Best Pressure Washers

Best Pressure Washers

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Pressure washers are brilliant tools that significantly reduce mundane cleaning tasks. Car covered in tough mud? No problem – give it a blast with your pressure washer. Patio looking drab and infested with moss? Get the pressure washer out. These products are brilliant and can make your home and gardening tasks a breeze. If this is something you would benefit from, we have hand-picked seven of the best models currently available.

How We Compared Pressure Washers

To find the right pressure washers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Power
  • Usability
  • Portability
  • Nozzles & Accessories

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Pressure Washer Reviews

Bosch 06008A7972 (Editor’s Choice)

This model is a good choice if you want a portable pressure washer that is easy to carry but still offers powerful performance. With its 1500W motor capable of 100-120 bars of pressure, you can remove even the most stubborn of stains.

The Bosch 06008A7972 Pressure Washer is a small handheld unit with an ergonomic carry handle at the top. The nozzle and trigger module also feat neatly onto a slot at the side for easy storage, meaning that even if you have limited tool space, you should still be able to pack it away neatly.

This model has a simple trigger nozzle and a quick-connect outlet to fix it to a hose or tap. Plus, you get several different attachments, including a water filter, rotary nozzle, and variable fan jet nozzle.


  • Powerful 1500W motor for 100-120 bars of pressure
  • Space-saving design that makes for simple storage
  • Provides up to 350L of pressurised water flow per hour
  • It also includes several nozzle accessories and heads
  • The lightweight unit is easy to carry


  • It may not have any wheels for quick movements
  • The instructions might not be too simple

Karcher K 4 (Luxury Choice)

This is a versatile option if you want to use your pressure washer for multiple tasks such as cleaning your drive, patio, car, and tools. The varied accessory kit and adjustable nozzle settings mean it can tackle any maintenance job you have in mind.

The Karcher K 4 Pressure Washer is a portable unit with two wheels at the bottom of the base. Combine this with the expandable top handle, and you can easily reposition it around your outdoor areas. We also like that the power cord is ample for most users, and the hose connecting the nozzle gives you plenty of room to manoeuvre.

The nozzle also has an adjustable pressure setting to tackle different cleaning tasks. This is changed simply by turning the spray wand, and an LED display shows the current pressure setting.


  • Simple turn activation on the wand for water flow
  • It has an ergonomic trigger and nozzle for ease of use
  • Includes a range of accessories
  • You can use it on cars, motorbikes, garden tools, patios, and more
  • It has a quick-connect system for simple use


  • The trigger holder may be a little flimsy
  • The hose could kink easily

VYTRONIX PW1500 (Best Value)

If you want a hand pressure washer for lighter tasks like cleaning tools and blasting simple debris from patios, this model is an excellent option. It has a handle at the top so you can hold it with one hand while operating the pressure lance in the other.

The VYTRONIX PW1500 Pressure Washer weighs only 6.1kg and has a large, ergonomic carry handle. This means anyone should be able to use it, regardless of their strength or size. All the hoses and accessories also connect to the frame for convenient storage.

The motor is 1400W and gives a max pressure rating of 105 bars: this should be more than enough for lighter cleaning tasks. Also, it has a quick-connect hose outlet, and the trigger operation is simple to use.


  • It has a powerful 1400W motor
  • This model comes with five different accessories
  • Can easily remove stubborn dirt and grime
  • Weighs only 6.1kg and is easy to carry
  • Features a simple quick-connect hose outlet


  • It may not have any wheels
  • The water inlet pipe could sometimes get stuck

Karcher K 2 (Best Small)

This compact model is ideal if you want to take a power washer with you at work or to different locations. Weighing only 8.16lbs, it takes up virtually no space and also benefits from a tiny trigger and nozzle.

The Karcher K 2 is a smaller pressure washer that is brilliant for cleaning delicate surfaces and lighter dirt and stains. For example, you could use it for a primary car blast that removes the lighter dirt before a full clean. 

If you want surfaces to smell great and for stains to be removed, you will find the integrated suction tube useful. This means that you can directly add detergent to the water, and it will be automatically used during cleaning.


  • Brilliant portability at just 8.16lbs 
  • It has a suction tube for detergent application
  • The trigger and hose can easily be stored on the unit
  • The nozzle head and trigger are easy to use
  • Provides a pressure rating of 110 bars


  • It might not be suitable for tougher dirt and stains
  • The water coil may be difficult to wrap around the unit

Wilks-USA RX525i (Best for Manoeuvrability)

This pressure washer is a more powerful unit meant for tackling the toughest stains and cleaning jobs. It has a stronger 2400W motor that can generate water pressure up to 165 bars. As a result, it should make quick work of grimy patios, decking, and cars.

