Best Carpet Cleaners of 2021

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Top 10 Best Carpet Cleaners

  1. BISSELL Stain Pro 6 (Editor’s Choice)
  2. BISSELL ProHeat Revolution (Luxury Choice)
  3. Vax Dual Power (Best Value)
  4. BISSELL SpotClean Pro (Compact Choice)
  5. BISSELL Cross Wave (Best Multi-Surface)
  6. Vax Rapid Power Revive
  7. Vax Compact Power
  8. Russell Hobbs RHCC5001 (Best Lightweight)
  9. BISSELL Big Green (Best Professional Style)
  10. Swan Dirtmaster Pro

Are you in need of the best carpet cleaner UK consumers could hope for? You’re in the right place, because today, we’re going to be exploring some of the best models on the market.

For the most part, you can look after your carpet with a vacuum cleaner and a little bit of care. However, every so often, you might need to get the big guns out and use a quality carpet cleaner instead. Carpet cleaners essentially allow you to shampoo your carpets and wash them like you would any other fabric in your home.

The right cleaners can get rid of unwanted stains and mess in no time, so your carpet ends up looking as good as new again in a matter of hours. The top carpet cleaning machines could even prevent you from having to purchase a new replacement carpet after a stain ruins your existing one.

So, which are the best carpet cleaners out there?

Carpet Cleaner Reviews

BISSELL Stain Pro 6 (Editor’s Choice)

One of the most advanced carpet cleaner solutions available today, the BISSELL Stain Pro 6 comes with 6 rows of rotating power brushes that scrub through the bristles of your carpet to remove and loosen dirt that’s sunk into the material. One of the most impressive additional features of this carpet cleaner is that it comes with heatwave technology. The unique tech means that you can maintain a constant water temperature, ideal for removing stains.

Intended to give you complete control over your carpet cleaning process, this BISSELL Stain Pro 6 comes with a hefty water tank with a 2-in-1 design that keeps clean and dirty water separated. There’s a selection of tools included on the front of the machine to help you get the best cleaning results from each floor throughout your home, and there are edge sweeping brushes for hard-to-reach areas too.

If you’re looking for a convenient wash tool for your home that can deliver excellent results on all kinds of carpet pile, then the BISSELL stain pro could be the cleaning solution you’ve been searching for. There’s powerful surround suction, and an upholstery tool for sorting your sofas and other furniture out when you’re cleaning too.

Unfortunately, the instructions on how to put this carpet cleaner together are very difficult to follow, and the hose for cleaning stairs may be too short for some homeowners. It may be worth checking your compatibility with the BISSELL carpet cleaner in advance and ensuring that you can easily carry the machine upstairs to clean other carpets if your hose doesn’t reach.


  • High-tech BISSELL carpet cleaner with heating technology
  • 2 in 1 tank design to separate clean and dirty water
  • Range of tools for a more comprehensive deep clean
  • Excellent suction power with deep cleaning brushes
  • Suitable for cleaning upholstery and spot cleaning


  • The instructions may not be easy to follow
  • The cleaning hose could be too short for some homeowners.

BISSELL ProHeat Revolution (Luxury Choice)

Promising a powerful performance for those in search of a reliable carpet washer, this award-winning carpet cleaner comes with everything you need for deep cleaning. The clean shot stain pre-treatment helps to tackle the tougher stains on your floor with excellent suction power. There’s also a heating system that makes this quick to dry vacuum system easier to use when you’re in a hurry.

The BISSELL carpet cleaner is an easy to use heated cleaning machine with spot cleaning functionality and an adjustable cleaning process. There are 2 rotating rolls of brushes that help to lift stubborn dirt out of your flooring. You also get a selection of 3 cleaning modes to choose from, including power max clean, deep clean, and express clean for your floors.

The heatwave technology upgrades the cleaning power of the BISSELL by maintaining a consistently great temperature for stain removal. Additionally, there’s a 2-in-1 upholstery tool included, making this one of the best carpet washer options for cleaning all kinds of spots in your home. There’s a 3-in-one stair tool and a tough stain tool too.

One issue, however, is that this carpet cleaner can be quite difficult to clean out when you’re done washing. The brushes are also quite difficult to line up for initial assembly. If you have trouble, make sure that you look online for tips and tricks on how to use your device effectively to make the most of it.


