Best Standing Desks

best standing desks

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If you work long hours in an office, you will understand the pain and monotony of sitting at a desk all day. It can be boring and tiring. It could also strain your body. Investing in a standing desk is a great way to change this and break your working habits. These items have adjustable height features so you can jump out of your chair, stand up, and enjoy a more varied and productive day in the office or at home. If this is something you feel could be beneficial, we have listed seven superb products for your consideration in the below guide.

How We Compared Standing Desks

To find the right standing desks, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Method
  • Workspace
  • Adjustability
  • Durability

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Standing Desk Reviews

FLEXISPOT Electric Height (Editor’s Choice)

This product is ideal if you want a permanent fixture where you can easily change from standing to sitting. It features a full-sized workspace and is supported by a durable metal frame and legs. The height is adjustable up to 121cm.

The FLEXISPOT Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk has a spacious worktop with more than enough room for two monitors, a laptop, and all your peripherals. You should still have space left for accessories and a coffee mug, too.

It has a motorised lift system to conveniently change the working height. Other useful features include hanging hooks for things like headphones and a cable storage system. The rounded edges of the main desk also help reduce nasty bumps.


  • Large single-piece working area
  • Adjustable height up to 121cm with an electric motor lift
  • Durable steel frame to provide fantastic support
  • Detachable storage box underneath for cables
  • It includes various side hooks to hang accessories


  • Some customers may have found liquid leaking from the control panel
  • The height adjustments could be slow

Yo-Yo 120 Height (Luxury Choice)

The large workspace of this extender is brilliant for those who like to spread out. For example, you could easily fit two big monitors plus a laptop on the 120cm wide platform. It also has a sleek and durable finish that should last for ages.

The Yo-Yo Desk 120 has another tray underneath, which supports your mouse and keyboard. It hangs at just the right angle and height from the top surface. In terms of adjustments, both sections can be changed. The overall distance is between 15-50cm, while you can alter the keyboard base from 0-36cm.

Additionally, the main system uses a premium-grade aluminium gas spring mechanism which is smooth and easy to operate. You can also get this product in a stylish black or white finish.


  • Extension design that sits on top of a flat surface like a desk
  • Multiple adjustments with 15 different configurations
  • Made from metal and engineered wood
  • The workspace can accommodate up to three monitors
  • Separate tray for your keyboard and mouse


  • It could be quite heavy to lift
  • Installation may be difficult with one person

VIVO 32 Inch Converter (Best Value)

This portable extension could be a brilliant alternative if you don’t want an entirely new desk. It sits neatly on top of an existing surface and has an adjustable height from 4.5 to 20”. Moreover, the simple touch mechanism allows you to quickly change the setup to suit your needs or for different people.

The VIVO 32 Inch Desk Converter is constructed from high grade steel and designed to last. Moreover, it benefits from two large working areas. The bottom one has a curved edge to place less pressure on your wrists and can comfortably fit a keyboard and mouse.

The top platform is also large and fits any size monitor. We like that the two different sections rise and lower in sync. As a result, you don’t have to waste time fiddling with the components and trying to get an ergonomic setup.


  • Large surface area for keyboard and monitor
  • Dual-tier worktop to keep items at an ergonomic height
  • Lift-assist system to easily change the height
  • The unit can be changed from 4.5” to 20” to suit different people
  • Made from durable materials


  • Some customers may have reported missing components
  • It might not give great arm support

FEZIBO Height Adjustable (Best Design)

This product’s stylish design and two-tier workspace look great and give you superior working flexibility. At the front, you can easily place a full-size keyboard and mouse. While on each side, there are two large storage drawers for your office essentials.

The FEZIBO Standing Desk allows you to get the perfect stance with its automatic lift system. This works at the push of a button and has a variable height of 70 to 117cm. Everything is supported by a sturdy steel frame made from industrial-grade materials.

The desk includes a cable management tray and several hooks to keep your workplace organised, so you can hang items like headphones. Additionally, if you want to move the unit, it has 360-degree rotatable castors.


  • Complete standing desk unit
  • Adjustable height from 70 to 117cm
  • Two-tier workspace for ergonomic organisation
  • The back part includes two drawers
  • It also has cable management and hanging hooks


  • It may take some time to assemble
  • Some customers might have found damaged parts on delivery

Fenge 2 Tiers (Best for Easy Assembly)

If you have a dual-monitor setup and need to utilise your workspace, the large top platform of this extender is ideal. You can comfortably fit two items side-by-side, even with wide stands. Moreover, at the front, you’ll find a handy slot for your smartphone.

