Best Room Dividers

Best Room Dividers

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Room dividers are handy devices that allow you to create a separate space in larger areas by adding a temporary wall. This type of partition is also ideal for enhancing privacy or the decorative aesthetic of an office or home. They come in both stand-alone and hanging designs and offer a wide range of versatility. Regardless of your preferred style, they serve as practical tools for sectioning off specific indoor and outdoor spaces. Conveniently, plenty of quality choices are available, which can complicate the selection process. This article explores top options and evaluates their key features to help you determine which units will best suit your specific needs.

How We Compared Room Dividers

To find the right room dividers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Design
  • Style
  • Size
  • Installation Ease

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Room Divider Reviews

Hartleys (Editor’s Choice)

This apparatus is ideal for creating private spaces at home or in an office area. It has a classic style and a stand-alone configuration that makes positioning straightforward and easily manipulatable. 

The Hartleys Room Divider features a solid weave for enhanced seclusion and effectiveness. It has a wicker build with a dark brown colour finish. The raffia-type weaving is handmade and looks fantastic in almost any setting. Its folding design and lightweight body also simplify storage and improve overall convenience. You can easily move it from one location to the next based on your needs. 

This unit comes with six panels, but a smaller three-section size is also available. It has 39 cm partition widths and a 170 cm height, and the bottom gap measures 8 cm. The larger model is 234 cm long when fully stretched.


  • Dark brown rattan build
  • Handmade raffia weave style
  • Three or six-panel options 
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Folds for compact storage


  • It may be less stable than other options
  • Some products could arrive with minor imperfections
  • The material might be somewhat flimsy

Murando (Luxury Choice)

Decorative by design, this folding screen is uniquely charming and has a top-rate build. It features original patterns from their artists and HD print quality for beautiful and dependable performance all around. 

The Murando Room Divider has five panels and stands 172 cm tall. It is made with a non-woven premium canvas that is 1.5 cm thick and comes in various decorative patterns. The material has a nice texture and facilitates a perfect shape for the image on the fabric. The structure has no visible staples, and single or double-sided printing options are available. The paint used is no-smell and water-resistant. It is also non-toxic and safe for kids.  

This unit is constructed with a durable 100% wooden frame. It has two legs on each portion with practical feet to help protect against mechanical damage to the floor and structure. A satin ribbon covers the edges to help strengthen the sides. Metal hinges also create a solid mounting system for a sturdy frame. This product is available in a smaller size, and no assembly is required upon arrival, so you can start enjoying it straight out of the box. 


  • Thick canvas build
  • Beautiful decorative pattern options
  • HD quality printing 
  • Sturdy metal hinges
  • Strong wooden frame


  • It may not be suitable for outdoor use
  • This pick could be too decorative for some preferences
  • It might be more fragile than other options

VidaXL (Best Value)

If you desire a unit that not only establishes division but also adds privacy, this selection makes a fantastic choice. It is ideal for use in a bedroom or any other area you may desire compartmentalised space. 

The VidaXL Room Divider is constructed with three panels. The build features a powder-coated iron frame with a circular design on the top for added style. It is also easily foldable, allowing you to move it from one location to the next without any foreseeable issues. 

This product uses polyester fabric screens to create division with excellent blocking ability. It comes in a few neutral colour options with solid shades. The device measures 120 x 180 cm, but larger models are also available. 


  • Decorative circular pattern on top
  • Foldable design for compact storage
  • Neutral colour options 
  • Polyester fabric screen panels 
  • Strong iron frame 


  • It could be somewhat flimsier than other models 
  • Assembly may be tricky
  • It might not block light completely 

Angel Living (Best Easy to Install)

This accessory has an elegant and contemporary design that matches nearly any decor and home style. It is ideal for creating both privacy and decoration, making it a terrific pick for various needs. 

The Angel Living Room Divider features polyester fabric screens for good coverage and enhanced privacy. It has four panels and stands 165 cm tall. The steel frame is foldable and enables flexible adjustments, so it easily adapts to your changing demands. 

This selection is available in several hues, adding a bit of liveliness and colour to your space. It weighs 6.8 kg which is relatively lightweight, making it easy to move. As a bonus, this product also comes with attachment ropes and pegs included facilitating simple and secure use outdoors. 


  • Simple to manoeuvre
  • Steel framework
  • Bright and colourful options
  • Polyester screen panels 
  • Securing equipment for use outside 


  • It may be slightly shorter than other models 
  • There could be somewhat large gaps between the partitions
  • It might require some self-assembly 

Y-Step (Best for Style)

This pick makes an excellent choice if you prefer a more permanent style. It has a hanging design and lovely decorative pattern that elevates the appearance of any space. 

