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best weed killers

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Once the cold weather disappears and spring and summer flourish, so do the weeds in our gardens! This is an unavoidable fact of property ownership. Wherever there is soil and suitable ground, things like dandelions, clover, and trefoil will sprout up. As a result, you need an effective solution ready at hand, and this is what we give to you below. We have listed the best weed killer available to keep your lawns looking beautiful.

How We Compared Weed Killers

To find the right weed killer, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Available Surfaces
  • Volume
  • Usability
  • Health & Safety
  • Effectiveness.

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Weed Killer Reviews

Roundup 119407 (Editor’s Choice)

Due to the excellent spray hose and pipe, this weed killer offers a simple application and the ability to treat affected areas quickly. It eliminates the need to bend down and gives greater control, so no formula will go wasted.

The Roundup 119407 weed killer is our top pick. It should kill most weeds with a single treatment, and the 5L tub also covers a large zone – you can use the spray continuously for 10 minutes.

We also like that once the area is dry, you do not need to keep pets and children away from it. The killer also degrades over time by microorganisms in the soil.


  • Produces results in 1 to 2 days
  • You can use it for up to 10 minutes continuously
  • Once dried, it is safe for children and pets
  • Easy to use with a pump system
  • Should leave no harmful residues afterwards


  • It may be better suited for spot spraying
  • Some customers might have found broken handles

Elixir Gardens Barclay Gallup (Luxury Choice)

This weed killer is excellent if you want a strong product with long-lasting effects. It has a concentrated solution including 360 g/l glyphosates, a substance that effectively destroys deep-rooted weeds, docks, nettles, willowherb, dandelions, and more.

The Elixir Gardens Barclay Gallup Weedkiller comes in a tub, and the un-diluted product can cover an immense area of 3332 meters. We also like that the killer is broken down and inactivated when it makes contact with the soil, so no lasting damage is done to your lawn or treated sections.

This product is best used when the weeds are actively growing and have larger leaves to absorb the liquid. You should see the effects of the treatment a few days after, but it could take up to four weeks, depending on the weather.


  • One of the strongest options available for uncertified use
  • Effective treatment for deep-rooted weeds
  • Broken down by soil organisms to leave no residue
  • The area can be re-cultivated seven days after use
  • It does not require any knapsack certificate


  • It may not include any spraying equipment
  • The killer could damage grass if an overdose is used

Resolva 20300467 (Best Value)

If you want a simple, fast-action weed killer that is convenient to use, this is a great pick. This is due to the spray attachment and the fact that you should see results after 24 hours.

The Resolva 20300467 covers 105 meters and kills both the roots and above-ground portion of weeds. This includes nettles, docks, dandelions, and bindweed, to name a few types.

This option is ideal for targeted use, specifically for the affected areas, which should mean less work. Simply shake the tub, and spray the liquid directly onto the weeds. After application, you should be able to tend the infested patches after seven days.


  • It should produce results after 24 hours
  • It kills the visible above-ground weed and its roots
  • It is broken down naturally after use to leave no residue
  • A single pack should treat an area of 105 meters
  • Also available with a trigger spray attachment


  • The bottle instructions may be difficult to read
  • The sprayer could be tricky to use

Aftercut 20400473 (Best Multipurpose)

If you want a dual-action product that kills weeds and improves the quality of your lawn, this is a brilliant choice. Its triple formula, in fact, also helps greenify your grass and keep it looking healthy and bright.

The Aftercut 20400473 is a superb multipurpose product that eradicates many types of weed and moss. This includes dandelions, clover, trefoil, chickweed, ribwort, and cinquefoil.

The product is a granule solution that you simply shake onto the affected area. A single pack should cover up to 170 meters. Once the surface has been watered and is dry, children and pets can use it freely without any danger.


  • Great for killing weeds on lawns
  • It also has a triple-action formula for lawncare
  • Once dry, children and pets don’t need to be excluded from the area
  • It should keep your lawn looking green during the summer season
  • One pack covers 170 meters of grass


  • It may be more effective on moss than weeds
  • Some customers may have found damaged packin

Weedol 119393 (Best Mess Free)

This solution is suitable for tackling infestation areas outside your lawns. It is best used on patches surrounding sheds and greenhouses, along fences, gravel patches, patios, and drives – essentially, where vegetation is not meant to grow.

The Weedol 119393 has a special dual-action formula that tackles the weed head and the roots. It will kill nettles, thistles, dandelions, dock leaves, and brambles. We also like that you do not need to exclude children and pets from the treated area once it has dried.

The product is supplied in 12 tubes – each covering up to 360 meters. Simply add the solution to a watering can or spray bottle and mix with water.


