Best Under-Bed Storage

best under-bed storages

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Maximise your space and keep your house clutter free with an under-bed storage box. They are ideal for stowing bulky seasonal items, as well as clothing, footwear or bed linen. Wondering which is the best option for your home? Check out our reviews and buyer’s guide to locate the ideal model for you.

How We Compared Under-Bed Storage

To find the right under-bed storage, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Capacity
  • Dimensions
  • Construction
  • Opening
  • Extra Features

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Under-Bed Storage Reviews

DOKEHOM Underbed Storage (Editor’s Choice)

Our favourite model and Editor’s choice, this under-bed storage set is one of the very best on the market. It consists of three spacious bags, so you’ll have plenty of space for clothes, shoes, bedding and other items. 

These DOKEHOM under-bed storage bags measure 56cm long by 35.5cm wide with a height of 25cm. This size allows for good organisation, plus as you get three bags, you can easily split up your items into seasons or categories. Their three-sided zips make filling and emptying them extra easy, even with bulky items.

Thanks to their 1680D Oxford fabric, these bags are both highly durable and moisture-proof. Moreover, two strongly stitched side handles make retrieving them from under your bed nice and easy. They are collapsible, so you can simply fold them up when they’re not in use to save space.


  • Three large storage bags
  • 56cm x 35.5cm with 25cm height
  • Two strong side handles
  • Durable, moisture-proof 1680D Oxford fabric
  • Three-side zipper design for easy access


  • The zips could be improved 
  • The lack of structure may be an issue for some users

Woffit Underbed Shoe Storage Set (Luxury Choice)

Our luxury choice, this under-bed storage set, is ideal for clearing up and organising all of your shoe clutter. This set consists of two boxes that can hold up to 24 pairs of shoes in total.

These under-bed shoe boxes by Woffit will fit under most standard beds. Thanks to their reinforced handles, pulling out a box and finding the footwear you need is really simple. The transparent vinyl upper makes it easy to find the pair you are looking for while keeping your shoes clean and dust-free.

Another positive of this product is its breathable sides and base, so you can use these boxes to store leather shoes without worry. They also benefit from a strong zip for easy access. Moreover, the adjustable dividers allow you to customise the layout to better suit your footwear.


  • Two storage boxes for up to 24 pairs of shoes
  • Fits under most beds
  • Breathable fabric sides and bottom
  • Transparent vinyl upper
  • Reinforced handles


  • The base could be stronger
  • It may not be a good choice for stacking

Amazon Basics Underbed Storage Bag Set (Best Value)

If you are looking for a great value choice, this under-bed storage bag set is well worth considering. With its large 73L capacity per bag, this two-pack set is ideal for packing away seasonal bedding, clothing and shoes. 

Measuring 15.2cm high, this Amazon Basics model easily slides under most standard-sized beds. These bags also benefit from sturdy handles, making it simple to retrieve your items when needed. Their generous dimensions, 106.7cm long by 45.7cm wide, allow you to effortlessly store even bulky items and free up space in your drawers and wardrobe.

Thanks to their transparent vinyl tops, it is a breeze to identify what’s inside without rummaging through the entire contents. What’s more, the zip closure keeps your items free from dust and moisture and ensures that they remain easily accessible. 


  • A two-pack of 73L capacity storage bags
  • 15.2cm height
  • Transparent vinyl top
  • Sturdy handles
  • Zip closure for easy access


  • This model could be sturdier
  • The seams may be a little weak

Amonsen iwill Createpro (Best for Practicality)

Highly practical, if you are after an excellent under-bed storage box, make sure that you take a look at this model. Made from breathable linen, it’s a good choice for keeping leather shoes and clothing, as well as bulky winter clothes.

Thanks to its 17.78cm height, you can get many items inside this Amonsen iwill Createpro storage box – just make sure that it will fit under your bed. Measuring 69.85cm long by 39.62cm wide, it’s a good size for sweaters or footwear. This model also has a strong and removable polypropylene base to add rigidity. 

Use the three sturdy handles to make pulling it out from under your bed quick and easy. Moreover, the three-sided zip closure allows you to fully open it up so you can pack and retrieve your items without effort. Possibly best of all, when this box isn’t in use, you can simply remove its base and fold it up, so it takes up next to no space. 


  • 17.78cm high
  • Breathable linen fabric
  • Three sturdy side handles
  • Three-sided opening with two zip closures
  • Foldable when not in use 


  • It could be a little fragile
  • It may be a little small for storing bedding

NestNeatly Smartcube (Best Lightweight)

If you are looking for a lightweight under-bed storage solution, this handy three-pack will certainly come in handy. Whether you need to store craft supplies, bedding or seasonal clothing, with its huge amount of storage, you’ll have plenty of space.  