The Y-Step Room Divider features 12 square-shaped panels that can cover a 10.7 square foot area when combined. Each piece measures 29 x 29 cm and has a thickness of 0.5 cm. The sections are made from a white wood plastic board that is environmentally friendly and lightweight for your convenience. They are also washable and waterproof. 

This selection includesscrews, sleeves, and connection rings to facilitate an easy installation. All that is needed is a few tools. The fashionable and crisp design of this product protects privacy. Still, it lets light pass through, allowing for multipurpose use in various locations like bedrooms, offices, living rooms, restaurants, and more.


  • Decorative and crisp 
  • 12 panels with fixings 
  • Simple cleaning and care
  • Lightweight build 
  • Environmentally-friendly design 


  • It may be less portable than other options
  • Additional rings could enhance stability
  • It might require you to drill holes in the ceiling 

Lchen (Best Multifunctional)

With a white floral carving pattern, this product is gorgeous and suitable for various purposes. It is perfect as a DIY home decorating option and has an elegant feel that appeals to all kinds of preferences. 

The Lchen Room Divider comes with 12 pieces. The sections are made from 100% PVC, which is a safe material. They have a hanging design style, and no painting or glue is used for an improved appearance and level of performance.  

This selection makes a lovely addition to various personal and professional spaces. It can be used as an ornamental feature or for dividing. Thanks to its build, it requires minimal effort to install the included hooks, which simplifies the procedure overall. 


  • Pretty white floral pattern 
  • Paint and glue-free material 
  • 12 hanging pieces per pack 
  • Suitable for dividing or decoration 
  • 100% PVC panels 


  • Installation might cause permanent damage to walls 
  • The portions may be somewhat flimsier than anticipated 
  • It could be less portable than other models

Panana (Best for Versatility)

This selection has a multipurpose design that is well-equipped to serve as a privacy screen, decorative feature, and more. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to place it anywhere you like. 

The Panana Room Divider has a naturally appealing wicker build. It comes in brown, natural, black, or beige colour options to accommodate your specific style. The handmade structure is lightweight and easy to move. It also facilitates flexible adjustments for hassle-free execution every time. 

This model is constructed with six panels and measures 240 cm long when fully stretched. The unit is 170 cm tall, and each portion has a 40 cm width. Smaller options are also available if these dimensions are too large for your intended space.


  • Stylish and versatile
  • Various colour and size options
  • Handmade wicker structure  
  • Straightforward adjustments
  • Lightweight for better portability 


  • It may be somewhat less stable than other picks 
  • This product could be less durable than other models 
  • It might have some small gaps between the material and the frame 

How to Choose a Room Divider

To select the ideal room divider, you must first be aware of your specific expectations and, of course, your options. The following sections explore crucial product traits and differences to help make choosing a device simpler. Additional information will also ensure you pick a unit that meets your demands and intentions for use. 


Traditionally, room dividers feature a stand-alone design with several partitions that you can adjust to create a sturdy structure. However, some models utilise a hanging configuration that makes for a more stable form of separation or privacy. If you plan on moving your new device from one space to the next or do not want to make any holes in the surrounding walls or ceiling, the former composition is the best type of accessory. The latter option is ideal for a more permanent split that can’t be moved without disassembly. 


Style is another important factor to consider when choosing the right units for your needs. Room dividers come in many colours and materials, drastically contributing to their overall aesthetic appeal. Select a model that looks complementary to your home or office’s decor, so it not only serves a separation function but also adds a bit of fashion to its surroundings. Some units are constructed with more natural components like rattan or wicker, and others are built with items like fabric or PVC. Additionally, different textures and compositions will create varying levels of privacy. 


Room dividers are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a range of different needs. This type of device typically comes with panels and has a slightly adjustable length or configuration, but if it is too small or large, you are likely to wind up with a less effective unit overall. To ensure you select the right model, take a moment to measure your space and the location you intend to place the product. If you choose a stand-alone design, remember that the length typically refers to the completely flat dimensions, and it will need to be folded slightly to facilitate upright positioning.

Installation Ease

For many room dividers, assembly is as simple as unboxing and standing the unit upright in the desired location. However, some options mandate a bit more effort on your part. A few stand-alone devices may require minimal construction, which facilitates connecting the panels. Hanging options, on the other hand, will need to be installed and attached to the ceiling or walls before you can start enjoying them. Prioritise selections with quality fixings and detailed instructions to make the process as straightforward and convenient as possible. 


The Hartleys Room Divider features a stylish and classic rattan build in a dark brown colour. It has a handmade raffia weave style and is available in three- and six-panel configurations to help meet various demands. The larger unit is 234 cm long when fully stretched, has 39 cm partition widths, a 170 cm height, and the bottom gap measures 8 cm. The structure is lightweight and conveniently folds for compact storage and improved manoeuvrability as needed. Overall, it makes an excellent addition to almost any area and contributes a touch of fashion to your space.

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