Best Pond Liners

Best Pond Liners

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Pond liners are a crucial part of any outdoor water feature built into the ground. Without a protective base sheet, all the water will leak out into the surrounding area, leaving your structure dry and nonfunctional. Fortunately, adding an impenetrable material and possibly an underlayer will ensure optimal use in your new decorative garden element. Due to their advanced performance, these products are available in a vast collection of materials and sizes to accommodate various needs and requirements. This article examines top options and evaluates their prominent traits to help assure you select the best possible unit for your specific demands.

How We Compared Pond Liners

To find the right pond liners, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Ease of Use

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Pond Liner Reviews

PondHero (Editor’s Choice)

This accessory is super strong to facilitate long-lasting use. Thanks to the manufacturer’s confidence, it is adaptable and gives you peace of mind once installed.

The PondHero Pond Liner is configured to readily suit nearly any water feature as it comes in a vast collection of different sizes. It is conveniently easy to lay and position so you can start enjoying your new garden element without delay. 

A tear-proof Triple-Core in this pick is designed to last a lifetime. In addition, a UV-resistant coating is laminated on both sides to help protect it from outdoor elements and reduce its overall vulnerability. For extra dependability, an underlay liner is also included to help protect the leading layer from accidental puncture. 


  • Simple to position
  • Wide range of size options
  • Underlay comes included 
  • Durable and tough
  • Dual-sided UV laminate 


  • It could be somewhat thinner than other models
  • The bottom layer may be significantly smaller than the top
  • The material might degrade with prolonged sunlight exposure

Swell UK (Luxury Choice)

A top-quality build makes this pick suitable for heavy-duty use. Its design is also ideal for containing Koi and other fish without issue, opening up a range of wildlife options for your viewing enjoyment. 

The Swell UK Pond Liner comes with an underlay included. The combination of sheets creates an impermeable and flexible structure. It is made from 0.35 mm HDPE high-density polyethene that is UV-resistant. The form of this product is designed to stand the test of time, even in the harshest outdoor environments. 

No toxins are used in the manufacturing process of this device to ensure it is safe for any plants, fish, wildlife, and other aquatic organisms. It comes in ample size selections to accommodate various needs and can be moulded and cut for any shape water feature. The material is supple and durable. Lastly, it is simple to install, and the included advice sheet further improves user ease.


  • Underlay included
  • Tough high-density material 
  • Safe for wildlife
  • Uncomplicated installation and cutting for precise sizing
  • Easily mouldable for various needs


  • The two layers could vary in size 
  • Some products might arrive with imperfections
  • The seams may be less resilient 

AllPondSolutions (Best Value)

Durable and accommodating, this selection makes a great choice for most purposes. It has a black form and comes with a level of versatility that makes it adaptable to different shapes and dimensions. 

The AllPondSolutions Pond Liner has an ultra-tough build. It is constructed with 0.3 mm LDPE material. The sheet is also available in several different measurement options for flexible convenience and the ability to configure to a wide range of sizes. 

This product can be easily cut once in the proper position for your specific water element’s demands. It comes with complete building instructions and an advice sheet to ensure optimal results during set-up and installation.


  • Rugged and tough
  • 0.3 mm thick material build
  • Simple to cut to the right shape
  • Superior instructions included 
  • Various sizing possibilities


  • It could be thinner than other top models 
  • The structure may be somewhat rigid 
  • It might not come with an underlay included

Bermuda Sand (Best for Practicality)

This apparatus is ideal for creating a water habitat in your garden space. It has a rigid form, so all you have to do is dig a hole and insert it into the ground to complete the installation process. 

The Bermuda Sand Pond Liner features a pre-formed structure that creates the base for a water element. Its design eliminates the need for an underlay and makes it reasonably simple to use overall. The configuration consists of tough, high-density polyethene.

This pick measures 128 cm long, 84 cm wide, and 36 cm deep. It has a 120-litre capacity with raised portions and levels inside to promote versatility. The shape is also built with an integral pump stand plus a wildlife escape route for all-around accommodation. 


  • Pre-formed structure 
  • 120-litre internal capacity
  • High-density polyethene body
  • Integral pump stand 
  • Built-in escape route for wildlife 


  • The material may be thinner in some areas
  • This pick’s inner shape may not be ideal for water plants
  • The edges could be somewhat rough

Certikin International Ltd (Best for Durability)

If you desire a dense and reliable product, this unit makes an outstanding choice for most spaces. It is suitable for small water features and provides you with the base layer needed to create a watertight structure. 

The Certikin International Ltd Pond Liner is constructed out of black PVC. Its 0.5 mm build establishes a thick protective sheet for the bottom of your pool. It is also cold and UV-resistant, allowing it to withstand naturally occurring weather conditions. 

This pick is conveniently safe for fish, so it doesn’t limit your potential design. As a whole, it measures two by three metres in size. The material is well equipped to fight harm and tearing from roots as well, making for a simplified and damage-free install. 


