Best Window Cleaning Equipment

Best Window Cleaning Equipment

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Windows are an important part of any home. They help to fill your rooms with natural light and ensure you get a great view of the outside world. However, they can also easily become covered in dirt and grime, detracting from the appearance of your house. A reliable window cleaning equipment set could be the ideal solution, but choosing the tools you need isn’t always easy. We created this list to help.

How We Compared Window Cleaning Equipment

To find the right window cleaning equipment, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Kit Components
  • Ease of Use
  • Safety
  • Convenience

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews, and comparing features to come up with this list.

Window Cleaning Equipment Reviews

UNGER PRO Set (Editor’s Choice)

A comprehensive toolkit for anyone who wants to replicate the results of a professional cleaning service, this window cleaning set has everything the homeowner might need. The product comes with various ergonomic tools, including a squeegee, power washer, bucket, glass cleaning concentrate, a safety scraper, microfibre wiper and a microfibre cloth. All of these resources work together to remove dirt and leave users with a streak-free finish.

With the UNGER PRO set, homeowners can transform the appearance of the windows without the need for any complicated tools or technology. The ErgoTec power washer rapidly absorbs water and comes with a scrubbing pad to remove stubborn marks fast. There’s also an ergonomic squeegee with a two-component handle and an S-spring for quickly changing the tips.

The extra-large 18-litre cleaning bucket includes a set of storage compartments for holding your equipment, and it has a sieve for squeezing out extra moisture. Plus, you get a simple liquid concentrate that provides a crystal clear shine in seconds. There’s even a microfibre cloth for removing streaks and a glass scraper for tougher dirt patches.


  • Selection of ergonomic tools for window cleaning
  • Included liquid concentrate for a streak-free shine
  • Extra-large bucket with storage compartments
  • Power washer sleeve to help absorb excess water
  • Glass scraper and cloth for tackling tough stains


  • The bucket might be a little too heavy for some users
  • The concentrate may be difficult to mix for beginners

Kärcher Window Vac WV 2 (Luxury Choice)

This window cleaning solution is designed to be compact and convenient, making it ideal for exterior windows, shower screens, and all other forms of glass around the home. It is lightweight and easy to use, with a built-in handle to give you full control over the cleaning process. This window vacuum also has a surprisingly low noise level, so you can wash in peace.

The Kärcher Window Vac WV 2 is a powerful battery-operated device capable of cleaning up to 75m² on a single charge. The integrated LED light lets you know when you’re running out of energy so you can connect the charger. Plus, the system uses a powerful suction mechanism to remove dirty water as you work, so you don’t need to carry around an extra bucket.

This simple and reliable tool makes quick work of tough cleaning jobs. The kit comes with a spray bottle for working on smaller stains and a microfibre cloth. There’s also 20ml of cleaning solution included, so you can jump into action as soon as your parcel arrives. The integrated container is also easy to empty, with a removable lid so you can quickly pour away waste.


  • Convenient streak-free cleaning performance
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 25 minutes
  • Included spray bottle, microfibre cloth and cleaning concentrate
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design


  • The rubber blade on the vacuum may become warped with regular use
  • The bulky container may make it harder to get into tight spots

MR.SIGA Professional (Best Value)

Great for making your windows look their best, this window cleaning equipment kit comes with two tools to tackle different tasks. The 14-inch squeegee is ideal for rapidly removing detergent and washing liquids from the surface of the glass. Alternatively, the microfibre washer helps with polishing your windows to achieve the perfect level of shine.

Both tools in the MR.SIGA professional kit include a robust, ergonomic handle to make gripping easy when cleaning your home. What’s more, these tools feature high-quality materials for long-term durability. The squeegee has an aluminium clip with a strong rubber blade, while the microfibre cloth is extra thick to absorb more moisture.

The equipment has a common thread end on the bottom of the handle, so you can attach them to extension poles when you’re struggling to reach high places without a ladder. Plus, they’re easy to clean, with removable components.


  • Common thread connector for extension poles
  • High-quality materials throughout
  • Ergonomic handle on both tools
  • Simple functionality
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The squeegee blade may be too thin for some users
  • The connector thread might not fit all extension poles

DOCAZOO DocaPole Kit (Best for Accessories)

This window cleaning kit combines a host of products into a single set, which makes it ideal for keeping any house looking great. The tools and accessories collection includes a window squeegee and scrubber combo with a removable microfibre cloth to help wipe away dirt and grime. There’s also a microfibre feather duster for tackling windowsills, shelves, light fixtures, and mantles when you’re done with your windows.

The DOCAZOO DocaPole Kit also provides users with an extra-long 5-12 foot extension pole. The telescoping system uses an attachable hinge tip to give users more reach when washing higher windows without a ladder. The squeegee has three interchangeable blade sizes, with a rotate-lock mechanism to ensure you can angle your tool any way you choose.

With this kit, you’ll get a flex-and-stay microfibre ceiling fan, which bends to hold the desired shape of your fans and maximise particle collection. There’s also a cobweb duster with a unique dome shape to attract and collect dust from ceiling corners.


