Best Garden Bench Reviews UK 2021 – Top 10 Comparison


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Top 3 Best Garden Benches

  1. Kingfisher 3-Seater Hardwood (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Lifetime Convertible (Luxury Choice)
  3. Westmount Living Wooden Picnic (Best Value)

There are many ways in which we can decorate our gardens. We can create colourful flowerbeds and add exotic plants to bring vitality and life into our outdoor space. Another simple method is to add a garden bench. By using the best garden bench, you can create a dedicated seating area and make your yard practical as well as beautiful.

You can find a huge array of garden benches. This includes different materials like cast iron, treated wood, and other metals. Also, you can find a great variety of designs – some are practical whereas others are ornamental.

Whatever type of garden bench you want, you can find a suitable option in this list we have created below. We have found 10 of the exceptional garden benches in the UK, so you can upgrade your yard’s appearance.

Best Garden Bench Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Kingfisher 3-Seater Hardwood (Editor’s Choice)

Our top choice for the best garden bench is the Kingfisher 3-Seater Hardwood Bench. This fantastic wooden bench has a traditional design and would fit perfectly on any style of patio, decking, or outdoor space. If you prefer an understated wooden design that complements the natural elements of your garden, this Kingfisher product is a brilliant option.

This 3-seater bench is made from recyclable materials and FSC wood. The wood is hardwearing and has been specially treated to improve its durability and longevity.

The overall dimension of the bench is 150 x 66 x 90cm, and it is 14.05kg in weight when assembled. You can also purchase a two-seater version of this bench which has a total width of 119cm.

The design is simple and both the seat and backrest feature multiple slats at comfortable intervals. This is supported by a solid wooden frame and rectangular-shaped wooden armrests. The backrest is also slightly angled which provides a comfortable sitting position and ample support for your back.

This is one of the best wooden garden seats in the UK, but it isn’t perfect. Some customers have reported receiving damaged bench parts. Before assembling anything, check all the parts against the instructions and look for damage.


  • Available in both 2-seater and 3-seater models
  • Hardwearing wood construction
  • The wood has a weatherproof finish
  • Traditional garden bench design
  • Full assembly instructions included


  • Some customers have received faulty or damaged goods
  • Legs may be a bit thin

Lifetime Convertible (Luxury Choice)

For those who don’t have the luxury of space, the Lifetime Convertible garden bench is an excellent option. This bench can be folded to create either a two-seater bench with a back or a bench with a joining table. This provides excellent flexibility and means you can benefit from both a bench and table in a relatively small space.

The Lifetime Convertible bench has a folding mechanism on the backrest. This connects the backrest to the main seat in one solid frame. The backrest can then be folded on sturdy brackets to form a table.

Additionally, the bench is made from weather-resistant polystyrene simulated wood. This means it does not have to be treated but is still durable and can withstand adverse weather. It is also UV protected to prevent chips, cracks, and fading.

The overall dimensions are 140 x 88 x 36cm, and the bench when assembled weighs 35kg. This weatherproof garden bench is rust-resistant, too, thanks to its powder-coated steel frame. This ensures the bench will last for years.

Due to the different mechanisms and various parts, this Lifetime Convertible bench can be difficult to assemble. It is relatively time-consuming, and the instructions could be clearer. Also, as the edge of the seats is metal, they can get incredibly hot in the sun.


  • Dual functionality as a bench, or bench and table
  • Stylish colours and design
  • The frame is made from durable materials
  • The polystyrene elements are weather-resistant
  • Available in two stylish finishes


  • Relatively difficult to assemble
  • The metal edges of the seats get hot in the sun

Westmount Living Wooden Picnic (Best Picnic-Style)

If you want a large bench that is perfect for parties and family gatherings, the Westmount Living Wooden Garden Picnic Table is the best choice. This is like the traditional picnic tables that you see on walking trails or as your familiar park bench. It could be used on your patio and is also a suitable choice for small businesses and pubs that want to create outdoor seating areas.

The benches and table are all connected via a sturdy wooden frame. This is a functional product and it can seat up to six people. If you want, you can also slot a parasol through the central hole. The single hole will secure the parasol in place, but we recommend still using a parasol base too for additional stability. The parasol hole is 35-40mm in diameter.

