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best bbq smokers uk

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Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Azuma Black Barrel
“This barrel barbecue grill and smoker by Azuma is a good choice if you’re looking to cook for a large family or groups of people.”
Choice for Beginners: Premium Charcoal
“This charcoal BBQ is ideal if you’re looking for a budget, entry-level introduction to smoking”
Ergonomic Choice: CosmoGrill Outdoor
“This BBQ by CosmoGrill has a large grilling capacity, complete with a handy warming grill and two foldable side tables for convenience.”

Using a BBQ smoker is a fantastic way to cook up delicious and tender meats. This slow and artful cooking method envelops your food in a rich smoke for many hours, creating a unique flavour which is unlike anything you can create in the kitchen. If you’d like to give BBQ smoking a go; using one of the best BBQ smokers in the UK is a surefire way to achieve mouthwatering results. But if you’re new to this method, knowing which BBQ smoker to choose and which features to focus on can be difficult.

In this article, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve scoured the web and compiled a list of the best smokers in the UK – so you can find the perfect one for your needs and experience!

Top 10 Best BBQ Smokers in the UK Reviewed

1. Azuma Black Barrel (Editor’s Choice)

azuma-black-barrelThis barrel barbecue grill and smoker by Azuma is a good choice if you’re looking to cook for a large family or groups of people.

Thanks to its large barrel grilling area and offset smokebox, you have the option of grilling or smoking with charcoal or wood chips. Both the adjustable charcoal grids and the side vents allow you to change the temperature, and there’s also a built-in thermometer so you can keep your eye on heat levels for perfect results.

This barbecue has plenty of storage space below for accessories, too, with a handy front tray for holding utensils. This tray does not fold in, though, so it may take up more room than you’d like.

This meat smoker is easy to move thanks to its handles and wheels. But if you are using it on your patio, be careful not to scratch your floor, as there are no stoppers on the legs. Assembly time is average, although some users said the instructions could be clearer.


  • Multifunctional barbecue barrel for wood and charcoal
  • Adjustable charcoal grid height
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Wheels and handles mean it’s easy to move
  • Adjustable side vents for temperature control


  • Poor assembly instructions
  • No stoppers on legs
  • The front tray does not fold away

2. Premium Charcoal (Best for Beginners)

premium-charcoalThis charcoal BBQ is ideal if you’re looking for a budget, entry-level introduction to smoking. It comes with a smoking rack, two grates, hooks and a weatherproof cover.

The water pan is easy to top up and helps to keep your food moist, while the improved thermometer allows you to keep an eye on the heat. Should you wish to use your own, additional thermometer probe points are included. You can control the temperature using its four adjustable air vents, but some users found that maintaining a high temperature is trickier than other models.

While it has enough space for smoking family-sized meals, the grilling BBQ surface is small, so bear this in mind if you’re looking for a model for grilling and smoking. Lastly, a few people complained the assembly instructions are difficult to understand – so you may find it takes a while to set up.


  • Large charcoal pan and easy top up the water pan
  • Adjustable air vents
  • Includes a rack, two grates and six hooks
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Weatherproof cover included


  • Small grilling surface.
  • Unclear assembly instructions.
  • Difficult to maintain a high temperature.

3. CosmoGrill Outdoor (Best Ergonomic)

cosmogrill-outdoorThis BBQ by CosmoGrill has a large grilling capacity, complete with a handy warming grill and two foldable side tables for convenience.

Should you wish, this barbecue can also be used to smoke meats and comes complete with an in-built thermometer. Even so, we think this model is suited to you if you’re planning to spend the majority of your time BBQing and only occasionally smoking.

On the downside, the lid does not fit quite as tightly as it should. Its assembly is rather complicated and finding a suitable cover can be hit and miss. However, thanks to its wheels, you can easily move it inside for storage over winter.


  • Large grilling capacity
  • Wheels enable easy movement
  • Two folding side tables for extra space
  • In-built thermometer
  • Food warming rack inside lid


  • Difficult assembly
  • The lid does not fit tightly
  • No cover

4. TecTake Charcoal (Best Value)

tectake-charcoalLast on our list is the TecTake Charcoal BBQ. This is a decent entry-level product, which is good if you’re looking for an inexpensive model to try out smoking and outdoor cooking.

It can be used to grill, cook and smoke – although it doesn’t reach high temperatures very easily. The practical two-chamber trolley design with wheels makes the unit easy to move around and the wide front shelf provides ample space for your accessories. A thermometer is built-in for simple temperature monitoring and you can quickly adjust the heat using the side vents.

This BBQ is rather difficult to assemble. However, on the whole, it is a decent enough budget buy for beginners. If you’re looking for more serious smokers, check out some of the other top items on our list.


