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best one cup kettle

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Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Breville BRITA 1.8 Litre
Best with Easy Refill Tank: Breville HotCup 1.5 Litre
Best 2-Litre Choice: Breville HotCup 2 Litre

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy hot beverages on a daily basis. Whether it’s a hot cup of tea while catching up with a friend, a mug of coffee to kick-start your day, or a calming herbal brew before bedtime, hot drinks are a part of day-to-day life for most of us. However, if you’ve ever stood by the kettle watching the clock waiting for it to boil, you may have wondered if there’s a better, and quicker way to make your favourite beverage. Luckily, there’s is an easier solution – a one cup kettle.

This convenient appliance boils and dispenses water in mere seconds, meaning you spend less time staring at the kettle, and more time enjoying your drink. But with so many hot water dispensers on the market, how will you choose the right one?

Read on for our instant hot water dispenser reviews and buying guide to find the best hot water dispenser for you.

Top 10 Best Hot Water Dispenser Reviews

1. Breville BRITA 1.8 Litre (Editor’s Choice)

Breville BRITA 1.8 LitreIf you live in an area where the tap water is prone to a slightly chlorinated taste, this one cup kettle could be just what you are looking for. It includes well-respected BRITA filtering technology, to ensure you get a pure-tasting brew, every time.

Not only will your water taste great, but it will be ready in quick-time too. This instant hot water dispenser made out of stainless steel offers a rapid boiling time of only 40 seconds, which will certainly be useful if you are in a rush. A generous 1.8L easy-fill water tank means you’ll be able to enjoy many hot drinks before requiring a refill, and the nine different cup size settings plus manual stop mean you can get perfect results, no matter how big your favourite mug is.

That being said, though, some people found the settings can be a little difficult to judge compared to other hot water dispensers; so it’s likely you’ll have to play around with the cup sizes in order to find the one that’s right for you.

Furthermore, some users found this instant hot water dispenser could be prone to leaks, and that it occasionally gives off an unpleasant smell while in use. This may be due to issues with the filter, so you will have to make sure it is replaced regularly.


  • Choose between nine different cup sizes for the perfect fill
  • 8L water tank reduces the need for regular refilling
  • BRITA filter removes both chlorine and limescale
  • Very easy to fill up and clean
  • Manual stop button to avoid overflow


  • May be prone to leaks
  • May be difficult to judge settings for cup sizes
  • Can cause an unpleasant smell when in use

2. Breville HotCup 1.5 Litre (Best with Easy Refill Tank)

Breville HotCup 1.5 LitreSimple yet effective, this Breville 1.5 Litre is a great choice if you are looking for an easy-to-use one cup kettle, without any fancy features. Capable of producing measured units of boiling water in just a minute, this model is perfect for singles or couples looking to save time and avoid waste.

The 1.5-litre tank capacity is enough to create 5-7 cups before refilling, and its energy-efficient functionality ensures only the water you need is boiled, thus saving you money over time.

The water tank illuminates in a cool blue colour when in use, so you can be sure when it’s working. The included removable drip tray makes it easy for you clean, and the water tanks itself is easy to fill – simply pick the unit up like a kettle and take to the tap.

However, every product has its faults, and this one touch kettle is no different. The machine is rather noisy when boiling, and the amount of water dispensed can sometimes be too little or too much, depending on the size of your cup.

Furthermore, there’s no option for different temperature settings, so this model can’t be used for a wide variety of drinks.


  • Fast boil in only a minute.
  • No mess drip tray.
  • Easy to fill water tank.
  • Large enough for 5-7 cups per fill.
  • Low energy consumption – only heats water required.


  • Volume dispensed cannot be changed.
  • Can be quite noisy when boiling.
  • No temperature settings, therefore it isn’t suitable for some drinks.

3. Breville HotCup 2 Litre (Best 2-Litre Choice)

Breville HotCup 2 LitreThe Breville 2L Instant Hot Water Dispenser with Variable Dispensing is a great option if you need a simple to use one cup kettle, which can fit around your busy routine. Offering a huge 2L illuminating water tank and built-in limescale filter, it can create up to 10 pure-tasting drinks with little fuss.