This Nestneatly Smartcube under-bed storage set is made from premium fabric material. Each box comes complete with a transparent top. This ensures that your items stay dust-free while allowing for quick identification. The zip closures let you open the boxes completely, so getting even bulky items in and out is very easy.

Thanks to their reinforced “H-shape” handles, it’s no hassle to slide these boxes out from under your bed. They are under a metre long and 45.72cm wide and accommodate plenty of items. At 15.24cm high, they are also an excellent choice for fitting under most standard-sized beds and collapse when not in use. 


  • Three-pack for generous storage
  • Reinforced “H” handles
  • Transparent top covers 
  • Zip closure
  • Collapsible for easy storage


  • It may not be very sturdy
  • The zips could be a little fragile

Wham Plastic Storage Box Set (Best for Durability)

This plastic storage box set is ideal if you are looking for durable under-bed storage. Five individual boxes are included, each with 32L of capacity. This means you’ll have plenty of space to organise your seasonal clothing or craft supplies neatly.

These Wham rigid plastic boxes are perfect for storing small items that would easily get lost in larger models. Thanks to their transparent sides and lids, it’s simple to see what you have packed where. This makes finding what you need much easier than going through each box’s contents. 

These boxes can be neatly nested when not in use to save even more space. Measuring 18cm tall, they should easily fit under most standard-height beds. However, if you decide to use some of them elsewhere, you can stack them with their lids attached.


  • Five-pack – 32L capacity per box
  • Transparent for easy item identification
  • Rigid plastic construction
  • Can be stacked
  • Nestable when not in use


  • It may break easily during transport
  • It could be less suitable for storing heavy items

Ubagoo Underbed Storage Bag (Best for Versatility)

Are you looking for an under-bed storage bag that you can also use for carrying your clothing or shoes? This pick is fantastic for keeping your home clutter-free, maximising your storage space, and transporting bulky items and laundry.

Thanks to its generous 60L capacity, you can get a lot of things packed away inside this Ubagoo set. This bag measures approximately 70 x 43 x 20cm. Whether you need to store spare bedding or seasonal clothing, it’s a great choice. Thanks to its large handles, you can easily pull it out from under your bed or use it to carry your items elsewhere.

This under-bed storage bag benefits from a robust zip closure for easy access. It is made from Oxford fabric to protect your items from dust. Moreover, it also has a waterproof inner, so you won’t have to worry about any spills damaging your items. 


  • Large 60L capacity
  • Heavy-duty Oxford fabric
  • Waterproof inner
  • Large handles
  • Zip closure


  • The material may be a little thin
  • The handles could be more securely stitched

How to Choose Under-Bed Storage

There is no shortage of under-bed storage solutions to select from. If you are struggling to pick the right one for you, take a look at our buyer’s guide. Here are the main points you’ll want to focus on when deciding which model to choose. 


Most manufacturers list the capacity of their under-bed storage boxes in litres; this measures how much volume they can hold. Suppose you have a lot of big bulky items to store, such as bed linen, and select models with a high capacity. To better organise smaller items, choose several under-bed boxes with less volume. 


Dimensions are also essential to bear in mind. Make sure your storage box fits under your bed by measuring the space between your floor and bed frame. While soft-sided models may give you a bit of leeway, some rigid models may not fit at all. 


Think carefully about what you will be keeping inside your under-bed storage boxes. Large and bulky items, such as winter clothes and bedding, are often more easily stored in soft-sided models. Smaller items, like craft supplies and footwear, may be better stored in more rigid boxes.


Zip closures are the most popular option for soft-sided boxes and bags. They allow you to fully open your storage container for easy access. If you are looking for a rigid model, make sure it has a close-fitting lid that locks in place to keep your items dry and dust-free. 

Extra Features

Sometimes it’s the little details that really make a product more valuable. Consider opting for an under-bed storage bag with the following extra features. 

  • Handles – they make pulling out your bag from under your bed more convenient.
  • Viewing window – if your under-bed storage isn’t transparent, look out for models with a clear top. This makes it easier to identify what you have stored where rather than open and sort through the contents.
  • Reinforced base – reinforced bases give extra durability and make it simpler to move your bag around.
  • Collapsible – save on space when your under-bed storage bag is not in use with a collapsible model.


While plenty of great models are available, the best under-bed storage model is our Editor’s choice and overall favourite by DOKEHOM Underbed Storage. This under-bed storage set contains three large storage bags giving you plenty of space to store even bulky items. Thanks to their two strong side handles, they are very easy to pull out from under your bed. What’s more, given their durable 1680D Oxford fabric construction, they are both long-lasting and provide excellent protection. They are even moisture-proof to keep your items safe and dry. Lastly, their three-sided zips make accessing and storing your stuff extra easy. All in all, these are excellent under-bed storage bags that are a fantastic help in reducing clutter and better organising your home. 

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