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Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Our Favourites

Editor’s Choice: Netatmo by Starck
Choice with Zoned Heating: Hive Active Heating and Hot Water
Choice for Multiple Users: Salus IT500

It’s a chilly winter’s day, and you’ve managed to get away from the office earlier than usual. Your heating won’t be on yet, so once you get home, you open the door to a cold, unwelcoming house. Sound familiar? Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. Get ready for the opportunity to buy the best smart thermostat. In our age of home technology, they are becoming increasingly popular. These clever devices connect to your system and can be controlled remotely, meaning your home is always cosy and warm when you need it to be. However, with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best smart thermostat.

In this review, we show you some of the best wireless thermostats on the market so you never have to come home to a cold house again.

How We Compared Smart Thermostats

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To find the right smart thermostats we considered multiple factors including:

  • Power source
  • Ease of use
  • Geolocation functionality
  • Device connectivity

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Top 7 Smart Thermostat Reviews

Here, you’ll read about 7 of the best smart thermostats available so you can make the right purchase for your needs.

1. Netatmo by Starck (Editor’s Choice)


The Netatmo claims to be capable of reducing household energy bills by as much as 37%. Just like previous smart thermostats we have seen, this model offers a convenient way to control the heat via a special smartphone application.

The thermostat itself is packed with smart features to manage the heat. One of the most impressive is the ‘Auto Adapt’ function. This means that the Netatmo monitors both the temperature outdoors, as well as within the home, to best determine the optimum moment to switch it on.

If you are going to be off on holiday, this smart thermostat also offers a useful ‘holiday mode’. All you need to do is enter the date and hour you are leaving and returning, it will switch on and pre-heat your home ready for your return.

However, one downside of this device that we’ve read is the lack of a geolocation feature. Unlike other models, the Netatmo Smart Thermostat cannot recognise when you have left the house, so you must remember to switch it on/off via the app yourself.

This model has a power-saving E ink display which displays the set and current temperatures. It extends battery life, but also means it is hard to read in low light.

If you use Siri, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, you can connect the Netatmo to these devices to enable convenient voice assistance.



  • Reduces household bills by up to 37%
  • Smartphone app
  • ‘Auto Adapt’ function
  • Holiday mode
  • Connects to other smart home devices like Amazon Alexa


  • Screen isn’t illuminated
  • Product manual is confusing
  • No geolocation feature


Check Price (Amazon)

2. Hive Active Heating and Hot Water (Best Zoned Heating)


The Hive Active Heating and Hot Water smart thermostat offers a range of features which put you firmly in charge of your comfort and heating bills.

No longer will you need to worry about wasting cash when you heat up an empty room. This uses smart geolocation to recognise when you have left the property. Should you have forgotten to switch it off, you will receive a reminder to turn it off via the mobile application, although some users found this feature isn’t always reliable.

The ability to control your thermostat when you are away from home is a great benefit. By using the dedicated Hive app, you can conveniently turn your heat or hot water on, off or set a timer, all from your mobile device.

We’ve read that a few people thought the mobile application could be easier to use, but the majority of users didn’t have any problems.

The Hive smart thermostat is designed for those who have busy schedules. Users can program as many as six time slots into the thermostat so that it will always be ready when you are. If you get held up at work or decide to come home earlier than planned, you can simply delay or boost it from the app.

Furthermore, with Wi-Fi controls, you have the ability to heat certain ‘zones’ of your home and not others. For example, if you are spending all day downstairs in the living room, simply tell Hive to turn off the upstairs heat to save money on your bills.

It is battery powered and compatible with all existing boilers and energy suppliers. Hive can also be attached to radiators as required.

This smart thermostat can be easily connected to Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Google Assistant devices for voice-activated functionality. However, some people complained that the batteries didn’t last long.



  • Smart Geolocation
  • Compatible with other smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa
  • Controllable via the Hive app
  • Multi-zone control
  • Able to pre-program up to 6-time slots per day


  • Batteries need frequent replacing
  • Geolocation isn’t always reliable
  • Phone app could be easier to use


Check Price (Amazon)

3. Salus IT500 (Best For Multiple Users)


The SALUS IT500 smart thermostat is another impressive choice of internet thermostat for your home.

Showcasing a completely wireless, easy-to-install design. It can be bracket-mounted onto a wall, placed onto a table or added to another unit as desired. The no-wire installation also means you can move this smart thermostat around your home should you wish to.

Featuring a stylish, modern display that is easy to read, the black touch screen shows the date, hour, current temperature and access to other important settings in sleek white digits. The smart thermostat uses two quick to obtain AA batteries, which users said lasted well.

