Best Recirculating Cooker Hood Reviews UK 2022 – Top 10 Comparison

best recirculating cooker hood

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Top 3 Best Recirculating Cooker Hoods

  1. CIARRA Wall Mount Chimney (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Cookology CH600SS​ (Luxury Choice)
  3. CIARRA Touch (Best Value)

Want the best possible kitchen experience? Then you’re going to need the best recirculating cooker hood that you can afford. After all, a cooker hood has more of an impact on your food and cooking than you might think.

A cooker hood is an excellent way to keep your kitchen clean when you’re practising your new chef skills. These carefully constructed recirculating extractor fans for cookers clear away all the bad smells and steam that can damage the quality of your food.

The only problem is, there are so many different types of hood available that it’s difficult to know which one you need. Here, we’re going to introduce you to some of the most impressive recirculation cooker hoods money can buy. We’ve chosen this list by looking at hundreds of recirculating cooker hood reviews and testimonials.

Let’s clear the air on your next big purchase.

How We Compared Recirculating Cooker Hoods

To find the right recirculating cooker hoods we considered multiple factors including:

  • Noise
  • Width
  • Height 
  • Cleaning
  • Extra Features

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

To find out more about our process please see here.

Best Recirculating Cooker Hood Reviews – Top 10 Picks

CIARRA Wall Mount Chimney (Editor’s Choice)

CIARRA is one of the most popular brands on the market when it comes to choosing a recirculating extractor.

This particular model is one of the most attractive and impressive available today. With a beautiful glass curve to help draw attention to the central point in your kitchen, this hood will transform your space and blow your visitors away.

Featuring 2 excellent ventilation modes to choose from, you can even add your carbon filters to recycle the air in your room too! What’s more, the extraction rate of 550 m3 per hour means that you’re sure to see results fast, regardless of which extraction speed you select among the 3 options available. CIARRA also provides a 12-month warranty on the glass chimney, so that you can enjoy some peace of mind with your new investment.

The biggest downside with this recirculation cooker hood was that the instructions were very difficult to follow. Additionally, the switch to turn the hood on isn’t great, according to some of the reviews that we read.


  • High power extraction in 3 speeds
  • 12-month warranty included
  • 2 ventilation modes
  • 2 colours to choose from
  • Excellent performance with low noise
  • LED lightbulbs included


  • Instructions may be difficult to follow
  • Fitting may not be as easy as it could be
  • Switch might not be ideal

Cookology CH600SS (Best Value)

Simple, yet stylish, this cooker hood for recirculation in your kitchen is an excellent choice for people who don’t want to spend a fortune on remodelling.

It comes with 2 washable aluminium grease filters to help with keeping your air clear, and LED lighting included to support you when you’re cooking food at night. A beautiful way to upgrade the look and performance of your kitchen in no time, there’s also a stainless steel chimney that you can adjust to suit your ceiling.

The elegant and streamlined design of this cooker hood means that you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space or attention in your kitchen. Additionally, the high-speed extraction rate helps to keep smoke and steam out of your eyes in even the most challenging conditions. There’s also an optional ducting kit available.

Though most of the reviews that we read for this product were positive, some people noted that it could be difficult to install for beginners, and the plug was a little too short for their needs.


  • Simple and elegant design
  • LED lighting included
  • Complete UK plug and cable included
  • No branding
  • Quick at smoke and steam extraction
  • Washable filters


  • May not be the easiest to install
  • Plug wires could be too short

CIARRA Touch (Best with Touch Control)

If in your opinion, the best recirculating cooker hood is the one with the most impressive technology, then you’ll love this model from CIARRA.

Designed with touch controls to give you a more efficient experience, the CIARRA touch extractor hood is easy to use and brimming with fantastic attributes. For instance, the dual ventilation modes mean that you can either use this product as a recirculating extractor hood or send air outside.

There are 3 extraction speeds available. A built-in LED lighting for your late-night cooking too. Additionally, this cooker hood also comes with a 1-year warranty, just like most of the products available from the CIARRA brand.

With excellent suction power, the CIARRA is a great choice, although some customers complained that the instruction manual wasn’t very good and that sometimes the hood might be delivered with a damaged part.


  • Excellent high-quality suction
  • Dual ventilation modes
  • 3 extraction speeds
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Instructions may be difficult to follow
  • Can be damaged in transit

CIARRA Visor (Most Ergonomic)

If you don’t have a lot of cash leftover in your kitchen remodelling budget, but you want to take advantage of all the benefits that come with having a recirculating extractor hood, then this option from CIARRA could be an excellent choice.

