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best safes

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

We often need to store valuables in our homes or workplaces – cash, important documents, or even jewellery. Having these things in plain sight or hidden in drawers is never a good idea and dramatically increases the chance of them being stolen in the case of a burglary. A personal safe is a great product to own for peace of mind and security. In this guide, we have picked the seven best options for your consideration.

How We Compared Safes

To find the right safes, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size & Weight
  • Capacity
  • Lock Mechanism
  • Other Features

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Safe Reviews

Amazon Basics Home (Editor’s Choice)

This safe offers just what you want from this type of product. It is easy to use, has good security, and is suitable for home and office installation.

The Amazon Basics Home Safe is our top pick. With a 51L internal capacity, this large unit can hold all your valuables, including digital cameras, drones, tablets, and smartphones. It is great for documents like wills and birth certificates.

For security, it is made from heavy-duty carbon steel, and the door has two live locking bolts. Additionally, the hinges are pry-resistant and concealed to further prevent tampering. The keypad is programmable and has a backup key for emergencies. Lastly, you can mount it on the floor or a wall with the pre-drilled holes and fixtures.


  • Large internal capacity of 51L
  • Includes a programmable electronic keypad
  • It has a backup key for emergency use
  • Made from heavy-duty carbon steel
  • The doors have two live bolts for improved security


  • It may not have the most appealing design
  • It could be quite heavy to lift initially

Master Lock SFW205GPC (Luxury Choice)

This is an excellent choice if you want a large safe with some of the most advanced security features for work or home use. It has a spacious interior with dimensions of 49.8 x 37.6 x 30.2cm, giving plenty of room for larger valuables like DSLR cameras and tablets.

The Master Lock SFW205GPC has a durable construction which includes a steel box and six solid metal locking bolts in the door. Furthermore, the door also has a pry-resistant hinge to prevent tampering. Lastly, when the safe is closed, it has bolt-down hardware.

Aside from this, the unit is fireproof and water resistant. It offers 1-hour protection up to temperatures of 927 degrees Celsius and water security for submersion in up to 20cm for 24 hours. These features are UL and ETL verified.


  • It has a fireproof and water-resistant design
  • Includes six live locking bolts for excellent security
  • The large interior is spacious for all your valuables
  • It also has a programmable digital combination lock
  • The door has a pry-resistant hinge bar


  • It may be heavy to lift and install
  • Some customers may have reported minor damage to the exterior

Yale YSV/250/DB1 (Best Value)

This model is a solid choice if you want a versatile safe that combines portability, security features, and usability. It is a smaller product ideal for storing typical valuables like a passport, birth certificates, wills, bank cards, cash, and keys.

The Yale YSV/250/DB1 looks fantastic and has a sleek black finish. Moreover, it benefits from a simple but effective keypad. This can be quickly programmed with a combination, and the LED lights clearly show which numbers you have entered.

We like that it has a steel box construction and 15mm solid locking bolts on the door. If you have issues with the keypad, it comes with an override key. This safe can be floor or wall mounted for convenient installation and comes with all the necessary fixtures.


  • Compact design perfect for home use
  • It has a simple digital keypad with LED light indicators
  • The door has 15mm steel locking bolts
  • The internal capacity is 16L
  • This unit has a durable and secure steel construction


  • It may have a limited interior capacity
  • The instructions may not be easy to follow

Display4top Security Steel (Best for Versatility)

This product is for you if you’re searching for a simple, compact safe for a few valuables at home or work. It has overall dimensions of 23 x 17 x 17cm, an internal capacity of 4.6L, and weighs 4kg. As a result, it should be adequate to store things like jewellery, cash, passports, and small digital equipment.

The Display4top Safe Box has a durable construction and is made from solid steel. Likewise, the door comes with locking bolts to complement this. We like that the exterior has an anti-corrosion and stain-resistant finish, improving its longevity.

For easy installation, this product has pre-drilled holes. As a result, you can mount it on a wall or secure it to the base of a cupboard or floor. This feature improves the security and means it is less likely to be carried away.


  • The casing is made from reinforced solid steel
  • The door has steel locking bolts
  • It also has an anti-corrosion and stain-resistant finish
  • Includes pre-drilled holes for floor or wall mounting
  • Compact size that can easily fit in cupboards


  • It may not have a huge internal capacity
  • The instructions may not be clear

Hyfive Safebox For Home (Best for Sturdiness)

If you want a robust safe with various anti-tamper methods to protect your most precious valuables, this is a solid option. The solid steel wall construction and locking bolts mean it is hard to break into by brute force or by dropping it from a height, for example.