This offers multiple built-in programs, such as a weekday/weekend program or a 7-day rolling program. These can be changed and personalised as required to suit the users’ lifestyle.

If your plans change, you can override these settings using a smartphone, laptop or tablet device. Simply log into the mobile application to effortlessly control the heat and hot water from anywhere in the world. It is quite basic, but it is still incredibly useful if you are going to get home earlier, or later than expected.

Furthermore, multiple people can access and control it via the phone app. This function is clearly beneficial if one resident doesn’t have a phone signal or has run out of battery.

We’ve read that some users complained that the smart thermostat disconnects from WI-FI often, but this is easy to rectify.



  • Stylish design
  • Easy to install
  • App controllable
  • Multiple user compatible
  • Touchscreen


  • Phone app is basic
  • Disconnects from Wi-Fi regularly
  • No boost feature


Check Price (Amazon)

4. Honeywell T6R (Best With Geolocation)


With the Honeywell T6R smart thermostat, you can relax with the knowledge that your home will always be at the perfect temperature for you, whilst also saving you money.

Honeywell T6R offers smart TPI control, which makes sure that your boiler only fires up for the minimum period of time needed to keep your preferred constant temperature.

There is also an ‘optimum start and stop’ function, which enables both your boiler and the thermostat to work together more economically, thus reducing your bills.

Depending on your lifestyle, this smart thermostat features a range of programmable schedules to fit around your needs. Single-day, 7-day and 5/2 day schedules are available, as well as the option of up to six different time settings for each day. This means that the Honeywell T6R can accommodate even the most changeable of lifestyles.

Should you be away from home and need to change the schedule, you can simply use the Honeywell Home app on your phone to adjust the smart thermostat from wherever you may be.

Alternatively, you can make use of the location feature which will automatically turn it on when you reach a certain distance from your place.

Furthermore, this is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, Google Home and IFTTT. So you can control it with your voice if your phone is out of reach.



  • Smart TPI control
  • Optimum start and stop function
  • Controllable via Honeywell app
  • Smart location feature
  • Compatible with other smart home systems like Amazon Alexa


  • Must be plugged into the mains
  • Difficult to self-install
  • Often disconnects from the Honeywell app

5. Nest Learning 3rd Generation (Best With Auto-Programme)


The Nest Learning 3rd Generation is a great solution to help you take control of your bills. In fact, the Nest smart thermostat have saved their customers more than 4 billion kWh of energy usage since the year 2011.

This clever device learns from your activities and becomes familiar with your schedule and preferences. As days pass, it studies the temperature you prefer when you are at home. Then, it automatically programs the temperature to match so you do not have to adjust it. If you go out for the day, it recognises that you aren’t home, and turns the heat down to save energy.

It isn’t just your preferred temperature and location that this device can read, though. This learning thermostat also analyses how efficient the insulation of your home is. Thereby, changing its behaviour depending on how long it will take to adequately heat, and maintain this temperature.

If you are going to be away for a few days or coming home earlier than planned, you can conveniently control the heat and hot water from anywhere. This is done by using the Nest app on your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

The smart thermostat is compatible with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa as well as with the majority of central systems but does require installation by a professional. However, this is easily arranged by calling the number on the packaging.



  • Learns your preferred temperatures throughout the day
  • Can be controlled via Nest app
  • Turns the heat down when you are not home
  • Recognises when it should turn on to reach the desired temperature as days go by
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and most other systems


  • Power cord and plug not included as standard
  • 30-minute increments for water heating only
  • The user manual is quite difficult to read

6. Salus RT510BC (Best Minimalist)


The RT510BC has a minimalist, contemporary smart thermostat design which will blend well into any home.

With no wire installation, this smart thermostat is super-quick to program and comes with a dedicated RF boiler receiver module which is almost effortless to install in most existing boilers.

Its thermostat makes controlling the heat a breeze. No longer will you have to go up to the boiler to manually read and change the settings. With this device, you can conveniently control the temperature directly from the smart thermostat, wherever you choose to place it.

Fully programmable, it offers holiday mode, a boost setting and sleep mode functionality. This smart thermostat also has built-in frost protection, so it will automatically ensure the temperature never drops too low as to allow your pipes to freeze.

The plug-in boiler receiver module has a 30-metre range, which is almost certain to be enough for the vast majority of households.

Furthermore, the receiver has an LED light indicator, which makes his smart thermostat very easy to read and check if it is connected or working as desired.



  • Wireless
  • Compatible with most existing boilers
  • Easy to install
  • Frost protection
  • 30-metre range


  • Some people found the programming instructions confusing
  • No mobile application control
  • Reverts to default settings if batteries are out for 10 seconds

7. Drayton RF601 with Digital Display (Best RF Solution)


The Drayton RF601 with Digital Display is another example of a radio frequency solution. Its accompanying boiler receiver is easy to install without any fuss, and the simple range of settings work very well.