Not only did this wall-mounted model have some of the impressive recirculating cooker hood reviews that we’ve seen so far, but it also offers great flexibility when it comes to installation.

With two methods of installation available and a 12-month warranty included from the CIARRA brand, this particular product will suit a range of homeowners. Additionally, it’s specifically well-suited to people who don’t have a lot of space in their kitchen, because the hood is compact and streamlined too.

According to some of the reviews that we read, although this hood performs well, it is a little flimsier than some of the options available elsewhere. Additionally, the fuse provided isn’t always correct.


  • Slimline design for small kitchens
  • Perfect for recirculating
  • Two methods of installation
  • 12-month warranty included


  • May be a little flimsy compared to some alternatives
  • May have to modify things on-the-go
  • May not always be supplied with the right fuse

Cookology HICYL351SS (Luxury Choice)

If you’ve been looking for a cooker hood that looks good and performs amazingly too, then you can’t go wrong with this excellent option from Cookology.

Perhaps one of the most compelling designs that we’ve seen from extractors, this hood from Cookology is sure to improve the appearance of your kitchen in no time.

Perfect for people who have a central island for their cooking, or larger kitchen space, these island hoods hang from the ceiling, rather than fitting flush against your external wall. The steel and aluminium grease filters are fully washable, and there are carbon filters included within the extraction system to make sure that the air you push back into your kitchen is as clean as possible.

The hood comes with two bright and efficient spotlights to help you cook during darker periods of the day. Additionally, there are 3 extraction speeds available. According to reviews, however, it’s worth noting that you will need a professional to hang this model. What’s more, the hood is a lot noisier than some of the alternatives on the market.


  • Beautiful modern design
  • Great for island cooking spaces
  • 3 circulating speeds to choose from
  • LED lights included
  • Charcoal filters included


  • Requires professional fitting
  • Hood is very noisy

CIARRA Canopy (Most Elegant)

If you’ve just spent a fortune on remodelling your kitchen, then you probably don’t want to take the risk that your recirculating extractor hood could end up damaging your results. That’s why some people prefer to pay a little extra for a more luxurious appearance.

This CIARRA canopy hood comes with everything you need to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen, with 3 extraction speeds available, and a simple installation process.

There are 2 ventilation modes available, and the option to enhance your recirculating fan with the inclusion of a carbon filter. The built-in aluminium grease filters are washable, and there’s very little noise pressure when you’re using this extractor, so you don’t have to worry about the sound giving you a headache. Additionally, this hood comes with a 12-month warranty from CIARRA for peace of mind.

Reviewers noted that the product is a little bit fiddly, and perhaps not as efficient as some of the other models on the market, but it’s still a delightful and good-looking choice for many homeowners.


  • Beautiful, stylish design
  • 3 extraction speeds to choose from
  • 2 ventilation modes
  • 12-month warranty included
  • Low noise


  • May be fiddly to set up and use
  • May not be as efficient as some recirculating extractors

Cookology Visor (Best Slimline)

Not every home will have enough space in the kitchen to allow for a big chimney leading out of the ceiling. If that’s the case for your home, then the Cookology visor recirculating extractor hood could be the ideal choice.

This product is sleek and compact so that it can fit into virtually any kitchen space without a problem. Additionally, it still gives you the high-quality extraction power that you would expect from any standard hood.

The latest version of the STAND600SS is both attractive and practical, with LED lighting included and a 3 pin plug that should fit in most UK households. Additionally, the controls on this product are straightforward to use, so you shouldn’t have any problem using it from the moment it’s installed in your kitchen. You can even add optional filters into the mix too!

Though some reviewers were worried about the lower price of this product, they were blown away by its performance. Unfortunately, the bulbs for lighting often run out very quickly, and the system is quite noisy too.


  • Versatile, high-quality performance
  • Slim and streamline design
  • Excellent LED lighting
  • 3 pin plug included
  • Ducting available


  • May be very noisy performance
  • Bulbs may run out of juice quickly

CIARRA Stainless (Best Large)

If you need a recirculating extractor that covers a larger cooking range, then this 90cm solution from CIARRA might be the best choice.

Specifically designed for people with bigger ovens, this option from CIARRA comes with a fantastic extraction rate, though it still manages to be quiet, keeping noise levels relatively low. The LED lighting is built-in, and the grease filter is removable for washing.

