accessory for your garden, you need to be sure that it can stand the test of time. Fortunately, the Homeme 100ft flexible hose comes with double-layer latex, the most durable material in the market, designed to give you excellent results for years to come.

Aside from having durable material throughout the body of the hose, you also get solid brass fittings that are great for handling high levels of water pressure from the tap. The free 7 setting nozzle that comes with this hose is perfect for a range of garden and cleaning jobs. What’s more, because this hose can expand and contract, you don’t have to worry about finding extra space for your brand-new piece of equipment. When you’re finished using the hose, just allow it to automatically contract before placing it within the included carry bag.

Lightweight and convenient, this is a fantastic solution for people who want something quick and simple to use in their garden. Just keep in mind that the fittings aren’t exactly “standard” in size. This means that you might have to buy some universal adapters before you can begin using your investment.


  • Durable materials throughout
  • Solid brass fittings
  • 7-pattern spray nozzle
  • Space-saving and designed to expand
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Includes storage bag


  • Not quite 100 feet as advertised (closer to about 60 feet)
  • Not standard fittings, so you’ll have to get an adapter
  • The nozzle can become stiff after a few days of use

7. Lufeng Expandable with Metal Spray Gun and Double Latex (Multi-Functional Option)

lufeng-expandableThis Lufeng hose is a great choice since it comes with 9-in-one functionality. This means that you can just as easily wash your car, jet-spray your patio stones, or give your flowers a light dusting of water.

As this hose expands, it has plenty of stretch to it, starting at about 50 feet and expanding further. Although, most reviews say the hose is not capable of the full 150 feet it advertises. It is fantastic for lightweight portability so you don’t have to worry about building up a sweat as you drag it around the garden. Additionally, the hose is made of highly durable materials which makes it a wonderful accessory to add to your gardening toolkit.

The hose includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee which makes it easy to get your money back. However, once again, the fittings aren’t entirely standard so you’ll have to buy an adapter to fit it onto your standard garden tap. Additionally, the spray gun can occasionally jam and end up stuck in the “on” position for a while.


  • 9 functions to choose from
  • Satisfaction guarantee included
  • Flexible and designed to expand
  • High-quality materials
  • Lightweight and easy to use around the garden
  • Includes storage bag


  • Kinks and knots quite easily when walking around the garden
  • Occasionally the gun jams in the on position
  • Doesn’t have standard tap fittings, which means you’ll have to buy an adapter

What Is the Best Garden Hose on the Market?

a-person-watering-the-lawnTending to your yard can take a lot of work. You’ll have to use different equipment like electric lawn mowers, lawn scarifiers, hedge trimmers and cordless strimmers to keep it in tip-top shape. Another important thing that every garden should have is a sturdy hose and finding the ideal one for your needs isn’t easy.

Before you buy, think if you want something that’s going to give you simplicity, flexibility, and versatility. After all, we don’t just use our hoses to connect to the tap and give the lawn an extra drink anymore. The chances are that you’ll also rely on this piece of garden equipment for washing your car, giving your muddy dog a clean, or even blasting the patio when it starts to get dirty during the summer months.

There Are Many Different Kinds of Garden Hose Available

  • Heavy-duty hoses
  • Expandable hoses
  • Automatic reel hoses
  • Free-standing reels
  • Wall-mounted reels

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying A Hose

While everyone will have their own idea of what the perfect garden hose should be like, here are a few basic factors to keep in mind when making your decision.

1. How Long Does the Hose Need to Be?

Hoses come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. The length that you require will depend on how big of a garden you’re caring for. Usually, you’ll be able to find anything up to a 100 feet hose on the market today. However, while it might be tempting to buy a longer hose “just in case,” remember that the more hose you have to deal with, the harder it is to move around.

Unless you have an automatic reel that can hold your hose taught for you as you move, it’s better to stick with either the exact amount of length you need or just slightly over. Else, this will result in snags, tangling, or even reduced water pressure.

Remember, hoses that can expand could be misleading too. Although these hoses are popular and may claim that they can stretch to three times their contracted length, the truth is that they’re actually much shorter than that. Such a hose that claims to reach 100 feet will probably only stretch to 80 or 60 feet instead.

2. What Kind of Material Do You Want Your Hose to Be Made Of?

man-with-a-cart-reelBuying a garden hose made with the right material will help to ensure that your product remains safe and sturdy for years to come. You’re looking for something that’s both durable and lightweight so you can rely on it to stand the test of time and move around the garden with ease. A few of the most common materials used in hoses include:

a. Opt for a Rubber Hose

Rubber hoses are generally quite strong but they’re also very pricey and heavy. After you connect the hose to the tap, it’s difficult to move large chunks of rubber around. On the other hand, a rubber structure will mean that this kind of hose is not as prone to kinks and tangling as its other hose counterparts.

b. Choose a Vinyl Hose

A Vinyl hose is one of the least expensive hoses on the market and also comes with the least weight attached to it. However, a vinyl hose can crack and split over the years when you’re not careful. You’ll have to make sure that your hose isn’t exposed to the elements for long periods.

3. What Kind of Hose Design Are You Looking For?

Garden hoses are designed differently depending on the job that you want them for. For instance, most people who will be using their hose for garden purposes only might wish to a wall-mounted hose that they can simply connect to the tap, grab, and pull to the right part of their lawn when necessary.

On the other hand, if you want more flexibility or if the tap is far, then buying a hose that you can carry with you wherever you go on a free-standing reel is better. In this case, you’ll opt for a hose design that also prioritises lightweight performance. Whatever option you choose, make sure that your hose comes with a storage solution you can use to keep it safe when not in use.

Most hoses will also come with a protective covering to help keep them in good condition for longer. It’s a good idea to look at the quality of the outer cover carefully, as this can have a massive impact on the lifespan of your hose.

It’s also important to choose a hose that’s long enough to cover your garden but also small enough to store when not in use so that it doesn’t take up too much valuable storage space.

4. What Sort of Performance Do You Need in Your Hose?

Finally, think about the purpose of the hose you’re buying. Are you looking for something you can use just to water your lawn every now and again? If so, you probably don’t want a hose with a lot of extra bells and whistles. However, if you want a hose that can also clean your car and patio, then you’re going to have to find a product that comes with a multi-function nozzle. Other things that can affect hose performance include:

  • Strength/Durability: After connecting to the tap, how much water pressure can the hose handle?
  • Portability: How easy is it to move the hose around?
  • Simplicity: Is there an auto-reel feature or something similar to make rolling up the hose easy?
  • Flexibility: How good is the hose at moving around corners?
  • Kink Protection: Does the hose usually tangle and kink?

Choosing the Right Garden Hose

As with most things in life, choosing the best garden hose is a process that will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Before you begin buying, you’ll have to think about what kind of hose you’re shopping for and what sort of things you want to do with it. If you want a multi-functional hose, then you might have to pay a little more for a flexible spray gun. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a hose that can cover a large garden, you’ll have to find something that’s durable, lengthy, and flexible enough to reach all areas in your yard.

Out of the options we’ve covered today, the best hose pipe in our opinion has to be the Hozelock Auto Reel 30m. Not only does it come with a sizable length to cover most gardens, but it also has an impressive auto reel and automatic lock function which makes it easier to keep control of your water flow as you move around the yard. Additionally, the hose is great for mounting it on a wall. Moreover, you can easily unlatch it from the wall when you want to put it in storage in the winter months, too.

What are you looking for in the ideal garden hose? Join the conversation in the comments below, and good luck finding the right garden accessory.

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