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Considering most people spend time on their sofa regularly, selecting one that is comfortable and, of course, functional should be a top priority. Couches come in all shapes, sizes and colours, often making it difficult to find the ideal option for your home and needs. That’s why we created a top seven list to help you choose the perfect piece of furniture for you to lounge and possibly even sleep on in your living room.  

How We Compared Sofas

To find the right sofas, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Seating 
  • Dimensions
  • Materials
  • Style and Colour
  • Comfort
  • Versatility

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Sofa Reviews

Honeypot Verona 2C2 (Editor’s Choice)

This selection has an L-shaped design that seats up to five people simultaneously. It is handmade and built from quality materials. 

The Honeypot Verona 2C2 sofa features an expert design and top-quality craftsmanship. It has foam-filled cushions and plush scatter back pillows that make it comfortable for lounging. The couch is covered in soft grey polyester fabric. 

Button-tufted scroll arms further increase relaxation in this piece of furniture. The entire structure is held up by a solid wood frame with stylish chrome feet. It is both stable and supportive. Removable cushion covers help make routine cleaning more manageable and effective. 


  • Soft grey polyester fabric upholstery
  • Comfortable foam-filled cushions
  • Solid wood frame with chrome feet for stable support
  • Plush scatter back pillow design
  • The expansive L-shape seats up to five people


  • It could be too large for smaller spaces 
  • This option might be too firm for some preferences 
  • The stitching may prove to be less durable than hoped

Honeypot Bergen Corner (Luxury Choice)

This option has a contemporary style that looks stunning in any home’s decor. This sizable, U-shaped couch seats up to six people.

The Honeypot Bergen Corner Sofa is grey with a black base and rear panel. It is available in left or right-hand corner options, so you can easily customise it to your specific space. Faux leather and soft polyester upholstery cover the cushions giving you a relaxing surface for hanging out or sleeping.  

This product’s design features added versatility with a built-in storage compartment and the ability to convert into a sofa bed. One of the arms also reclines to form one expansive flat surface. As a bonus, complimentary set-up by a two-person delivery team comes with your purchase, so you won’t have to worry about assembling it yourself. 


  • Expansive convertible sleeping surface
  • Additional storage compartment 
  • Faux leather and soft polyester upholstery
  • Comes with complimentary set-up by a two-person delivery team
  • The oversized U-shape seats up to six people


  • It may be too large for some restricted spaces
  • The cushions might be too firm for some preferences
  • This selection could show wear and tear faster than expected

Cherry Tree Furniture Campbell (Best Value)

This three-seater option is built with an L-shape featuring a reversible chaise. It is excellent for smaller spaces and comes in various colours so you can style it to suit your living room. 

The Cherry Tree Furniture Campbell sofa was designed with a lounge portion that can easily be switched from one side to the other as you please. This extra layer of versatility contributes to additional comfort and functionality. A wood frame maintains support and durability. 

The soft fabric upholstery that covers this couch comes in light grey, green, dark grey, or beige. You can expect a simple assembly process with this product regardless of which colour you choose. 


  • Detached chaise for enhanced versatility
  • Available in four different colour options
  • The three-seater design is excellent for smaller spaces
  • Soft fabric upholstery with a wood frame
  • Simple assembly process


  • The cushions may take some time to expand fully
  • It could be too small for some families
  • This option may prove to have a shorter lifespan than other top options

HOMCOM Modern Loveseat (Best Small)

If you are searching for a compact sofa, this space-saving design model makes an excellent choice. It has a simple, modern style that seats two people and looks fantastic in smaller rooms and spaces.

The HOMCOM Modern Loveseat was built with a wooden frame and legs to establish extra support and reliable durability. It has an armless bench style with a tall padded back. The grey polyester upholstery has a linen feel, and the top portion features extra stitching to create texture and added detail. 

A thick sponge padding creates a comfortable seat cushion. Thanks to the simple design, there are no pillows to readjust on the back. If you prefer, this couch is also available in black colour. 


  • The compact size is fantastic for smaller spaces
  • Simple and modern design
  • Thick sponge padding
  • Armless bench-style two-seater
  • Strong wooden legs and frame


  • The lack of armrests might not suit everyone’s style preferences
  • It may not be the most comfortable option
  • This product’s wooden frame could make creaking noises

Intex 68575 Modern (Best Inflatable)

This blow-up couch makes an outstanding temporary solution for moving or taking outside. It is easy to transport from one place to another, and its large size seats four to five people. 

The Intex 68575 Modern Inflatable sofa is configured in an L-shape. It has a beige flocked top that is waterproof and prevents slipping. Deep seats paired with wide armrests allow you to lounge comfortably with friends. 

Surprisingly, this couch has a 400 kg weight capacity despite its blow-up design. It comes with a 2-in-1 valve that facilitates inflation and deflation. The nozzle features an extra-wide opening to decrease the time needed for set-up. 


