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Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Yale Sync
Choice With Contactless Control: Yale Intruder
Choice for People With Pets: JC GSM & WIFI

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. The chances are that all you want to do is settle in and start decorating as soon as possible. However, before you go shopping for paint and wallpaper, it’s crucial to make sure that your house is defended. That means you’re going to need to go hunting for the best wireless home alarm systems UK market has to offer.

The Internet of things or “IoT” has changed the way we think about security forever. Today, anyone can buy and create their own state-of-the-art smart home, complete with intelligent video camera and alarms you can control via your smartphone. You can even install security cameras in your house so you can check on your pets throughout the day.

Of course, the popularity of home security systems can make it difficult to determine which model is right for you to buy. There are so many alarms out there, from wireless intruder alarm kits to standard app-enabled burglar alarms. How do you figure out how much protection you need?

To simplify your quest for peace of mind, we’ve put together this list of the top 10 home alarm systems the UK has to offer in today’s digital age. We’ll show you which tools have great reviews, and what they can do to defend your most valuable asset. Let’s get started.

Best Wireless Alarm System Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Yale Sync (Editor’s Choice)

yale-syncOne of the biggest things that put off consumers when they buy a WiFi house alarm is the worry that they won’t know how to set it up when it arrives. You want your device to be intelligent, but it also needs to be simple enough use, particularly if you’re not a tech guru. The Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm is a quick and easy way to make your home more intelligent.

Designed to work with Amazon Alexa, Yale ensures that you can optimise your security in no time, using nothing but your voice. You can even link your smart alarm to your smartphone, your smartwatch, and your Phillips Hue lightbulbs, for complete control over your security system when you’re on the move. What’s more, Yale gives you the freedom to set up customised notifications that get delivered straight to your smartphone, and it comes with pet-friendly PIR motion detection. The biggest issue is that although there is an app available, it’s not always simple to use, particularly if you have an iPhone. Additionally, there are some teething pains. The alarm could end up going off by itself at times.


  • Very simple to set up and sync with your smart devices
  • Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control
  • Geolocation reminders and phone notifications available
  • Custom integrations with Philips Hue bulbs
  • With two PIR motion detectors


  • Complicated iPhone app
  • Unattractive alarm – but that’s just Yale’s style
  • Often has problems like false alarms when you’re first figuring out how to use it

2. Yale Intruder (Best With Contactless Control)

yale-intruderKnown for delivering excellent quality security for decades, Yale is a reliable source for home safety systems. The Intruder Alert Alarm Kit from Yale is a very simple but effective piece of equipment.

Ask a handful of people “What is the best wireless alarm system on the market?” The chances are you’ll get at least a few answers that include the brand name “Yale.” As one of the best smart security systems in the UK, it’s quick and simple to install, with a wireless range of 200 metres. There’s also the option to disarm your alarm with a tap of your fob.

The pet sensors built into the kit allow your four-legged friends to roam around freely, without fear of sudden wailing sirens. Additionally, there are immediate phone-call alerts that let you know whenever your intruder alarm is triggered. A major issue is that there aren’t enough contacts included in the kit. You only get 2 PIRs for the entire house, although, you could potentially buy more.


  • 200-metre wireless coverage range
  • Encrypted security and pet sensors included
  • Contactless control
  • Has phone call alerts when the alarm is triggered


  • Not enough PIR contacts included
  • Slightly flimsy plastic for a Yale product
  • Additional sensors are quite expensive

3. JC GSM & WIFI (Best for People With Pets)

jc-gsm-wifiThe JC Wireless GSM and Wi-Fi security alarm is a great choice if you have pets at home.

When you’re choosing your WiFi burglar alarm, features like motion sensor and instant alerts are great. Of course, that’s until your four-legged friend starts walking around in front of the video camera and sending you multiple false alarms a day.

Fortunately, the alarm system tackles this problem by intelligently ignoring your pets. That means you’ll only receive a notification when something goes wrong at home.

With the burglar alarm connected to your mobile phone or tablet, you’ll be able to watch what’s happening in your property at any time. You can also record up to 20 seconds of your own voice in case the alarm sounds so that you can send an automatic call to the authorities. It’s really very clever. The only problem is that it’s not all that simple to use. Many reviewers said that they had a hard time getting it to sync if they could understand the instructions in the first place.


  • Intelligent alarm system with smart pet detection
  • Record up to 20 seconds of voice for automatic emergency calling
  • Back-up battery included
  • Works on multiple wireless frequencies


  • Difficult to set up unless you have some tech knowledge
  • Hard to sync with your devices – expect to spend a while on this
  • It can randomly disarm itself at times (this only happened with a few people)

4. KERUI W18 (Best Intelligent)

kerui-w18When you’re looking for the best smart home security system in the UK, the KERUI W18 is a great pick.

It’s important to make sure that you’re going to get the level of protection that’s right for you. Ultimately, there are many kinds of alarm system out there, and each works in its own unique way.

A solution like this wireless home defence kit allows you to choose the “mode” that’s right for you depending on your security needs. In the “Intelligent” Zone, for instance, the alarm disarms itself after it’s been triggered multiple times within a few seconds. This is to stop you from getting too many alerts from your animals running around the house.