  • Great for use on gravel, patios, and along fences
  • Dual-action formula to kill weeds and the roots
  • Minimum mess – simply add water
  • Suitable for controlling weeds around flowers and shrubs
  • Children and pets can remain in the area once dry


  • It may not be the quickest solution
  • This weed killer may not be effective against mares’ tail

Rootblast Super Concentrated (Best for Strength)

This option is excellent if you want a product that features a commercial-strength killer with glyphosate. In terms of intensity, it has 360 g/l of glyphosate, effectively eradicating annual, deep-rooted, and perennial garden weeds.

The Rooblast Super Concentrated Weed Killer comes in a single 1L bottle with clear instructions on the side. For usage, it must be mixed with water, and we like that you can control the formula’s strength.

One unit should cover an area of 1666 meters, but this depends on how much you dilute it. You should see results within a few days, but it could take up to four weeks to completely clear the infestation.


  • Commerical-strength glyphosate solution
  • Best for use in areas where vegetation is not meant to grow
  • A single bottle covers up to 1666 meters
  • It helps control multiple types of weeds
  • Clear instructions on the bottle


  • It may not include any spraying equipment
  • It could have slower results than expected

Deadfast Concentrated Sachets (Best Single Dose)

Do you prefer to use a mono-dose formula instead of a liquid spray? Then this option is for you. The single tub includes 12 x 100ml sachets, and each packet covers an area of approximately 60 meters. 

The Deadfast Concentrated Weed Killer is a granular formula that has to be mixed with water. You then disperse it over the affected patch until the plants are thoroughly wet. The results should be visible in a few days.

We like that you can change the concentration of this solution to meet your needs. For example, if you have deep-rooted weeds, you could apply a stronger formula to ensure the roots are completely destroyed.


  • It kills the weeds above ground and the roots
  • One sachet treats up to 60 meters
  • Concentrated solution for more effective application
  • Includes a large container for mixing the liquid
  • Visible effects can be seen within a few days


  • It may not have any spraying tools
  • Rain could reduce the effectiveness of the product

How to Choose Weed Killer

You can see that there are many weed killers to choose from if your garden needs a little love and care, making it a little difficult to pick the right one. Don’t worry, though! We have created a practical buying guide with the main considerations to look at when selecting these products.

Available Surfaces

Firstly, think about where the weeds are on your property. Are they infesting a driveway, paths, or patio? Perhaps there is a growth on your grass, flower beds, or borders? This distinction is important as different products are better suited for certain surfaces.

For example, you can get a specifically designed solution for gravel and patios. Alternatively, specialist items are meant to be used only on grass. Look at where your weed problem is, and choose the appropriate killer.


Next, you must consider the capacity of the container. Usually, these products come in a liquid form and thus are measured in litres. The packaging or product description often states what area in meters the fluid should cover.

Check this out, and see if the volume suits the surface you need to cover. For example, if you have a larger lawn or a severe weed problem, you may need to purchase multiple products to eradicate the issue properly.


How easy the product is to use is also something to think about. There are generally three types of weed killer – spray bottles, containers with a hose attachment, and pellets/granules. Each one has pros and cons for how easy it is to operate and distribute. 

The spray bottle is the easiest to use and works like a regular cleaning product. Simply open the nozzle, and pull the trigger to release the fluid.

Next, we have the container with a hose – this is similar to a squirt bottle, but a pipe connects from the unit to the nozzle. You hold the item in one hand and the spray head in the other. There is then either a trigger or pump to release the liquid. These are a bit more tricky to use, but they still give great control.

Lastly, there are weed killers that have a pellet or granule formula. These are simply shaken onto the ground or supplied with a scooper. 

Health & Safety

This is an essential factor, especially if you have children and pets. Weed killers contain dangerous chemicals that destroy organic material. As a result, they are often highly potent and can cause health and safety problems.

Always check the suitability and instructions for use. The product will clearly state if it contains harmful substances and if you must keep children and pets away after using it. Look at the instructions for safe use, too – often, wearing gloves is advised, for example.


Lastly, you want a weed killer that works! These products are known to be inconsistent so picking an effective treatment is essential. Usually, the item describes clearly the types of infestation it works on. Also, it often states the best time and conditions to use it. Make sure you read the info carefully so that you choose a killer that is suitable for the problems you have.


Our top pick is the Roundup 119407 weed killer. This excellent product benefits from a simple usage process, effective results, and suitability for numerous surfaces. This item should work between one and two days to eradicate those annoying infestations. It is incredibly easy to operate due to the one-touch trigger, and the extendable hose also means you don’t have to bend down to apply the liquid.

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