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Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Quest 35409 Compact
Best with Hot Plates: Russell Hobbs 22780
Value Choice: Netta 9L Black & Silver

Mini ovens make a fantastic addition to any home. These useful appliances can be used as a handy backup if your regular oven has broken down and are also a great alternative if you live alone or struggle with limited space in your kitchen. But that doesn’t mean deciding on the best mini oven is an easy choice. The market is filled with hundreds of mini ovens, so picking the right one for you and your home can sometimes feel like a headache.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Whether you need a budget choice, a powerful model or one with an integrated hot plate, our mini oven reviews and buying guide can help you to avoid the pitfalls and find the ideal option for you and your lifestyle!

How We Compared Mini Ovens

mini ovens collage

To find the right mini ovens we considered multiple factors including:

  • Capacity
  • Wattage
  • Internal light
  • Hot plate
  • Timers

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Mini Oven Reviews – Hot 10 List

1. Quest 35409 Compact (Editor’s Choice)

Quest 35409 Compact

The Quest 35409 Compact mini oven has an updated design and makes an excellent choice for people who live alone and anyone seeking to make small dishes quickly.

The Quest Compact mini oven has a small 9-litre capacity fueled by 650 watts of power. It has an adjustable temperature gauge that ranges from 100-230° Celsius. It also features one cooking mode with a heating element on the top and bottom for its basic, yet effective design.

The feet on the Quest Compact mini oven come with non-slip pads to help the appliance stay in place while you adjust the included baking tray and wire rack. This mini oven has two shelf heights and a 60-minute timer with a bell alert and an automatic shut-off function to prevent your food from overcooking. It comes with a handle that attaches to both trays, too. Plus, your purchase includes a one-year warranty.

Unfortunately, this mini oven only has one cooking mode and it lacks an internal light. However, this may not be an issue considering its small interior size which isn’t ideal for cooking for more than one or two people.



  • 60-minute timer with bell alert and auto shut off
  • Detachable handle for safe tray and rack extraction
  • 9L space-saving compact design
  • Two different shelf heights
  • One-year warranty


  • Limited to one cooking mode, may not be ideal for a range of dishes
  • May not be suitable for more than one or two people
  • Lacks an internal light which may be inconvenient

2. Russell Hobbs 22780 (Best with Hot Plates)


Whether you need a temporary, stop-gap oven or you’re looking for a compact tabletop oven for everyday use, this fan-assisted mini oven by Russell Hobbs is a good choice for both scenarios.

Its large-than-average 30-litre capacity means you can cook slightly bigger items than a standard mini oven. This oven features a 120-minute timer with auto shut-off, audible bell and keep-warm function are great if you have a busy lifestyle and may forget that you’re cooking. The wide temperature range of between 60 and 230 degrees also means you can cook a huge variety of dishes to suit your taste.

This oven features two hot plates that can be used independently or together so you can cook multiple dishes at once. Unfortunately, the hotplate cannot be used at the same time as the oven, and the hotplate heat cannot be adjusted. You may find this frustrating when cooking larger meals or those which require specific temperatures.

However, at 1000 watts and 750 watts for the large and smaller hot plate respectively, they are much more powerful than many other mini ovens. Therefore, if you don’t need to use the oven simultaneously and you’re looking for fast heating as well as a more powerful hot plate than other standard mini ovens then this model makes a great choice.



  • 30-litre fan-assisted oven
  • 1600 watt oven
  • 120-minute timer with auto shut-off and ready bell
  • 750 watt and 1000 watt plates
  • Three-year guarantee


  • Cannot use the oven and hot plates simultaneously
  • No heat control for the hot plates
  • No internal light

3. Netta 9L Black & Silver (Best Value)

Netta 9L Silver & Black

The Netta Black & Silver Mini Oven is our top choice for anyone seeking a compact mini oven for baking. It has a space-saving design that is excellent for making single-serving dishes.

The compact design of the Netta Black & Silver mini oven has a 9-litre capacity and 650 watts of power with one cooking mode. It enables convection style cooking with two Quartz heating elements – one on the top and one on the bottom, that run simultaneously.

This Netta mini oven has adjustable temperature settings that range from 100-230° Celsius and a built-in 30-minute timer. It comes with a baking tray and a wire rack. To help prevent this appliance from sliding on your countertop, it features anti-slip rubber footpads.

Be aware, while the Netta Black & Silver is an excellent value option, it does lack more advanced features like an internal light, an auto shut-off function, or more than one cooking mode. Additionally, the timer must be used to operate the oven, it is not optional.



