Best Plant Pots

Best Plant Pots

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Plants are an excellent way to add colour and life to your home or office. Great for opening up a space, improving air quality, and boosting aesthetic appeal, the right flora can transform any room. Of course, these botanicals need to be maintained, housed, and preserved in the correct environments, which is why choosing the ideal storage pots is important. We created this guide to showcase some of the most attractive and practical options.

How We Compared Plant Pots

To find the right plant pots, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Design
  • Size
  • Unique Features

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews, and comparing features to come up with this list.

Plant Pot Reviews

T4U 18cm (Editor’s Choice)

These intelligent self-watering plant pots are excellent for keeping your flowers and growths in perfect condition. The unique functionality means you can cut down on the amount of time you spend looking after your bulbs and seeds. With two classically elegant colours to choose from, these containers add a sophisticated finish to your home.

The T4U 18cm plant pots come with special hydroponic components to create the ideal balance of root zone water and oxygen. The spacious solutions give roots plenty of room to sprawl and breathe easily for phenomenal growth. Each kit also comes with six identical containers, so you can maintain a consistent visual aesthetic in any room.

Using these self-watering pots is straightforward, thanks to an included plug and drainage plate, where you can add water once or twice per week. The plastic materials are durable and resilient, with no risk of rust or corrosion.


  • Six pots for full home décor
  • Two colour options to choose from
  • Intelligent self-watering design
  • Durable and resilient
  • Easy to use for beginners


  • The plastic may be a little thin in places
  • These pots might be too small for larger plants

Olly & Rose Ceramic (Luxury Choice)

With their own drainage holes, these plant pots help reduce the risk of overwatering to keep your blossoms and flowers in excellent condition. There are black and white finishes to choose from, which is great for creating a contemporary appeal. Additionally, each set comes with three multi-sized containers so you can find the right solution for every type of growth.

The handmade Olly & Rose Ceramic plant pots are beautifully simple and minimalistic. Each kit includes a 19.5 cm, 15.5 cm, and 13 cm option, with matching saucers. The items are painted for a consistent and beautiful appearance. Suitable for all flowers, plants, succulents, and even faux plants, you can use these solutions both indoors and outdoors.

With a strong and durable design, these accessories will stand the test of time while making your home look fantastic. The included bases for the pieces sit flush alongside the rest of the container to allow for a sophisticated, streamlined finish.


  • Three multi-sized containers for different plants
  • Drainage holes to prevent overwatering
  • Matching saucers sit flush with the pots
  • Handmade ceramics with a painted finish
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors


  • The finishes may be in slightly different shades
  • The largest pot might be bulky for some users

KINGLAKE 8Pcs (Best Value)

These plant pots are made with thick, heavy-duty plastic and come in a pack of eight containers with various beautiful colours to explore. Each solution comes with its own matching saucer to prevent spills and splashes. Additionally, the base of the products has built-in drainage holes to keep your plants healthy. The breathable design is great for facilitating healthy growth.

This KINGLAKE plant pot collection offers a fun and vibrant way to showcase your plants in your home or office. Suitable for succulents, cactuses, herbs and flowers, these items are versatile, sturdy, and well-ventilated. Each has a 5.5-inch opening at the top, a 4.8-inch height and a 4-inch bottom for a lovely, tapered finish.

The PP resin plastic is non-toxic, odourless, and resistant to heat to minimise the risk of deformation. The unique colouring of each piece is also designed to stay vibrant and beautiful for seasons to come, even when exposed to regular sunlight.


  • Heat-resistant material
  • Drainage holes in the base for ventilation
  • Included saucers to match each pot
  • Eight pieces, all in different colours
  • Thick and sturdy plastic


  • Some users may find the pots too small
  • The saucers could be prone to damage

Home Garden Ornaments 18cm (Best Lightweight)

Available in a range of beautiful colours and sizes, these versatile plant pots are perfectly suited to a range of use cases. The lightweight plastic structure is an excellent alternative to easily breakable ceramics and terracotta. What’s more, these products have no drainage holes, so there’s no need to worry about splashes or spills. Each item comes with an accompanying baseplate for a streamlined and elegant appearance.

These Home Garden Ornaments 18cm plant pots are suitable for various occasions and use cases. They’re ideal for orchids, succulents, cactuses, and herbs. Thanks to the highly resilient and durable materials, these items will stand the test of time. Their beautiful mat finish can also fit well with modern and traditional décor.

These practical products are well-suited to homeowners growing larger plants, as they come with plenty of interior space for root growth. Users can also drill their own holes into the factory-marked locations if they want to add extra drainage and ventilation.


