Best Shredders

Best Shredders

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Quickly and safely disposing of paper waste and sensitive items can be tricky. We can’t be the only ones who have wasted time cutting up old utility bills with a pair of scissors, right? If this sounds all-too-familiar and you want a better way to destroy your documents, a shredder could be the perfect product. With powerful cutting blades, they dissect things like paper, cards, and even credit cards. If you could benefit from one of these electrical devices, we have hand-picked seven of the best options on the market.

How We Compared Shredders

To find the right shredders, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Page Capacity
  • Shredding Power
  • Size and Weight
  • Ease of Use
  • Shredding Type

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Shredder Reviews

Amazon Basics 12-Sheet (Editor’s Choice)

This shredder is a brilliant, well-rounded model suitable for home or office use. It combines a simple, ergonomic design, fantastic shredding capabilities, and minimalistic controls.

The Amazon Basics 12-Sheet is built to cut through paper fast. This is down to its 12-sheet capacity and the fact that it can also destroy CDs, DVDs, and credit cards.

When dealing with larger quantities of shredding, the 10-minute continuous runtime will also prove invaluable. This is complemented by the simple 4-mode switch that allows you to change between auto, off, reverse, and forward controls. You can also easily see when there is an issue as the device has various indicator lights to show if it’s overheated.


  • Uses a micro-cut process to achieve a P4 security level
  • This model can be operated for 10 minutes continuously
  • It can accommodate 12-sheets of 9kg thickness paper at once
  • The top contains various indicator dials for safe usage
  • It has a simple 4-switch operation


  • The paper drawer could sometimes be tricky to open
  • You may notice the occasional strange noise

Bonsaii Heavy Duty 18-Sheet (Luxury Choice)

If you want a product that has excellent durability and can cope with prolonged use, this is a great shredder, thanks to its fantastic one-hour continuous operation time. As a result, this model is brilliant for larger businesses with significant shredding needs.

For ease of use, the Bonsaii Heavy Duty Paper Shredder has a viewing window on the waste bin and LED dials so you can see the current status. We also like that you can feed 18 sheets of paper at once, drastically reducing shredding time and improving office productivity.

The wastebasket, at 23L, has a large capacity, too. This means that it can hold approximately 400 sheets of A4 paper shredded, thus requiring less frequent emptying.


  • It can be operated without overheating for one hour
  • This model has an excellent 18-page shredding capacity
  • Cuts items into small 5x40mm cross-cut strips
  • It can easily be moved using the 4x castors
  • The unit has a low noise rating of 62dB


  • This product could be heavy to move without the castors
  • Excess paper may cling to the underside of the blades

Bonsaii 6-Sheet (Best Value)

This is a good pick if you want an easy-to-use model with uncomplicated controls, as it comes with a single-button operation. All you have to do is switch it from auto-start or manual reverse, and you are good to go.

The Bonsaii Paper Shredder is a relatively small product and weighs 6.39lbs. It is only 36.2cm, so you can easily store it in a cupboard or on your desk.

Despite its compact size, this unit has excellent shredding capabilities. You can feed 6-sheets at once, and it destroys items to a P3 security level. We also like that there is no need to remove staples, and the appliance can also dismantle credit cards.


  • This shredder has simple auto-start and manual reverse controls
  • It can also cut paper and credit cards
  • The dissecting process results in a P3 security level
  • The unit also has a built-in overload protection system
  • Stylish and compact design


  • It may be quite noisy during operation
  • The paper could bunch up underneath the blades

Bonsaii Cross Cut 10-Sheet (Best Multi Purpose)

This option is ideal if you need some flexibility. It can be used for either home or office purposes and can also destroy other objects besides paper, including credit cards, staples, and paperclips.

The Bonsaii Cross Cut Paper Shredder will be able to cut into tiny pieces ten sheets of 80g paper at once. We also like the small waste item size, which is 40x5mm. As a result, this product offers an outstanding level of security for dismantling sensitive documents.

For functionality, this model has an auto-start and manual-reverse control, meaning you can simply switch the power on and start feeding through paper. Also, if it does jam, the reverse feature allows for a quick solution. 


  • It can also destroy credit and plastic cards
  • This model has a cross-cut process
  • Includes an advanced cooling system to prevent overheating
  • It also has a simple operation with an auto-start feature
  • You can check the fullness easily with the viewing window


  • Staples may sometimes still have to be removed
  • The credit card shredding may be quite slow

Bonsaii Office (Best for Low Noise)

A shredder with a limited noise level could be beneficial if you work in a busy office environment. This unit ticks this box and has a host of other valuable features like its controls, design, and cutting capacity.

The Bonsaii Office Shredder is mounted on four castors and thus can easily be wheeled to different locations. Also, it has a large viewing window and clear icons that show the various materials you can shred.

