Best Soup Maker Reviews UK 2023 – Are They Any Good For You?

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Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Morphy Richards 48822
Choice with Touchscreen: Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control
Choice with 4 Settings: Morphy Richards 501014

If you’re craving a warming dish on a winter’s evening or a hassle-free, nutritious meal after a long day at work, you can’t go wrong with soup. This tasty and versatile meal option can be enjoyed all year round, and always tastes delicious when homemade. If you want to enjoy easy homemade soup without hassle, the fastest way to do this is to use the best soup maker jug on the market.

If you’re short on time, soup makers take all the fuss out of making soup from scratch. Most soup makers can create wonderful, flavoursome soup in 30 minutes or even less time – all you need to do is add your raw ingredients and switch it on. However, with such a wide range of models and features available, picking the right soup maker for you is not easy. It can be quite confusing. In this article, we bring you our top 9 soup maker reviews; so you can be sure to choose the soup maker that fits your needs.

How We Compared Soup Makers

soup makers collage

To find the right soup makers we considered multiple factors including:

  • Size and capacity
  • Ease of use
  • Saute option
  • Blending option
  • Length of the cooking time
  • Ease of cleaning

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Soup Maker Reviews – Top 9 Picks

1. Morphy Richards 48822 (Editor’s Choice)

Morphy Richards 48822

This Morphy Richards 48822 is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple, no-frills soup maker jug. It has a large 1.6L capacity, serving up to six portions at one time; so it is the best jug if you have a large family or like to freeze homemade meals for future use.

We liked the simplicity of this soup maker and we were pleasantly surprised by the LED countdown timer, a useful feature that is often found on more premium appliances. Although this soup maker jug does not have a wide array of options, like no sauté, keep warm or pause function, it does offer a choice of smooth or chunky soup settings. You can also use it for smoothies or sauces, plenty of which are featured in the included easy to follow recipe book.

The simple one-step start makes this soup maker a good choice if you’re looking for an easy to use, large capacity soup maker jug. However, you should note that you’ll need to ensure that your ingredients are chopped up finely, preferably into one or two-centimetre chunks.

So, in spite of its simplicity of use, the preparation required prior to use is a little more intensive than you may prefer. Furthermore, like most soup makers, this model can be difficult to clean if you get any burnt-on food.



  • LED countdown display
  • Large 1.6L capacity
  • Simple one-step operation
  • Can blend using a choice of smooth or chunky soup settings
  • Suitable for making smoothies and sauces too


  • Need to chop ingredients into small chunks before use
  • No pause function and can’t keep warm or sauté food
  • Can be tricky to clean thoroughly

2. Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control (Best with Touchscreen)

Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control

The Morphy Richards Total Control provides a whole host of functions and settings. The jug has a beautiful touch screen display and a 1.6L stainless steel removable container that makes it great if you’re looking to serve up several portions in no time.

Thanks to its innovative portion control feature, it is easy to simply create the right amount of soup for two, three or four people without any waste. This makes it a perfect choice whether you live with a partner, or as part of a larger family.

With nine settings, you have plenty of options to create your soup just how you like it. To start with, there are three different texture options – so you can select from smooth, medium or chunky soups.

To personalise your soup even further, you also have the option of a sauté mode to truly maximise flavour. However, if you’re planning to sauté for four portions, space on the cooking plate is a little on the short side. This means you’ll have to stir very frequently or else only half of the food will be in contact with the hot plate.

‘Drinks’, ‘reheat’, ‘blend’ and ‘pre-clean’ make up the rest of the nine functions. Drinks function is useful for making smoothies while the reheat saves minutes and hassle when you want to heat up your soup at another time. You can also choose to manually blend your soup if you decide that you would like it to be even smoother.

The pre-clean function helps to make this soup maker jug much easier to clean. That said, like other soup makers we have seen, any burnt-on food is still not easy to get rid of and therefore you can’t rely upon the cleaning programme alone.

Another great feature is the automatic keep-warm option. This is perfect if you have a busy schedule, as you won’t have to worry about your dinner going cold.

