Best Recycling Bins

Best Recycling Bins

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Recycling is something we should all strive for, but it can be difficult to keep things segmented and organise your waste. Different regions and counties have various rubbish collection schemes, and it can cause confusion. However, something that can help is investing in a dedicated recycling bin or set of units. By doing so, you can effectively dispose of your refuse and make a positive environmental impact. If this is something you need, we have hand-picked seven excellent options in the below guide.

How We Compared Recycling Bin

To find the right recycling bins, we considered multiple factors, including

  • Size
  • Number of Units
  • Access
  • Cleaning

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Recycling Bin Reviews

SONGMICS Double (Editor’s Choice)

This stylish bin is finished in durable stainless steel, so it is not only functional but also looks great in your home. Although it has two internal compartments, the exterior is a single unit and is thus easier to move and store too.

The SONGMICS Double Rubbish Bin has a pedal mechanism to open the lids of each section. This is highly convenient and means you don’t have to touch the lids either. Furthermore, inside, there are two removable buckets that make for quick and effective cleaning.

The bins can match different colour schemes since they are available in silver, smoky grey, or white. Moreover, each section has a large 30L capacity which should be enough for larger families. Lastly, you also get 15 rubbish bags included in the package getting you started with your recycling.


  • Dual design for waste segregation
  • Soft closing lid mechanism for minimum noise
  • Removable buckets inside for simple cleaning
  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • Pedal levers for no-touch lid opening


  • The initial packaging might be a little wasteful
  • Some customers may have reported damaged items

Simplehuman CW2018 48L (Luxury Choice)

If you want a high-quality unit that is easy to clean and access, the fingerprint-proof brushed stainless steel exterior of this bin is perfect. This can be wiped quickly but looks fantastic too. Furthermore, the easy-open touch bar lid allows for fast and convenient access.

The Simplehuman CW2018 Recycling Bin has a dual internal bucket design that allows for improved recycling segregation. The lid opens to reveal both compartments at once, which gives great access and enables you to throw larger items in with ease.

We like the unique dampers and angled springs of the lid, too, which make it open smoothly and slowly with no noise. In terms of internal storage, the total capacity is 48L, with each compartment having an ample 24L storage space. The total size of the unit is 28.96 x 50.04 x 71.12cm, and it weighs 8.07kg.


  • Easy-opening touch bar for quick access
  • Sleek hinge design for improved space-saving
  • Dampeners and springs ensure a smooth lid opening
  • Dual design with separate waste buckets
  • Made from stylish brushed stainless steel


  • The exterior could be prone to dents
  • Some customers may have reported scratched lids

Premier Housewares Set of 3 (Best Value)

To separate your recycling effectively, the three units included in this package are superb. You get a blue paper bin, a red plastic container, and a green product for cans. Each box is clearly labelled, and all the materials are colour-coded, including the lid.

The Premier Housewares Recycling Bins look fantastic and could be a great fit inside a garage or a utility room. Each unit has an internal storage space of 26L, made from durable galvanised steel. This makes for easy cleaning and a long-lasting product.

We like the simple no-hinge lid design – simply lift the metal handle for access. Due to the wide opening, you can fit larger recycling items like cardboard boxes. For carrying, the items have handles on both sides too. In terms of size, the recycling bins are 50 x 32 x 26cm.


  • It includes three separate colour-coded bins
  • Each item is labelled with the appropriate contents
  • Decent 26L internal capacity for everyday use
  • Made from robust galvanised steel
  • Easy cleaning using soft cloths


  • They might not have any wheels
  • The lid handles could be a little small

Joseph Joseph 30061 (Best Design)

The vertical design of these dual recycling bins could be superb if you have limited room, such as in an apartment or a smaller kitchen. The compartments stand stacked on a supporting column and thus take up minimum horizontal space.

The Joseph Joseph 30061 Recycling Bin looks incredibly stylish, too and is available in multiple colours. The two sections both have a large 30L capacity which helps for waste segregation and to minimise emptying effort. We like the integrated odour control, too, which includes replaceable activated Carbon filters.

The second unit has a simple handle that allows you to pull the bin out to still open the lid, even with the top item in place. Furthermore, both compartments have a removable bucket for quick cleaning. In terms of dimensions, the overall structure is 81.4 x 36.6 x 39cm and weighs 9.7kg.


  • Two separate compartments for waste separation
  • The containers are vertically stored for fewer space requirements
  • Includes replaceable Carbon filters for odour control
  • Also has a removable waste caddy
  • Available in multiple stylish colours


  • The top compartment handle could be sensitive
  • Some customers might have found dents in delivery

Addis 40L Set of 4 (Best for Cleaning)

For larger households or businesses, the four single waste bins included in this package are amazing. Each item has a huge capacity of 40L which should minimise emptying time and effort. Moreover, the products can clip together to form a single, organised recycling operation.