If you have a large family or a variety of different sized mugs in your cupboard, the variable dispensing feature will be most welcomed. This provides you with the choice of nine cup sizes, so you can be sure your mug won’t overspill, or worse, you’re left with a half-filled hot cup of coffee in the morning.

In addition to the variable dispense feature, this instant hot water dispenser also offers a useful manual stop option. This allows you to halt the flow should you be short on time and require a smaller drink, or prevent overflow if you have accidentally chosen the wrong setting. There’s no need to panic if your drink spills over though, as the handy removable drip tray allows for quick and easy cleanup.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to this product. The most notable is that some units have been reported to leak overnight. Furthermore, a few users found this product stopped working after a short time, and they could still taste limescale in their drinks; although this could be due to particularly hard water in the area.


  • Variable dispense makes it great for different cup or mug sizes
  • Very large water tank
  • Built-in limescale filter
  • Very easy to fill up and clean
  • Manual stop allows more control overflow


  • Potential fault may lead to leaks
  • May not be very durable
  • Water can occasionally still taste like limescale

4. Breville HotCup 1.7 Litre (Best Value)

Breville HotCup 1.7 LitreThis Breville 1.7 Litre offers a unique height-adjustable feature, which makes filling all sizes of cup easy, from petite teacups to overtly tall novelty mugs.

This is a great way for you to avoid splashes and spillages caused by shallow vessels, as well as make sure everyone’s favourite cup can fit. This function is made possible thanks to an adjustable drip tray, which can be smoothly moved up closer to the tap, or even completely removed if you have a very tall cup.

Extremely easy to use, this instant hot water dispenser has a one-touch system which means you simply press a button to dispense hot water in just a minute, so there’s no need for you to wait around. The large tank holds enough fluid for up to 8 cups and the built-in limescale filter helps make sure your water tastes good, too. Furthermore, the inclusion of a hinged lid means you will find this one cup kettle is easy to fill, without the hassle of removing and replacing the tank.

However, there are a few negative things that you should be aware of; firstly, a few users found that the machine drips and the dispensed water can have an odd taste. Also, many people complained that this hot water machine didn’t create boiling water, instead, it seems to dispense very hot water. Therefore, you may find this is not adequate for certain drinks, such as herbal teas.


  • Adjustable height for a variety of different cup and mug sizes
  • One touch system makes it easy to use
  • Manual stop option for full control
  • Easy to remove drip tray avoids a mess
  • Hinged lid makes it easy to refill


  • Water may have a strange taste
  • Not the best option for those who want a kettle that dispenses boiling water
  • May be prone to dripping

5. VonShef Black 2.2L (Best Large Capacity)

VonShef Black 2.2LIf you’re after a simple, yet speedy instant hot water dispenser, this model from VonShef could be the right one for you. Boiling water in only a few seconds, it also offers the flexibility of variable temperature; so you can create delicious drinks at any temperature you require with the push of a button.

The 2.2-litre tank is generous enough to produce as many as 10 cups of hot water before you need to refill it. As an added benefit, this removable clear tank is easy to fill, so you won’t need to fuss over taking jugs of water back and forth to top it up. Furthermore, if you are a little clumsy or simply have curious children, you will be glad of the sticky pads on the base which keep it firmly adhered to the kitchen surface.

Unfortunately, it does have a few negative points. Whilst it certainly boils water quickly, the dispensing time can be quite slow, leaving you waiting for your cup to fill. Furthermore, many people complained that the first cup dispensed wasn’t as hot as they would like, thus meaning you’ll have to tip it away and start again.

Also, like other hot water dispensers we have seen, this model is prone to dripping, which even though it has a drip tray, still creates an unnecessary mess.


  • Boils water in seconds
  • Variable temperature options allow you to create many drinks
  • Detachable water tank for ease of filling
  • Sticky pads on the base prevent slipping
  • One button operation makes it easy to use


  • Can take longer to dispense water than other hot water dispensers
  • It can drip quite often after use, causing a mess
  • The first cup of water dispensed may not be at the right temperature

6. Andrew James 4 Litre

Andrew James 4 LitreIf you are looking for a supersized one cup kettle which can cater large amounts of people, the Andrew James 4 Litre can fit the bill. Perfect for use in your office meetings or big gatherings, this model offers an incredible 4L water capacity, as well as the ability to boil water in a matter of seconds.