The overall dimensions of this bench are 150 x 150 x 70cm. Also, the table is 150 x 70cm, and the thickness of the wood is 2.5cm. It is also made from treated wood and should not be additionally treated for 3-6 months after purchase.

As you can imagine, the main downside of this picnic table is its size and bulk. It is much larger and heavier than other benches on this list. You must be prepared to transport it and have sufficient space to accommodate it. Also, although it is partially assembled, the installation can still be difficult. This is partly due to the weight and size of the picnic table.


  • Made from pressure treated timber
  • Includes a 15-year anti-rot warranty
  • Central hole to fix a parasol
  • Ample seating for up to six people
  • Supplied as partly pre-assembled


  • Relatively heavy and bulky
  • Although partly assembled, it is still difficult to install

vidaXL Patio Seat (Best Ornate)

The vidaXL Patio Seat is the type of garden bench that you see in ornamental gardens or stately homes. You can imagine this beautiful bench tucked away in a secluded corner of your garden, surrounded by gorgeous flowers and plants. If you hope to create a traditional style similar to a typical English country garden, this ornate garden bench makes a tasteful option.

The vidaXL garden bench is available in two stylish colours – white or green. The white bench is much bolder and may not fit as well with most garden designs. Alternatively, the dark green style offers greater flexibility.

It is made from cast aluminium, and the legs are made from cast iron. In terms of dimensions, it is 100 x 54 x 80cm and can seat a maximum of two people. All of the cast aluminium and iron parts are weather treated and durable.

We love the detailed scrollwork and floral patterns of this bench. It looks amazing and virtually every aspect of the bench has some form of design on. The backrest has a nice curve and contains three flower designs. This is complemented by the curving armrests that also showcase floral patterns.

This vidaXL bench looks fantastic but it is relatively small compared to other garden furniture. Two people can sit on the bench, but it is better used as a single-seater product. Also, some customers have reported their bench arrived with cracked cast aluminium. This didn’t affect the stability, but it was a visual blight nonetheless.


  • Available in two stylish colours
  • Made from durable cast aluminium
  • Can comfortably seat up to two people
  • Gorgeous ornate design
  • Sturdy cast iron legs


  • Does feel a little flimsy to sit on
  • Some customers have received a bench with cracked casting

Plant Theatre 2-Seater Hardwood (Best With Cushion)

The Plant Theatre 2-Seater Hardwood garden sofa looks amazing. It has a stylish design and is made from quality Acacia hardwood. If you have a large patio area or want to create a dedicated seating area in your garden, a couple of these benches would make the perfect focal point. You can also purchase a beautiful matching armchair.

We like that this bench is available as an armchair, too. You can create a fabulous, matching seating area for multiple people. You can also opt to add a small stylish table which is available in the same style of wood, to complete the set.

What’s more, the wood is completely oiled and stained and has been rubbed-down by hand. It is also delivered fully unassembled in a flat-pack. The padded cushion is incredibly comfortable, too, and can be machine washed. In terms of dimension, the bench is 129 x 54 x 77.2cm and it can comfortably seat two people.

This Plant Theatre product is brilliant, but it does have a few issues. Firstly, the various slats are not all 100% smooth. You may need to rub some of them down to create a smoother finish. Also, it is delivered part assembled, but the instructions could be clearer. As a result, the installation process can be tricky.


  • Made from sustainable Acacia hardwood
  • Stained and oiled wood to create a great finish
  • Delivered part-assembled
  • The long cushion is machine washable
  • A stylish and understated design


  • Some of the slats may need to be rubbed down and smoothed
  • Assembly instructions are not the best

Chicreat Aluminium (Best Value)

If you are in search of a reliable metal garden bench, then look no further – the Chicreat Garden Bench is our best value option. This relatively simple model is easy to assemble and places functionality first. It has an understated design and would fit perfectly in a modern or contemporary styled garden.

The Chicreat garden bench has a simple design and contains a powder-coated metal frame with four legs. On top of this, there are four Polywood slats that are fixed into place. The bench comes fully unassembled, but there is a full set of instructions.

The powder-coated metal frame has also been created in such a way that is environment friendly. The coating also means that the bench is fully water and UV-resistant.

