Best Weighted Blankets

best weighted blankets

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Weighted blankets improve sleep quality, reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and facilitate a sense of calm. These products utilise a technique called deep pressure stimulation, which replicates the feeling of being hugged. For most of us, this results in enhanced relaxation. However, weighted covers may also be able to help people with sensory disorders when they become agitated. Keep reading to learn about the top options on the market so you can select the best model for your specific needs.

How We Compared Weighted Blankets

To find the right weighted blankets, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Weight
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Size
  • Cleaning
  • Cover

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Weighted Blanket Reviews

Quility Weighted Blanket (Editor’s Choice)

This selection is a fantastic all-around choice. It is made from high-quality materials to create a sensation similar to a warm hug. It is durable, relaxing, and makes an excellent pick for couples. 

The Quility 20 lb Weighted Blanket is sized for a King bed. The main grey cotton portion features quilted sections to keep its micro-glass beads balanced. They are precisely spaced for even pressure across the surface. Eight loops are incorporated into the design to help keep the cover in place.

This option comes with a removable duvet cover for easy cleaning. It has an ultra-durable zipper and can be machine washed on the gentle cycle, then hung to dry. You can hand wash or dry clean the inner blanket. In this weight, you can choose between a navy or grey cover. A 15 lb option is also available.


  • High-quality materials promote longevity
  • The large King size is great for couples
  • Quilted portions for a balanced weight throughout
  • Removable duvet cover with a tough zipper
  • Easy-to-clean design


  • You may not want to tumble dry when cleaning
  • The interior stitching might be less durable than expected
  • It could be too hot for some users in the warmer months of the year

GnO Organic Cotton (Luxury Choice)

This option is great for solo or couple use. It has a rugged seven-layer design that is suitable for year-round use.

GnO Weighted Blankets feature an organic cotton throw and a bamboo duvet cover, creating a soothing feel. This design makes it breathable, silky soft, durable, and cool for your comfort. Premium Earth-friendly micro-glass beads constitute the filling to give the desired pressure. They are contained by resilient sewing technology in a quilted pattern to prevent leaks. 

The cover on this product is machine washable for cleaning convenience. It is available in various colours and sizes and in a wide selection of weights. A plush carry bag comes included for easy portability, making it a great option for travelling.


  • Wide selection of weights, sizes, and colours
  • Super King size is great for couples
  • Durable 7-layer design performs well year-round
  • Premium Earth-friendly micro-glass beads
  • Silky soft removable bamboo duvet cover


  • You may want to avoid the tumble dryer with this pick
  • It might not have ties to keep the blanket in place
  • The return process could be less straightforward

Brentfords Weighted Blanket (Best Value)

This choice is ideal for application on a couch or a Single size bed. Its restricted size also makes it highly portable and suitable for use while outside of the home.  

The Brentfords Weighted blanket is loaded with 6kg of pressure and has a Blush Pink colour. Both the cover and padding are made from 100% polyester, which helps improve breathability. It is filled with non-toxic micro-glass beads contained by quilted stitching to ensure even weight distribution throughout the entire material.  

This selection is also available in a couple of different weights and sizes. An eco-friendly carry case comes included with purchase to make transport easier.


  • Highly breathable by design
  • Various weights available
  • It comes with an eco-friendly carry case
  • Quilted stitching keeps micro-beads in place
  • Great for the couch, a Single size bed, or on the go


  • It could be too small for some uses or for couples
  • This product might be less durable than other options
  • This pick may be hand washed only

ZonLi Cooling (Best for All Seasons)

This pick is a perfect choice if you tend to sleep hot. It is excellent for year-round use and prevents overheating, so you rest comfortably every night.  

The ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket is both comfortable and breathable. It has a professional design with cotton fabric and microfibre padding. For pressure, it is quilted and filled with glass beads. High-density sewing technology promotes strength and longevity. 

Considering this company makes an extensive selection of colours, sizes, and weights, you will surely find an option that suits your needs. Eight secure loops are included in the designs, so you can securely attach a duvet cover if you prefer.


  • A fantastic choice for people who tend to sleep hot
  • Various colour options
  • Highly breathable design
  • Eight secure loops for secure attachment of a duvet
  • It can be used throughout the year


  • The glass beads may shift over time
  • It could be less durable than other models
  • The fabric might be thinner than anticipated

Luna Natural Cooling Cotton (Best Material)

Award-winning comfort is the name of the game with this grey weighted blanket. It has a plush look and feel, enhancing its potential sensory enjoyment. This pick also comes in a wide selection of patterns and hues. 

The Luna weighs 6.8kg and comes in a Double or King size. Various other sizes and heaviness options are available if this doesn’t suit your preference. It has a seven-layer design that evenly distributes weight across the surface. It is encased in cosy cotton fabric and filled with cloud-like material. 

Overall, this product wicks away heat, is breathable, and adapts to your body temperature to prevent overheating. It is also easy to clean due to its machine washable construction.