On the whole, this is a great soup maker jug but it does have some shortcomings. It can be rather noisy when blending and a few people mentioned the power cord wasn’t long enough



  • Three choices of soup texture: smooth, medium or chunky
  • Easy to use touchscreen display
  • Portion control feature reduces waste
  • Nine functions: three soup texture settings plus sauté, drinks, reheat, blend and pre-clean functions
  • Handy automatic keep warm and pre-heat options


  • The cooking plate for sautéing is too small for larger quantities, thus requiring a lot of stirring
  • Can be quite noisy
  • Rather short power cable

3. Morphy Richards 501014 (Best with 4 Settings)

Morphy Richards 501014

This stylish looking, stainless steel soup maker jug by Morphy Richards has a 1.6L capacity, allowing you to make soup for up to four servings in no time. This makes it a great choice if you have a small family or are part of a couple. Alternatively, if you live alone, it is easy to store some leftover soup to enjoy later on.

In terms of settings, you can choose from four texture options (smooth, chunky, blend and juice), so there should be a perfect setting to suit your tastes. This electric soup maker also offers a sauteing option as well as a useful blend function. It can even be paused too, which allows you to check how your soup tastes throughout the cooking process and add extra seasoning if you wish.

If you don’t have many minutes to spare, this electric soup maker works fast, only taking around 21 minutes to create a smooth soup from start to finish. It is easy to use, although some customers thought there could have been more instructions provided. Recipe ideas are included with the soup maker jug, which is a nice touch, especially if you’re lacking culinary inspiration.

Once you have enjoyed your meal, its non-stick interior helps with a quick cleanup process. However, you should be aware that the manufacturer recommends adding liquid to certain vegetables when sauteing to avoid sticking, so it isn’t completely foolproof.

It is also worth noting that this electric soup maker can be a little tricky to clean if you don’t rinse it out and wipe it clean right away. Unfortunately, as the electrics are integral, you are unable to put it in the dishwasher.



  • Generous 1.6L capacity
  • Four different settings: smooth, chunky, blend or juice for chunky soups, smooth soups, sauces, milkshakes and smoothies
  • Easy to sauté for maximum flavour and all-in-one cooking
  • Can be paused to allow you to taste and season throughout the cooking process
  • Non-stick coating for quick cleaning


  • You will need to add water when sauteing some vegetables to avoid sticking
  • May leak steam
  • Not dishwasher friendly

4. Tower T12031 with Stainless Steel Jug (Best Value)

Tower T12031 with Stainless Steel Jug

Make nutritious soup at home the easy way with this soup maker by Tower. Thanks to its large 1.6-litre capacity, you can make a bowl each for the whole family. You can even store extra portions for the week ahead.

It quickly blends and heats your ingredients to make a delicious hot soup. Thus, you skip the hassle of having to transfer your saucepan contents to your blender. Smooth or chunky, this soup maker blender features three programs that allow you to get the right texture. You can even use it to make purées and baby food.

Thanks to its durable stainless steel jug and blade, it is sure to last a long time. Moreover, it will not break if dropped, unlike cheaper plastic versions. The powerful 1,000W motor thoroughly blends vegetables with ease and will heat your soup as required.

Built with an Intelligent Safety Control System, you won’t have to worry about this soup maker overheating. Unfortunately, it does not have a selectable timer so when your soup is ready, it’s ready. Meaning, there’s no delayed start or keep warm option. It is also fairly noisy to use, although that is to be somewhat expected. The main disadvantage of this product is that it is difficult to clean. This is true, especially if your ingredients happen to burn at the bottom.

Overall, though, if you are looking for an affordable, easy to use, and large capacity soup maker, then this model makes a good choice.



  • 1.6L capacity
  • Stainless steel jug and blade
  • Smooth or chunky soup options
  • Powerful 1000W motor
  • Intelligent safety control system


  • Fairly noisy
  • Not easy to clean
  • No selectable timer

5. Lakeland Touchscreen (Luxury Choice)

Lakeland Touchscreen

The Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker may look like a simple blender but it is actually a robust appliance that can be used to personalise your soup recipes with its adjustable temperature, blend speed and time settings. If you prefer your soup smoother, or your vegetables softer, simply alter the settings to suit your personal preferences. If you like to have precise control over all of your soup cooking process, then this would be a great choice for you.