  • Easy to manoeuvre and transport
  • A wide 2-in-1 valve facilitates rapid inflation and deflation
  • A waterproof flocked top prevents slippage
  • Deep seats and wide armrests for added comfort
  • L-shaped corner design seats four to five people


  • It may not be ideal for long-term use
  • This product could provide relatively less support than other top options
  • You might need to add more air occasionally

Honeypot Viva (Best for Versatility)

We love that this two-seater sofa comes in a vibrant teal colour. It has a simple design that looks great in almost any decor and works as a beautiful statement piece.

The Honeypot Viva couch easily converts into a bed, giving you added versatility. It also features storage space beneath the seat so you can keep extra pillows and blankets organised and retained when they are not in use. This selection’s expert design is built from quality materials, including a solid wood frame. 

This sofa is covered in plush polyester fabric upholstery that is soft to the touch. It has foam-filled cushioning for your comfort and is also available in blue, grey, and plush grey colours. For convenience, complimentary set-up by a two-person delivery team comes included with your purchase. 


  • It easily converts into a bed
  • Plush polyester fabric upholstery in various colour options
  • Complimentary set up upon arrival
  • Additional storage beneath the seat
  • Built from quality materials


  • It could be firmer than other options
  • The seat height might be too low for some users
  • This product’s armrests may be harder than expected

Honeypot Shannon 3 + 2 Seater Set (Best for Comfort)

When one sofa is not enough, this expertly designed selection could make the ideal choice. It comes with two matching pieces of furniture that provide you with a snug feel and enhanced relaxation. 

Each piece of the Honeypot Shannon 3 + 2 Seater Set is covered in black faux leather and soft polyester upholstery. They are designed with round arms, a pillow back, and thick foam-filled cushions. Built with quality materials, you can expect this product to remain comfortable for some time. 

The solid wood frame used to construct these couches is held up by stylish chrome feet. Together, they create a stable and supportive base for both pieces of furniture in this set. You can remove the cushion covers to help make cleaning more accessible.


  • This matching set is great for larger spaces
  • Set up by the delivery team included with purchase
  • Thick cushioning for a snug feel
  • Removable cushion covers
  • Expert design made from quality materials


  • You might need to readjust the back cushions frequently 
  • The level of support could decrease over time
  • This selection may not be ideal for smaller rooms

How to Choose a Sofa

The best way to pick a sofa is to compare prominent features in the top options. Look for the following product characteristics to determine which model will make the ideal selection for you and your home. 


One of the first things to consider when purchasing a new couch is how many people you want to use it with at once. Sofas have anywhere from two to six seats. How many places do you think you will use on a regular basis? Also, do you need additional seating for guests? Once you determine the ideal number, choosing a suitable model will be much easier. 


In addition to the capacity, you should consider a couch’s overall dimensions. Furniture should be able to fit into a room without overpowering the space or looking too tiny. Choose a sofa that will complement your living space’s specific shape and size. If you have a smaller home, you may want to opt for a more compact model. 


The materials used to construct a sofa play a significant role in its durability. Couches made with top-quality components will have a longer lifespan and provide you with more sustained support. You will find a solid wood frame and rugged upholstery on many products, and as such, you can anticipate them being long-lasting options. 

Style and Colour

As with any piece of furniture, couches come in varying designs and colours. A sofa is often the most prominent fixture in a room, so choose one that suits your personal style. Products range from minimalist to contemporary to luxurious. Which approach is right for your aesthetic?

As for colour, many top models come in a neutral tone like grey or beige because it makes blending them with other hues in your home simpler. However, you have plenty of options if you prefer a more vibrant shade. 


A sofa should be comfortable for sitting and maybe even sleeping. True, some people prefer form over functionality, but that is a personal decision. If you plan on frequently spending time on your new couch, choose a model that looks good and is enjoyable for resting. Deep seat cushions, thick back pillows, and padded arms all make a product more relaxing and plush overall. 


Versatility in a piece of furniture is not considered essential. However, a multifaceted design can be pretty convenient for several reasons. 

Couches that transform into a bed could be highly beneficial if you often have house guests. You can convert many new products into a sleeping surface by simply sliding out and raising the base. Unlike sofa beds of the past that contained uncomfortable innerspring mattresses, more contemporary models use the existing cushioning and are pretty comfortable for sleeping. 

Some new models also feature discreet storage beneath the cushions. This trait is particularly handy if you are short on space. An extra compartment also makes a fantastic place to keep extra blankets, pillows, or even seasonal decorations or clothing. 


Our preferred selection is the Honeypot Verona 2C2 sofa. This outstanding option sits atop a solid wood frame with chrome feet giving it a sturdy feel and a stylish appearance that compliments any decor. It features scatter back pillows and foam-filled cushions covered by soft grey polyester fabric upholstery. This couch is pleasingly comfortable, and its expansive L-shape seats up to five people making it a welcome addition to larger rooms. 

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