  • Excellent heatwave technology for consistent cleaning
  • 2-in-1 upholstery tool and 3-in-1 stair tool
  • Great for cleaning tough spots in your home
  • Ideal for quick drying – dry within 30 minutes
  • Pre-treatment included for an excellent cleaning solution


  • Can be difficult to get rid of the dirty water
  • May be tough to line up the brush bar options

Vax Dual Power (Best Value)

If you’re looking for the best carpet cleaner in the UK that you can use year after year, Vax has you covered. This convenient carpet cleaner from Vax comes with a set of dual rotating brush bars that help you revitalize your carpets and lift all kinds of carpet stains. There’s a narrow floor head to help you get into awkward areas too, and a large twin tank capacity for clean and dirty water.

Vax is one of the better-known companies in the market for rug doctor alternatives for a reason. Offering great water capacity and plenty of power, Vax devices always seem to get the job done, especially when you’re looking for excellent value.

An excellent option if you want the best budget carpet cleaner that doesn’t cut corners, the Vax dual power carpet cleaning solution is a lightweight and easy solution for refreshing your home. Unlike other home carpet cleaners, this product comes with a 1 year guarantee, and a convenient cleaning width, so you don’t have to struggle with getting your upright carpet cleaner around the house.

Suitable for all kinds of stains, the dual water tanks with this carpet cleaner ensures that you don’t have to constantly run backwards and forwards to empty your water and take advantage of all the carpet cleaner features available.

This easy to use carpet cleaner performs well in a variety of environments, but it doesn’t come with any extra tools to help you transform your home. You may also find it hard to clean the brush bar if you have pets.


  • Dual water tanks for clean and dirty water
  • Dual brush heads get deep into the carpet stains
  • Suitable for lightweight cleaning
  • 1 year guarantee included for peace of mind
  • Narrow head gets into awkward spaces


  • Can be difficult to clean if you have pets
  • No upholstery attachment or extra deep carpet tools

BISSELL SpotClean Pro (Compact Choice)

For those who love the idea of a powerful BISSELL carpet cleaner that doesn’t take up too much space, the SpotClean Pro could be the ideal choice. Made obvious when reading various carpet cleaner reviews, this deep carpet washer performs well at dealing with deeper stains in difficult areas. This easy to manoeuvre device comes with professional-style spot cleaning solutions to get rid of marks and dirt fast. Plus, the compact design won’t take up too much storage space.

The perfect addition to your dry vacuum, this BISSELL carpet cleaner tackles difficult to clean spots in your home with a unique cleaning solution combined with powerful suction. The carpet cleaner comes with a sample bottle of cleaning formula that you can check out before seeking out your own alternative items.

The twin tank technology on the BISSELL carpet cleaner makes it a good choice if you want to keep dirty and clean water separate for as long as possible. You should be able to go into quick clean mode without having to constantly empty out your tanks. The features of the BISSELL also include an easy-grip free-standing tank so it’s easy to refill and empty without tiring yourself out.

Thanks to the compact design, this Bissell carpet cleaner is one of the easiest to store on the market, and it comes with a tough stain pre-treatment wand.

One issue, however, is that the upholstery attachments seem to have quite a flimsy connection to the main body of the cleaner. Additionally, you might find that the hose is too short if you’re cleaning things like underneath furniture or stairs.


  • Twin tank technology for dirty and clean water
  • Deep carpet cleaning for small spot stains
  • Upholstery attachment options included, along with pre-treatment wand
  • Free standing tank is easy to empty and refill
  • Easy to manoeuvre and store


  • Quite a short hose can reduce cleaning power
  • Vacuum accessories may seem a little flimsy

BISSELL Cross Wave (Best Multi-Surface)

Designed to give you both a dry vacuum and floor cleaning solution in one, the BISSELL cross wave makes getting rid of stubborn stains as easy as possible. You can simultaneously vacuum and wash the floors throughout your property with a powerful suction system and superior cleaning tools. The stain removal system comes with a double tank for dirty and clean water, so you can reduce the number of trips you make to the sink too.

Brimming with features to make your life at home easier, the BISSELL cross wave carpet washer allows you to transform your cleaning process with the option to clean multiple floor types, including hard floors with one machine. There’s a set of digital touch controls to help you figure out your exact plan for stain removal, and you get a pivoting head that’s easy to move around furniture too.

