Best White Noise Machines

Best White Noise Machines

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A white noise machine can be a must-have investment for people struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Whether you have insomnia and need a way to relax at night, or you’re constantly kept awake by distractions outdoors, these products can help. The challenge is in selecting the ideal device to transform your evening routines, which is why we created this guide.

How We Compared White Noise Machines

To find the right white noise machines, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Design
  • Features
  • Ease of Use

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews, and comparing features to come up with this list.

White Noise Machine Reviews

Momcozy Sound Machine (Editor’s Choice)

This phenomenal white noise machine offers users access to a range of 34 high-fidelity soothing sounds designed to encourage a good night’s sleep. You can explore ten white noise options, three fan variations, a selection of seven lullabies, plus 14 nature sounds. What’s more, you’ll have complete volume control between 40 and 110dB, ideal for blocking background noise or creating a soothing atmosphere for relaxation and study.

The Momcozy sound machine is a night light and sleep accessory in one. A convenient control panel and the included smartphone app make it simple to jump between different recordings at a touch. There’s also a 7-colour LED available to help you transform the atmosphere of any room. Users can completely customise everything from the shade and brightness of their lamp to the length of time the device remains active.

You can also use programs to switch the system on and off automatically. The 30, 60, and 90-minute options ensure you don’t have to worry about running down your batteries. Alexa voice control is also available for smart speaker-enabled homes. This compact and attractive machine fits easily into virtually any room and is suitable for adults and children.


  • Multiple control options for ease of use
  • Automatic switch on and off timers
  • Cordless and compact design
  • Seven different light colours with adaptable brightness
  • A variety of 34 soothing sound recordings


  • The battery might not last very long in some cases
  • The sound quality could be a little grainy in places

Marpac Yogasleep Whish (Luxury Choice)

Small enough to take with you on any journey, this compact white noise machine is ideal for people on the go. The streamlined and straightforward device comes with a range of 16 sound options to choose from, including standard white noise, sleep songs, and nature recordings. Users can also adjust the volume of each playback to suit their specific needs.

The Marpac Yogasleep Whish machine is an elegant solution to insomnia and sleep disturbances. The technology eliminates external disruptions that might distract from a good night’s rest. The simple controls are great for beginners, giving you an easy way to jump between different settings at the touch of a button. Additionally, users can also access the built-in 6-hour and 8-hour sleep timers to switch their system off automatically.

The sound conditioners built into this product deliver rich and robust results in any setting, giving users a natural way to relax. The melodies included are even exclusively composed to 60 beats per minute. As a bonus, the item looks modern and attractive, making it an appealing addition to your bedside table.


  • Comprehensive volume control
  • A selection of 16 sound options 
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Two sleep timer options
  • Compact and portable design


  • Even the lowest setting may be too loud for some
  • The recharging cable might be too short

Easysleep 25 Sounds (Best Value)

Available in a range of colours to suit your bedroom design, this sleek white noise machine is a simple and effective solution for minimising disturbances. The product comes with a range of 25 different sounds to choose from, including water, rain and fan sounds, lullabies, and bird calls. There’s also a comprehensive 32-level volume control, so you can select the ideal atmosphere based on your specific needs.

This Easysleep white noise machine is an intuitive tool with a range of easy-to-use settings. There are various timer modes, so you can switch the device automatically off after falling asleep. You’ll also have access to a “loop mode”, which replays your chosen recording until you switch the system off completely. A friendly memory function also remembers your most recent settings, so you don’t have to configure the machine every time.

Outside of a range of soothing noises, this product also includes four night light options with different brightness levels, ideal for reading or just providing a soft glow in a child’s bedroom. The large buttons are great for children and adults, making it simple to access your tech even in the dark.


  • Large and easy-to-use control panel
  • 25 sounds to choose from
  • Nightlight with four brightness levels
  • Attractive and compact design
  • Timer modes, loop mode, and memory function


  • The lighting may be too dim for some users
  • The sound might be slightly tinny on some recordings

Magicteam Sound Therapy (Best for Variety)

This attractive contemporary white noise machine looks great in any bedroom, with two colour finishes to choose from. The simple and compact device comes with access to 40 non-looping sounds, including everything from lullabies and fans to white noise, birds, and waves. Moreover, 32 volume levels also ensure you can easily pick the perfect setting for a good night’s rest.

This Magicteam Sound Therapy machine features a set of easy-to-use control buttons on the top of the device, allowing users to skip between tracks and adjust their volume. There’s also a range of timer options, so you can set your melodies to play for between 1 and 3 hours or leave your favourite sounds playing continuously. A memory function also ensures the device remembers and automatically restores your previous selections.

The user-friendly technology is suitable for adults and children alike, with non-looping sounds to help keep you relaxed as you fall asleep. Furthermore, because the machine is powered by a mains outlet, you won’t have to worry about running out of batteries in the middle of a meditation or nap.


