Best Steam Generator Irons

best steam generator irons

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Ironing has to be one of the dullest chores known to humankind. Regardless, it has to be done! So why not invest in an iron that does the job quicker and more effectively? That’s what a steam generator variant exactly does. These powerful devices have an additional water tank that allows high-pressure and temperature steam to be blasted onto your clothes. As a result, annoying creases can be eliminated quickly, making a difference to your ironing pile. If this sounds life-changing, why not check out the seven superb models listed in our below guide and see if one is suitable for you?

How We Compared Steam Generator Irons

To find the right steam generator irons, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size
  • Steam Generation
  • Features
  • Usability

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Steam Generator Iron Reviews

Morphy Richards 332014 (Editor’s Choice)

This product has everything you need for effective, stress-free ironing. Firstly, the standard steam output of 200 g/min is quite high and should make short work of any clothing. Secondly, the immense 2.2L water tank means less time spent refilling.

Thirdly, the Morphy Richards 332014 has a unique auto-clean function that prevents the build-up of limescale. We like that the hand iron also locks securely to the main unit so that you can easily carry it for storage.

This device has a simple control panel where you can change the temperature settings. In addition, there is a vertical mode which could be perfect for larger items like bedding or curtains.


  • Large 2.2L tank capacity
  • Auto-clean feature with anti-limescale protection
  • Powerful 200 g/min output with variable settings
  • It has a secure locking system to prevent accidents
  • The water container is easy to empty and refill


  • You might find missing instructions
  • The temperature gauge may be inaccurate

Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus (Luxury Choice)

The 600 g/min steam boost helps tackle deep creases if you need your clothes to look immaculate for work or engagements. Aside from that, the standard output is 165 g/min, which should give consistent ironing performance.

The Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus has no temperature gauge and instead uses OptimalTEMP technology. This feature automatically adjusts the temp and steam settings to suit different materials and thicknesses. You should also be able to operate this device for extended periods, thanks to the 1.8L water tank.

The De-Calc system helps continuously collect limescale and improves the longevity of this steam generator iron. You also get an indicator to show when it needs emptying.


  • It has a 165 g/min output as well as a 600 g/min steam boost
  • OptimalTEMP technology to remove the need for a variable gauge
  • Detachable water tank with a decent 1.8L volume
  • Long pipe for better movement
  • Intelligent steam release system


  • Some may find the lack of temp control detrimental
  • It could be noisy during the operation

Russell Hobbs 24430 (Best Value)

For quick and effective ironing, the 60-second startup time of this product helps greatly. Additionally, it has both temperature and power-ready indicator lights, so you know exactly when it is good to go. The 95 g/min steam output should make ironing a breeze, too.

The 1.9m power cord of the Russell Hobbs 24430 allows good movement, but it won’t cause a storage problem. This is because the main unit has a clip on the side, so you can easily fasten the tube to prevent tangling.

In terms of usability, the product has a 1.3L water tank. This is removable with a simple handle at the rear and can be refilled conveniently. Additionally, to improve longevity, it has a limescale defence system. When you have to add more water, you can do it without switching the device off, which further improves its functionality.


  • It has a limescale defence system
  • Long 1.9m cord with integrated hose storage
  • Fast heat-up time of just 60 seconds
  • Decent capacity 1.3L removable water tank
  • It has various lights to show when it’s ready to use


  • Some customers may have reported faulty units
  • The steam output could be tricky to handle

Morphy Richards 333020 (Best for Durability)

The durable soleplate of this product is built from stainless steel, which will last for ages. Furthermore, it ensures that the iron will glide easily over your clothes, regardless of their thickness. An ergonomic handle and simple controls complement this feature.

The Morphy Richards 333020 can power through your ironing with 100 g/min steam generation. Not only that, but it has a special water spray feature that helps effectively disperse the substance and make short work of creases.

Some useful safety and maintenance features include an accessible water tank and a replaceable anti-scale cartridge that should improve the device’s life. The container is 1L which should minimise refilling effort. Moreover, the 1.8m power cord gives you movement flexibility.


  • Durable stainless steel soleplate for effective use
  • Ample steam generation at 100 g/min
  • Additional water spray to help tackle tough creases
  • Includes a replaceable anti-scale cartridge
  • Power cord length of 1.8m


  • The entire unit could be quite heavy
  • It may take a while to heat up fully

Tower T22006 (Best for Versatility)

The flexible controls of this product will help if you iron different clothes and fabrics. It has an adjustable thermostat so you can get the ideal steam temperature for various thicknesses of materials. Furthermore, there is a vertical function which is convenient for curtains and bedding.