If you’re looking for a deep cleaning carpet cleaner with spinscrub functionality and vacuum performance, BISSELL has it all. This deep carpet cleaner can pivot according to your needs, while washing, vacuuming, and drying your floors at the same time. The unique multi-surface roll also has a solution for deeper pile rugs too. The removable brush roll is great for easy maintenance too.

Unfortunately, for some customers, it can be difficult to avoid streaks on your dry floors with this machine. You may also find that you have a hard time getting your cleaning done quickly, as it takes a while to wash the floors, then use the same machine for drying and vacuuming your carpet.


  • Two tank system for easy storage of dirty and clean water
  • 3-in-1 machine that reduces cleaning tools and steps
  • Great for use on all kinds of floor, including hard floors
  • Unique brush works across all kinds of surfaces
  • Simple to use with removable components for maintenance


  • Can take quite a while to finish cleaning with this carpet cleaner
  • May sometimes leaves streaks on hard floors

Vax Rapid Power Revive

Great for those in search of quick and convenient carpet cleaners to revitalize the look and smell of their home, the Vax rapid power has it all. This handy device is one of the best carpet cleaners on the market, with access to high-performance systems that leave your carpets clean and dry within as little as one hour. There’s even innovative spinscrub technology included so you can get the most out of your carpet wash tool.

This Vax vacuum cleaner deep cleans your carpets and gets them looking perfect again in no time. With dual power performance from the tank, you can store dirty water and use clean water at the same time. The patented spinscrub carpet cleaning technology ensures that you can get deep into your carpets, for above average cleaning. There’s even the option to clean your upholstery at the same time.

Included upholstery washing tools and convenient crevice tools mean that your carpet washer can get into even more difficult spaces than your standard upright carpet cleaner. This product even comes with a 10.5-metre cord so it’s easier to move around your home freely, without having to find new places to plug your model in. The Vax rug doctor alternative here is great if you’re looking for extensive water capacity and dirty water capacity, combined with great suction power.

One slight issue is that you might find this carpet cleaner starts to leak when you’re using it with its attachments on pieces of furniture. It may also take a little longer for your carpets to dry completely when using this product.


  • Patented spinscrub technology for deep carpet cleaning
  • Excellent 10.5 metre cord for extensive reach
  • Easy to empty and refill the device thanks to the dual tank option
  • Convenient range of accessories included
  • Easy to move around into various difficult places


  • May occasionally leak when you’re using the included attachments
  • Might take a while for your carpets to dry fully after use

Vax Compact Power

Tackling everyday messes is easy with the compact and lightweight carpet cleaner from Vax. The Vax compact carpet cleaner features a host of tools to simplify your life, even if you have kids and pets at home. This easy-to-use device might be lightweight, but it comes with a great water tank for storing plenty of clean and dirty water at the same time. This carpet cleaner is one of the lightest offered on our carpet cleaner buying guide at only 5.7kg.

One of the most lightweight ways to tackle stains available on the market today, the Vax compact cleaner features a narrow floor head that helps you to reach difficult spaces all around your home. The compact design also makes this product ideal for quick and simple storage. There’s a set of twin tanks for your clean and dirty water capacity, and it’s simple to get into all kinds of tight spaces.

If you’ve been looking for a lightweight carpet cleaner that can fit in any home, this could be it. This is one of the best carpet cleaner machine options for those who don’t have a lot of space for moving around and storage. There’s even an antimicrobial brush bar included, and a platinum solution to help you get the most out of your vacuum cleaner.

The Vax range also comes with heat blast technology for assisted drying. This ensures that on top of a strong dirty water capacity, you also have a quick drying time for quicker cleaning processes.

There aren’t any attachments included for things like stairs with this device, which is a little disappointing for some. Additionally, you might find that this item uses too much water, which means you have to refill quite frequently.


  • Lightweight design is easy to use in any home
  • Perfect compact structure for simple storage
  • Platinum solution and antimicrobial washing solution included
  • One of the best options for blast technology, speeding up drying
  • Convenient dirty water capacity


  • Clean water tank can run out of water quite quickly
  • No attachments included for handling stairs and other areas

Russell Hobbs RHCC5001 (Best Lightweight)

This carpet cleaner is a great choice for when you want to refresh and clean the carpets in your home. Weighing less than 6kg and with an 8-metre power cord, you’ll be able to easily move around and get the job done in no time.