  • Withstands roots and avoids tearing
  • Thick 0.5 mm sheet
  • Resistant to UV rays and cold
  • 2 x 3 m configuration
  • Approved for use with fish


  • It might be less supple than other top models
  • This pick may not come with an underlay included
  • The dimensions could be slightly off

Hozelock Ltd (Best for Versatility)

With a durable black build, this device is widely applicable and convenient. It is highly adaptable, allowing it to accommodate a range of varying needs based on your specific intentions.

The Hozelock Ltd Pond Liner is constructed to establish long-lasting wear and versatile use. It provides a high level of adjustability that lasts for a considerable amount of time. Upon arrival, the package weighs 2.4 kg, so it should not be difficult to manipulate and manoeuvre into place.

This product gives you several different sizes to pick from, so it will not limit you to a particular set of dimensions. They can also be trimmed and cut to fit different shapes enabling a world of outdoor water feature possibilities. In addition, it comes with a complete set of installation instructions for ease of set-up from start to finish.


  • Versatile and accommodating
  • Simple trimming for various shapes
  • Durable build
  • Comprehensive instructions included
  • Various dimensions


  • It may not be ideal for wildlife like ducks
  • The material could be somewhat stiff
  • It might arrive with an unpleasant odour

E-BEST-OFFER (Best Easy to Use)

This option establishes simplicity and convenience all around. It has an uncomplicated design and allows for a decent level of adaptability that is sure to meet your requirements and specific demands. 

The E-BEST-OFFER Pond Liner provides you with durable and tough construction. It comes in a collection of sizes ranging from 2.5 metres up to 10-metre squares, so it can suit small to large water features and everywhere in between. They cater to all different needs, including pools for frogs or wildlife. 

This selection is made of HDPE, which adds flexibility to the structure as a whole. It possesses a good amount of UV resistance to help protect the material, especially where the air meets the water line. It is most likely to deteriorate and quickly disintegrate otherwise. 


  • Vast size range for different needs
  • Suitable for use with wildlife 
  • A rigid build enhances toughness
  • UV resistance preserves the integrity
  • Flexible HDPE material 


  • It may require an additional underlay for optimal operation
  • The design could be less traditional and resemble a typical tarpaulin
  • It might be thinner than other models 

How to Choose a Pond Liner

Determining the best possible pond liner for your needs starts with understanding your options. The following sections examine the key traits found in products that help them to maintain their usefulness and improve performance overall. Top-quality units excel when it comes to essential features, so choose a device where each character is present, and you are sure to get the results you expect. 


Most pond liners come in various sizes to accommodate different water features. Make sure to select a sheet that will not only cover the bottom and sides of your pool but one that will allow for a good amount of overlay. Otherwise, you may find that the material is more susceptible to damage when it gets stretched too thin. Or, you might have to adjust the dimensions of your new pool to a more restricted configuration. Conveniently, this type of product is typically trimmable as well. This enables you to cut it to the proper size and ensure you get the ideal fit all around. Just remember, an oversized model is better than one that is a bit too small, and you should do fine. 


Pond liners must be durable and resilient enough to contain the items you add to the structure, like plants and possible wildlife. Considering these sheets are used almost exclusively outdoors, they also need to be able to withstand outdoor weather conditions. Look for products with a thick, dense material structure capable of resisting tears and accidental punctures, or it could develop a slow leak that leaves your pool dry over time. Many models also feature a level of UV and cold resistance to help them live up to their full potential. However, keep in mind that a tougher build may also be less malleable when it comes to installation and adapting to various shapes. 


Adaptability is another crucial feature found in pond liners. This type of outdoor pool can be built in any size and shape you like, as long as you have the right tools, including the bottom layer of plastic. These base sheets typically come in a sheet-like structure that can be moulded to fit your specific water feature. To enhance versatility, many models contain advanced flexibility and maintain a supple feel that can be manipulated in any configuration you desire. Another way these products improve multifunctionality is by being made from materials safe for fish and other wildlife like frogs or ducks. 

Ease of Use 

Creating a new water feature is no easy task, so pond liners need to be simple to use in order to streamline the overall process. For this reason, many models come with detailed instructions, helpful advice, and an underlay sheet to ensure installation is as straightforward and convenient as possible. Some units even come in a pre-formed structure, eliminating the need to mould and adapt the build to fit your space. 


The PondHero Pond Liner features a tough top layer, and it includes an underlay to ensure optimal performance. It is available in a wide range of different size options, so it is highly accommodating to various dimensional needs and requirements. The structure is constructed with a tear-proof Triple-Core that is durable and designed to last a lifetime. A UV-resistant laminated coating also helps to reduce the sheet’s vulnerability to outdoor weather conditions and prevent accidental puncture. Overall, this pick is easy to position for straightforward installation and is a fantastic choice for most purposes and garden spaces.

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