Similar to the previous Salus model we have just seen, the Drayton RF601 doesn’t have any internet compatibility. Therefore, this is a good option for those who may not be concerned about having the ability to control the heat from outside their home.

Instead, this product offers on/off settings, and a maximum/minimum temperature control. This is non-programmable, so the user will have to remember to switch it on and off as required. It is more like a remote control thermostat than a smart thermostat.

With regard to design, it offers a sleek, clean design which is very subtle. Unfortunately, the LCD screen is rather small and difficult to read. It appears dwarfed by the large dial underneath. On the other hand, in the middle of the dial, there is a big button for confirming the menu selection or quickly adjusting the temperature if you are leaving your place.



  • Comes with a receiver
  • Easy to install
  • Intuitive to use
  • Large dial
  • Simple settings


  • Feels a bit flimsy
  • No smart compatibility
  • Quite expensive for the features offered
  • The LCD screen is difficult to read

How To Choose A Smart Thermostat

We love the feeling of warmth, especially during the winter season. Having a soak in the tub, taking a hot shower or a drinking warm cocoa are some ways we enjoy it. Wouldn’t it be nice if your entire home felt just as toasty? Read some tips below on what to keep in mind when choosing a smart thermostat that will make your home warm during those frosty months.

1. Power Source

The power source which your new smart thermostat will use is an important consideration. For example, if it is mains powered, you are likely to be limited as to where you can place it.

On the other hand, while a battery-powered smart thermostat is portable, it may require its batteries be replaced fairly frequently.

Furthermore, with a battery-powered thermostat, you will need to be conscious of the possibility that the batteries can run out while you are not at home. If you are out of the house often, a mains powered option is probably best.

2. Ease of Use


The whole purpose of smart thermostats is to make our lives easier. Therefore, the usability of your new thermostat should be a key aspect in your decision.

a. Smartphone App

Many smart systems are programmable and come with dedicated smartphone apps, which offer the ability to conveniently adjust the heat from anywhere in the world. However, the quality of smart thermostats vary, with some models being much simpler and intuitive to use than others.

b. Smart Recognition

Other smart thermostats are able to intelligently adjust the schedule for you based on your activities. Smart thermostats are a great option if you have an irregular lifestyle and are rarely at home at the same time every day.

c. Easy to Install

Last, but by no means least, you should check smart thermostat reviews to see how easy it is to install the thermostat. Some models can be set up in a matter of minutes, while others will require you to read the manual in length or have it done by a professional.

Furthermore, in the case of older heating systems, smart thermostats may not be compatible, so be sure to check this before buying. Either way, these smart thermostats are great to use or you may end up having to pay for air conditioning repair or similar services.

An electronic device installed to a white wall

3. Geolocation Functionality

Clearly, it is a gross waste of energy and money to keep your home heated when there’s no one in. Luckily, many smart thermostats offer a clever geolocation feature which works via your mobile phone.

The app will communicate your location to the thermostat, so if you have left the premises, it will automatically be turned down or switched off. A benefit of this feature is that it often means you do not have to remember to log in to adjust it.

Additionally, the geolocation function can often be used to auto-trigger it when you are a certain distance from home. This is sometimes also referred to as ‘geofencing’. For example, if you leave work earlier than planned, the smart thermostat will make sure you walk into a warm house no matter the hour.

4. Device Connectivity

If you have other smart devices in your home, it makes sense to choose a Wi-Fi thermostat which can be integrated with them.

a. Smart Home Compatibility

Many smart thermostats can be connected to common home assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Home Kit.

b. Voice Activation

The best thing about this is the convenience of being able to adjust it, without even having to pick up your phone, let alone walk to the smart thermostat itself and read the display. Simply use voice activation with your smart assistant and give it the required directions, without having to break away from whatever you’re doing.

Be All Warm and Fuzzy or as Cool as a Cucumber Anytime

We are sure that any of the smart wireless thermostats we’ve featured would make fantastic additions to your home. But if we had to choose the most exceptional model of them all, it would have to be the Netatmo Smart Thermostat.

This thermostat makes saving on your energy bills easier, as you can programme its heating schedule to suit you and heat your home to just the right temperature. Additionally, with its smart auto-adapt feature it takes the outside temperature and your home’s insulation into account to make sure you stay toasty and warm. It is easy to instal and compatible with most boiler types, whatever type of energy you use. As a final bonus, it helps you track your consumption and offers advice on how to optimise your energy consumption.

Overall, we think that the Netatmo Smart Thermostat is by far the best smart thermostat on the market right now.

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