The power this Russell Hobbs RHCC5001 brings to the floor will leave you impressed and your carpets looking and smelling great. Simply add water and cleaning solution, as instructed, to the 1.8L clean water tank and you’re ready to go. The package includes an Alpine Fresh cleaning detergent which helps the 24cm wide jet spray and bristles loosen and dislodge the dirt in your carpets and rugs. The five-row bristle brush will efficiently clean and capture the dirt in the machine’s 1.75L dirty water tank. To simplify your cleaning task even further, the water tank is easily detachable for refills and emptying.

On the downside, the Russel Hobbs RHCC5001 may be a bit too loud for some. Furthermore, depending on the climate you live in, you may need to wait a while until your carpet has dried. Some customers have also mentioned that their delivery did not include the cleaning solution.

Overall, however, this machine is a worthy contender and a straightforward to use carpet cleaner, particularly if you need to quickly clean up accidental spills or mishaps.


  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • 24cm wide jet spray
  • Five-row bristle brush
  • Includes carpet cleaning solution


  • May be extremely noisy
  • May leave carpets quite wet after use

BISSELL Big Green (Best Professional Style)

Designed to give you a professional deep cleaning experience, this carpet cleaner from BISSELL mimics the hiring experience you get from using a solution like a rug doctor from a professional company. This powerful device cleans in both the forward and backward position, with the ability to suck up dirty water on the move and store it during your cleaning session. There’s even an extra large capacity for the carpets in the bigger rooms of your home.

Capable of delivering better results than your standard rug doctor, this product comes packed full of incredible technology, including rotating power brushes that help to lift dirt from deep within your carpets. There are two removable water tanks and a folding handle for improved storage. You also get a lengthy 10.3-metre power cord, so you don’t have to find new places to plug the model in as you go. If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaner model which outshines other carpet cleaner reviews, this could be it.

For bonus support, the BISSELL comes with an extra-long hose attachment that makes cleaning the stairs as quick and simple as possible. You also get an adjustable handle so you can adapt your rug doctor to suit your height needs.

Unfortunately, the screws for folding the brush outwards can scratch your hand if you’re not careful. Additionally, the attachments may seem a little flimsy to some.


  • Out cleans some of the leading rental products
  • Cleans when pushed backwards and forwards
  • Extra-large and durable power rotating brush to remove dirt
  • Fast-drying performance with incredible suction
  • Folding handle for improved storage


  • Screws are in a dangerous position and may scratch your hands
  • Attachments may feel flimsy in some places

Swan Dirtmaster Pro

Compact, lightweight, and ready to tackle a variety of tasks, the Swan Dirtmaster upholstery cleaner and carpet washer will transform your home in no time. This upright cleaning machine handles everything from car interiors, to rugs and carpets, while even removing ground-in stains for pet owners. The carpet cleaner sucks up stains and uses vibrating brush technology to get deeper into your carpet.

Easy to use in a variety of environments, this model has some of the best carpet cleaner reviews on the market, even when compared to big names like Vax and Bissell, because it’s so convenient. The large capacity tanks mean you don’t have to rush back and forth to the sink when you’re cleaning. Plus, the lightweight design ensures that you can move your device with ease.

Compact and durable, the Swan Dirtmaster is ideal for pet owners and families, with tools that help you to neutralize lingering odours. If you’re looking for a carpet cleaner with the power to transform your home, this could be it. One of the best upholstery cleaner machine options on the market, the Swan Pro is a delight for any home.

The biggest issue with this product is that it can be difficult to get assistance with the model you’re having issues with if any problems emerge. Contacting the team can be a difficult process. You might also find that it’s hard to get the excess water out of the carpet with this product, as it tends to leave too much water in the upholstery.


  • Great lightweight design is easy to use for beginners
  • Clever tools make it easier to clean a wider range of areas
  • Suitable for dealing with deep stains from kids and pets
  • Vibrating crevice tool for a deep clean
  • Compact enough for easy storage


  • The model may leave too much water in the carpet
  • This model can be hard to get assistance with if you have problems

How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaner

Choosing the right carpet cleaner for your needs is a process that’s likely to be different depending on your goals and backgrounds. Carpet cleaners come in a variety of sizes and types, designed to support different kinds of carpet, as well as various homes. When you’re choosing your carpet cleaner, you’ll need to think carefully about all of your individual needs.