  • Smokes, cooks and grills
  • Has an offset chamber
  • Sturdy front shelf
  • In-built thermometer
  • Trolley design with two wheels


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Does not reach higher temperatures effectively
  • Leaks smoke

5. ProQ Frontier Elite (Best All-Rounder)

proq-frontier-eliteThis high-quality BBQ from ProQ is a great choice if you’re looking for a solid all-rounder barbecue that grills, smokes and roasts. Depending on what you’re cooking, you can easily switch between low & slow, or hot & fast methods by changing the configuration inside.

Able to cook enough food for 12 people, this model comes complete with an in-built thermometer and air vents, as well as a durable porcelain coating to help it stay in prime condition. The grills are easy to clean and resistant to rust.

That said, we recommend storing this model inside as there is no waterproof cover available, no rainwater drain hole and the fire basket rusts pretty easily. If you’re looking to store this model outside, search for a compatible cover or try another on our list.


  • 3-in-1 barbecue for grilling, smoking and roasting
  • Coated in durable porcelain
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Multiple temperature control vents
  • You can easily change the configuration for different intensities


  • No weatherproof cover
  • No drain hole in base for rainwater
  • Fire basket isn’t rustproof

6. Tepro Offset Barrel (Best with Front Shelf)

tepro-offset-barrelThis offset barrel BBQ has a large grilling and smoking capacity. Thanks to its offset chamber with air vents, you can also easily use this BBQ for long, slow smoke cooking.

The large front shelf is extremely useful. The same could be said about the warming rack. Although, the rubber stops that hold the warming rack in place don’t last long before it starts melting. The large steel wheels make this BBQ easy to move into storage over winter.

This robust model is great for family BBQs and slow cooking. However, some users complained of heat loss through smoke leakage and mentioned the built-in thermometer is inaccurate.

For this reason, this model is probably better suited to occasional summer use, rather than serious enthusiasts.


  • Large capacity grill
  • Has an offset chamber with air vent
  • Large steel wheels for portability
  • Convenient warming rack
  • Large front shelf


  • Leaks smoke
  • Folding rack rubber stops melt with use
  • Unreliable thermometer

7. Deuba Charcoal (Best Small)

deuba-charcoalThis Debua BBQ smoker would be a good choice if you’re looking for a sturdy BBQ for grilling and trying out some smoking.

It’s portable and comes complete with a built-in thermometer and lid air vent, although we think the unit would perform better with the addition of bottom air vents.

You can use this BBQ to grill, roast or smoke your food, though, it’s probably better used for grilling or long, slow cooking. Some users complained that it isn’t very well sealed and leaks smoke, so if you try it you may miss out on some of the smoky flavours.

Assembly would be straightforward, but many people found that the instructions overcomplicate the task. With that in mind, you should expect to invest some time getting this unit setup.


  • Roasts, smokes and grills
  • In-built thermometer
  • Chimney and top air vent
  • Easy access side doors
  • Suitable for charcoal and briquette fuel


  • Poor assembly instructions
  • Not very well sealed – so loses heat/smoke
  • Lacking bottom air vents

8. Landmann Taurus (Best for Slow Cooking)

landmann-taurusThe Landmann Taurus is a good choice for grilling, thanks to its sturdy powder-coated steel construction. If you’re looking for BBQ that also smokes and slow cooks, then this model could be just what you’re looking for.

The built-in temperature gauge, offset smoking chamber, removable side shelf and large warming rack are all useful and have been well thought through. Unfortunately, like many other similar BBQs, its assembly can be quite time-consuming. This is also a very heavy model. Therefore, you’ll probably need help during assembly and when pushing it in and out of storage.

This model is a good choice if you’re after a multitasking barbecue which is built to last. However, other Landmann BBQ reviews complained that the seal isn’t particularly airtight. Therefore, if you’re already experienced with smoking you may find this model a bit disappointing.


  • Has an offset chamber
  • Durable powder-coated steel construction
  • Removable side shelf
  • Large warming rack
  • In-built temperature gauge


  • Not well sealed
  • Substantial assembly required
  • Heavy to move around single-handed

9. Classic Pit Barrel Package (Best Heavy-Duty)

classic-pit-barrel-packageThe Classic Pit Barrel Barbecue Package is ideal if you’re looking for a large BBQ smoker capable of cooking large quantities of food with the minimum of hassle.

This barbecue grill is extremely simple to use, even for beginners. The construction is solid, and it comes with all the accessories you’ll need to start smoking; including 2 hanging rods and multiple meat hooks for your convenience. The only accessory that’s missing is a thermometer – so you’ll need to buy one of these yourself.

Assembly is very straightforward and many users said they achieved consistently good results. Just be aware that if you’re looking to grill for larger groups, the grill size is limited and it requires a large quantity of fuel.