  • 9L space-saving compact design
  • 30-minute timer and bell alert
  • Anti-slip rubber foot pads
  • Good for single-size portions


  • Lacks an internal light and auto shut off function which may be restrictive
  • Less versatile cooking style may not be suitable for all dishes
  • May only be operational whilst using the timer

4. Sage with Element IQ (Luxury Choice)


This small cavity, tabletop oven by Sage is hugely versatile, thanks to its 10 pre-set cooking programmes and smart ‘Element IQ’ technology, which adapts the heating levels to suit whatever you’re cooking.

The oven has a 21-litre capacity, making it a decent size if you like to cook a wide variety of items. There is only one shelf included but this can be conveniently raised or lowered depending upon what you are cooking.

With its easy-to-use dials, you can quickly and easily adjust the cooking duration and heating level to get started in no time. The oven features an LCD screen that lets you see the settings clearly, whilst the interior light enables you to monitor cooking progress without having to open the door and lose heat. Although the fan can be quite noisy, it does provide rapid, even heating throughout the oven for superior cooking results with little effort.

Whilst this oven is only really suited to one level cooking, its 2400 watt power and heating technology mean that you won’t face any limits in terms of what it can handle, from simply toasting bread to a full Sunday roast. Furthermore, the handy auto keep-warm function ensures that your food won’t go cold should you get caught up on the phone or organising other elements of your meal.



  • 2400 watt brushed stainless steel construction
  • 21-litre capacity compact design
  • 10 pre-set cooking programmes and fan
  • Element IQ – controls heating levels to suit food type
  • Auto keep warm function


  • Lack of accessories included
  • One level
  • The fan can be noisy

5. TurboTronic Turbo Wave TT-EV35 (Best with Rotisserie Fork)

TurboTronic Turbo Wave TT-EV35

TurboTronic’s Turbo Wave mini oven has a large capacity and comes equipped to perform both rotisserie and convection functions. You can even run the two cooking methods simultaneously if you want. Hence, it’s chosen as this rundown’s best mini oven with a rotisserie function.

The Turbo Wave mini oven by TurboTronic has a large 35-litre capacity that is great for making large meals for several people, thanks to its robust 3500-watt power usage. This mini oven offers highly versatile cooking options which include rotisserie, convection, or both simultaneously. It also offers the option to utilise the two upper or two lower heating elements, or both.

To help ensure you cook food properly, this large mini oven features a 60-minute timer and an internal light so you can easily view your food’s progress without having to open the door. It comes with a wire rack, a rotisserie fork, and two baking trays to optimise internal space.

With the Turbo Wave, you may find that the rack has a tight fit and needs some force to be pulled out, potentially causing it to tip forward. Also, this mini oven’s exterior shell and door become relatively hot during use.



  • Large 35L capacity
  • 3500 watts of power
  • Rotisserie and convection functions
  • Double tray design
  • Upper and lower heating elements


  • The less stable design may tip forward
  • Tight-fitting wire rack may be difficult to remove
  • Hotter exterior during use may be a hazard

6. Quest 35399 20L

Quest 35399 20L

The Quest 35399 mini oven easily switches between four different cooking modes. It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a small to a medium-sized mini oven that comes with a rotisserie option and has a cool to the touch exterior.

Quest’s 35399 mini oven has a medium-sized 20-litre capacity that runs on 1500 watts of power. It features a grill, rotisserie, bake, and toast function so you can easily switch between using the two upper and two lower heating elements.

This mini oven comes with a rotisserie fork, a baking tray, a tray handle, and a wire rack. The design enables two different tray heights and also includes a convenient pull-out crumb tray located at the bottom. Both trays are dishwasher safe, making this mini oven easy to clean.

Also, it is equipped with an internal light, a 60-minute timer with auto-off and an alarm bell, non-slip feet, and a one-year warranty. Its temperature gauge ranges from 65-230° Celsius which also gives you the option to keep food warm.

Be aware, the temperature settings on this mini oven may be slightly lower than marked. Meaning, it won’t get quite as hot, causing food to have longer cooking times. Also, the smaller rotisserie capacity won’t fit medium or large chickens.



  • Rotisserie, grill, toast, and bake functions
  • 60-minute timer with an alarm bell
  • Cool to the touch exterior
  • Easy to clean
  • Five adjustable heat settings


  • Temperature settings may be inaccurate
  • Smaller rotisserie capacity may not be ideal
  • Lower temperature may cause lower cook times

7. Netta Double Hot Plate 45L

Netta Double Hot Plate 45L

The Netta Double Hot Plate mini oven has highly versatile cooking options and features a dual hob on the top. It also boasts a large capacity while still featuring a space-saving design.