Aside from offering you the possibility to truly customise your soup recipes, this soup maker blender also features four pre-programmed functions, so you can sit back and leave it to take the hassle out of cutting, blending, cooking and simmering. You can also select chunky or smooth automatic settings, so you can enjoy your perfect texture of soup without having to lift a finger.

The LED touchscreen display is extremely easy to use and includes a handy countdown timer. This means you can simply set this soup maker blender running and get on with other things, without losing track of how long you’ve got until your meal is ready. There is also a time-saving ‘auto-clean’ setting for convenience, although you may find you still have to finish up by hand.

Unfortunately, this soup maker machine does lack some of the features we have seen in other models. There is no auto keep-warm function, nor can it sauté – so this will ultimately limit your usage.

Furthermore, it looks like a regular blender and many people found this particular appliance to be rather heavy and quite bulky, so it may take up too much space if you have a smaller kitchen.



  • Easy to use touchscreen LED display
  • In-built cleaning function
  • With countdown timer
  • Fully adjustable temperature, time and blend speed settings
  • Four pre-programmed functions to cut, blend, cook and simmer


  • Has no sauté or keep warm capabilities
  • Heavy and large, takes up a lot of counter space
  • Auto-clean isn’t reliable
  • Looks like a regular blender

6. Tefal Easy Soup BL841140 (Best Small)

Tefal Easy Soup BL841140

The Easy Soup and Smoothie Maker BL841140 by Tefal provides a hassle-free way to blend soups, make compotes and create smoothies.

This Tefal small soup maker jug cooks your vegetables in around 25 minutes for a chunky soup. It does not offer a sauté mode, although it does have four automatic programmes and an easy to use display. The Tefal Easy Soup’s capacity is slightly less than other models at 1.2L. Although the manufacturer states that it serves up to four, we think that it’s the best size if you are cooking for a single person or for two people.

Made from stainless steel with double-wall insulation, you will benefit from this soup maker jug’s ability to automatically switch to keep warm mode if you’re not ready to eat straight away. This ensures that your soup is kept at serving temperature for an extra 40 minutes – perfect if you have a hectic schedule and have no extra time.

As an added bonus, the Tefal BL841140 also has an automatic cleaning mode. All you need to do is fill the jug with water and select the cleaning function. This works very well for smoother soups. However, if you have any burnt-on food, you will still need to resort to manual cleaning which can be tricky given the appliance design.

If you need some help deciding which meals to make, this Tefal soup making machine comes complete with 30 recipes, so you can try something new every day of the month.



  • 4 automatic programmes – smooth soup, chunky soup, compote and smoothie
  • Automatic cleaning programme, fill with water and a select cleaning mode for an easy clean
  • Automatically keeps your food warm for up to 40 minutes after cooking, in case you’re not quite ready
  • Includes 30 free recipes for inspiration
  • Large, easy-to-read display


  • No pouring lip or spout
  • This appliance can’t be paused, if you lift the lid to taste then it will restart from the beginning
  • The self-cleaning mode is not effective for burnt-on food, which can be difficult to remove

7. Morphy Richards 501027 (Quick Option)

Morphy Richards 501027

If you’re looking for an easy to use soup maker with a keep warm and easy clean mode, then this Morphy Richards soup maker might be just what you’re after.

Having a simple touch operation, this 1L soup maker jug has a choice of chunky or smooth soup settings, which are ready in only 19 minutes. Or, if you like to enjoy a fresh smoothie for breakfast, just fill it with your favourite fruits and hit the ‘smooth’ button.

If you like to create many different soups, this model has got you covered, thanks to its sauté function. As always, the inclusion of a keep-warm function is also a bonus.

There is a pre-clean mode, too, which can make an easy task of cleaning. Although like the vast majority of soup makers, any cooked-on food can be extremely difficult to remove. It can also be pretty noisy when used in some modes. Plus, it’s not equipped with a timer.