In our eyes, this Classic Pit Barrel Package is a great choice for beginners and experienced UK meat smoker enthusiasts alike.


  • Simple to use
  • Ideal for large quantities of food
  • Meat hooks and accessories are included
  • Consistent, hassle-free results
  • Minimal assembly


  • No thermometer included
  • Requires a lot of charcoal
  • Small standard grilling grate

10. Landmann Tennessee Broiler (Height Adjustable Option)

landmann-tennessee-broilerThis BBQ broiler by Landmann is a sturdy, solid model with numerous useful inclusions.

It has an easy access firebox door, a height-adjustable grill, an in-built thermometer and temperature control air vent. You can use it for large get-togethers and it smokes, grills and roasts with ease.

The fold-down side tables and wheels make it practical to store, although the plastic wheels are of a lesser quality than the rest of the product. Also, there is no handle on this model for moving it, so you’ll have to be careful when pushing it around. Assembly is average although there are many different small parts that can be quite fiddly to fit.

This is a good all-rounder barbecue for smoking and grilling, although serious smokers may prefer to use a more dedicated model.


  • Grills, roasts and smokes
  • Easy access firebox door
  • Height-adjustable charcoal grill
  • In-built thermometer and air vent
  • Fold-down side tables


  • No handle
  • Fiddly to assemble
  • Plastic wheels

How to Choose the Best BBQ Smoker in the UK

a-boy-near-a-smokerAn outdoor meal with your family isn’t complete without handy products like charcoal BBQs, gas BBQs, electric cool boxes and chimineas. A barbecue is another must-have during these memorable gatherings with your loved ones. So now that we’ve looked at the top BBQ smokers on the UK market, let’s examine some of the most important features to consider before you get yours.

1. Durability & Insulation

When choosing the best BBQ smoker in the UK for you, the most important things to look for are durability and insulation.

Smokers made with high-quality, thick steel are the most effective options. Steel resists wear and tear well, and has low heat conductivity. It can also maintain a steady temperature within the unit.

Also, check that the BBQ door and dampers seal tightly when closed. Otherwise, you’ll lose heat and smoke during cooking thereby slowing down the process.

2. Safety

Enjoying delicious, smoked meats in the great outdoors is lots of fun. But it can also get pretty dangerous if you choose a substandard model. The best smokers in the UK are designed so that the electrical parts are tucked away from the elements and have handles which are resistant to heat. Locking wheels are another great feature which reduces the risk of a runaway smoker causing all manner of havoc.

3. Portability

Portable, wheeled models are more convenient to use. Smokers can get rather heavy, so lifting and carrying one presents a risk of injury. If you need to move it from one side of the yard to the other or store it away during a spell of bad weather, being able to just simply wheel it around will save you lots of hassle in the long run.

When choosing a model, pay attention to the quality of the wheels. If they appear flimsy, it’s better to look elsewhere.

4. Ease of Cleaning

juicy-ribs-on-a-hot-grillChoosing a BBQ smoker which is easy to clean will have a big impact on how much you enjoy using it. As you cook, meat juices, fats, seasonings and sauces will drain off into the smoker. If you don’t clean this up, it will turn into a haven for bacteria and may affect the taste of your food next time.

The best BBQ smoker will have a drip pan and is simple to take apart. This’ll help you to get inside and easily scrub it clean of any cooking residues. Stainless steel barbecue grill grates are also a good choice, as they won’t hold onto grime as tightly as other materials.

5. Temperature Monitoring

When cooking, the temperature is everything. If you don’t know what’s going on inside your BBQ smoker, you run the risk of serving up disappointingly burnt or undercooked food that may cause food poisoning. Therefore, you should pick from BBQ smokers which have a built-in thermometer, so you can monitor the temperature without having to open the lid and let all the heat and smoke out.

Ideally, the thermometers are located at the grill-level, not within the lid. Because heat rises upwards, thermometers placed in the lid won’t provide an accurate representation of the temperature at grill level.


All of the above BBQ smokers will help you create delicious and flavoursome food, but our top choice is the Azuma Offset Smoker BBQ.

We love how this BBQ smoker features a large barrel grill and offset smokebox, so you can multitask between smoking and BBQing with ease. Temperature control is also made simple thanks to the adjustable side vents and built-in thermometer, which makes it easy for you to achieve the perfect heat level no matter what you’re cooking.

But that’s not all. When the fun is over, this barbecue just keeps on giving. The wheeled design means you can move it into storage without breaking a sweat. There’s no need for you to strain your muscles dragging it across your garden.

Overall, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned professional – we think the Azuma Offset Smoker is the best BBQ smoker in the UK for you!

Do you love to barbecue? Which model do you use? Let us know in the comments section.

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