With five different heat settings from between 55 and 100℃, this instant hot water dispenser will allow you the flexibility to create the perfect brew, whether you like herbal teas, strong coffee, or simply don’t have the time to wait for your hot cup to cool down to a drinkable temperature. Furthermore, you can also change the volume settings of water that’s dispensed each time, so you can opt for a half mug or top up as required.

An added benefit of this water dispenser is that it includes two water filters straight out of the box, and is also compatible with many other filter brands, so you shouldn’t struggle to find replacements when the time comes.

However, there are also some drawbacks to this model. Chief amongst these is that many users found it tends to spit out water, resulting in some inevitable mess. It also seems to have a habit of resetting itself, so you’ll need to enter your favourite settings again and again.

Lastly, the hot water flow can be relatively slow, which means it’ll take longer than usual to fill up your mug.


  • Very large 4L water capacity
  • Five different heat settings give brewing flexibility
  • Volume settings allow control over how much water is dispensed
  • Boils water extremely fast
  • Comes with two filters as standard


  • Temperature and volume settings may need to be reset often
  • Tends to spit out water, creating a mess
  • Water flow can be rather slow compared to other hot water dispensers

7. VonShef Red 2.5 Litre

VonShef Red 2.5 LitreTrue to its name, this VonShef Instant Kettle dispenses boiling water in just 5-8 seconds, leaving you with a warming hot drink in no time. Featuring a stylish red design, this one cup kettle is also a great option if you like to have a splash of colour in your kitchen.

Offering a 2.5L transparent water tank, it can fill around 10 cups before you need to refill, which should be more than enough for your whole family to enjoy a brew in the mornings. The easy to remove drip tray helps limit mess, and should you live in a small flat, the entire unit is compact enough to fit in even a tiny kitchen.

The one button operation functionality promises ease of use, yet unfortunately, many people found this button to be a source of frustration. Not only is it a little tough to press, but it is also prone to sticking and breaking, which causes some safety concerns, as well as a general annoyance when you’re short on time.

Further downsides include a lack of volume consistency when dispensing, and the tendency for the spout to dribble for sometime after it has finished working.


  • Rapid boiling time in only 5-8 seconds
  • Transparent water tank holds enough for 10 cups
  • Easy to remove drip tray for simple cleaning
  • One button operation boils water with just a single click
  • Despite its large water tank, it’s still very compact


  • Doesn’t always dispense consistent volumes unlike other hot water dispensers
  • The switch is prone to sticking and breaking
  • Its spout has a habit of dribbling

8. Morphy Richards 131004 Redefine Black (Luxury Choice)

Morphy Richards 131004 Redefine BlackIf you are looking for a top-quality hot water dispenser that also helps you keep an eye on your electricity bills, this Morphy Richards 131004 could be a perfect choice. This one cup kettle only boils the water that you need, thus saving you money as well as being quick and easy to use. The 3-litre capacity also means you will be able to enjoy up to 12 cups before needing to refill.

In line with other water dispensers we have seen, the Morphy Richards 131004 has precise variable temperature and volume settings, so you can enjoy the flexibility to create almost any hot drink you desire, without wastage.

Furthermore, should you feel the need for more water than your setting has produced, simply press the button again to dispense more as required without adjusting the settings. This function is useful if you have the machine set for a large mug, but would actually like to fill a saucepan to cook pasta, for example.

There’s little risk that you’ll burn or spill your brew, thanks to the large digital display screen which clearly shows the settings chosen. What’s more, the built-in BRITA filter works to reduce unpleasant tastes often found in hard water areas. That said, some users still complained that their drinks had an unusual taste.

Cleaning up is easy due to the removable drip tray, however, a few people complained that the machine drips for a long time after dispensing has finished. Moreover, a further negative point revolves around durability – many users said the body of the kettle is prone to cracks, so you may find you have to replace it earlier than you would like.