If you’re new to experimenting with carpet cleaning devices and you’re not sure where to get started, here are some of the crucial points that you might need to consider.


A carpet cleaner can do one thing very well – wash and clean your carpets. However, the difference between a standard rug doctor and a dual power carpet cleaner could be important to you when you’re shopping. The basic rug doctor might suck water from your carpet, but it won’t include drying technology that helps you to get rid of the extra moisture a lot faster.

a janitor cleaning the rag

It’s even possible to find carpet cleaners that can act as a dry vacuum too. These dual-power products are great if you want to clean more of your property without having to use a variety of different tools. Try to be careful about the way that you use these tools, however. Follow the instructions on your carpet cleaning machine carefully to make the most of them and to ensure their longevity.

Ease of Use

Once you decide what your carpet cleaners should be able to do, you’ll need to figure out how easy it is for you. Is the model that you’ve chosen simple enough for a beginner to understand? How do you change between different cleaning modes, and make sure that you can clean both dry floors and wet carpets with ease? Is emptying the water easy, and refilling it too?

One of the things worth thinking about when it comes to simplicity, is whether you can move the vacuum cleaning system easily. A heavy rug doctor or similar Vax device can be very exhausting if you’re not used to using a carpet cleaning machine in your property. Make sure that your model is lightweight enough for you to use.


The capacity of your carpet cleaner will usually refer to how much dirty water it can hold before you need to empty the tanks and refill them with fresh water. If you have a large house with a lot of rooms to cover, then your carpet cleaning machine will need a decent capacity.

Keep in mind that you’ll also need to ensure that your Vax or your BISSELL cleaner can also reach all the rooms in your house. Choosing a model that comes with a long power cord is usually a good option, as it’s rare to find wireless carpet cleaners on the market today. If you have a heated cleaning system, make sure that the extra functionality won’t mean you run out of water faster.


Any great carpet cleaner needs to work well on your floors. When you’re looking at carpet cleaner reviews to make your decision, ensure that you examine whether the cleaner is suitable for your needs. Does it come with strong suction that can really get deep into your carpets and pull out any extra stains? Heated cleaning systems can sometimes help to power through difficult stains if you’re struggling to clean them with a standard Vax or vacuum.

Is there a handy quick clean mode for when you need to whip around the house quickly before work, or do you need to fully clean the entire house every time? If you have difficult spots that need extra cleaning, then a tough stain tool will be a good investment too. If you’re thinking of cleaning various kinds of floor in your property, then you may need a carpet cleaning machine that can handle hard floors just as well as carpet.


As mentioned above, most carpet cleaners come with a variety of additional tools that help you to get the most out of your cleaning experience. Accessories can range all the way from an extra hose so you can clean your stairs without having to reach too far, or upholstery accessories that deal with things like curtains and sofas in your home.

a man tidying up the living room

There are tons of accessories available on the market for the right carpet cleaner, but not all carpet cleaners come with the same design. When you’re checking things like water capacity, and whether your machine can deal with both hard floors and carpets, look for accessories too. You may even want to check what kind of solutions you’ll need to buy for shampooing your carpets as different formulas may have different effects and not all will be compatible with your needs.


Finally, take a closer look at how your new rug doctor alternative is designed. Does the water capacity tank come with a dirty and clean water system to keep everything fresh as you’re moving between rooms? When you’re cleaning your carpets, are you going to be pushing around a lot of excess weight, or should you be able to move the model with relative ease?

It may be worth looking to see how easy it is to replace things like brushes and accessories, and how comfortable you feel emptying the tanks when they’re full of dirty water. You can also think about the design of the model when it comes to thinks like storage. Will your carpet cleaner fit in your existing cupboards?

Choosing Your Carpet Cleaner

The best carpet cleaner UK companies can offer could be a powerful tool to have in your home, particularly when you’re trying to take full advantage of your property’s beautiful appearance when showing off to your friends and family. However, choosing a carpet cleaner can be tough. You need to think about everything from what kind of carpets you have, to what the water capacity might be.

Hopefully, our carpet cleaners reviews have given you some guidance.

For all around great performance, we recommend the BISSELL Stain Pro 6, which comes with 6 rows of rotating power brushes to really get deep into the carpets in your property and remove unwanted stains. There’s also a range of tools and accessories so you can get into difficult to clean areas too.

Good luck in choosing the best domestic carpet cleaner for your needs.

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