  • Lightweight and durable plastic
  • Resilient against cracks and breakage
  • Factory-marked locations for adding drainage holes
  • Various colours and sizes to choose from
  • Spacious container for root growth


  • The plastic may feel a little thin in places
  • Adding holes might be complicated for beginners

La Jolíe Muse (Best Handmade)

These plant pots could be the perfect solution if you want to create an organic and natural vibe in your home. Made with 100% natural seagrass, they are beautiful and lightweight. The fibres are sturdy and chemical-free, with versatile functionality.

Both attractive and convenient, the La Jolíe Muse plant pots are suitable for all kinds of real and faux flowers. Each product contains a useful plastic interior coating to help disguise plastic trays and planters. Not only does the plastic liner included with these pots prevent dirt and water leakage, but it also makes the solutions easier to clean.

The rustic-looking finish ensures these items are great not just for growing seeds and bulbs but also for arranging toiletries, cooking utensils, and anything else you can think of. The product set comes with three separate-sized containers to use however you choose. Sizes include large, medium, and small variations.


  • Natural, eco-friendly seagrass
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Internal plastic coating for moisture protection
  • Versatile functionality
  • Three sizes to choose from in each set


  • Even the largest pot might be a little small
  • The containers may not be very resilient against moisture

QCQHDU Set of 2 (Best Design)

Available in a range of colours, these practical and modern planters give homes a minimalist modern aesthetic. The matte finish outside the pots is great for matching a range of home and office décor. Plus, the items can bare extreme temperatures without damage, making them great for indoor and outdoor use.

The QCQHDU set of two planters comes with a pair of 8-inch pots built to deliver better breathability and water absorption to all kinds of growths. The solutions include built-in drainage holes and a removable tray for capturing moisture. What’s more, these items are made with recyclable, durable materials, ideal for both your home and the environment.

Sturdy yet lightweight, these premium planters protect the roots of your flowers and seeds while making your home look great. The tray on the bottom snaps into place quickly and easily, so you can drain excess water and protect your furniture.


  • Beautiful range of colours with a matte finish
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Good breathability and water absorption
  • Made with durable, recyclable materials
  • Easy-to-remove base plate


  • The pots may be too small for some types of plants
  • The plastic might crack in places

Vensovo Terra Cotta (Best for Versatility)

These high-quality plant pots are made with durable clay and terracotta, baked at temperatures of 1796 degrees Fahrenheit for longevity. Resistant to cracks and breakage, this set of containers has passed the 3-foot drop test to ensure they can stay strong for years. Every package includes six beautiful 4-inch planters, each with its own saucer for collecting extra water.

The Vensovo Terra Cotta plant pots include drainage holes for healthy ventilation and rapid growth. They’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, they are appropriate for nursing, decoration, and even growing herbs and spices. The sturdy and lightweight structure gives you an excellent combination of longevity and convenience.

Great for bringing a warm atmosphere into your home or garden, these natural-looking containers are designed to help you efficiently maintain the flora around your property. The breathable materials help bulbs and seedlings to thrive without drying out or damaging the roots.


  • Breathable and well-ventilated materials
  • Resistant to cracks and breakage
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Versatile functionality
  • Included saucer for catching extra moisture


  • The containers may not be large enough for some plants
  • The clay could crack or chip

How to Choose a Plant Pot

The ideal plant pots for your needs will depend on your overall goals. For some people, the best planters will come with extra features to support the longevity and health of their flowers, such as drainage holes and breathable materials. Others prefer to look for a solution which helps to enhance their indoor or outdoor aesthetic.

Here are some crucial points to consider when narrowing down your options.


The appearance of your chosen plant pots will be one of the first things you look at when making your selection. Most solutions are available in many designs, shapes, and colours to suit your unique style. Some may have a painted exterior, while others have a more natural finish.

When examining the aesthetic of your product, remember to think about the practicality of the design too. Extra ventilation and drainage holes can reduce the risk of overwatering and helping roots thrive.


Some plant pots come in a pack with a range of different sizes to explore. This is ideal for people who want to experiment with various herbs, spices, succulents, and flowers. If you’re looking for a singular item for your home or garden, it’s important to think about how much space the roots of your seedling or bulb will need to thrive.

It’s also worth measuring the root base for your chosen bulbs and potting options before you begin searching for the ideal container.

Unique Features

Although most plant pots can conveniently hold and nurture your growing blossoms, some will come with additional capabilities. Many products include their own drainage system and saucers so you can avoid spillage and protect your furniture. Some solutions can also be used both indoors and outdoors, thanks to a temperature-resistant structure.

There are even versatile planters with a self-watering system built-in to reduce the time you need to spend caring for your home and office accessories. These can be excellent for forgetful plant owners.


Our favourite pick from this list was the beautiful T4U 18cm self-watering plant pot collection. This kit of phenomenal containers is made with intelligent materials that can help retain water and distribute it to the roots of your flowers over time. Each item also has its own beautiful minimalistic finish, with a range of two colours to choose from. These options are great for customers who want to decorate their space while also reducing the time they spend on plant care.

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