It’s overall dimension is 135 x 40 x 45cm. You can also purchase a matching table that stands higher than the bench. This means you could create a full seating area complete with two benches and a table.

This Chicreat garden bench has a plain construction, but some customers have reported missing parts on delivery. Also, this bench is functional as opposed to stylish – some may consider it to be unattractive.


  • Simple and functional design
  • Includes an environment-friendly powder coating
  • Both water and UV resistant
  • Made from durable aluminium
  • Relatively easy to assemble


  • Some customers have reported missing parts
  • Not the most attractive design

Birchtree 3-Seater Wooden Slat

If you need a larger one, this attractive 3 seater option from Birchtree is one of the best garden benches around. The combination of wooden slats and rose-patterned backing means this seat looks amazing. It can provide a focal point in your garden or stand out on your patio. It could also be used to create a traditional seating area surrounded by nature.

This sleeper bench has an excellent floral pattern on the backrest. The frame and arms also feature patterns, plus the seat and backrest frame is made from solid hardwood.

The overall dimensions are 122 x 74 x 56cm which provides ample size to seat three people. It comes unassembled and there is a full set of instructions to quickly build the bench. Just remember that this will require tools and a drill.

One of the main downsides of this Birchtree garden bench is the plastic back which is unlike the cast iron sides and legs. Also, it is not the most durable and can make the bench feel flimsy to sit on. It won’t break or crack, but compared to other materials, it is certainly a weaker design.


  • Ample space for three people to sit down
  • Fantastic rose design on the back of the bench
  • Strong cast iron legs and frame
  • Durable hardwood slats
  • Includes clear assembly instructions


  • The back is made from plastic and not as durable as other materials
  • Some customers have reported the bench feels flimsy

Deuba Wooden (Best With Storage)

The Deuba Wooden garden bench is the best solid wood garden bench with storage. Designed with a dual purpose, it can be used as a stylish outdoor seating option and to store garden items. For example, you could use it to store your garden tools or your children’s outdoor toys. It is also incredibly comfortable as it includes a water-repellant cushion.

The Deuba Wooden garden storage bench is made from gorgeous Acacia wood. It has a dark finish and looks incredibly stylish. The sides and backrest have multiple wooden slats at regular intervals to provide additional support.

The storage compartment is spacious and has a folding door that is secured via hinges. There is also a padded cushion for the bench. The cushion has a cover that can be easily removed via a zipper.

In terms of size, the bench is 120 x 59 x 90cm and is suitable for two people only. The Acacia hardwood is treated, and the polyester cushions can be machine washed. It is also delivered partially assembled but you will need tools and a drill to complete the assembly.

Although this garden bench looks superb, it is not easy to install. The numerous slats and parts make this product time-consuming to assemble. Also, although the front storage door has hinges, it can be prone to falling open which can be irritating.


  • Excellent under-seat storage compartment
  • Made from gorgeous Acacia wood
  • Includes padded cushions made from polyester
  • Simple but stylish design
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage


  • The assembly is difficult and instructions unclear
  • The front storage door can fall open

Marko Outdoor 3-Seater Cross Rose

For those who want stylish benches for the garden, the Marko Outdoor Wooden 3-Seater is a great choice. If you have an array of beautiful flowers and natural features in your garden, the impressive rose design of this bench will complement the surroundings. It can provide a focal point within your garden and the central point for a dedicated seating area.

The legs of this Marko bench are made from cast iron. In addition, the backrest is built from durable resin that has weatherproofing. All wooden areas have also been naturally varnished to provide additional protection.

The slats of the bench have a steady curvature and are, therefore, comfortable to sit on. You can relax on the bench, as it provides great support for your back, bottom, and legs.

It has an overall size of 124 x 57 x 74cm and can comfortably seat three people. This garden bench comes unassembled, and you will need tools and a drill to install it. Also, it could be a good idea to add some form of padding to the bottom of the legs if you do not want to scratch your patio or decking.

This Marko outdoor furniture item looks great, however, it does have a few problems. Firstly, some customers have received damaged goods. Also, when sitting on the bench, the wooden slats can feel a little unstable although there have not been reports of them breaking.