The Tower T22006 has a 2700W output, so you can get through your ironing pile more quickly. This is aided by the 1.5L water tank, which you can remove to refill. The hand unit has a ceramic-coated soleplate to ensure you can operate the device efficiently.

As a result, this should glide smoothly over any type of material without resistance. The main unit is relatively lightweight and easy to carry and should easily fit on your ironing board. In terms of output, it operates at a maximum of 100 g/min.


  • Ceramic-coated soleplate for smooth ironing
  • 2700W power for effective use
  • It has a vertical steam setting for things like curtains and bedding
  • Adjustable thermostat to suit different fabrics
  • Excellent 1.5L detachable water tank


  • It may not have any limescale protection
  • Some customers could have reported receiving pre-used items

Tefal Pro Express Ultimate (Best for Manoeuvrability)

This product gives a brilliant combination of power and flexibility. To blast through any creases, it has a continuous steam output of 580 g/min with an optional 600 g/min boost. For great movement, the base and hand unit are relatively compact, too.

The Tefal Pro Express Ultimate benefits from a premium Durilium Airglide soleplate, which should allow you to move over your clothes with ease. It also has a built-in auto-clean function, so you won’t have to worry about stains from the steam.

This device has a Scale Collector and a special Protect System that improve its longevity. These work together to reduce limescale and keep the iron in superb condition. The base has a secure clip that holds the hand unit in place while carrying it, making it easier to transport around your house.


  • Powerful 580 g/min continuous operation
  • It also has a 600 g/min steam boost function
  • Special protection system with a scale collector
  • Durable auto-clean soleplate for fast and smooth ironing
  • Decent power cord length of 1.7m


  • The water container may be flimsy
  • There might not be any power cord storage

Philips PerfectCare Performer (Best for Design)

If you have a smaller ironing board or less storage space, the compact design of this unit might be ideal. It has a length of just 37cm, so it should easily fit on top of your setup. Despite this, it’s still highly usable with an array of fantastic features.

For example, the Philips PerfectCare Performer uses OptimalTEMP technology. This means the steam is automatically adjusted and should never burn your clothes. Additionally, the absence of a temperature control reduces the hassle and inconvenience when ironing various garments.

The base output is 120 g/min to help you tackle those annoying creases. However, if you encounter tough lines, a special steam boost temporarily pumps it up to 420 g/min. Lastly, you can use the vertical feature for more oversized items like bedding and curtains.


  • Optional vertical steam generation for curtains and hanging clothes
  • 120 g/min standard output with a 420 g/min steam boost
  • OptimalTEMP technology to reduce the chance of burns
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • No temperature dial for convenient use


  • The water tank may not be the largest
  • It might not slide easily on some types of clothes

How to Choose a Steam Generator Iron

As you can see, there are many different styles of steam generator irons. And if you have never purchased or used one before, don’t worry. We have used our expert knowledge to provide a short buying guide below with the four main considerations to keep in mind.


It’s imperative to realise that steam generator irons are much larger than traditional dry models in most cases. This is because they often have a separate water tank unit in addition to the device itself. The container is usually bulky and may not even sit on the end of your board.

Therefore, we advise checking the dimensions of your product and comparing it with the size of the tank. You should then be able to see if it can fit on top or if it is too chunky.

Steam Generation

Next, how much steam can the item generate? This is measured in grams per minute: the higher the rating, the more effective the device should be.

The minimum you should look for is 100 g/min, but there are irons with far greater output than this. Additionally, some have a special boost feature that gives a short, compressed blast of steam that can be useful for tackling extremely tough creases.

If you iron clothes or things like suits and dresses for work, a higher generation rate could be more beneficial to ensure you get the best results.


An array of features we advise looking for could make using a steam generator iron more manageable.

Firstly, check the tank and see how easy it is to refill. What capacity does it have, and how is the iron connected to it? Secondly, does it have any different modes? Some models come with a dry function if you have clothes that don’t have many creases.

Many products include features that prevent limescale build-up in the tank, which helps improve longevity and durability.


Lastly, how easy is the iron to use? Several factors affect this—for example, the length of the pipe connecting the unit to the water tank. A short cord may limit your flexibility and movement.

Additionally, is there anything like a thermostat so you can change the temperature to suit different fabrics and types of clothes? Such settings will give you a more effortless ironing experience.


The Morphy Richards 332014 is our pick for the best steam generator iron with its fantastic array of features, large tank capacity, and excellent steam output. For effective and safe operation, the iron locks securely to its base to prevent accidents. Moreover, with a maximum volume of 200 g/min and variable settings, you can tackle your clothes pile quickly and get rid of even the toughest creases. This product has an auto-clean feature with limescale protection that improves the longevity of the tubes and water tank and reduces the unit’s overall maintenance time.

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