Best Washing Machines

best washing machines

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Laundry is an unfortunate fact of life, but owning an efficient washing machine will make this chore a little more bearable. The best option for you will depend on your needs and circumstances. In this guide, we bring you the results of our in-depth research, so you can choose with confidence.

How We Compared Washing Machines

To find the right washing machines, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Capacity
  • Programmes
  • Controls
  • Energy Rating
  • Noise Levels

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Washing Machine Reviews

Midea MF200W90B/E (Editor’s Choice)

This washing machine is the best all-around model, making it our Editor’s Choice. It has a good 9kg capacity, so it’s suitable for couples and families. Plus, thanks to its B energy efficiency rating, you’ll save money using less power. 

With 14 programmes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect cycle to suit your laundry and time constraints. This washing machine features both Allergy Care and Steam Care functions, making it a great pick for households with allergy sufferers and fragile little ones. 

Thanks to its stylish, easy-to-use Lunar Dial, this machine is straightforward to set up and operate. It also benefits from a special DrumClean function to ensure that it stays in prime condition for a long lifespan and spotless laundry. 


  • 9kg capacity
  • 14 programmes
  • Allergy & Steam Care functions
  • Rated B for energy efficiency
  • Easy-to-use Lunar Dial


  • The product may be a little loud on a fast spin
  • Its inlet pipe may be on the short side

Miele WSD023 WCS (Luxury Choice)

Our Luxury Choice has numerous useful features and functions. Rated A, you won’t find many more efficient models, so this washing machine is the one to go for if you want to cut down your electricity bills. 

With its 8Kg capacity, this model is smaller than most of our other top picks. It is, however, plenty large enough for couples and small families. Thanks to its handy Pre-Ironing function, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of time you spend doing the ironing.

This luxury washing machine also features a cushion-effect Honeycomb Drum to ensure your fabrics are taken care of. With 12 programmes, including an express wash, it is very simple to use and provides extra care for delicate fabrics. 


  • 8kg capacity
  • 12 programmes
  • Pre-Ironing function
  • Rated A for energy efficiency
  • Cushion-effect Honeycomb Drum


  • The product may be heavier than others
  • It may take a little while to set it up

Candy Smart CS149TE (Best Value)

If you are looking for a highly advanced washing machine, check out this model. It has all the features you need and even comes with NFC connectivity. Install the app on your smartphone, and you can add extra programmes and perform diagnostic checks. Simply touch your machine with your phone to activate the process. 

Thanks to its generous 9kg capacity, this washing machine is a good choice for your average-sized household. What’s more, it features full speed and temperature adjustability. So, while it comes with 16 settings, you’re free to tweak them to suit your individual needs. 

Another excellent feature is this model’s kilogram detection mode. It ensures that your washing machine bases its water consumption on the exact load weight, allowing you to save water with every wash. 


  • 9kg capacity
  • 16 programmes
  • NFC connectivity
  • Full speed and temperature adjustability
  • Kg Detection mode


  • The product could be more energy efficient
  • It may be fairly loud when spinning

Bosch Serie 6 (Best for Efficiency)

This washing machine could save you plenty of time, energy and water, making it our overall best choice for efficiency. It has a good 9kg load capacity, which is big enough to accommodate a king-sized duvet. 

The Bosch’s EcoSilence Drive gives you a powerful yet quiet washing cycle. Thanks to its 15 pre-set programmes, you’re sure to have more than enough cycle options. Its SpeedPerfect technology lowers both time and energy consumption. Moreover, this machine’s ActiveWater Plus technology reduces water use by cleverly sensing just how much you need.

A must for allergy sufferers, or if you have sensitive skin, this washing machine also boasts an Allergy Plus setting. Use the handy Reload Function to quickly pause and add forgotten items to your laundry. The LED display with touch control makes this appliance highly intuitive to use.


  • 9kg capacity
  • 15 settings
  • ActiveWater Plus technology
  • Allergy Plus feature
  • LED display and touch control.


  • The product could spin clothes drier
  • Its control panel may be too sensitive for some

Haier HW80-B14979S (Best Design)

If you don’t need a high-capacity washing machine, this option could be just what you’re looking for. It has a generous 8kg capacity and comes with 14 pre-set programmes for various cycles. This means finding a suitable setting for many fabric types is easy.

One of the main advantages of this washing machine is its low-noise DirectMotion motor. It creates just 54dB of noise when washing and 69dB when spinning, so it is a good choice for apartment living and small houses. The Steam Function gives you hygienically clean laundry – especially suitable for allergy sufferers and babies. 