Like other products from CIARRA, this cooker hood promotes only the very best materials, and it comes with a 12-month warranty to give you peace of mind. There are three extraction speeds available, and 2 ventilation modes too. Additionally, the stainless steel chimney cooker hood helps to decrease grease and odours, so your kitchen looks fresher for longer.

According to the reviews that we read, this is a great piece of kit, but it can cause a strange smell when turned on at times. Additionally, the machine doesn’t seem to be exactly as wide as stated on the product description.


  • Wider coverage for bigger cookers
  • 2 ventilation modes to choose from
  • 3 extraction speeds
  • 12-month warranty
  • Stainless steel design


  • May have some odd smell
  • Measurements may be a little off

CIARRA 600mm (Best Easy Clean)

A recirculating extractor hood might be great for keeping the air in your kitchen clean, but you need to make sure that you’re keeping this device as tidy as possible too.

No-one likes dealing with a grease filter and trap that is brimming with dirt and grime. Fortunately, this CIARRA 600mm makes cleaning your cooker hood recirculation kit a breeze. Just unclip the grease filter and wash it with soapy water.

Available to upgrade to a carbon filter, this simple cooker hood is a great choice for families that want to make their kitchen maintenance strategy a little simpler. The system comes with LED bulbs for late-night cooking, and a 1-year warranty for peace of mind. It’s not the most advanced extractor you’ll find on the market today, but it gets the job done.

Unfortunately, a few reviewers said that they had problems fitting their system to the chimney due to poor instructions. Additionally, the extraction rate isn’t quite as strong as the kind of performance you would get from some of the other leading brands today.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • LED bulbs included
  • 1-year warranty on your cooker hood
  • Dual ventilation options available


  • May have limited suction power
  • Could be difficult to install due to poor instructions
  • May be a little noisier than some other options

Cookology VISOR600WH (Best Basic Choice)

Finally, when it comes to buying a recirculating extractor hood that delivers excellent performance without any significant complexity, you can’t go wrong with this Cookology model.

With quick free delivery to help you get up and running as fast as possible, this Cookology visor extractor hood is an excellent choice for any home.

One of the most popular options available from Cookology today, the kit comes with an easy-to-use plug that works throughout the UK, and there are two ventilation options available. You can either have your air circulated outside or recirculated into the room. Slim and streamlined, this model will also fit well into smaller kitchen spaces.

The biggest problem with this extractor is that it’s fairly loud. Additionally, there were a few customers who claimed that their devices had arrived with dents or damage, which meant that they needed to request a replacement.


  • Simple and streamlined design
  • Easy to install with standard UK plug
  • Elegant appearance fits well into any home
  • Quick and free delivery


  • Could be very noisy
  • May arrive with dents or damage

How to Choose Your Recirculating Extractor Hood

A recirculating extractor is an important long-term investment for your kitchen. Whilst you’re cooking up a feast, smoke and steam from your saucepans or casserole dishes could be bothersome. You’ll need to make sure that you’re choosing something that you can rely on to get the job done well, as well as something that looks good too!

Some of the things you might want to consider before making your purchase include:

woman cleaning cooker head


No one likes an overly noisy extractor fan. Most leading brands will list the average decibels you can expect from your cooker hood on their product page. Make sure that you try to stick to as close to 60db as possible – that’s about the same as human speech.


Your hood should be a little wider than your stove so that it can consume and remove as much smoke and steam as possible. Make sure you get a model that’s large enough to suit your kitchen.


Always respect the recommended minimum from your manufacturer: Make sure that you mount your hood properly, and if you’re not sure how to set your system up, consider asking for professional assistance.



A cooker hood needs to be easy to clean so you can get the most out of it. If maintaining your recirculating extractor is simple enough, then you may find that it lasts longer.

Extra Features

Many cooker hoods also come with extra features like LED lights, removable filters, and other must-have accessories.


Choosing the best recirculating cooker hood isn’t easy, but it can make a massive difference to your kitchen.

If you ask a professional chef about the importance of these hoods, and they’ll tell you that an overwhelming amount of smoke and steam in the kitchen is never good for concentration. What’s more, smoky smells can easily make their way into your meals, making it harder to get the unique flavours that you want from your dishes.

After conducting a wide variety of recirculating cooker hood reviews, we found that the Ciarra Wall Mount Chimney recirculating cooker hood was our favourite option. Not only does it look incredible, but it comes with 2 extraction modes to choose from, three-speed options, and washable grease filters. It also features an impressive extraction rate of 550m³/h with a low noise output of only 56dB.

What are you looking for in your extractor hood? Let us know in the comments below.

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