  • Multiple dusting accessories included
  • 5-12 foot telescopic extendable pole
  • Squeegee with three interchangeable blade sizes
  • Microfibre cloth for removing tough stains
  • Rotate-and-lock handle mechanism


  • Some attachments may feel a little loose on the pole
  • Removing the attachments could be difficult

GBPro Professional (Best Basic)

If you’re looking for a simple way to produce streak-free windows, this could be the tool for you. With no complicated accessories or machinery, this squeegee makes light work of washing all kinds of glass surfaces. The product is manufactured to the highest quality standards, with non-corrosive stainless steel and a robust rubber tip.

The GBPro Professional offers homeowners a way to transform the look of their homes without paying for cleaning services. The squeegee is available in various sizes to suit different needs across bathrooms, kitchens, and conservatories. It also comes with a high-quality non-slip rubber grip to provide excellent comfort while working.

The base of the tool handle on this product also has a thread attachment system, so users can connect an extending telescopic pole if necessary. Moreover, the device is compact enough to easily store in any cupboard or container when not in use.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • High-quality stainless steel and rubber
  • Ergonomic non-slip rubber handle
  • Attaches to telescopic poles
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • The rubber blade may kink, causing lines and streaks
  • The squeegee could be challenging to manoeuvre for some

Als Ellan 3 in 1 (Best for Versatility)

This all-in-one window cleaning equipment solution is ideal for washing the windows on all levels of your home without a ladder. The device includes a robust extension pole with a total length of 265cm. You can also divide it into six sections to make it easier to store.

Versatile and simple to use, the Als Ellan 3 in 1 features a silicone blade squeegee with a precision edge for streak-free results. There’s also a microfibre cloth for removing any excess dust or soap. A set of 180-degree adjustable microfibre pads automatically twist to any angle for challenging jobs. What’s more, the product comes with a comfortable ergonomic grip.

The inclusion of a replacement microfibre pad in this kit means you can wash one cloth while you use another to complete your household chores. Built into the handle of the squeegee system, you’ll also get a removable spray for rapidly applying water without needing a bucket.


  • Easy to dismantle and store
  • Adjustable microfibre pad for complex angles
  • Removable spray system
  • Spare pad included
  • Strong and reliable rubber edge


  • The pole may feel a little unstable when cleaning high windows
  • The extension pole might not be long enough for some users

Eazer Squeegee (Best Lightweight)

This 2-in-1 professional window cleaning system delivers a streak-free shine for all of your household glass. The kit comes with a flexible squeegee head and two streak-free blades of 10 and 14 inches. These can slide in and out of a tight-fitting plastic clasp in seconds for quick replacement and removal. There’s also a rotate-lock mechanism to change the position of the head as you work.

With the Eazer Squeegee window cleaning equipment, users get a range of tools for both high and low-level windows. There are four microfibre cloths which feature chenille material for rapid absorption and dust collection. What’s more, the four-section aluminium extension rod ensures you can easily reach higher spaces with up to 62 inches of length.

With a range of cleaning heads to choose from, and a button to automatically shift the angle of your squeegee system, you’ll be able to complete tough jobs in less time.


  • Rotate-lock mechanism to hold your squeegee head in place
  • Four microfiber clothes with excellent absorption
  • Lightweight aluminium design
  • 62-inch extendable cleaning pole
  • Two squeegee blades to choose from


  • The rubber on the squeegee blade may be too thin for some users
  • The pole may not be long enough for high windows

How to Choose Window Cleaning Equipment

A window cleaning kit should make removing stains and dirt from your home easier in as little time as possible. For some people, the best kits require as little manual effort as possible, thanks to battery-powered suction systems. Others prefer manual products that offer various ways to scrub and remove grime.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing your window cleaning equipment.

Kit Components

Different window cleaning components may come with various tools and accessories to address multiple needs. For instance, many top products will offer a bucket, spray bottle, and a microfibre cloth to soak up moisture and remove dust. However, they should also feature a squeegee system with several rubber blades for swiping soap away.

More advanced tools can include battery-powered suction and a container for storing dirty water, eliminating the need for a bucket. There are also products with various heads and accessories intended for different types of cleaning.

Ease of Use

Simplicity is often key when choosing the right tools for cleaning your home. A good set of window cleaning equipment will be convenient for beginners, with an ergonomic handle and a lightweight structure to ensure consistent comfort.

Many excellent products on the market today come with extra features to promote a straightforward clean. These components may include a “locking” mechanism which allows users to adjust the angle of a squeegee head. For cleaning higher windows, it’s worth checking for a telescopic or extendable pole.


When considering the safety of a cleaning system, it’s worth thinking about the materials used and how durable they’re likely to be during use. An extendable pole should remain sturdy and resilient when used on top-floor windows. Users should also be aware of how safe the product will be to use on fragile glass surfaces.

The best options shouldn’t scrape or scratch your windows. They should also come with toxin and chemical-free detergents when possible.


A great window cleaning equipment kit will make light work of cleaning jobs, with a range of innovative features. For instance, your squeegee system may have a spray bottle integrated into the handle, so you don’t have to carry a bucket of water with you.

The ideal products are also simple to transport and store. Even larger telescopic poles can often be broken down into multiple pieces when you’re not using them.


Our top pick from this list was the UNGER PRO set of window cleaning utensils. This kit includes a host of valuable tools and accessories, such as a power washing product, a squeegee system, and a bucket for carrying water. The collection consists of easy-to-use accessories with ergonomic handles and removable components, so it’s simple to switch between devices for different tasks.

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