Best Water Flossers of 2022

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Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Top 9 Best Water Flossers

  1. Panasonic Rechargeable Dental Irrigator (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Pecham Portable Oral Irrigator (Best Value)
  3. Zerhunt Cordless (Luxury Choice)
  4. Bestope Cordless Electric (Best with Many Tips)
  5. Apiker Oral Irrigator (Best for Family)
  6. H2ofloss Rechargeable (Best for Beginners)
  7. Oral B Aquacare 6 (Best Easy Refill)
  8. Uvistare Cordless (Best for Travel)
  9. Waterpik Ultra Professional (Best Large Tank)

Using a water flosser is a highly effective way to improve your oral hygiene. A water flosser is perfect for removing trapped debris, cleaning around orthodontic appliances, and helping you to get into small teeth gaps anywhere in your mouth with ease. If you don’t already own a water flosser, now’s the time to invest in one.

Here’s our buying guide in the search for the best water flosser in the UK to help you achieve a much healthier smile. Whether you are looking for large countertop models or a handy portable water flosser, you’re sure to find your perfect model right here.

How We Compared Water Flossers

water flossers collage

To find the right water flossers we considered multiple factors including:

  • Type
  • Reservoir capacity
  • Multiple modes
  • Intensity settings
  • Display

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Water Flosser Reviews

Panasonic Rechargeable Dental Irrigator (Editor’s Choice)

One of the best water flossers on the market is Panasonic’s Rechargeable Dental Irrigator – our Editor’s Choice. Produced by a reliable brand of oral care products, here’s what else makes this rechargeable model stand out from other electric flossers.

Thanks to its two water jet types, complete with three power settings, you can choose your ideal flossing comfort and efficacy levels. For powerful, high pressure cleaning up to 588 kPA, choose Jet Mode and benefit from a pulsating water jet for a superior clean. Opt for Air in Mode for alternating high-pressure water and shots of air. This mode may be ideal for cleaning out a build-up of food particles from periodontal pockets and for gum stimulation as well.

Its removable water tank makes refilling easy, plus you can even stick the tank of this best oral irrigator in the dishwasher for an extra clean finish. The charging station is also easy to wipe clean, while its non-contact surface ensures this oral irrigator has a long lifespan without any water damage. For extra ease of use, the entire unit is wall mountable and there is also on-board nozzle storage.

On the downside, this model may be fairly bulky with a long charge time, although most similar water flossers have exactly the same constraints. Despite its large size, you should still be prepared to fill it up several times during use, which is no real hassle thanks to its easy-to-remove tank.


  • 588 kPA maximum water pressure
  • Two water jet types
  • Three water power settings
  • Removable water tank
  • Nozzle storage on charging station


  • May be too bulky for some
  • Need for frequent refilling may be inconvenient
  • Long charge time may be frustrating if you forget to charge it

Pecham Portable Oral Irrigator (Best Value)

If you’re not sure whether or not to invest in a water flosser for your teeth, try out the Pecham Portable Oral Irrigator, our top value choice.

Choose from three power settings: a soft stream of water for sensitive gums and massaging, normal for strong water pulses, and pulse to deep clean and stimulate your gums. Thanks to its fast four-hour charging time, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to charge it up and being unable to use it for a whole day. What’s more, the smart indicator light shows you at a glance the mode you’re using.

IPX7 waterproof rated, you can use this oral irrigator in the shower and with confidence in your bathroom. Thanks to its fairly large, fully detachable reservoir, cleaning is easy. You can also use the easy-fill opening at the rear for rapid top-ups. Complete with a travel bag, four nozzles and a nozzle storage box, this top-value buy is a great way to try out teeth water flossing for the first time.

While this is a portable, cordless model, bear in mind that it may be a little large for travelling light. It could be fairly noisy when in use and you may find that the silicone charge flap doesn’t always hold as firmly in place as it should.


  • Three power settings
  • Fast four-hour charging
  • Smart battery indicator light
  • IPX7 waterproof design
  • Detachable reservoir


  • May be too large for travelling light
  • Silicone charge flap may be a little flimsy
  • It may be quite noisy during use

Zerhunt Cordless (Luxury Choice)

Treat yourself to the best electric flosser with our luxury choice, the Zerhunt Cordless Water Flosser. This model is a great option for both home and travel use since it is cordless, plus it is IPX 7 waterproof rated.

Thanks to its three cleaning modes, there’s a setting for everyone. Due to its high-powered action, it’s recommended that new users start off with the soft setting before progressing to normal or pulse mode. The memory function ensures that your flosser starts on the mode that you last used.

Charging this model up is extremely rapid, you get up to an impressive 20 days use from just one four-hour charge. The water tank is a good size for a portable model and thanks to its wide opening, it is much easier to fill and clean than many other types of water flossers.

