Street Vendor Market Cart Console Table

Product Code [VENCONS]

As featured on Sky Livings ‘Styled To Rock’.

This original, intriguingly quirky console table started life as a street vendors market cart. It’s wheels have relentlessly pounded the bustling streets of Asia, displaying it’s assortment of wares to passers by.
Having been subtly restored, this once humble cart has been re-born for the purpose of exhibiting your treasured possessions.

Please note: As these tables are original they all vary slightly in size and have small imperfections, but are all as charming as each other.

Dimensions: L160+cms x D70 x H80.  (Please note that because these items are original, the lengths vary from 160cms to approx 180cms)
If you a require specific length, please contact us and we will secure you the best match.

*Due to the size and weight of this item is has a £45 delivery surcharge

Price: £600.00
Item is inclusive of VAT
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