It also benefits from a handy Delay Start function. This allows you to set your washing machine to come on so it will finish at a convenient time. It’s especially great for preventing creasing. Lastly, the LCD display makes it easy to set and use.


  • 8kg capacity 
  • 14 programmes
  • Low-noise DirectMotion motor
  • Delay Start function
  • LCD display


  • The product’s instructions could be better 
  • Its touchscreen could be more responsive

Hoover H-Wash 500 (Best Large)

If you have a large family or regularly need to clean large loads of bedding, this washing machine makes a fantastic pick with its sizeable 11kg load capacity. It also has 16 programmes, so you’ll have plenty of pre-set cycle options to suit all main fabric types. 

Thanks to WiFi connectivity, this is an excellent choice if you have a connected smart home. Open the app on your smartphone to see how long your cycle has left. You can also get access to extra wash cycles via the app. 

Another advantage of this Hoover washing machine is its Eco-Power Inverter motor. Highly durable for a long product lifespan, it is also quiet-running. Thanks to its Auto Care technology, this appliance can calculate and generate the most suitable cycle for your load, saving you time, money and resources. 


  • 11kg capacity 
  • 16 programmes
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Energy Class rating: A
  • AutoCare technology


  • The product may be noisy when spinning
  • It may need extra levelling

Samsung Series 5 (Best Quiet)

If low noise levels are one of your main priorities, this washing machine makes a good pick. Its 53dB noise rating ensures it is one of the quietest running washing machines. Plus, as it is rated B for energy efficiency, you could save money on your electricity bills.  

The Samsung Series 5 has many other great features, including EcoBubble technology. This helps lift stains and improves cycle performance at lower temperatures to protect your fabrics. The Hygiene Steam setting removes almost all bacteria and allergens for extra clean laundry.

Offering an 8kg load capacity, this model is large enough for small families. Its handy Drum Clean function ensures that your machine lasts longer. It also ensures it’s thoroughly clean for the best results. All in all, it’s an excellent, quiet running choice that also performs exceptionally well. 


  • 8kg capacity. 
  • 14 settings
  • EcoBubble technology
  • Energy Class B
  • Hygiene Steam functionality


  • The product may take a little while to set up
  • Some users may not appreciate its end-of-wash melody

How to Choose the Best Washing Machine

Wondering how to pick the right freestanding washing machine for your home? Here are the main features you’ll need to consider when making your choice.


Unsurprisingly, freestanding washing machines often have a greater load capacity than under-counter ones. The most popular models can hold between 8-12 kgs. Here’s how to select the right one:

  • 8kg – Capable of washing up to 40 T-shirts, this is a good choice for small-medium households.
  • 9kg – Capable of washing up to 45 T-shirts, ideal for medium households.
  • 10kg – Capable of washing up to 50 T-shirts or a king-size duvet. A good option for medium to large households.
  • 11-12kg – capable of washing up to 55-60 T-shirts or an extra heavy king-size duvet. Suitable for very large households. 

Note that you may wish to pick a size up if you want to wash larger loads less frequently. 


Choosing a machine with a good number of pre-set programmes will make getting your washing on faster and easier. Look out for models with at least ten settings to ensure that all of your main fabric types are covered. Steam or allergy features are a great addition to ensure your laundry is hygienically clean. 


Most washing machines are very easy to use and tend to have a rotary dial to select your programme cycle. LCD screens can also help improve usability. Consider a model with WiFi capability and a smartphone app if you have a connected home. 

Energy Rating

Energy ratings for appliances go from an A to a G. The most energy-efficient washing machines are A or B. We recommend aiming for one of these models from our selection. This choice will cut your energy consumption so you can enjoy lower household bills.

Noise Levels

Even if you have a dedicated laundry room for your freestanding washing machine, you’ll still want to check on its noise levels. Manufacturers should provide both washing and spinning noise level figures. If your kitchen is spacious enough for a freestanding washing machine, make sure you choose an extra quiet model. 


Our Editor’s Choice for the best washing machine is the Midea MF200W90B/E. This freestanding model has a generous 9kg load capacity and provides a convenient selection of 14 pre-set programmes. Its Lunar Dial makes programme selection extra easy. Thanks to its Allergy and Steam Care functions, you can be sure your laundry is hygienically clean. Lastly, it also has a tier B energy efficiency rating, making it an excellent choice for reducing electricity bills. 

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