The Wilks-USA RX525i High Power Pressure Washer is a durable model with many great design features. For example, it has two large wheels at the rear and an extendable handle so you can tilt it and pull it along the floor.

The power cable and trigger head connect securely to the unit and make for tidy storage. We also like that this includes several nozzle attachments, including a brush head and a rotating brush.


  • Large handle and wheels for simple movements
  • Includes an extensive accessory kit
  • High-powered jet wash with 165 bars of pressure
  • Onboard detergent tank
  • Simple controls and nozzle trigger


  • The nozzles may be difficult to unscrew
  • The hose could be a little longer

Yard Force 150 Bar 2000W (Best Easy to Assemble)

This is a good option if you have little experience using pressure washers and want something simple to try. It is easy to assemble and requires a minimum setup to start pressure washing; this includes a logical connection system to a tap or hose.

The Yard Force 150 Bar 2000W High-Pressure Washer is highly portable and includes wheels and a handle. The nozzle has a long, lance design and a trigger that makes for a straightforward operation. 

We also like the range of accessories, including a turbo nozzle, a Vario nozzle, and a 0.7L foam sprayer. This means you can tackle different tasks and alter the flow of the water to suit your needs.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • It has a powerful 2000W motor pump
  • Can reach a maximum water pressure of 150 bar
  • The handle is extendable for simple carrying
  • Includes various nozzle accessories


  • It may use detergent too quickly
  • The unit could be loud when operating

Paxcess Electric 1800W (Best Lightweight)

This model is ideal if you want a flexible pressure washer to clean your family vehicles. It has a range of nozzle accessories and a foam cannon. You can use this to spray cleaning foam onto your cars to drastically reduce the total time taken.

The Paxcess Electric Pressure Washer has a 1800W motor and can achieve 135 bars of pressure. This should be enough for any challenging maintenance task and an excellent pressure rating for vehicles. 

You can also easily adjust the pressure rating with one of the four quick-clip metal spray tips, meaning you can change to different surfaces instantly. For usability, this pressure washer also has large metal wheels and a carry handle, and the nozzle trigger fits neatly onto the side of the unit.


  • Provides up to 135 bars of water pressure
  • You can easily use it for concrete, decking, patios, and cars
  • Includes four quick-connect metal spray tips
  • Simple trigger system for quick use
  • It has two large wheels to pull on the floor


  • The instructions may not be the best
  • You could find the hose sometimes leaks

How to Choose a Pressure Washer

You should now have a clear idea of the different pressure washers available. But which one is a good option for you? We have listed the primary factors to consider in a simple buying guide to make your decision easier.


Firstly, we advise checking the power output of the pressure washer: this is usually measured in watts – i.e. the watt rating of the motor. Common wattage measurements for these items range from 1500W to 2400W. The higher the wattage rating, the more powerful the jet of water.

Aside from the wattage, many pressure washers are also measured by the PSI or bar rating. This relates to the actual pressure of the water being sprayed from the nozzle. This measurement will dictate what you can safely use the appliance for. 

For example, a bar rating of 120 is acceptable for use on car bodywork, patios, and garden woodwork. Make sure you consider what you want to use it for and whether the power rating is suitable.


How easy the pressure washer is to use is also vital. Ideally, it should have an uncomplicated connection mechanism that allows you to plumb it into an outside tap or a hose.

Next, the controls must also be simple to understand – usually, there is an on/off switch, and then you control the water flow using a trigger on the nozzle head. Some pressure washers have variable speed controls and different settings or spray methods.

For ease of use, the unit also benefits from a flexible hose attached to the nozzle head that gives you a full range of movements.


The size and transportability of the pressure washer are also important. Typically, you connect these units to an outside tap or garden hose, so the portability is dictated by the length of the pressure hose. Therefore, consider where you want to use it and the location of accessible taps.

Aside from the hose connection, the portability is also affected by the whole unit. Does it have wheels? How easy is it to lift and carry? Does it have a top handle so you can pull it along the floor? Look at the design of the pressure washer and see if you think you can move it around your property without too much effort.

Nozzles & Accessories

Lastly, we advise looking at the washer nozzles and accessories. Most pressure washers now include several nozzle types for varying tasks. Also, some units come with accessories like a surface cleaner, lance, trigger handle, and variable flow nozzle. Having a good selection of items like this means you can potentially use the appliance for more tasks.


Our top pick is the Bosch 06008A7972 Pressure Washer: it has a versatile set of accessories, an ergonomic design, and an excellent pressure rating for various home and garden tasks. With its powerful 1500W motor, this unit has a pressure rating of 100-120 bar and can be used for cleaning cars, patios, fences, and more. The chassis is also easy to use due to its large handle and long connecting hose to the nozzle head.

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