  • Wide range of 40 non-looping sounds
  • 32 levels of volume adjustment
  • Easy-to-use control buttons
  • Timer options and memory function
  • Compact and modern design


  • The power light could be distracting for some users
  • The sound quality may be a little variable on some recordings

Dreamegg D11 (Best for Portability)

This small and portable white noise machine is ideal for soothing children on the move or for travellers. The device combines comprehensive sound-blocking technology with a convenient nightlight and a range of customisation options. There are 11 popular recordings to choose from, including ocean sounds, vacuum cleaners, and lullabies. Users can also explore a range of volume levels suitable for sensitive younger ears.

The Dreamegg D11 is ideal for mothers and children alike, with two colour options and a hook to connect the device straight to a bed or crib. The included lighting has various brightness levels to choose from, and there’s a child lock to prevent youngsters from changing the settings during the night. As a cordless and rechargeable machine, this product is suitable for life on the go and doesn’t require a constant connection to an outlet.

Not only is this system extremely useful, but it’s also attractive, with a cute and eye-catching design intended to appeal to youngsters. As an added bonus, users will also have access to a “timer” function which allows them to set the machine to switch off automatically within a certain number of hours.


  • Attractive design for children and babies
  • Various volume and lighting settings
  • Rechargeable and cordless
  • Portable, lightweight, and easy to use on the go
  • A selection of 11 popular recordings to choose from


  • The sound quality may deteriorate with regular use
  • The recordings might occasionally cut out

elesories Sound Machine (Best for Ease of Use)

This simple and convenient white noise machine comes with 24 non-looping sounds to choose from. Users can access a range of five white noise settings, as well as various fan recordings, nature options and more. The 52mm Hi-Fi speaker contributes to a powerful and consistent level of audio quality, capable of blocking out distractions and supporting relaxation.

The elesories sound machine is an intuitive tool with large, easy-to-use buttons on the surface for controlling volume and recording choices. There’s a built-in timer for 30, 60 and 90 minutes which automatically switches the device off at the right moment. Users can also save four of their favourite melodies or noises for easy access.

The compact and portable design of this product makes it great for travel. It also looks fantastic when placed on a bedside table, thanks to its sleek and modern appearance. Users can choose between AC power or USB connectivity to run the system.


  • 24 non-looping audio options
  • Built-in 30, 60 and 90-minute timer
  • Attractive and compact design
  • Easy-to-use controls with large buttons
  • Excellent sound quality


  • The variety of sounds may not be ideal for some users
  • The device might not be very portable

RENPHO Non-Looping (Best for Versatility)

This delightful machine comes with both a range of sounds and numerous lighting options to help soothe children and adults to sleep. There are eight illumination modes, with different levels of brightness and 29 relaxing sounds to explore. Alongside various white noise options, users can also experiment with lullabies, fan sounds, and nature recordings.

The RENPHO white noise machine delivers high-fidelity audio with a powerful in-built speaker. The rechargeable system only takes up to 2.5 hours to power up and offers plenty of life after every charge. This wireless functionality, combined with the compact design, makes this product excellent for travel.

An included timer mode allows users to determine whether they want their chosen rhythm to play consistently or switch off automatically within 30, 60, or 90 minutes. There’s also an included memory function so the tool can automatically revert to your previous settings after being switched off. A straightforward volume adjustment knob makes finding the perfect decibel level simple too.


  • Easy-to-use controls and knobs
  • Included timer and memory function
  • A variety of 29 soothing sounds with volume control
  • Exceptional battery life
  • Eight illumination options


  • The volume may be a little low on the highest settings
  • The light could be too dim for some users

How to Choose a White Noise Machine

The ideal white noise machine will be the one that helps you to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without distractions. When making your choice, you may want to focus on specific features, like access to a wide range of high-fidelity, non-looping audio tracks. Alternatively, you may be more interested in the design of the device and how easy it is to transport when you’re on the move.

Here are some of the factors worth considering when narrowing down your options.


An attractive and simple white noise machine can look fantastic when placed on your bedside table or situated in your child’s nursery. Some solutions even come with special elements intended to make them more attractive to children, such as swirling lights.

When considering design, it’s also worth thinking about how you plan on using your new system. If you want a solution you can take with you on the move, a compact and lightweight structure and a rechargeable battery may be necessary.


Most of the top devices intended for people living with insomnia come with a range of additional capabilities alongside the ability to produce white noise. Your product might include other audio options, such as fan and nature sounds or lullabies. Some of these tools also boast nightlights with various brightness and colours.

One useful added capability is a timer function, which allows you to set your machine to switch off automatically when you’ve fallen asleep.

Ease of Use

The best white noise solutions often come with an easy-to-use control panel featuring large, clearly labelled buttons for volume, lighting, and sound management. In some cases, the most innovative products also have their own smartphone apps or can connect with smart speakers like Alexa.

A straightforward and intuitive interface will make your choice more convenient to set up and configure. Some items also include a memory function to make restoring your previous settings simple.


Our favourite product from this list was the Momcozy Sound Machine, with 34 high-fidelity audio tracks and phenomenal colour-changing night light. The device includes comprehensive volume and brightness settings and a timer option. Plus, you can choose to control your system using manual controls, your smartphone, or Alexa. The convenient and easy-to-use solution with stunning sound quality looks great and performs well for any user. It’s a great choice for a better night’s sleep.

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