  • Many different heat settings to choose from
  • Energy-efficient since it only boils what you require
  • Easy to read digital display screen
  • Built-in BRITA filter works to improve the taste
  • Can set to automatically dispense certain amounts of water, with more available on demand


  • Water may still have an odd taste
  • May drip after dispensing water, creating a mess
  • The body may begin cracking relatively quickly

9. Morphy Richards 43922 Accents

Morphy Richards 43922 AccentsFeaturing a “retro” design, this model from Morphy Richards not only looks good, but is able to create hot drinks with 70% less energy and time than a standard kettle, thus making your coffee habit both quicker, and cheaper.

With a 1.8L tank capacity, the Morphy Richards 43922 has one of the smaller water tanks we have seen; but it is still able to produce up to 8 cups per fill, which should be adequate if you live in a smaller household. The illuminated dispensing spout gives a smart, modern twist – and also enables you to clearly see when the machine is working.

Once you press the button, boiled water is ready in only 45 seconds. Should you fancy a small teacup or larger mug, you can set the volume accordingly to avoid waste. But, if you miscalculate, a handy stop button prevents dangerous over-spills.

However, it is made of fairly thin materials, so just after boiling it can feel incredibly hot to the touch. This can be a concern if you have children in the house. Furthermore, many users said the water level is quite difficult to see, and the spout is prone to spitting water when dispensing.


  • Volume is easy to adjust for smaller cup size or larger cup size
  • Illuminated dispenser adds a nice effect
  • Features a stop button to prevent overspills
  • Cool, modern design
  • Energy efficient and boils water in only 45 seconds


  • The body of the unit gets very hot unlike other hot water dispensers
  • Prone to spitting water over worktops
  • Tank water level can be difficult to see clearly

10. Cooks Professional 2.5L (Best Fast-Heating)

Cooks Professional 2.5LIf you are often running late in the morning, the Cooks Professional 2.5 Litre water capacity can save you the time spent waiting for the kettle. As one of the fastest instant hot water dispensers on the market, it boils and fills your cup in as little as a few seconds, leaving you with more time to enjoy your coffee before heading out the door.

What’s more impressive is the fact that it delivers hot drinks so rapidly, whilst still storing up to 2.5L of water. It does this by boiling small amounts of water at a time, thus saving you energy as well as precious morning minutes. It’s also incredibly stylish and comes in a few colours, so it’ll fit into most kitchens without sticking out too much.

This model doesn’t offer variable dispensing, so if you have a variety of mug sizes, you’ll have to keep a keen eye on it to make sure your drink doesn’t overflow. Simply press the manual stop button when you have received the amount of water you require.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean larger mugs aren’t filled enough the first time around, which can be irritating as you’ll need to dispense again to top it up. Should you have any accidents, the removable drip tray will catch any excess fluids, limiting the amount of wiping up you’ll need to do.

While the speed of this instant kettle can certainly save you time and hassle, it does have its negative points. Some people found that their drinks had a plastic-like aftertaste, and others noted that the unit is quite difficult to clean effectively.


  • Boils a hot cup of water in a matter of seconds
  • Very large water tank
  • Removable drip tray catches every spill
  • Stylish design
  • Energy efficient and low consumption


  • Can be quite cumbersome to clean
  • No variable dispensing option for different cup sizes
  • Water may have an aftertaste

Benefits of One Cup Kettles

One cup kettles are certainly convenient kitchen appliances, which can change the way you make hot drinks forever. So, let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of using it:

Faster Than Traditional Kettles

a cup of hot tea on top of some booksOne cup kettles boil water a whole lot faster than traditional kettles. This is because they only heat the amount of water that is required, rather than heating the whole tank each time.

For example, a quick-boil traditional kettle can still take around 3 minutes or more to boil, while a one cup kettle usually takes only a few seconds. This is of huge benefit if you have busy mornings before work or only manage to grab quick coffee breaks during the day.

Temperature Settings

The vast majority of traditional kettles just bring your water to a boil and leave it at that. However, that’s not the case with the one cup kettles. Many have variable temperature settings or heat settings, so you’ll be able to set your water to the perfect temperature for you.