That said, this is a great choice if you want a simple soup maker jug with a few added extras that make life that little bit easier.



  • Brushed aluminium design
  • Smoothie function
  • Handy keep warm, sauté, and clean modes
  • Easy controls with LED display
  • Choice of chunky or smooth soup settings


  • May not include a timer
  • Food stuck to the bottom is not very easy to clean
  • Can be quite noisy while using some settings

8. Cuisinart Plus SSB3U (Best Heating Element)

Cuisinart Plus SSB3U

If you are looking for a 2-in-1 blender and soup maker that will really look the part on your kitchen worktop, the Cuisinart Plus SSB3U makes a popular choice. Use it to sauté, cook, simmer and blend, to save having to use several different pans and a separate blender when making homemade soup.

Thanks to its four blender speeds, you can use it to chop, mix and blend a huge range of ingredients for smoothies, sauces, soups and even risotto with its slow stir function. The powerful heating element will rapidly cook your soup through. What’s more, you have a choice of two heat settings, plus a simmer function so you can easily adjust it to suit your recipe. Meanwhile, the internal cooking plate features a non-stick finish for easier cleanup.

The 1.75L thermal jug (1.4L capacity for hot liquids), complete with a triple seal lid will keep your soup piping hot or your blended ice cocktail refreshingly cold. This model also features a handy thirty-minute countdown timer. Use the blender speeds to alter your soup’s thickness after simmering. Its high-quality construction, simple interface and stylish good looks make this soup maker one of the best models on the market.

Unfortunately, at 500W, the motor is less powerful than a lot of other models, plus there is no one-touch soup cooking program so you’ll have to be nearby to switch it between modes. Also bear in mind that the jug is very heavy.



  • 3-setting heating element
  • 4 blender speeds
  • Non-stick cooking plate
  • 1.75L thermal jug with triple seal lid
  • Digital countdown timer


  • 500W motor may not be as powerful as others
  • Jug may be too heavy
  • May be difficult to start up

9. Ninja HB150UK Blender (Best for Large Families)

Ninja HB150UK Blender

The Ninja HB150UK Blender and Soup Maker is an excellent multi-purpose kitchen appliance. Use it to blend smoothies and sauces or to create a hot soup from scratch in just minutes, thanks to its powerful 1000W motor and a built-in heating element that cooks your ingredients directly in the jug.

With its 1.7L, the large heat-resistant jug ensures that you’ll have plenty of space for extra portions. Extremely easy to use, this model benefits from 10 Auto-iQ settings, allowing you to program your soup maker with just one touch. Fully customisable, make use of the six manual settings to adapt your cooking and blending programs to your own recipes.

Use this soup maker to chop, sauté, blend and cook, saving you time and effort. It is also incredibly easy to clean after use, thanks to its self-cleaning program. Simply add water and select clean, then rinse the jug out. In terms of high quality, versatility and ease of use, it’s hard to find a better soup maker and blender combined.

On the downside, you may find this model less suitable for making small portions given its size and weight. It is also very loud, although this is to be expected for such a powerful unit.



  • 1000W motor
  • 2-in-1 blender and soup maker
  • 10 Auto-iQ and 6 manual settings
  • 1.7L heat-resistant jug
  • Self-cleaning program


  • May be less effective for small portions
  • Jug may be on the heavy side
  • May be quite loud

How Does A Soup Maker Work?

a person adding ingredients to make soup

Soup makers usually work in one of two ways, depending on the style of the soup maker.

Soup making blenders resemble a large, standard looking blender. They have clear plastic jugs so you can monitor the contents within. This type of soup maker blender will blend ingredients just like a normal blender but also offers the option to cook/heat the ingredients inside. Some models include a saute function too.

They generate the heat required to do so either by blade friction or by way of a hot plate in the bottom of the blender.

Dedicated soup makers look very different to soup making blenders. They look like a large flask or kettle and are often made from stainless steel, so you cannot see inside without opening them.