  • Beautiful rose ironwork on the back
  • Naturally varnished for protection
  • Made from strong and durable materials
  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • Strong cast iron legs


  • The slats and legs can feel a little unstable
  • Some customers have received damaged goods

TecTake 403213 Painted Steel

If you want a simple but effective metal bench, the TecTake 403213 garden bench is a suitable option. This stylish park bench has a simple design but is comfortable to sit on and relatively durable. It has a modern black finish and fits brilliantly in any style of contemporary garden. For easy maintenance, this bench is also simple to clean.

The TecTake 403213 garden bench is made from high-quality steel that has protective varnishing. Also, the slats are made from durable plastic that is robust and treated. This means the bench can withstand the harsh elements and does not need to be brought inside when the weather turns bad.

For installation, this bench also has bolt-holes so that you can secure it into the ground. Always do this with caution and consideration. You do not want to create ugly drill-holes in your garden if you intend to move the bench at a later date.

In terms of dimensions, the bench is 126 x 62 x 81.5cm. Although, the actual seating area is approximately 120 x 42cm. It has a maximum load capacity of 200kg. As a result, this bench is generously sized and has a good weight capacity for at least 2 people.

Although this TecTake product is a great item, it does have a few issues. Firstly, some customers have had issues when installing the bench. This includes uneven drill-holes and parts not fitting together properly. We advise reading the instructions carefully and taking time when using any tools and screws to avoid damage.


  • Can accommodate up to three people
  • Made from dirt-repellent materials
  • Comfortable curved armrests
  • Stable steel frame and plastic slats
  • Can be bolted to the ground


  • Some customers have experienced installation issues
  • Some of the drill-holes may be uneven

How to Choose the Right Garden Bench?

We hope you have found this garden seat reviews useful, but you may still be unsure of which one is the best choice. We have created a simple buying guide to help. In the below sections we look at different considerations to help you choose the right seating for your outdoor space.


As mentioned, garden furniture are available in a range of materials. Which material you choose mainly depends on personal preference, but it can have practical implications, too.


Wood benches often blend in with nature better, but unless treated, they can eventually rot. Alternatively, wrought iron benches may feature more intricate designs but are usually much heavier and difficult to transport. Before making a purchase, be sure that the materials are weather-resistant to ensure it will last the test of time.

Size and Weight

Before purchasing a garden bench, we advise measuring the area in which you intend to place it. You should be aware of the space you have available so that you do not buy a bench that is too big.

In addition, look at access to your garden to ensure the bench or flatpack can fit easily – you may have to bring the package through your house, for example. Also, check the weight. Many garden benches are incredibly heavy and you must have an idea of how you intend to move and install it.

Seating Capacity

This isn’t a huge factor, but you should still give it some thought. Most benches have a two-seat capacity as a minimum.

If you have a large family or often entertain guests, you may want to opt for a three-seater or something larger. It is also advisable to check the actual dimension of the bench so you know exactly how much space is available for seating.

You could also look at the depth of the seats, and how high they are from the ground. Make sure you know what your ideal dimensions are to ensure your optimum comfort when enjoying your outdoors area.

Outdoor Suitability

The best garden benches are weather-resistant. Wooden benches are often treated and metal options are usually powder coated. There would be no point purchasing a garden bench if you had to bring it indoors every time there is bad weather coming!


Also, consider other features like cushions that cannot be kept outdoors. If the garden bench has features like this, do you have anywhere to store them? And can you easily keep them indoors or in a gazebo if needed?


Finally, how easy is the garden bench to clean and maintain? Can you wipe it down easily to prevent mould and grime? Will you need to re-treat it in the future with varnish or wood preserver? Does it have weather-resistant elements that will prevent rust and mould?

The best benches for gardens are treated and require little to no maintenance at all. At best, you want a bench that requires occasional cleaning.


You should now have a clear idea of the different garden benches available in the UK. Anyone of these ten benches featured is an excellent choice. You can use them to add style and seating to your garden.

Our top choice, however, is the Kingfisher 3-Seater Hardwood Garden Patio Bench. This simple but effective product is easy to assemble, is made from durable wood, and has a full weatherproof finish. Its basic design will look great in any garden and it even has a 2-seater option if you need a smaller one.

Which is the best garden bench for your home? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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