  • Plush and comfortable
  • Wide selection of colours and patterns
  • Various weights available 
  • Adapts to your body temperature
  • Easily machine washable


  • It could be smaller than expected 
  • It may be too hot for some sleepers 
  • The zipper might be less durable

ZZZZNEST 100% Cotton (Best for Softness)

This covering has a seven-layer design that is durable and enhances comfort. Its surface is cosy and feels smooth. 

ZZZZNEST Weighted Blankets are constructed with small diamond-shaped quilted pockets to ensure even weight distribution. They have a grey exterior with 100% cotton padding. Extra polyester layers help increase its lifespan and prevent potential tears and bead leakage.  

The tiny glass beads that fill this throw are odourless, non-toxic, lead-free, and hypo-allergenic. New sewing technology helps keep them in place by reinforcing seams. This model weighs 7.2kg, but various other weights are available to get the perfect heaviness for your needs.


  • Breathable and comfortable 
  • Small diamond-shaped pockets for style and even weight distribution
  • Extra polyester layers prevent tears and bead leakage
  • The seven-layer design provides extra padding
  • New sewing technology for added durability


  • This option may be too heavy for smaller individuals
  • It may not be as warm as expected
  • The material may not feel as silky as you think

BEDSURE Double Heavy (Best for Comfort)

This grey-coloured Double size throw has a 6.8kg load. It is constructed with smaller quilted squares for a consistent feel and is soft and cosy for your enjoyment. 

The BEDSURE Weighted Blanket features a tough seven-layer construction with a breathable cover made from 100% cotton. Its filling consists of 90% environmental non-toxic glass beads and 10% hypo-allergenic microfibre filling. The additional layers incorporated into the design minimise the chance of tears and prevent the beads from shifting.

Unlike plastic pellets, this option is odourless, and it is not noisy. It has twelve durable loops that hold the blanket cover in place and is made from machine washable materials. If you prefer, a heavier option is also available.


  • Smaller quilted squares for evenly distributed weight throughout
  • Odourless, non-toxic glass beads that are quiet
  • Twelve durable loops for attaching a cover
  • Machine washable material makes cleaning easy
  • Soft and cosy for enhanced comfort


  • This option may not be ideal for more extensive beds or couples
  • It could be too warm for some users
  • The beads may start to leak over time

How to Choose a Weighted Blanket

Picking the right weighted blanket isn’t always as straightforward as you may think. The process relies upon your intended use, personal preferences, and evaluating essential traits found in these products. While you probably already know what you like and how you plan to use your new throw, comparing features is where you encounter a wide range of variety. The following sections examine vital characteristics to ensure you make not only a suitable choice but an outstanding one.


To activate deep pressure stimulation, this type of blanket should have a load that is 7 to 14% of your body weight. The range may seem wide, but it ultimately depends on your preference. Most people choose a model that weighs about 10% of their mass. With the ideal product, you should feel like you are receiving a warm hug. It should apply an even burden to your shape but not be restrictive. If you are new to using this type of throw, you may want to start with a lighter option and gradually increase based on how you feel. 


These blankets need to be comfortable, considering the added weight. One of the main reasons people use them is to produce a sense of calm and cosiness. Choose a product with a smooth outer material to ensure you enjoy the feel of it against your skin. Cotton is the most common fabric used because it feels soft and is highly breathable, which can prevent overheating. However, some options have a bamboo cover which provides a silkier feel and enhanced cooling capabilities. 


The heaviness of a weighted blanket needs to be supported by quality materials and excellent craftsmanship to ensure durability. Reinforced stitching helps keep beads in place throughout a throw to ensure even pressure across the surface. Lower quality seams often wear down and allow pellets to shift, causing an unbalanced feel. Multi-layer designs also promote a longer lifespan in these products. 


In addition to pressure, make sure you choose a model with a suitable size for your needs. They are typically shaped for specific bed dimensions. However, if you sleep with a partner, you may want to pick a larger size. Or, if you plan on using your new blanket on the sofa, a smaller option could suffice. 


Caring for your weighted blanket should be simple. The most convenient options can be machine washed, but many require you to hand wash them. Regardless, almost all models need to be hang dried to prevent damage to the beads inside. Cleaning your throw is essential to preserving its integrity, so choose one that makes this process straightforward.  


Some weighted blankets come with a duvet included. While this can be convenient, it is not a necessity. If you prefer to use your own bedding, choose an option without a cover. Otherwise, an additional encasement can help extend a product’s lifespan, enable easier cleaning as they typically zip off, and often makes a selection softer.


The Quility Weighted Blanket is a great all-around pick. Its large King size is excellent for couples and for more extensive beds. This product uses high-quality materials for enhanced durability and features quilted portions for a balanced weight throughout the surface. This model comes with a removable duvet cover containing a tough zipper for easy cleaning and preservation purposes. The outer portion can be machine washed, and the inner section can be dry cleaned, or hand washed. Whether you sleep with a partner or want expansive comfort on your couch, this makes a solid choice.

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