Soup makers tend to have the blades attached inside the lid and a heating element in the bottom. Some soup makers have a special saute function so you can pre-cook ingredients within the jug for maximum flavour. However, you must be very careful to meet the minimum and maximum fill requirements, otherwise, they may not work correctly. You can even buy soup makers that will have the option of creating cold soups and smoothies, too.

Benefits Of Using A Soup Maker

Compared to a mini oven, microwave, induction hob, slow cooker or even a halogen oven, a soup maker may seem like a non-essential kitchen appliance to some, but owning this clever cooking helper comes with a wealth of benefits. In fact, many people find that once they buy a soup maker, they use it so frequently they cannot imagine how they ever lived without it!

In this section, we take a look at some of the main benefits of using a soup maker in your day-to-day life:

1. Good For Your Health

A hand filling the bowl with food

Perhaps the main benefit of using a soup maker is the ability to quickly create warming, healthy meals from scratch with little fuss in just a few minutes.

Even though the soup is usually associated with the winter months, this nutritious dish can be enjoyed all year round. Eating soup is a great way to boost your health; it enables you to easily consume many wholesome vegetables and the nutrients they contain without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

Furthermore, blending vegetables increases the rate of nutrient absorption, so you can better enjoy all the health benefits of your chosen ingredients.

Because vegetable soup made in a soup maker retains all the liquids that the ingredients were cooked in, it has a higher nutritional density than other methods of cooking. When you boil some vegetables and drain the water away, you, in fact, end up pouring many of the nutrients down the sink, thus missing out on their benefits.

But, are soup makers any good for weight loss? The answer is yes!

As well as being a great source of nutrition, eating soup has been clinically proven to encourage weight loss by helping you feel fuller for longer.

2. A Multifunctional Kitchen Appliance

Usually, if you want to make some homemade soup, there are a number of steps you’ll need to go through.

Firstly, you’ll have to saute and cook your ingredients in the pan until softened. Then you must transfer them to a blender or food processor, before returning the mixture to a pan to reheat before serving.

Clearly, this involves multiple pans and appliances, all of which need to be taken out of the cupboard, cleaned and put away again when you’re done. Soup makers offer you a much simpler way of doing things, by enabling you to do all of the above with just one appliance.

Furthermore, a great thing about soup makers is that they can often make much more than soup. You can buy a model that will have special settings to make juices, smoothies, compotes, sauces and can even crush ice for summer cocktails.

3. Convenient to Use and Easy to Clean

A further benefit of having a soup maker is how quick and convenient they are to use.

With many models, all you need to do is chop up your ingredients, throw them into the jug, add some liquid and press a button. Then you can simply carry on with whatever you’re doing until your delicious, hot soup is ready within 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

This convenience is especially useful if you have a busy schedule but want to eat healthier meals. Because soup makers are so quick and easy to use, you could make some fresh soup in the morning while you get ready, and then take it to work with you for lunch.

If you hate having to think about what you are going to eat when you get home every evening, you can also use your soup maker for batch cooking. To do this, simply blend a large quantity of soup and then freeze portions so that you have easy meals ready any night of the week.

Things To Look For When Choosing A Soup Maker

After reading our top soup maker reviews, you should now have a few models in mind which you are thinking to buy in the near future.

But, before you go ahead and make your final choice, you should take a moment to consider whether a particular model includes all the right features for you and your lifestyle.

Our below list takes you through some of the most important features to look out for when selecting the right soup maker for your needs.

1. Check the Size and Capacity

a family having some soup for lunch

When shopping for a soup maker, the very first thing to consider is what size will suit your needs. Soup makers come in a wide variety of sizes, with the smallest starting at around one-litre capacity, going all the way up to 2 litres or more.

Of course, the larger the soup maker, the more people you will be able to feed at once. If you have a large family, you will be better off choosing the biggest option. After all, should you have a small amount of soup leftover, you can always freeze it for later.

If you live alone or as part of a couple, a 1-litre soup maker will suffice.