In terms of processing, this model can cope with 14-sheets at once. It can also shred CDs, DVDs, credit cards (one per pass), staples, and paperclips. 


  • You can use this shredder for 30-minutes continuously
  • It also has a noise rating of less than 58dB
  • The unit can destroy 14 sheets of paper simultaneously
  • It has a built-in paper-jam clear function
  • Large viewing window to check when the tray is full


  • It could be difficult to remove the drawer to empty the unit
  • The product may eventually develop a squeaking noise

Fellowes 6M Mini-Cut (Best Compact)

If you want a shredder that is compact but can still destroy items at a fast rate, this is a brilliant option. It can cope with six sheets simultaneously but is not limited to paper. You can also use it to dispose of credit cards, staples, and paper clips.

The Fellowes Paper Shredder has a large viewing window on the bin, allowing you to see when it needs emptying. This usability is furthered by the simple control panel and the special safety lock that prevents accidental use.

This product destroys documents using a mini-cut process to ensure they are unreadable. Thanks to this feature, you can shred a single sheet of A4 paper into hundreds of small pieces.


  • The product weighs only 3.5kg and is easy to lift
  • It can also shred credit cards, staples, and paper clips
  • This item uses a mini-cut shredding process for better security
  • Includes a safety lock to prevent accidental operation
  • Compact design for easy storage


  • The appliance may only have a continuous run time of 5 minutes
  • The plastic bucket may be too light

AURORA AS424C (Best Mini)

Not everyone wants a huge unit that takes up valuable space in their office or home. If that’s your case, this product could be a suitable option. It has a compact design with the longest measurement of just 25.2cm.

The AURORA AS424C Shredder looks great and is our best mini and portable pick. For ease of use, it has a fully transparent waste bin, making it easy to see exactly when it needs emptying. Also, the controls are simple, and you can operate the unit using the single function button.

In terms of capabilities, this product can shred 4-sheets simultaneously, and the bin has a 5L capacity. Also, it cuts to a P3 security level.


  • It has the largest dimension of just 25.2cm
  • The shredding process results in Security Level P3
  • For visibility, the entire waste bin is transparent
  • This unit has simple controls on the top section
  • The dissecting uses a cross-cut motion


  • It may only be suitable for occasional shredding
  • The waste may sometimes get stuck under the blades

How to Choose a Shredder

There are many features to consider when choosing a shredder. You can see this from the seven products listed above. As a result, you may be confused or struggling to pick the right model. To help, we have created a simple buying guide below.

Page Capacity

One of the first features to look for is the page capacity. This means how many sheets you can dismantle at once. For example, some products can shred 12-sheets of 9kg thickness paper simultaneously.

A suitable page capacity depends on your requirements. For home models, this item may only be used occasionally, and thus shredding bulk may not matter. In contrast, a business dealing with hundreds of sensitive documents might need maximum output and, therefore, a higher capacity.

Shredding Power

Next, look at the output of the device. By this, we mean what materials it can shred – not how many. 

Some models can only destroy paper, for example. Alternatively, many shredders can accommodate credit cards, CDs, and DVDs. The shredding force again depends on your typical usage. Homeowners are likely to only need paper shredding, whereas a specialist business could need something stronger.

Size and Weight

Shredders are available in a myriad of dimensions. Some are compact and can fit neatly in a storage cupboard. In contrast, there are also industrial/business-size units that are much larger.

Think about where you intend to store the shredder and measure the space to precisely know how much room you potentially have available. You can then buy a suitable product that fits perfectly.

The weight is also important in case you have to move the model to different locations. For example, you may need a shredder in various offices within your business. If it’s too heavy, it could present a potential safety issue.

Ease of Use

How easy the shredder is to use should also be considered. Most products have a simple on/off switch. Once your device is active, you simply feed paper into the jaws, and this is pulled through automatically. There is also typically a reverse switch if you experience a jam.

Aside from this, how easy is the main compartment to empty? Does the top pull off so you can tip the paper tub into a recycling bin? Look at the shredder and see if you think it will be simple to use.

Shredding Type

There are two main types of shredding: cross-cut and micro-cut. 

Cross-cut models dissect the items into long, thin strips. While this process is effective, micro-cut is certainly the most secure shredding method as it cuts paper into much tinier pieces – approximately 10-times smaller. The downside is that micro-cut processing takes longer and results in a slower dissecting time.


Our Editor’s choice is the Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Shredder. This product has everything you need and is suitable for either home or office use. Thanks to its height of 50.9cm, you can store it underneath a desk or in a cupboard to reduce clutter. We also like that it features a micro-cut process that provides a P4 security level if you need compliancy. This appliance also has a 10-minute continuous run time for large amounts of shredding.

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