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best wall clocks

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Although today most of us tell the time using our smartphones, many people still love having wall clocks in their homes. Indeed, these can be incredibly stylish and, when placed correctly, are great for adding detail and substance to a large plain surface. If this is something you need, we have created a list of seven of the best available options.

How We Compared Wall Clocks

To find the right wall clocks, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size
  • Style
  • Clock Face
  • Installation

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Wall Clock Reviews

Klass Home 60cm Black Metal (Editor’s Choice)

This wall clock will look fantastic wherever it is placed and has a bold black metal design that works well inside and outside. The frame is constructed without backing and can fit comfortably with any decor.

The Klass Home Black Metal Wall Clock is made primarily of iron, making it incredibly durable and long-lasting. The longevity is also enhanced by the plastic covering over the clock mechanism, which means you can conveniently use it outside.

In terms of the display, the clock uses Roman numerals and does not show any minutes. However, it does have an hour and minute hand. The overall diameter of the unit is 60cm, and it is mounted using a screw bracket that sits underneath the 12-hour number. Lastly, this product also has a non-ticking mechanism and contains quartz crystals to help maintain its accuracy.


  • Bold black metal Roman numeral numbers
  • Chunky grey metal clock hands
  • Large circular frame design to make a statement
  • Made from durable materials and built to last
  • The mechanism has a protective lid to use outdoors


  • It could be quite heavy to wall mount
  • The hands may have minimum contrast with the frame

COMBIUBIU Modern Large (Luxury Choice)

A real stunner, this wall clock has a standout design that makes it look like a work of art. This is due to the circular array of pendants and crystals that line the exterior edges of the clock face. It is also available in either silver or black.

The COMBIUBIU Wall Clock has a large frame and will make a centrepiece wherever you install it. You could place it above a sofa or a dining table, and it will still be easy to read. The face and crystals absorb sunlight during the day, allowing it to glow in the dark.

For usability, the face has bold numbers in a traditional font, and the hands include minutes, hours, and seconds. We also like that it has a non-ticking design for quiet use. The mechanism is a JJT construction and should provide accurate timekeeping.


  • Stylish pendant design surrounding the face
  • Bold black numbers and clock hands
  • Includes an hour, minute, and second time
  • Illuminates during the night
  • Made from high-quality materials and finishings


  • The battery compartment could be tricky to open
  • Some customers may have reported bent hands upon delivery

HZDHCLH 12-Inch Silent (Best Value)

It is a superb choice if you want a versatile clock that can fit in your room decor. It is available in multiple colour combinations, including black-gold, golden green, orange, lake blue, green white, rose gold, and black silver.

The HZDHCLH Wall Clock has a simple but elegant design. The numbers contrast perfectly with the background regardless of the colour combo, making it easy to read. The face features numbers and vertical lines for the minutes. There is also an hour, minute, and second hand.

For pleasant use, the device also has a non-ticking mechanism. In terms of size and functionality, it has a 30cm diameter and weighs 600g. Furthermore, it requires just one AA battery to run, which can be inserted into the rear compartment.


  • Available in multiple colour combinations
  • Bold numbers and clock hands for great visibility
  • Non-ticking design for less noise
  • It only requires one AA battery for operation
  • The face is covered with premium, high-transparency glass


  • The casing could feel a little cheap
  • Some customers may have reported fingerprints inside the glass

SOLEDI Frameless (Best Giant)

If you want a bold clock that offers something different and makes a statement on your wall, this option is worth considering. Instead of a single unit, the 12 numbers and clock hand mechanism are all individual items you mount on a flat surface.

The SOLEDI Wall Clock has a unique design and will make a clear centrepiece where it will be installed. The minimum overall size is 60cm. However, the recommended area is 90cm and can be enlarged to 120cm.

Once the protective peel is removed from each item, they have a mirrored finish that gives a luxury feel to the room. We like that you have complete control over the placement of the numbers and can create something unique if you wish. Three different colour options are also available – silver, gold, and black.


  • Each number is individually mounted on your wall
  • Combines both numbers and words for the hours
  • Large hour and minute hands in a chrome finish
  • It makes a bold statement on a feature wall
  • Available in several colour options


  • Some of the numbers could feel a little flimsy
  • The plastic covering could be difficult to remove

Guzzini Red (Best Cuckoo Style)

Perhaps you want a stylish clock that combines a retro mechanism with a contemporary design? If so, this is an excellent pick because it uses modern materials but has a swinging pendulum underneath and a cuckoo chime on the hour.