On the other hand, you may prefer to buy a large soup maker for economic reasons. Large soup makers tend to be more powerful and will enable you to cook batches of soups and sauces at once, so you can fill your freezer with pre-prepared meals for the week.

That said, it is worth considering how much space you have in your kitchen before you make your decision. Large soup makers can be quite bulky and heavy, so depending on your circumstances, a smaller, more compact soup maker may be better.

2. Find out If It Is Easy to Use

Of course, you could buy the best soup maker in the world, but if it’s a pain to use, it’s likely to sit in the cupboard and never see the light of day. For this reason, it is important that you pick a soup maker which will be easy to operate and a pleasure to work with.

The majority of the soup makers on our list are simple to use. This is particularly true for the more unsophisticated models which have fewer features to confuse matters. Those which offer more options and settings may take you longer to figure out, but a few minutes with the instruction manual and you should be on your way.

All in all, it really depends on your level of cooking experience and how many features you feel you need.

If you want a soup maker which can saute ingredients, produce different textures of soup, create sauces and compotes as well as make juices and smoothies – you should go for a feature-packed model. However, if you want to just throw some ingredients into your soup maker, press a button and leave it to do its job, then a basic model will probably be right for your needs.

3. Opt for a Jug with a Saute Option

Many soup makers offer a sauteing feature, which allows you to gently fry your meat and other ingredients before they are blended and cooked. The main benefit of this is that it helps to release the juices and flavours within as well as maintain nutritional value, leaving you with a healthier, richer and tastier soup.

Obviously, you can always simply saute the ingredients in a pan on the hob first, but this method will create more dishes to wash up afterwards. If you would like to have greater flexibility with the kind of recipes you can create in your soup maker, choosing a product that has the ability to saute will make life much easier in the long run.

4. Look for Different Blending Possibilities

2 bowls of homemade chunky tomato basil soup

Unless you have a visceral dislike for a particular texture of the soup, you will almost certainly wish to have multiple texture options from your soup maker. Luckily, all soup makers tend to offer at least two texture options: smooth or chunky, when blending your ingredients.

That said, if you like to be a little adventurous when it comes to culinary matters, you should look for a soup maker which features greater control over the consistency. Some models allow you to intervene and give the mixture an extra whizz or stir should you feel it needs to be smoother.

5. Check the Length of the Cooking Time

One of the most attractive benefits of a soup maker is its potential to save you time and hassle when preparing your meals. Therefore, the number of minutes a particular product takes to create delicious soup is an important aspect to consider when deciding which soup maker to choose.

Generally speaking, you will be hard-pressed to find a soup maker which could be described as slow. Depending on the style of soup maker and the texture required, most models can cook fresh soup in around 20 minutes to 30 minutes. But if some of your desired features are missing, you could end up spending extra minutes doing them manually.

A good example of this is if you wish to saute your ingredients first. If you buy a soup maker which is incapable of this task, you will have to do all the preparation yourself – thus taking more time than would otherwise be necessary.

It is worth keeping this in mind when shopping for a soup maker.

6. Consider the Ease of Cleaning

If speed is important to you, then you must also consider how easy it is to clean up after you have finished with your soup maker. After all, it’s no good if you can whip up soup in 20 minutes, but then spend an hour cleaning out the soup making machine afterwards.

Unfortunately, many soup makers are not dishwasher safe, so you will need to either take them apart or carefully rinse and reach inside to wipe them clean. This can be quite awkward as you’ll have to work around the blades whilst trying to remove any last traces of soup.

Luckily, most new models have a non-stick coating and many now offer a self-cleaning feature, which involves simply adding water and washing up liquid to the soup maker and switching it on.


While all the soup maker reviews we have seen will make delicious homemade soup, our overall winner is the Morphy Richards 48822.

It is a simple model with an LED countdown timer. We loved that you can create smooth or chunky soups, as well as smoothies and sauces. Furthermore, it comes with a recipe book, a large 1.6L jug with which you can make up to six portions, and its stainless steel body is easy to clean.

All in all, if you want a stylish, multifunctional and feature-packed model that creates delicious results fast, this model has it all.

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