You can also add extra motion sensors, key fobs, and window contacts to your unit if you need to. The 2 PIR detectors, 5 door contacts, and 2 key fobs included already come pre-synced. For us, the main issue is that the ways you can connect are limited. 5GHz Wi-Fi is not supported, and it can be awkward to set it up.


  • Customisable and expandable depending on your needs
  • Main control panel can be paired with a maximum of 150 sensors
  • Accessories come pre-synced
  • Multiple defence mode types to choose from


  • Not a very well-known brand for camera
  • APK doesn’t update very often
  • Difficult to set up and use – and does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi

5. Accfly 720P HD (Best Value)

accfly-720p-hdThe Accfly has some of the best wireless alarm system reviews that we’ve seen so far. Its 720P HD security camera is an excellent piece of equipment.

Like many of the products available on the market today, it comes with instant alert options and a simple set-up solution. You can basically download an app and start running your video camera in no time. Along with a motion detector, the system supports auto-capture recording, wide-angle 185-degree views, and impressive night vision too.

A particularly fun feature is the two-way talk system. You can talk into your phone and respond to someone who’s knocking at your door. For instance, say you’re getting a parcel delivery while you’re at work. Just pick up your smartphone and tell the courier to drop it off in the back yard. The primary challenge with this unit is how difficult it can be to connect it to the internet. It seems like syncing takes forever! Still, it is worth it once you eventually set everything up.


  • Relatively good night mode vision and wide-angle view
  • Two-way audio makes it great for answering your door from a distance
  • Support for motion detector and auto recording
  • 12-month warranty included


  • Hard to connect to the internet
  • No way to connect the SD card to a PC, so you have to rely on sonic transfer
  • Storage card not included

6. Yale Easy Fit EF-KIT2 (Best for Customisation)

yale-easy-fit-ef-kit2You’ll notice a few products on this list come from Yale. Perhaps the main reason is that the Yale brand is synonymous with incredible home protection. The EF series is an easy-to-use and intuitive piece of kit.

Not only is the system completely wireless, but all the accessories come pre-linked, so you don’t have to run around syncing everything. The siren is wake-your-neighbours loud, so you can rest assured that someone will hear your alarm, even if you don’t notice the alert on your phone. What’s more, you can add up to 30 different accessories to the kit. In other words, you can basically create your own customised home security system from scratch. The control panel is a little bit clunky and old-fashioned in style, but if you can get used to that, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.


  • Highly customisable with connections to 30+ accessories
  • The alarm is easy to use and set-up with auto-sync included
  • Deafening external siren
  • Rolling code transmission, 868Mhz frequency tech and enhanced jamming detection


  • Instructions are hard to follow, but you might not need them
  • The alarm can activate itself at times
  • Clunky, old-fashioned control panel – would be better if it was a touch screen

7. THUSTART Home Business

thustart-home-businessThe THUSTART smart security is an incredible addition to our list of the top 10 home alarm systems in the UK for several reasons.

First, the siren is one of the loudest on the market today – so it’s good for getting attention in an emergency. Additionally, you can set up as many as 99 different wireless protection zones around your house – which means you get very complete coverage.

However, one of the most impressive features of the THUSTART package is how much comes included when you buy it. As well as the standard security panel, you also get 10 door and window sensors, a siren alarm, power adapter, 2 PIR sensors, 4 remote controls and more! The primary control panel supports a built-in GSM module SIM card, which sends direct calls to the emergency services if necessary, as well as friends and family members. However, according to some of the THUSTART intruder alarm reviews we read, the unit is quite tricky to set up and manage.


  • Plenty of accessories included to kit out your home
  • 10-second automatic voice recording
  • Up to 99 wireless defence zones supported
  • Options to pre-set alerts for up to 6 numbers


  • Difficult to set up due to complex instructions
  • Door sensors can trigger quite easily
  • The app is very confusing

8. Tiiwee Starter Kit

tiiwee-starter-kitAnother piece of equipment with some of the best wireless alarm system reviews on the market today is the Tiiwee home alarm starter kit.

The great thing about this tech is that it gives you all the benefits of a smart alarm system, without going over-the-top on features that you might not understand how to use. After all, even the ultimate alarm isn’t much good if you can’t get it set up.

The versatile unit is small, compact and very loud. You’ll be able to rest assured that everyone on your street will hear it. There are 2 window and door sensors included, and you can also expand it with additional accessories if you’d like to. An issue with this kit is how easy it is to accidentally press the fob buttons when they’re in your pocket, so you’d better get used to being cautious.


  • Simple to use and simple to set up
  • Expandable with additional accessories
  • Small and compact but very loud!
  • Great starter option for someone who’s new to smart security


  • Only a 30-day guarantee included
  • Plastic is a little flimsy on the key fobs and sensors
  • Key fob buttons can easily be pushed accidentally.

9. KERUI G19

kerui-g19Finally, if you’re looking for a piece of smart tech that won’t harm the planet, you can’t go wrong with the KERUI G19 Wireless alarm.

