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best plant food

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Plant food makes maintaining a lush garden easy and accessible. Available in various forms, including liquid and pellets, this type of cultivating accessory helps to promote maturation and flowering. Adding essential nutrients can also contribute to better rooting and germinating capability. Products come in a range of formulas, some better suited to specific types of flora than others. As a result, choosing the right fertiliser can often be complicated, especially if you are new to growing potted or planted foliage, flowers, and more. This article examines top options and evaluates their strengths and weaknesses to help you determine the best possible solution for your greenery and preferences.

How We Compared Plant Food

To find the right plant foods, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Quantity
  • Versatility
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Plant Food Reviews

envii Seafeed Xtra (Editor’s Choice)

This pick promotes lush foliage, healthy crop yield and robust growth. It increases biological activity in the soil and contains extra amino acids and iron for advanced results. 

The envii Seafeed Xtra Plant Food is a multipurpose organic fertiliser that can be used on a variety of flowers, lawns, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and indoor plants. It has a high seaweed concentration, which is known for having unique anti-stress compounds. The formula strengthens greenery and enhances output. The ingredients are grown in harsh conditions to promote resilience and are harvested when growth hormones and active compounds are at their highest. They also undergo a cold manufacturing process which helps retain nutrients. 

This liquid solution comes in 1, 5, 10, or 20-litre bottles. It is easy to use and highly versatile. All you have to do is dilute the substance with cold water and spray or water your greenery from a can on the leaves and stems. 


  • Organic seaweed formula
  • Multipurpose use 
  • Additional iron and amino acids
  • Superior harvesting and manufacturing process
  • Improves growth and yield


  • It could be less concentrated than other options
  • The lid might not serve as a measuring cup
  • It may lack detailed dilution instructions

MARPHYL Organic (Luxury Choice)

This product includes all the essential nutrients needed for healthy and happy growing conditions. It is known as nature’s most potent fertiliser and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

MARPHYL Plant Food is made from 100% natural nutrients sourced from marine phytoplankton. The formula contains vitamins and minerals that help a lawn, greenhouse, and garden flourish. It contains essential fatty acids, amino acids, EPA, DHA, chlorophyll and a large spectrum of phytochemicals. This soil enhancer is safe and non-toxic on organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It is also eco-friendly, non-GMO, vegan, and safe for pets.

Available in various liquid quantities, this pick is versatile and easy to use. It can be applied via soil drenching, hydroponics, or spraying on the leaves. To use, mix a 1:20 ratio of liquid to water every two weeks and look forward to lush results and thriving greenery. 


  • Potent marine phytoplankton formula
  • Suitable for a range of applications
  • Safe for fruits, vegetables, and pets
  • Organic and vegan
  • Eco-friendly and non-GMO


  • It might act slower than other options
  • This pick may be less than ideal for use on aloe vera 
  • It could have a pungent odour

Miracle-Gro All Purpose (Best Value)

If you are looking for quick results, this selection makes a fantastic choice. It facilitates visibly healthier flora in seven days and helps them grow twice as big as an unfed alternative.

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food features a distinct formula with nine carefully balanced nutrients. It contains Humifirst, which is rich in organic matter to stimulate root formation and development. This product provides your greenery with optimum growth and flowering for more blooms and lusher foliage overall.

This natural growth stimulant is pleasantly child and pet friendly. It comes in a concentrated liquid form and is available in 1 or 2.5-litre bottles. This fertiliser can be used on all plants outdoors and indoors, establishing convenient application for your entire garden. 


  • Fast and visible results
  • Kid and pet-friendly formula
  • Suitable for all greenery
  • Nine balanced nutrients 
  • Potential to double growth


  • It may not be ideal for organic gardens
  • The lid could be less secure, leading to leaks
  • It might have a lower concentration rate than other picks

Baby Bio Houseplant (Best for Practicality)

This fertiliser is appropriate for use in a conservatory or home. It comes from a reputable brand with over 60 years of experience, supplying you with a respected product tested over time. 

The Baby Bio Plant Food formula is suitable for all house plants. It is ideal for growing and maintaining your indoor greenery. The nutrients promote vibrant colours and greener leaves, both of which are desired and enhance your interior space.

This selection comes with either one, two, or three bottles per purchase. This allows for timely stocking up or coverage of larger garden areas. The liquid solution is also simple to mix with water and pour on your foliage, leaving you to enjoy your handiwork. 


  • Enhances growth
  • Promotes vibrant colours 
  • Perfect for indoor greenery
  • Easy to use 
  • Various quantities available


  • It might take more time to encourage blooms 
  • The lid could be somewhat tricky to open
  • It may be less versatile than other options

Maxicrop POPGS4TL (Best for Versatility)

With the ability to promote strong, healthy growth, this formula has been a favourite of commercial growers and keen gardeners for some time. It stimulates enhanced development, germination, and rooting. 

Maxicrop Plant Food is known as the original seaweed extract. It contains algae-specific Arctic resources and can be used outdoors or in the home. The formula is designed to improve the natural health of shrubs, flowers, lawns, trees, vegetables, and fruits. It is also approved for organic growing by the Soil Association. 