Furthermore, the Hyfive Safebox has an effective locking system, including a high-security keypad for which you can choose a combination of numbers (from 3 to 8). Therefore, it reduces the chance of randomly guessing the code as it can have millions of potential sequences.

This product includes two manual keys if you have access issues. Similarly, we like that it comes with the batteries required to operate the keypad. In terms of size, it measures 17 x 23 x 17cm and weighs 2.7kg.


  • It includes two spare keys for emergencies
  • The safe box is made from solid steel wall construction
  • It has a high-security lock pad where you can choose a combo between 3 to 8 numbers
  • The unit includes anchor fixtures for secure mounting
  • Batteries are included for operating the keypad


  • The turn handle to open could feel a little weak
  • Some customers may have reported dead batteries on delivery

Yale Y-MS0000NFP (Best for Ease of Use)

This option is perfect if you want a no-fuss safe that is easy to use and install, thanks to the simple keypad that can quickly be programmed with your own code. Moreover, the LCD display makes it easy to see the code and prevents accidental entry errors.

The Yale Y-MS0000NFP is a brilliant compact model with a 16L capacity. Therefore, it is great for storing basic valuables like small jewellery, passports, cash, and digital equipment like a smartphone and camera. The interior has a single open space with no shelves inside.

For security, it includes two manual override keys and instructions for the master code and how to program your own number. We like that it has fixtures to mount the chassis onto a wall or floor for extra safety.


  • It features a programmable keypad with an LCD display
  • The interior has a soft lining to prevent valuable damage
  • Two manual keys are included for accidental lockout
  • You can fix the unit to a wall or floor
  • Great for home or office use


  • The internal capacity may not be the largest
  • You could notice a little door movement

Master Lock FHW40300EURHRO (Best for Durability)

You should consider this option if you want a safe primarily for fire protection. Its durable chassis is fireproof and UL/ETL verified. Therefore, it offers 30 minutes of security and can keep items like papers, documents, CDs, and USB sticks safe.

The Master Lock FHW40300EURHRO is waterproof, and It has been verified for water submersion, making it great for use in regularly flooding areas.

Aside from the protective measures, this safe is easy to use and has some great features. For example, its spacious interior can hold A4 documents lying flat. The programmable digital combination lock has a non-changeable master combo and a resettable combo. We also like the shape and design of this unit. It may not have any fixtures, but it can be placed in the bottom of a wardrobe or storage cupboard.


  • It has a top-opening design for quick access
  • Includes advanced fire and water protection
  • Programmable digital combination lock
  • The interior is spacious and can hold A4 documents
  • Great for storage in wardrobes and cupboards


  • It may be a little heavy to install
  • The lid may not fit well to the base

How to Choose a Safe

There are many safe designs and functions, which can make picking the right one tricky. Fear not – we have created a short buying guide below. Here we discuss the main factors to consider before making your choice.

Size & Weight

Firstly, think about where you want to install the safe. Perhaps it will sit in a wardrobe or cupboard? Or maybe you want it in your home office? With this in mind, you can then pick a model that fits accordingly.

Also, remember that most safes are heavy because they are made from tough materials like steel and carbon. As a result, check the product weight to ensure it can be supported when stored.


Once you have the right size and weight, does the internal capacity meet your needs? The storage amount is usually measured in litres, giving you an idea of what you can fit in it.

However, you should look one step further than this. How is the interior configured? Does it have any shelves inside that could limit the size of items you can put in it? 

Lock Mechanism

While the size and capacity are vital, so is the lock mechanism, as it is essentially the protective part of the safe and dictates how easy it is to crack. Also, it affects how quickly you can access and store your valuables.

Most safes have an electronic keypad. You then choose a random digit code that unlocks the door. Is this item easy to use? How quickly can it be reset? Is there also an emergency key if the keypad is broken or you forget the code?

Other Features

Aside from the above, also consider any additional things the safe may have. For example, how easy is it to install? Some units have rear and base brackets so that you can permanently fix them to a surface. Alternatively, others are simply free-standing.

Other potential things to look out for include the quality of the display for the keypad, an interior light inside the safe, and the positioning of the door.


Our top choice is the Amazon Basics Home Safe. This is a no-frills product that has a simple design. However, it performs brilliantly and has all the required safety features, including a programmable electronic keypad, emergency backup key, and heavy-duty carbon steel construction. This model is also easy to install due to the pre-drilled mounting holes and wall or floor placement options.

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