The device comes with a ready-to-use app that you can download onto your phone. This allows you to easily arm and control the unit from wherever you are. You’ll also be able to set up six pre-set numbers so that the alarm can call or text you when alerts occur. Most standard SIM cards are supported.

The kit comes with 4 wireless door and window contacts, an alarm control panel, and 3 PIR motion sensors, as well as 2 external vital fobs. Interestingly, this is one of the few home alarm units on the market today that comes with a solar-powered siren. In other words, you’re not relying on batteries or charge at all. Unfortunately, it’s prone to false alarms – which might upset your neighbours.


  • Solar powered siren
  • Plenty of features and accessories
  • SIM card support for automated calls and texts
  • Support for up to 99 protection zones


  • Randomly sets off false alarms
  • Motion sensors don’t always register as they should

10. SANNCE 720P HD (Best for Multiple Angles)

sannce-720p-hdWhen you’re looking for the best home alarm systems in the UK, the SANCCE is a great choice for a complete overview of your home.

You’ll need to ask yourself what matters most to you in a security product. For instance, are you more concerned about apps and voice control, or are you looking for something that allows you to get a great view of your entire house? If your answer is the latter then this is your answer as it has a 720P HD wireless video camera system that comes with an LCD monitor and 4 cameras.

You can monitor your WiFi alarm system from your phone, tablet, or computer according to your preferences. There are also plenty of features to enjoy, including night vision, instant email alerts, motion sensor, and weatherproof protection. At least, the company claims that the cameras are entirely weatherproof, but the UK is an unpredictable place. A few of the burglar alarm reviews we looked at revealed that water had gotten into the system.


  • High-quality video cameras streaming from multiple angles
  • Instant alerts and Wi-Fi connections
  • Plug-and-play set up for easy use
  • Motion sensor and HD display included


  • Not quite as waterproof as it claims to be in harsh weather
  • Night mode isn’t as clear as day vision – but that’s to be expected
  • Doesn’t support cloud storage for your videos

How to Choose the Best Home Alarm Systems in the UK

There’s no such thing as being too cautious when it comes to your home and your family. Whether you’ve just moved into a new house, or you’ve decided that you want to increase the safeguards you have in place, a good line of defence is to install wireless CCTV systems, carbon monoxide detectors, home safes or wireless doorbells. But if you want a total upgrade, a wireless alarm is the way to go.

Wireless technology could be the ideal option for moving towards a more high-tech future. Of course, just because you’ve read through the reviews doesn’t necessarily mean that you feel confident to go out and making a big wireless alarm system investment. You might still be asking yourself: “Are wireless alarms any good?” and if they are, “what kind of features do I need?”

The Benefits of Wireless Alarm Systems

security-system-with-mobile-appAn advantage of wireless alarms is that it is a convenient way to protect your home and outsmart burglars. You don’t have to worry about someone cutting a wire and suddenly destroying your entire home defence strategy. What’s more, with a range of fantastic features offered by some of the most intelligent security camera systems on the market, you may discover that a wireless set-up makes you feel safer than ever. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of using wireless alarms.

1. Easy to Set up and Install

Many of those on the market come pre-synced, and you should find that they’re simple to set up too! Just download an app and follow the instructions to get started.

2. Remote Access

Many of the latest smart security cameras and defence systems allow you to watch over your home from a distance. You may be able to view your property on your smartphone, or even speak to people through a two-way audio service.

3. Cost Effective

The fact that you can install your wireless burglar alarms yourself means that you won’t have to pay for an expert to come and do it for you. There’s no expensive electrical work to stress over.

4. Part of a Smart Home System

Some of the most compelling models on the market also connect to other aspects of an intelligent home set-up. You could connect your alarm to your smart speaker, lightbulbs, and more.

What to Consider when Choosing your Alarm System

security-equipment-for-the-homeThere are many things to consider when choosing the wireless alarm strategy that’s right for you. For instance, you’ll need to decide whether you want a monitored or unmonitored system. With an unmonitored option, you watch your home and call the authorities yourself. With a monitored option, a security company does the work for you. Ask yourself the questions below.

1. Smart Features

Do you want it to connect to things like Alexa and Google Home? Can it connect to a smartphone app? Does it have two-way audio?

2. Size

How much of your house can it cover? Are there enough security cameras to see all angles of your property?

3. Modes

How many different protection modes are available? Can you set up zones in your home for the alarm to cover?

4. Pet Smart Features

Will your alarm go off every time your cat or dog runs through the living room?

Stay Safe Out There!

Finding the best wireless alarm system isn’t always easy. There are a lot of new pieces of technology on the market, and it’s difficult to know at a glance what kind of protection you need. What you can do is spend some time looking at reviews and product descriptions online. That way, you can decide which features sound the most appealing to you. After all, the ultimate alarm system will always be the choice that makes you feel the most secure.

We’re particularly fond of the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm, simply because it’s great at connecting with other smart devices in your home, such as your Alexa speaker, and your Phillips Hue bulbs. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, the other wireless security systems in our list are excellent options for quick and simple home protection.

What’s your favourite wireless alarm system on the market today? Let us know in the comments!

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