With its 360-degree rotating head and six included nozzles, this oral irrigator can be used by all the family. The specialist dental plaque and periodontal nozzles even make cleaning dentures or massaging gums extra easy.

Naturally, this model is fairly heavy to use when full and you may find yourself accidentally hitting the mode button when in use. Some users may have difficulty reaching their back teeth, as the nozzles are not angled enough for some, although this all depends on your usage technique and handling.


  • Three cleaning modes
  • Fast four-hour charge
  • Memory function
  • Easy-clean detachable water tank
  • Includes six colour-coded nozzles


  • Mode button may be easily activated by accident during use
  • May be too heavy when full for some users
  • Nozzles could be a little more angled for better results

Bestope Cordless Electric (Best with Many Tips)

The Bestope Cordless Electric Dental Flosser is our best pick if you are looking for a model with a range of tips for more personalised teeth cleaning. Considering its high levels of performance and battery life, this is one of the best water flossers for improved dental hygiene.

This water flosser has five cleaning intensity modes, two more than most regular models. Start off with soft and progress up to high, thanks to the five intensity level lights on the unit, finding your ideal flossing intensity is easy. The included six jet tips plus two brush heads, make getting a deep down and personalised teeth clean possible for everyone.

Thanks to its gravity ball design, you can tilt this flosser at an angle to more easily reach your back teeth for an all-around superior clean that’s easier than string floss. The 300ml tank is removable to allow for thorough hygienic teeth cleaning, as well as having a quick refill opening. Unlike many other cordless versions, this electric water flosser has a long-lasting, high-capacity battery for longer periods of use between charges.

On the downside, there is no USB to wall plug adapter included, but most people may have a spare around anyway. Bear in mind that the tank may be fairly difficult to remove, especially for the first time. You may also find it a little difficult to get a good grip when using this model.


  • Five cleaning intensity modes
  • Gravity ball design for easy tilting
  • Removable 300ml water reservoir
  • Long-lasting, high-capacity battery
  • Includes six jet tips and two brush heads


  • Plug adaptor may not be included
  • Some users may find it difficult to remove the tank
  • Could be a little more ergonomic

Apiker Oral Irrigator (Best for Family)

For frequent water flossing or family use, check out the Apiker Oral Irrigator, our top choice for its large water tank. It is a good buy and comes complete with a wide range of multi-functional tips.

Unlike bulky, cordless units that are often heavy in your hand and difficult to manoeuvre, this corded model has a slim, light and easy-to-hold head. As the tank is separate, you can tilt the head however you like, with no loss of water flow. You also have the advantage of needing to refill less often, thanks to its large 600ml tank – double the capacity of your standard cordless model.

With its 10 adjustable pressure settings, simply turn the dial on the main unit to alter your water flossing pressure to suit your preferences and needs. Besides the three colour-coded classic jet tips, you also receive periodontal, orthodontic, dental plaque, tongue cleaner and nasal floss tips. To ensure you have all of your accessories to hand and they stay in good, clean condition, this oral irrigator has the bonus of coming complete with a handy built-in tip storage compartment.

As you would expect, given its large footprint, this power flosser unit may be less suitable for small bathrooms. Also, it may be fairly noisy to use and the water flow could be more consistent, as it can be a little jerky at times.


  • Large 600ml tank
  • Easy to hold and fully tiltable head
  • 10 adjustable pressure intensities
  • Built-in tip storage compartment
  • Includes eight multi-functional tips


  • Large footprint means it may take up too much space on your counter
  • May be fairly noisy during use
  • Water flow may be a little jerky

H2ofloss Rechargeable (Best for Beginners)

The H2ofloss water flosser is a good buy if you are looking for a cordless rechargeable model with excellent battery life. It is also easy to use and great for beginners.

Thanks to its five easily selectable intensity levels, you can adjust the flossing water pressure to suit your needs. Choose soft when just starting out with an electric water flosser, or for gum massaging, then progress up to higher levels depending on your gum condition and sensitivity levels.

The 300ml water tank can be completely removed for thorough cleaning. Thanks to the gravity ball design, this power flosser can be tilted at various angles without any loss of pressure or water flow. Combined with the 360-degree rotational nozzle, you can be sure that you’ll get deep teeth cleaning even in those hard to reach areas like the back of your mouth or around tooth implants.

Another great advantage of this particular model is its long-lasting 2,150 mAH battery that can go between 10-15 days before needing a recharge. Its USB charging cable can be used with regular plug adaptors, power banks and computers.

Unfortunately, the water tank may be difficult to take off, especially for the first time. Other areas for improvement include might be button placement. Currently, it’s too easy to accidentally press them. Lastly, it would be great to have some information on when and how to use the various extra tips.