This is a great feature if you like to drink many different kinds of beverages. For example, a hot cup of herbal or green tea can often be spoiled by boiling water, as the temperature is so high it burns the leaves and ruins the taste. It can also reduce the amount of health-boosting compounds within your brew.

Economical Electricity Usage

It may be a little-known fact, but kettles are one of the top home kitchen appliances when it comes to energy usage.

If you’re looking to cut down on your bills, investing in a one cup kettle is a great choice. As these devices only boil the amount of water that is required, they are much more economical to run, thus helping you save money to better spend on other things.

Features To Look For In A One Cup Kettle

There are a few key things to look for when you’re buying a one cup kettle. Some of these will depend on your personal preferences and lifestyle, while other features are more universally desirable. Let’s take a look at the buying guide below to find out the most important features to consider:


When it comes to your first coffee in the morning, it’s unlikely you’ll be in the mood to wait around long while the water heats up. For this reason, when looking for a one cup kettle, make sure to find out how long it will take to boil.

All one cup kettles will be faster than traditional kettles, but some are considerably faster than other hot water dispensers. After all, the difference between 5 seconds and a minute can feel very long when you need a caffeine fix.

Temperature Settings

steaming hot coffee on a rainy dayWhilst you may not need this feature if all you will be drinking is black tea or coffee, having the option of adjustable temperatures is still of great benefit.

Not only does this open up the possibilities of beverages you can make, but having a cooler brew is also useful if you are short on time, or have sensitive teeth. Furthermore, this can be a great safety measure if you are making hot drinks for children or the elderly, as the lower temperature eliminates the risk of burns when spilt by clumsy hands.

Water Tank Size

This is relatively simple; the bigger the water tank size, the more cups you can fill up with boiling water. If you live alone and don’t entertain many visitors, as smaller 1-2 litre tank will be more than sufficient.

On the other hand, if you are part of a large family or require a one cup kettle for the office, you should look for an instant hot water dispenser with a much larger tank capacity of 3-4 litres. Otherwise, you’ll likely find yourself running to refill it often, which will soon become tiresome.

Ease Of Use

This feature is especially important if you are going to get the most enjoyment out of your one cup kettle. While some hot water dispensers offer all manner of settings, the attractiveness will soon wear off if it is a nightmare to use.

Many use a simple, one-button operation to dispense hot water, while other hot water dispensers will require you to select the temperature and volume each time before use. It is a personal preference, but if you are simply looking to make a standard mug of tea, it will be better if you go for a no-nonsense model to save you from frustration.

Drip Tray

As with juicers, Nespresso machines, coffee pod machines or blenders, drink spillage is a fact that cannot be avoided. For this reason, make sure your one cup kettle includes a drip tray as standard.

These trays are often simple to remove and make cleaning up after any spills or drips much quicker and easier. With other hot water dispensers, the drip tray itself is height adjustable, so it can double as a form of size adjustment if you like to use smaller cups.

Water Dispensing

A number of hot water dispensers will offer the option of changing the amount of water which is dispensed each time. Normally, these settings will range somewhere between 150 and 350ml. Because of this, you’ll be able to switch between them to make sure you’re getting the perfect amount of boiled water for whichever cup that you’re using.

While this feature may not be a deal-breaker, it will certainly be a welcome addition if you have a variety of cup sizes that you like to use.


Each of the one hot water dispensers talked about in our instant hot water dispenser reviews would make fantastic choices, but in our opinion and based on our buying guide, the winner has to be the Breville BRITA 1.8 Litres.

We love how this instant hot water dispenser is able to rapidly boil water in only 40 seconds, meaning you can make your coffee and get on with your day in no time. The built-in BRITA filter also ensures that your drink will taste great, even if you live in a hard water area.

Furthermore, the generous 1.8L water tank and choice of nine cup sizes mean that you will get perfect measures for all your favourite cups, without having to refill often. However, should you miscalculate, the handy manual stop button ensures you can cut the flow and any potential spillages in their tracks.

Overall, if you’re looking for a quicker and more economical way to enjoy hot drinks, we think the Breville BRITA 1.8 Litres is the best hot water dispenser on the market today.

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