Widely proved in scientific research with independent trials, this product maximises nutrients to improve crop quality. It strengthens resistance to environmental stress like drought and reduces transplant shock. This selection is convenient and practical as it is available in a 500 ml, 1, or 2.5-litre bottle of concentrated formula. 


  • Original seaweed extract 
  • It can be used on the entire garden
  • Stimulates healthy growth and root development
  • Build environmental stress resistance 
  • Suitable for organic growing 


  • It might not be ideal for fruits and vegetables 
  • The pour spout could be somewhat messy
  • It may have a strong unpleasant odour

Gro-Sure All Purpose (Best Granules)

Ideal for pots, hanging baskets, and tubs, this supplement provides you with good versatility and a straightforward application process. Its all-purpose formula is suitable for all non-ericaceous plants or any plants in containers, beds, and borders.

Gro-Sure Plant Food is a multipurpose six-month feed. The solution provides an instant boost and a slow release of nutrients throughout the growing season for improved conditions from start to finish. It contains micronutrients which enhance root growth and flowers. Also, the delayed action part of the formula promotes long-lasting blooms and healthy foliage. 

This selection comes in a granule format that makes for simple use. It arrives ready for service and doesn’t complicate the procedure with the need for diluting, as is common with other options. This fertiliser is also available in various-sized tubs to accommodate different demands. 


  • Ideal for pots and baskets 
  • It provides an initial burst of nutrients
  • Slow release for six months
  • Simple to use granules 
  • Supports versatile applications


  • The lid may not be very secure 
  • It could be less than ideal for lawns
  • The tub might be somewhat fragile

Miracle-Gro Spike (Best for Ease of Use)

This soil enhancer is an extremely simple solution to caring for your interior garden. It makes feeding your flora quick and straightforward. 

The Miracle-Gro Spike Plant Food is designed for use on all indoor houseplants. It works well on both foliage and flowering greenery, supplying you with a versatile fertiliser. It also has a two-month feeding period, providing your inside garden with continued nutrients over time. 

This product has a unique format. It comes with a multitude of 1.1 oz pieces that can be inserted into a pot or basket. The units are exceptionally easy to use and require almost no effort. The package also includes a stake-like device to help you complete the job. 


  • Suitable for indoor greenery
  • Effortless to use 
  • Functions for up to two 
  • Good for flowering and foliage 
  • Multiple units per package


  • It could be less effective than other options
  • Some pieces may stick together 
  • It might not be ideal for outdoor use

How to Choose Plant Food

With all of the potential options, selecting the perfect plant food for your home garden can be overly complicated, especially if you don’t know what to seek out and prioritise. The following sections explore key traits in quality products to help narrow down your choices. Once you know what features to look for, choosing the right solution for your specific garden life and preferences will be easy. 


Plant foods come in varying quantities to suit different-sized gardens and varying growing needs. Consider how much greenery you need to supply with nutrients inside and out, and select a product that gives you the required coverage. Otherwise, you may find you run out too quickly and leave some plants without a supplement. Or, you may have an excessive amount of the solution left over, which could be inconvenient if you are short on storage space. Just remember that many formulas come in a concentrated form, but some come ready to apply straight out of the container. 


The ingredients contained in plant food vary significantly from one product to the next. As a result, this makes them better suited to specific types of foliage and flowering greenery. While many formulas are designed for all-purpose applications, some are ideal for particular types of gardens. For example, some selections are created for indoor, potted flora, and others are more appealing for outdoor shrubs, lawns, and more. Organic solutions also open up potential and are highly sought after for growing vegetables and fruits. In addition, if you have small kids or pets in your home, you should prioritise an option that is pet and child friendly. 

Ease of Use

Plant food comes in various formats, some of which are easier to use than others. There are three main types of home fertiliser: granules, concentrated liquids, and spikes. The final form allows you to insert it into the soil and leave it to work its magic. Pellets are also straightforward and often just need to be sprinkled on the surface of the dirt. Fluid supplements are generally thought of as the most involved, but even so, they are not overly complicated to spread. They must be diluted and poured over the soil or sprayed on the leaves. Choose a product that will be easy and accessible for you to apply.


Finally, plant food must perform well and provide your greenery with the appropriate nutrients for enhanced growth and more. While these kinds of results may be hard to track at first, when you use a quality product, you will typically start to see results within a few weeks. Look for rapid upshoots, solid development, and lush colouring of the leaves and blooms to affirm that a particular fertiliser is working and improving the overall condition of your garden. 


The envii Seafeed Xtra Plant Food comes in various sizes and is easy to use for all-around convenience. Its organic formula has a high seaweed content and facilitates multipurpose application on various flowers, lawns, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and indoor greenery. The solution contains additional iron and amino acids and effectively improves development and yield. This product undergoes a superior harvesting and manufacturing process, leading to better quality and results down the line. Simply dilute the liquid with cold water and spray or water it onto the stems and leaves of your garden life to increase biological activity in the soil and encourage robust growth overall. 

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