The Best Outdoor Fire Pits

Whether you dream of making smores with your family on the weekends or you want to extend your time spent outside when the weather turns cooler, an outdoor fire pit can be a serious upgrade for your backyard. Best of all, you can find a fire pit in a variety of styles, ensuring that it won’t look out of place in your backyard. Check out our top picks for the best outdoor fire pits. 

1. Outland Living Series Slate Grey Fire Table

(Top Pick)


Perfect for Wicker Furniture Sets

If you’re a fan of wicker outdoor furniture, you’ll love this complementary fire pit that works seamlessly with that style. You can choose from a square or rectangular shape. Even when not in use it’s a nice addition to your patio. This outdoor fire pit is gas powered and rated for 50,000 BTUs. It measures 23 inches tall, 32 inches wide and 44 inches long. The interior has plenty of space to store a propane tank. However, the tank isn’t included in this pick. 


2. Sunnydaze Crossweave Outdoor Fire Pit

(Best Contained Pick)


Keeps Embers and Sparks from Escaping

Fire pits are cool, but no one wants to get hit by sparks or a stray ember. We like this fire pit from Sunnydaze because it includes a mesh exterior and lid to keep errant materials from escaping when the fire is lit. This outdoor fire pit measures 36 inches in diameter and is set low to the ground. It even features a built-in wood grate to keep wood elevated for better circulation. And it comes with a vinyl cover for when it’s not in use. 


3. Zeny 32” Fire Pit

(Best For BBQ)


A Multipurpose Fire Pit

People who like the idea of a multipurpose fire pit will love this option from Zeny. Along with being the perfect fire space, it also doubles as a grill. This fire pit comes with two grates and a mesh lid to keep the fire contained. Note that this is a wood burning outdoor fire pit. You’ll also get a fire poker and a vinyl cover to protect your investment between uses. And in the summer, you can convert your fire pit into an ice chest to keep beverages cold. 


4. Yaheetech Hexagon Fire Pit

(Best Fire Pit)


Fits on Most Porches

If you don’t want a fire pit that overwhelms your porch or backyard, this 24-inch option from Yaheetech is a great compromise. It’s a hexagon fire pit with a full mesh enclosure and lid for added safety. You’ll get an elevated wood grate for better fire control with this outdoor fire pit. While some assembly is required it’s made from heavy duty iron for added durability. And this fire pit comes with a poker.


5. Bali Outdoors Fire Pit Propane Gas Rectangular Table Top

(Most Decorative)


A Stylish Backyard Upgrade 

For homeowners who prefer a propane-powered fire pit, you’ll love this decorative option from Bali Outdoors. It’s designed to look like a patio table and comes with blue fire glass, creating a pretty conversation piece.  Because it’s gas powered, this outdoor fire pit is rated for 60,000 BTUs. The tabletop measures 42 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 24 inches tall. And we like that this pick comes with six additional table tiles to change the design. 


6. Tiki Brand 25 Inch Stainless Steel Low Smoke Fire Pit

(Best Air Quality)


Designed to Control Emissions

Fires are nice, but they can be smoky which can be difficult for some people to take. We like this option from Tiki brand because it’s a fire pit with an improved air flow design to limit smoke and ash emissions. The simple barrel design on this outdoor fire pit works for a wide variety of outdoor decor schemes. It measures 25 inches in diameter. For best results, the brand recommends using their Tiki Brand Wood Packs. 


7. CharaHome Large Fire Pit Wood Burning 44” High Pagoda Style

(Best Large Fire Pit)


A Stylized Pick 

If you like pagodas, you’ll love this 44-inch tall fire pit. The modern design is completely mesh screened in for added protection that prevents sparks or embers from escaping. And the four sturdy legs prevent tipping. This outdoor fire pit is made from stainless steel and features easy assembly. You can also easily empty the ash tray for simpler maintenance. You’ll get a 360-degree view of the fire and stay toasty warm in your backyard. 


Benefits of an Outdoor Firepit


Nice Aesthetic

Coming in a myriad of different designs, outdoor fire pits are a stylish addition to any backyard. There’s the classic coal-black design that is portable and can be moved to wherever you want to build a fire. More stationary stone options offer an air of class to a fire. There are also stainless steel bucket-style fire pits for a more futuristic look. Finally, wooden frames are available for some fire pits. With all of these options, there is sure to be a match with your style. 


Easy to Manage

Since the fire is contained to one specific contained area, it is also very easy to manage. Gone are the worries about the fire spreading too far and catching the rest of your yard on fire. Also, the wood is kept closer together for better burning since it cannot be as spread out as it would be if the fire was just on the ground.  


Offers Warmth 

While warmth might not be at the top of the concern list while the temperatures remain high, the extra warmth will offer you the opportunity to be outside without being freezing cold during the cold times of year. In some parts of the world, it becomes very cold at night all year round, which makes this warmth welcome even during the hottest time of year. 


Gathering Place

It also provides an activity for your friends and family to gather around and engage with each other in a positive way. Bonfires are a great way to bring everyone together for making s’mores, chatting around the fire, and listening to live music if you happen to have a musician in your midst. This gathering place also doesn’t necessarily have to be far away from the house- it can even be on a stone patio near your house or on a deck at an apartment complex.





There are several different kinds of outdoor firepits, and the aesthetic you’re going for is very likely to influence your decision. However, you also want to consider if you want the pit to be portable. Do you want to take it with you when you go camping or to another friend’s house? Do you want to just move it around your yard? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you will probably want to stick to a fire pit made out of a combination of metal and stone, as it will stand up against the fire without being too heavy. If you are going to leave your firepit in place, you can stick with a heavier option, such as stone. 



The size of the fire pit you want will mostly depend on the space you are putting it in. You don’t want it to take up all of the walking space in your outdoor area, but you also want it to be big enough to fit a good number of people around it. 


How Does the Fire Ignite?

Some fire pits are still wood-burning, but due to environmental concerns, this is less common than it used to be. Instead, many fire pits are now gas-powered. 


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