Netta’s Double Hot Plate mini oven has an oversized 45-litre capacity that utilises 1500 watts of power. Its generous capacity is paired with a double hot plate on top and versatile cooking options that include cook, bake, boil, and grill modes. Conveniently, it allows you to use one hot plate and the oven at the same time, which some mini ovens with a hob do not facilitate.

The Double Hot Plate mini oven by Netta has a lengthy 120-minute timer with an auto-off function to ensure your food doesn’t burn in case you get distracted. It features five varying tray heights, an internal light, a grill rack, a baking tray, and a detachable tray handle. Every purchase also includes a one-year warranty.

Unfortunately, the hot plate temperature is not adjustable on the Netta Double Hot Plate – one is at 600 watts and the other 800 watts. Additionally, this mini oven doesn’t feature an alarm bell for the timer or a power indicator light.



  • Extra-large 45L capacity
  • Dual hot plate design
  • The oven can function with one hot plate
  • Long 120-minute timer
  • Five tray heights


  • Hot plate temperature may not be adjustable
  • Lacks a power indicator light which may make it difficult to tell when it is on
  • Absence of a timer alert bell may not be suitable for all

8. Laptronix Hob and Grill

Laptronix Hob and Grill

The Laptronix Hob and Grill has a space-saving design that includes oversized, wide feet to create a sturdy and stable work surface. This feature keeps the mini oven from tipping forward or sliding around on your countertop, despite its smaller size.

The Laptronix Hob and Grill mini oven has a medium-sized 23-litre capacity and uses the standard 1500 watts of power for cooking. One hot plate has a 600-watt setting and the other has 800 watts, allowing you some minimal variation regarding the temperature and cooking speed.

Laptronix’s mini oven features three different tray heights, a timer with auto shut off, and three internal cook settings, plus the hot plates above. Thus, you can choose whether to use upper or lower heating elements. Impressively, this mini oven’s design also facilitates the use of both hot plates at the same time as the oven. It comes with a baking tray, wire rack, and a tray handle, too.

While this mini oven has a lot of perks and added features, it lacks an interior light and has a comparatively hot exterior compared to some other options. Moreover, the timer must be used, it is not optional. And, the timer ticks audibly which some people find less than enjoyable.



  • Two hot plates on top
  • Oven and hot plates function simultaneously
  • Space-saving design
  • Three tray heights
  • Timer with auto-off function
  • Oversized feet keep appliance stable


  • Lacks an internal light which may be an inconvenience
  • Timer may be required for operation
  • Relatively hot exterior may be a hazard

9. Netta 18L Grill and Bake

Netta 18L Grill and Bake

The Netta Grill and Bake mini oven is ideal if you are looking for an option that is lightweight and highly portable. It has all the basic functions you would expect from a mini oven, and a bit more.

This multi-functional mini oven has a compact 18-litre capacity that uses 1200 watts of power. It has an upper and a lower heating element that can be used separately or together, allowing it to cook, bake, and grill your food to perfection. The internal light feature allows you to easily view your food and monitor its progress while cooking.

The Netta Grill and Bake features a 120-minute timer with 20-minute intervals that are clearly marked and anti-slip rubber foot pads on its oversized feet. Three shelf heights allow you to adjust the included baking tray and wire rack according to your food size and method of cooking. It also comes with an independent tray handle and a one-year warranty.

The door and body on the Netta White tend to get hotter than normal and its small capacity is not ideal for more than one or two people. The only other drawback we found is that the rack guides don’t run the entire length of the oven’s interior. This could make the trays less stable.



  • One-year warranty
  • 120-minute timer
  • Anti-slip rubber foot pads
  • Three tray height levels
  • Internal light for easy viewing


  • Relatively hot exterior may be a hazard
  • Less reliable rack guides could be difficult to use
  • Smaller interior dimensions may not be suitable for larger households

10. Tefal OF445840 Optimo

Tefal OF445840 Optimo

The Tefal OF445840 Optimo mini oven has a sleek, all-black exterior and comes with an extended two-year warranty period. We love its expansive cooking modes that include, but are not limited to, two different rotisserie options.

Tefal Optimo mini ovens come with a 19-litre capacity and have 1380 watts of power for the oven and 780 watts for the grill. They feature an impressive eight cooking options including convection, conventional, defrost, grill, pastry, bain-marie, and two different rotisserie modes.

The Optimo mini oven comes with a rotisserie kit and the customary baking tray and wire rack. It has a 120-minute timer with an alert bell so you know when your food is ready. Additionally, it offers four different tray heights so you can make the most out of the interior oven space. The temperature gauge ranges from 100-240° Celsius, which is hotter than most.

Full disclosure, the exterior on the Optimo does heat up quite a bit and you may have to use some force to extract the trays as they tend to stick. There are also some consumer reports indicating that the temperature gauge may not be reliable, causing it to have longer than expected cook times.