The Guzzini Clock looks superb and is available in three bold colour combinations. Each combo contrasts fantastically and ensures you can read the face and numbers without problems.

The unit measures 12 x 24.8 x 39cm and weighs only 0.88kg, so it should be easy to hang on the wall and lift. We also like that, if desired, the cuckoo chime can be disabled using a simple switch on the rear.


  • Available in three different colour combinations
  • It has a cuckoo and a pendulum
  • A bold clock face that contrasts nicely with the unit
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • It makes a ticking sound


  • Some could feel the materials look a little cheap
  • The cuckoo may occasionally not work

Bickerton Large 12 Inch (Best Classic)

This is a brilliant pick if you prefer a classical design to match your traditional decor and furniture. The clock has a timeless European look that is stylish but could still fit with modern interior design. We love the rough wooden frame that gives it a patina and adds to the aged look of the product. This is complemented by the lighter finish of the face background that almost looks like parchment.

The Bickerton Wall Clock also has a stylish set of numbers. These have a classic font style and are coloured black for a great contrast with the background. Each hour is displayed as a number, and the minutes are shown as vertical lines.

The mechanism has a near-silent operation and is powered by a single AA battery. Also, it is incredibly accurate and should not fall out of sync over time because it uses a quartz system – one of the most effective timekeeping methods.


  • Vintage design with classically written font
  • It has a near-silent analogue mechanism for low noise
  • The big clock face has great visibility
  • It has a built-in thermometer with Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Weatherproof design for indoor and outdoor use


  • The thermometer could occasionally be inaccurate
  • The minute hand could eventually stop working

SIN&MI Battery Operated (Best for Readability)

A great option if you want a clock with bold numbers and an easy-to-read configuration, the gold digits make a fine contrast with the grey face background. The hands are made from the same material and are similarly visible.

The SIN&MI Wall Clock also benefits from several mechanism features. For example, it uses a quartz system with a near-silent operation and no ticking. Also, it requires just one AA battery to run, which is easy to install into the rear compartment.

For hanging, there is a simple plastic hook at the back. This needs one nail or screw to be placed through it, and the clock should rest evenly. We also like that it is made from safe, non-toxic materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.


  • Large, easy-to-read numbers and clock hands
  • Stylish design and colour combination
  • Silent movement of the hands
  • It only requires one AA battery to work
  • Made from non-toxic materials


  • The AA battery may not be included
  • Some customers have reported broken hands upon delivery

How to Choose a Wall Clock

The range of wall clocks available on the market is numerous, so selecting the perfect one can be difficult. Before choosing, consider where you want to hang it and the decor it must match with. Then, take a look at the buying guide below for more tips.


The size of the clock is incredibly important. Some products can be as wide as 60cm across the diameter of the face. Others can be much smaller and, therefore, not as visible.

Look where you intend to use the clock and measure the available space. Also, think about how a large or small item would look. For example, could an undersized unit look a little lost on a big empty wall? By considering this, you can select a suitable size.


The style is also fundamental as you want a clock that fits in with the room decor. Look at the area you want to install the device. What is the dominant colour scheme? Are there other ornaments or decorations that could clash with it?

Also, think about if you want the product to be a talking point and to make a statement. Or do you require it to be purely functional and give you an easy-to-access timekeeping device?

Clock Face

Next, what about the clock face? This is the central area that contains the actual time-telling parts. Things to consider here include:

  • The method of time display (numbers, Roman numerals etc.)
  • Inclusion of minutes (some clocks only show hours)
  • Other features, like a second-hand needle

This aspect is essential as it dictates how easy the unit is to use. For example, some models have Roman numerals and no minute indicators, and some people can find these harder to read.


Lastly, how easy is the clock to install? Ideally, with a wall device, you want a simple hanging mechanism. Often, you have to use screws or drill a fixture into the surface.

Does it require power tools to build? Is it heavy, and could it potentially damage a stud wall? What about the power source? Is it battery operated? And if so, how often will you need to change them?


We chose the Klass Home 60cm Black Metal Wall Clock as our top pick. This stylish, classical timepiece has a minimalist design and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Due to its considerable size, it can also work as a centrepiece and make a bold impression on a lighter-coloured wall. We like the large Roman numeral display and the chunky clock hands. Plus, its black metal finish can fit in any decor style.

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