  • Five adjustable intensity levels
  • Gravity ball design
  • 360-degree rotational nozzle
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Removable 300ml water tank


  • Product information could be improved
  • Button placement may be inconvenient for some users
  • Tank may be a little difficult to detach

Oral B Aquacare 6 (Best Easy Refill)

If you are looking for a gentle introduction to water flossing, the Aquacare 6 by Oral B could be your ideal pick. It is very simple to refill and has a compact, easy to use design.

Thanks to its three intensity settings, you can adjust the water flow pressure to suit your cleaning needs and gum sensitivity. Adjusting the pressure and changing the nozzle gives you six different cleaning programs, choose between sensitive, medium and intense, then select either the focused or rotational water stream nozzle. You can easily check your selected intensity level via the light-up front panel.

Thanks to its compact design, this electric water flosser is lighter and easier to handle than many other versions on the market. It also benefits from Oral B Oxyjet Technology which enriches your water with microfine bubbles of air. Complete with a charging station and nozzles, it’s a great starter kit that can be kept on its station to ensure you never run out of battery.

On the downside, unfortunately, this Oral B water flosser may not be very powerful, making it less suitable if you are switching from using another more higher-powered model. Also, bear in mind that at 145ml, the tank may be a lot smaller than most others. Also, you may find the angle of the water jet makes this version fairly difficult to accurately position.


  • Six cleaning modes
  • Three intensity settings
  • Compact design
  • Oral B Oxyjet Technology
  • Includes a charging station and two nozzles


  • Fairly small tank capacity may need filling regularly
  • Water jet angle may make it a bit awkward to get the right position
  • May not be powerful enough for some

Uvistare Cordless (Best for Travel)

If you are looking for a good portable water flosser, then this model by Uvistare is well worth considering. It comes with all of the features and accessories that you need for a clean, healthy smile.

Thanks to its five intensity settings, you can adjust the water pressure to suit your requirements. Start off on soft and progress to stronger settings as needed by simply pressing the mode button. Rated IPX7 waterproof, this model is suitable for use in your bathroom, including in the shower.

To make it easy to clean plaque out those hard to reach areas of the mouth, such as teeth at the back of your mouth, this electric water flosser features a gravity ball design, so you can tilt it without losing pressure. It also charges up quickly and easily, in around five hours with a USB charging cable.

It comes with a handy travel bag and multiple tips included. A choice of six interchangeable jet tip nozzles come with this set, making this water flosser a great choice for anyone looking to improve their oral hygiene, including people with orthodontic appliances and gum sensitivity. The included toothbrush head also means you can use it as a stand-in toothbrush for your trips away.

This cordless water flosser might be, like most others, fairly bulky. Also, the button placement could be improved as it is easy to accidentally change intensity mid-flossing. Lastly, the reservoir attachment points could do with being strengthened.


  • Five intensity settings
  • Gravity ball design
  • Removable 300ml water reservoir
  • Rated IPX7 waterproof
  • Includes travel bag and six interchangeable jet nozzles


  • Some users may find it too bulky
  • Button placement could be improved to prevent accidental activation
  • Reservoir attachments could be stronger

Waterpik Ultra Professional (Best Large Tank)

This is one of the very best countertop water flossers around. If you are looking for a high-performance model with a large water tank, then be sure to take a look at the Waterpik Ultra Professional water flosser.

This Waterpik model is very easy to use thanks to its lightweight, easy-to-handle flossing unit that attaches to the reservoir via a cable. This allows you to angle it exactly how you need to without any loss of pressure. Use it on Floss Mode for maximum plaque removal, then switch to Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode to improve circulation and gum stimulation.

Thanks to its 10 pressure intensity settings, it’s easy to find the right flossing level for your gums. Simply turn the dial on the main unit to adjust. The one-minute flossing time countdown and 30-second pacer help you to floss for the recommended duration, ensuring you get your entire mouth sparkling clean.

Complete with a large 650ml removable water reservoir, for less frequent refills, plus onboard tip storage, this is a highly practical, well-designed model. There are seven tips to choose from, including three classic jet tips, one toothbrush tip, a plaque seeker tip and more.

On the downside, as you would expect, this flossing unit may have quite a large footprint given its generous water reservoir capacity. When in use, it may tend to make quite a lot of noise and you might need a shaver socket nearby as the power cable is fairly short.


  • Two modes
  • 10 pressure intensity settings
  • Large 650ml reservoir
  • One minute timer
  • Includes seven tips


  • Large footprint may take up too much space
  • May be quite noisy during use
  • Power cable is quite short which may inconvenience some

Water Flosser Buying Guide

Now our water flosser reviews have come to an end, we thought you may be interested in how we chose the items on our list. Also known as oral irrigators, whether you’re new to water flossing or it’s time for an upgrade, here’s how to choose the best water flosser in the UK.


