How to Clean a Hot Air Brush: Tips to Increase Its Useable Lifespan

how to clean a hot air brush

A hot air brush, also known as a dryer brush, is a blow dryer and a hair straightener combined into one device. It is recommended you clean a hot air brush frequently to keep it running smoothly. While many of us may procrastinate when it comes to cleaning projects, cleaning your hot air brush is pretty easy and doesn’t take much time or effort, especially if you don’t fall behind and allow excess hair product to build up.

This article will teach you how to clean a hot air brush using several different cleaning solutions. Whichever way you choose, rest assured your hot air brush will be getting all of the much-needed care it deserves to keep it running smoothly for a long time.

What Is a Hot Air Brush?

Hot air brushes are advanced styling tools for your hair. They look similar to regular hair brushes but contain heated plates and heated bristles that help you style and straighten while running the brush through your hair. A hot air brush can be used like a hair straightener and a blow dryer simultaneously.

The heat produced by a hot air brush helps to blow dry your hair and relaxes curls and kinks, making it easier to style in a small amount of time. Similar to hair dryers and hair straighteners or irons, a hot air brush also adds shine and sleekness to your hair. They can even add volume and extra body when used correctly.

Before You Begin

Before you get started, we recommend making sure you have the supplies needed to clean your dryer brush. It will ensure the process goes smoothly and takes a little time as possible.

Gather Your Cleaning Supplies:
  • Clean cloth or paper towels
  • Small scissors for hard to extract hairs
  • Cotton swabs or toothbrush
  • For a deep clean: white vinegar, shampoo, or a professional cleaning solution

Cleaning Your Hot Air Brush: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Make Sure Your Hot Air Brush Is Unplugged and Cool

To start, you always want to make sure your dryer brush is turned off and completely cool. It ensures you won’t burn yourself or run the risk of electrocution when you use water and other liquids during the cleaning process. Like a hair dryer, a hot air brush can be quite dangerous if it gets wet while still plugged into mains power.

Step 2: Remove Stray Hairs From the Hair Brush Bristles

After your hot air brush is cool, start pulling out any strands of hair that are stuck in the bristles. As your hair naturally sheds, it easily becomes tangled in the bristles during use. For more difficult to extract hair, use a pair of small scissors, taking care not to damage the bristles or accidentally scratch the barrel or plates below.


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Step 3: Wipe Down the Barrel of Your Brush Using a Damp Cloth

Wet a clean cloth or thick paper towel with water and wring it out enough that it remains somewhat damp. Use the damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of your hot air brush. Take care to wipe the barrel, bristles, and the small areas between the bristles where dirt and residue tend to accumulate the most.

Step 4: Remove Buildup From Small Crevices With a Toothbrush or Cotton Swab

Use a damp cotton swab or clean toothbrush to reach small crevices that are harder to reach areas between and around the bottom of the bristles. If you clean your hot air brush frequently, you should be able to remove most of the built-up hair oil and styling products with minimal effort.

Step 5: Remove and Clean the Filter, When Applicable

Some, but not all hot air brushes have a removable filter that can easily be pulled out and cleaned as well. If your brush has this feature, extract the filter tray and wipe it down with your damp cloth. You may also want to employ step #4 and use your toothbrush or cotton swabs to tackle the border and any small spaces. If you have only used your hot air brush a couple of times since its last cleaning, this may be all you need to get the job done.

Step 6: For a Deeper Clean, Get Help From a Cleaning Solution

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Sometimes water on a cloth will not provide the desired results. When this occurs, special cleaning solutions may make cleaning your hot air brush easier and more effective. It is particularly true for people who frequently use hair styling products because they can leave a buildup or residue on the bristles and barrel.

If you decide, it is time for a deeper clean. In that case, we recommend using either a professional cleaner designed for hair styling tools, shampoo diluted in warm water, or white vinegar diluted in warm water. Professional cleaners can be found in most places where they sell beauty supplies, online, and in many salons.

Whichever ingredients you choose, repeat steps #3 and #4 to substitute the water for the cleaning solution. Once you complete the repeated steps, wipe down with water again, and your hot air brush is clean and ready to style again.

Additional Hot Air Brush Considerations

Now that you know how to clean your hot air brush, let’s learn why cleaning is important and how often it needs to do.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Hot Air Brush

Cleaning your dryer brush is essential because it helps increase performance by making it work better, more consistently, and increasing its useable lifespan, just like with other household appliances. Regular cleaning can also prevent hair damage.

If you are asking yourself the question, can hair tools like hot air brushes damage your hair? The answer is yes. Heat damage is more likely to occur when your hot air brush is not cleaned regularly. Additionally, buildup on your hot air brush can also snag and cause damage to your hair. Lastly, when hair, oil, and product residue combine, bacteria can easily form on your hot air brush, making it unsanitary. This bacteria can also transfer to your hair and cause scalp itchiness if you don’t take care to prevent it from forming.

How Often Should You Clean Your Hot Air Brush?

In a perfect world, you would wipe down your hot air brush and other styling tools after every use, but we know that isn’t always realistic. Try adding it to your regular hair care routine to help make it a habit. Frequent cleanings make the process easier and faster, saving you time in the long run, even if you may not feel like it at first.

As a general rule, we recommend wiping down your hot air brush after every couple of uses. You should also use a cleaning solution once every week or a couple of weeks, depending on how often you use it and how many hair products you use with the styling tool.

Keep Your Hot Air Brush Clean

After reading through our tutorial on how to clean a hot air brush you should be ready to perform routine maintenance without any problems arising. Regardless of which cleaning solution you try first, vinegar, diluted shampoo, or a professional cleaning solution, either way, you can expect to see immediate improvements regarding the cleanliness of your hot air brush and how it works as a blow dryer and straightener. Try all three and see which method gets you the best results.

Let us know what you think and which type of cleaner works best for you in the comments below.

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