The Fenge 2 Tiers Standing Desk sits conveniently on top of another surface and has an adjustable height from 12.5 to 51.1cm. Therefore, you should easily be able to configure it to find an ergonomic standing position.

We like that there is a separate tray underneath the main workspace too. This gives plenty of room to place a full-sized keyboard and mouse. The metal frame is also durable, and the wide legs make it sturdy when sitting on a larger desk.


  • Large 91.5cm workspace
  • It has an adjustable range of 12.5 to 51.1cm
  • Dual-tier system with a big keyboard and mouse area
  • It also includes a smartphone holder
  • Sturdy build quality and can hold up to 10kg in weight


  • There could be a little wobble when using the keyboard
  • Some customers might have reported faulty piston mechanisms

BONTEC Mobile Workstation (Best for Manoeuvrability)

The multi-tier design of this item is superb if you want to store other accessories as you work. In total, it has four different platforms. The bottom one could be suitable for a bag or laptop case. There are then two top pieces for your mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

The BONTEC Mobile Workstation looks fantastic and has a sturdy metal frame to support the platforms. Additionally, the height can be adjusted using simple pressure screws from 95 to 139cm. The top sections have an ample maximum load capacity of 20kg so that you can use any type of monitor and keyboard.

If you want to work in different areas, the unit is equipped with four universal wheels. This means you can simply push it around. For stability, however, a built-in locking mechanism also clamps the castors in place.


  • Four different desk tiers to store accessories
  • Easy to move due to the rolling castors
  • Height adjustable from 95 to 139cm
  • The main keyboard area is incredibly spacious
  • The upper platforms can cope with a weight of 20kg each


  • It may not be wide enough for a dual-monitor setup
  • The instructions could be difficult to follow

FITUEYES Height Adjustable (Best for Portability)

If you regularly move around and work at different desks or offices, the compact and portable design of this option could be ideal for your needs. The legs fold away neatly underneath the worktop, and it doesn’t weigh much, so anyone should be able to lift it.

The FITUEYES Standing Desk is an extension that sits on top of other surfaces. It can then adjust from 5.5 to 41cm and thus is suitable for people of any height. The mechanism is easy to understand, and you can readily configure it according to your needs.

The worktop is large and big enough to fit a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to ensure an ergonomic office desk. Additionally, it is available in two different finishes – black or brown  – to suit your preferred style.


  • Lightweight and foldable design that is easy to carry
  • It arrives fully assembled
  • You should be able to fit a monitor, keyboard, and mouse easily
  • Adjustable height from 5.5 to 41cm
  • Made from durable materials


  • It could be a little unstable on some surfaces
  • The height mechanism may sometimes be stiff

How to Choose a Standing Desk

As you can see, a wide range of standing desks is available. They also follow some radically varying designs, which makes selecting an appropriate model tricky. To reduce the confusion, we have created a short buying guide below with four main considerations.


First, there are two very different types of standing desks available, and understanding the variance is critical.

On the one hand, you can find entire standing desk units that do not need any other equipment to rest on or operate. They are much larger and typically have adjustable legs, so you can change the height to find a comfortable working position.

On the other, there are standing desk extensions. They are much smaller items that sit on top of another surface, like a traditional sitting desk, a workbench, or a dining table. The idea is that they give greater flexibility and movement with the option to stand without investing in an entirely new unit. However, the downside is that they have a comparatively smaller working area.


The actual working area you have to play with should be considered too. Look at what you typically use on your desk. Do you need space for computer equipment like a monitor, keyboard, and mouse? Perhaps you require more room for arts and crafts or manual tasks?

Think about what you intend to do with the desk – you should then be able to pick one that has a suitable workspace.


The flexibility and adjustments you can make with the desk are vital too. The main principle of these products is that they allow you to work ergonomically without putting too much strain on your body. Therefore, can the desk be set at a height that suits you?

Aside from the height adjustment, standing desks sometimes have other useful features like removable storage racks, drawers, and two-tier desk space. As a result, think about how you work comfortably and the amount of adjustability you require.


Lastly, can the product withstand wear and tear and vigorous use? You don’t want to buy an item that falls apart after a few weeks or feels like it could buckle under a little pressure.

Check the description and see what materials the desks are made from. Do they have durable metal components? How thick is the worktop? Make sure you choose something that will stand up to how often you will operate it.


Our top pick is the FLEXISPOT Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk with its ample working space, ergonomic design, and superb features. Firstly, it has a variable height of up to 121cm, and this is operated by a durable electric system supported by an industrial-grade steel frame. It has a large desktop for comfortable work. Additional accessories include a cable tray management system and an array of hooks for hanging your headphones or a bag. All in all, this is a comprehensive product that offers fantastic working conditions and standing capabilities.

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