  • 8 versatile cooking modes
  • 4 tray heights
  • 100-240° Celsius adjustable temperature
  • Lengthy 120-minute timer with an alert bell
  • 2-year warranty


  • Hotter than normal exterior may be a hazard
  • Tray extraction may be tricky
  • There may be inaccuracies with the temperature gauge

What Are the Benefits of Using a Mini Oven?


There are plenty of benefits to using this compact oven. Here are some of the main advantages of cooking with a mini oven.

Cheaper to Run

Using a mini oven instead of a traditional oven will save you money on your electricity bills. Mini ovens use less electricity and as the majority of the mini ovens available on the market feature automatic timers and shut-off functions, you tend to use them for a lesser period of time.

The smaller interiors of electric mini ovens also contribute to the reduction of electricity costs. Overall, less electricity is used throughout the whole cooking process.

More Efficient

Sometimes it makes sense to use a mini oven for smaller items rather than heating a large oven for a slice of cheese on toast or a mini pizza. Not only will you save money, but it’s also more energy efficient, making it better for the environment.

They take less time than a large oven to warm up and often have a shorter cooking time. Thanks to timers and auto shut-off functions, mini ovens can also reduce the risk of you leaving them on for too long, burning your dinner and having to start all over again. Using a mini oven for your small-item cooking needs will save you minutes or even hours in the long run.

Compact Size


Thanks to their compact size, mini ovens are useful anywhere where space is of a premium. They are also easily transported or stored and do not require a special socket, meaning you can simply plug them in and use them just about anywhere.

This makes them ideal for temporary use when you’re installing a new kitchen, for example. They also work great for use in student accommodation, holiday homes or studio flats.

Ease of Use

Mini ovens are generally easy to use. As they can easily be placed on tabletops and are compact in size, they are ideal for anyone who may have difficulty operating a regular sized oven. Whether you or a family member has difficulty bending over or opening and closing regular oven doors, a table top mini oven eliminates any such difficulties.

Tabletop mini ovens are also ideal for those with disabilities or older, frailer people, especially if they are living alone and no longer need to regularly use a large conventional oven. Any timer features and shut-off functions can also make cooking a safer experience for more forgetful relatives.

Features to Look for When Choosing a Mini Oven


When choosing a kitchen appliance such as soup makers, air fryers, toasters or juicers, it’s important to first consider your needs, then to check which features are most compatible with those needs.

Finding the best mini oven is no different. For example, if you’re mainly looking to reheat small ready meals, then your needs are going to differ substantially from someone hoping to cook a Sunday bake roast dinner.

Below, we take a look at our buying guide to find out some of the most important features to look for.


First and foremost, you should ensure that your mini oven will be a substantial enough size for your needs. Whilst most mini ovens will fit standard ready meal dishes, if you’re looking to warm up or bake any larger dishes, including pizzas, roasts or tray bakes, then it’s important to carefully check that the internal dimensions are compatible. Don’t forget to check the height too, as well as the width and depth.


The higher the wattage, the more powerful your oven will be. This will allow it to reach higher temperatures and to warm up faster, for more efficient cook times. Lower wattage may also mean struggling to keep your oven at a higher temperature range for longer periods – leading to undercooked food and risk of food poisoning.

Internal light

A small baking equipment

Whilst not essential by any means, having an internal light can be extremely useful at times. Once you open the door of a small oven, the heat loss is huge. An internal light allows you to check on cooking progress without opening your oven.

Hot Plate

If you don’t have a stand-alone hot plate, then you might like to purchase an all-in-one mini oven with a hot plate. Be sure to check whether or not you can use the hot plate at the same time as your oven for added convenience. Just like your oven, make sure you check on the hot plate wattage as many underperform when compared to the wattage of stand-alone mini ovens.


Timers are especially useful for short cook items such as toast as well as heating up ready meals and snacks. Most timers will run for between several minutes and a couple of hours.

Check that those with timers provide a sound alarm when finished or any similar additional features. If you are using it for ready meals or heating up snacks, then an auto shut-off will be useful too. However, with longer cook times, you may prefer a keep warm function.


Now that we have overloaded you with product options and information on how to choose the best mini oven, let’s go over our number one Editor’s Choice again before you determine which mini oven is the best for your specific space and cooking needs.

The Quest 35409 Compact mini oven has a basic yet effective design with a 9-litre capacity. It features a 60-minute timer with a bell alert, auto shut off function, and two different shelf height options. Also, it comes with a detachable handle for safer tray and rack extraction as well as a one-year warranty.

Have you already found a favourite in these mini oven reviews? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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