The Addis Recycling Set has four items, each with colour-coded lids – one blue, red, green, and yellow. Therefore, you can segment your rubbish into things like glass and plastic. The tops open easily with a smooth hinge and a wide area to throw in larger items too.

In terms of dimensions, each bin measures 42.5 x 28 x 56cm, and when linked together in a row, the total length is 112.20cm. If you need fewer items, there is also a three-unit option with the same capacity.


  • It includes four separate bins for excellent rubbish separation
  • Each bin has a large 40L capacity
  • There are interlocking clips to join the units together
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • The lids are colour coded for simple waste identification


  • Some customers might have reported broken bins on delivery
  • The clips may work loose easily

Prosperplast Set of 4 (Best Stackable)

The simple stackable design of these recycling units is perfect if you store your bins in a cupboard or an area with vertical space. The lid opens only at the front of each product, so they can be towered on top of each other without hindering access.

The Prosperplast Recycling Cubes look fantastic and are finished in either anthracite or grey colour. The four units each have a colour-coded lid so that you can quickly segment your recycling for bin collection day. This means you can separate things like paper, glass, plastic, and organics.

The capacity of the cubes is ample, too, at 25L each. Therefore, you should not have to empty them often. In terms of material, they are made from durable plastic, and the lids have a simple manual opening mechanism.


  • Four individual cubes for superior sorting
  • Colour-coded lids for waste identification
  • Each bin has a decent 25L internal capacity
  • Compact design to fit in tight spaces
  • Simple hinged lip opening for great access


  • They could be a little small for larger families
  • Some customers might have reported broken lids

Brabantia Bo Touch (Best Space Saving)

If you do not have much free space in your kitchen, the simplistic flat-back design of this rubbish bin is ideal. It has a slimline, narrow construction with a completely level rear which means you can place it directly against a wall.

The Brabantia Bo Touch Bin has two internal compartments, which improve recycling segmentation too. Each container is removable, which makes for easy cleaning and emptying. Moreover, both boxes have an ample 30L capacity.

If you need to move the unit, it has sturdy side grips, so you can lift it. Furthermore, the lid has a soft-touch system so that it opens with minimal noise. Lastly, this product is available in a wide range of colours so you can easily match your kitchen or room decor.


  • The single bin has two large internal compartments
  • The inner buckets are removable and great for clean
  • Soft-touch opening lid for minimum noise
  • Also includes sample packs of PerfectFit bin bags
  • Available in multiple colours to match your decor


  • Some customers could have found missing bin legs
  • You may find dents in delivery

How to Choose a Recycling Bin

There are many designs and styles available, which can make choosing the right recycling bin a hassle. Don’t worry – we take away this stress and have created a short buying guide below listing the main considerations to look for.


Firstly, how large is the recycling bin? This is usually listed in litres, but you can also look at the dimensions. The scale of the item is important for both storage and how much you can fit inside.

Consider where you intend to place the bin – you can then select an appropriate size that will work. Secondly, look at the internal capacity. Do you think this is enough to cope with the amount of recycling waste you generate in combination with the regularity of your local bin-emptying service?

Number of Units

Next, look at how many bins are included. Oftentimes the manufacturers provide a set of recycling trash cans. This could be ideal if you live in an area where you have to split your waste into separate segments like cans, plastic, or garden rubbish.

This is also important as many people like to have more than one basket around their home and not only in the kitchen. Think about your setup, what rooms you want the items in, and how specific you need to split your refuse.


The accessibility of the bin is also vital. In most designs, there is a simple top-opening lid. But what about inside? Is there a separate removable container that protects the casing of the can? Can you easily secure a rubbish bag inside the unit so that waste doesn’t stain the interior?

Look at the lid and opening, too – are they wide enough? Is there enough space to quickly pull refuse bags in and out? These factors determine how easy you can store rubbish and empty the bins.


Lastly, the cleanliness and hygiene of recycling bins are hugely important. Although this type of waste is usually mess-free, there is no guarantee that the inside of the unit won’t get dirty and grimy. For example, despite washing tins and cartons thoroughly, some food and liquid residue could still seep out.

Therefore, how easy is the bin to clean? Can you wipe the exterior surface quickly? Are there any places where mould and dirt could potentially linger? Does it have an internal compartment that can be pulled out and washed separately? The above relates to cleaning time and how much effort is involved in bin maintenance.


Our top pick is the SONGMICS Double Rubbish Bin due to its functional and stylish design. This is a single item that is split into two separate waste compartments. It looks incredibly attractive with its rigid metal exterior and should easily fit with any kitchen decor. Furthermore, each section has its own pedal lever, which means you never have to touch the lid. We like the soft-close mechanism of the tops, too, which reduces the irritating noise of the cap slamming shut.

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