After reading our electric flosser reviews and cordless water flosser reviews, you may be sold on the idea of a portable battery-powered model.

Today’s cordless oral irrigators tend to have long battery lives and quick charge times of just several hours. However, some users prefer the extra power you can get from a corded version.

cordless oral irrigator

While some people find corded irrigators to be more restrictive, they are more manoeuvrable and easier to angle around your teeth, plus they also weigh less in your hand when water flossing.

On the downside, you will need extra space for a larger corded unit. You will also need to ensure that you have a nearby socket available to plug it in near to your bathroom sink.

Reservoir Capacity

Countertop water flossers tend to have much larger water tanks that can last for a whole session. You may have to fill up handheld rechargeable models once or twice depending on your needs. As you will already be over your sink, don’t let the idea of refilling countertop models put you off too much.

If you are looking for a small, travel water flosser, then models with a 150ml capacity will be smaller to pack. They will, however, need to be refilled several times. Larger handheld models tend to have tanks of around 300ml, whereas a countertop flosser starts at around 600ml.

Intensity Settings

To ensure you get the pressure settings that you need, look out for water jet flossers with enough variety. Basic water flossers tend to have three pressure settings, with superior models offering anywhere between five to ten different levels. The best water flossers should have a water control button, a clear indication of what level you are at, as well as an easy way to adjust your power settings.


Even the best water jet flosser around isn’t going to work wonders if you don’t have the right tips that work for you. Look out for special tips that offer a different way to clean your teeth, including orthodontic tips for dental appliances, toothbrush tips for brushing and flossing, plaque removal tips for extra effectiveness and multiple colour-coded classic jet tip if you are going to be using your flosser as a family.



The more options that your water flosser has, the more useful you will find a clear easy to read display. You don’t want to get your settings mixed up, especially if you share your water flosser with another family member.

Cordless water flossers benefit from having a battery indicator on their display so you can tell at a glance just when you need to charge yours up.

Do Dentists Recommend Water Flossers?

Given the number of water flosser reviews by dentists around, it’s easy to see that dentists do, in fact, often recommend water flossers.

Dentists often suggest getting a water flosser to improve oral health alongside an electric toothbrush and dental floss. Water flossers are an effective tool to prevent gingivitis and gum disease. When combined with regular flossing and brushing, oral irrigators are perfect for optimising your oral health routine and preventing any issues from occurring.

If you have any orthodontic appliances, have tightly spaced teeth, or need to clean more effectively around your gum line, then chances are your dentist has probably already recommended that you invest in a water flosser as opposed to interdental brushes.

As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, even if you don’t currently have any oral health problems with your teeth or gums, but would like to make sure it stays that way, investing in oral irrigators is a tried and tested way to do so.

Do Water Flossers Work as Well as Regular Floss?

While your dentist may recommend you use an electric toothbrush and a water flosser, most will also recommend continuing to use regular dental floss every day. Here’s why using both types works best.

The best water flossers are a highly effective way to reduce flossing time and remove trapped food particles, plaque and debris from between your teeth.


Depending on various elements, you may find that regular dental floss is tricky to use or may be unsuitable for reaching certain areas. Water flossers can reach all areas of the mouth. True, they can be a little tricky to get the hang of at first, however, once you get to grips with your water flosser, you’ll be amazed how clean your mouth feels after using it.

However, water flossers can be less effective than traditional floss at removing plaque. For this reason, you may want to give your teeth good flossing with dental floss, then go over them with your water flosser to remove the plaque that you’ve scraped off completely, as well as any trapped debris.

Even if you don’t regularly floss with traditional string and don’t really want to start, then using a water power flosser is still a great way to help protect against plaque and clean food debris from your gum line.

When used with regular dental floss and brushing, you have a fantastic three-stage teeth and gum care routine that works to prevent bleeding gums, gum disease and will ensure your smile is cleaner than ever. However, water flossing even without regular flossing is still better than not flossing at all.


There are plenty of great models out there, but if you are looking for the very best water flosser in the UK, we recommend going for our editor’s choice the Panasonic Rechargeable Dental Irrigator. Providing high-quality performance from a name you can trust, this electric water flosser has all the features you need to improve your dental health.

With its two water jet types, Jet Mode and Air in Jet Mode, combined with three pressure intensity settings, you are sure to find your ideal setting for removing plaque and achieving a highly effective clean. This water jet flosser is also cordless for extra ease of use, so even if you don’t have a plug socket near to your sink, you can still benefit from all of the advantages that a water flosser can bring.

Complete with a removable, easy to clean and refill reservoir, you can even place the water tank in your dishwasher for routine cleaning. It also comes with a handy charging station with a nozzle storage area to ensure your water flosser is always ready for use.

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