Best Oven Thermometers

Best Oven Thermometers

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Cooking is an art and requires skill and flair. However, a brilliant range of tools and appliances make the process much easier. One such example is an oven thermometer. These items take away the guesswork and allow you to cook meats and other foods at their ideal temperature. This handy solution can improve your meal preparation and prevent nasty illnesses from undercooked pieces. If you want to take your chef skills to the next level, we have hand-picked seven fantastic options in the below guide for your benefit.

How We Compared Oven Thermometers

To find the right oven thermometers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Accuracy
  • Reading Method
  • Safety
  • Maintenance

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Oven Thermometer Reviews

CDN Proaccurate High Heat (Editor’s Choice)

The hardy stainless steel casing is commercial-grade, so you can expect this product to last for ages. Not only that, but the glass lens is laboratory-quality. Therefore, it shouldn’t scratch and will consistently provide an easy viewing experience.

The CDN Proaccurate High Heat Oven Thermometer is easy to use and requires no batteries or cables. Simply hang it from your rack using the hook on the top, or rest it on the bars with the wide and flat stainless steel base. Either way, you can quickly get temperature readings due to the large numbers on the dial.

It measures from 50 to 400 degrees Celsius and 100 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit and has a highly accurate sensor. We like that the indicator needle is a bold red colour and large, too, so you can easily see what number it has stopped on.


  • The case is made from commercial-grade stainless steel
  • The glass is laboratory-quality for extra durability
  • It can measure temps from 50 to 400 degrees Celsius
  • A wide base allows it to balance evenly
  • There is also a simple hook to hang from an oven rack


  • Some might find the numbers difficult to read
  • It may be hot when removed from the oven

MEATER Original (Luxury Choice)

If you don’t want to be continually staring into your oven, this product’s wireless mechanism and companion app are perfect. It has a decent range of 10m, so you can walk around your kitchen and continue food prep but still read temperatures.

The MEATER Original Meat Thermometer has two sensors to take readings from different sections of your food, such as the internal parts of a beef joint. Additionally, the companion app can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices and has some brilliant functions like suggested cooking times.

We also like how this product is presented, as the sensors are stored in a stylish wooden box. Moreover, the parts are made from high-quality materials, and the probes are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


  • Wireless design for better flexibility
  • It includes dual sensors for effective internal meat readings
  • You can monitor using the free smartphone app
  • It can also estimate cooking times
  • It comes in a stylish presentation box


  • The wireless range could be inconsistent
  • The app may lose connectivity easily

Chef Aid Stainless Steel (Best Value)

This device takes away the uncertainty with cooking due to the hot and cold ranges shown on the dial. Blue represents undercooked, while red shows ideal temperatures. Furthermore, you can see the readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The Chef Aid Oven Thermometer is built from stainless steel, which has several qualities. Firstly, it makes it tough, long-lasting, and durable. Secondly, you can quickly clean the cooking mess once you have removed it from the oven.

In terms of placement, this device has to be used inside the cooker, but it has a wide hanging hook on the top that should keep it stable. Alternatively, the base is flat and long, too, so you could balance it on top of your racks if needed. The numbers are large enough to read, while the unit itself is small, so it can fit comfortably in your cooker and not hinder your meal prep.


  • Easy-to-read display with large numbers
  • It shows the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • The dial features colour coding for hot and cold temps
  • Simple hook to hang from your oven rack
  • Made from durable metal


  • The base could slip off oven racks
  • Some customers may have reported damaged packaging

KitchenCraft KCOVENTH (Best Easy to Read)

The robust construction of this product means it will last for years and stand up to rigorous use. It has a stainless steel body and base, and the front face is made from tough glass. The dial should never be obscured, and the product is simple to clean.

The large numbers on the dial of this KitchenCraft KCOVENTH Oven Thermometer are readable regardless of position. It displays temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit and can measure between 50-300°C. Furthermore, it includes colour-coded safe zones.

There is a hanging hook on the top to use it safely in your oven, so you can dangle it from the front of your racks. Alternatively, the wide and flat base makes it ideal for placing across the rungs or on the bottom of your cooker.


  • It reads temperatures from 50 to 300 degrees Celsius
  • Robust stainless steel material
  • It has a flat base to stand on your oven base
  • There is also a hook to hang from a rack
  • Large numbers that are easy to read


  • It could get quite hot during use
  • The glass face may feel a little flimsy

Taylor TYPTHOVEN (Best for Versatility)

The different marked zones on this device are brilliant if you intend to use the thermometer for different tasks. Beneath the Celsius gauge, there are three areas for warming, baking, and roasting. Therefore, you should easily be able to get the correct temp, regardless of what you are doing.

The Taylor TYPTHOVEN Oven Thermometer also has large numbers and a bold red dial that are simple to read. Furthermore, the display presents both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It shows temps of 50-300 and 100-600 degrees, respectively.

For durability and easy cleaning, it is constructed from stainless steel, and the front face and body should be simple to wipe. Also, you can either hand it from an oven rack using the hook or rest it on the cooker base with the wide flat bottom.


  • It has marked zones for baking, warming, and roasting
  • Accurate readings from 50 to 300 degrees Celsius
  • No wires or batteries are required for ease of use
  • It has a hanging hook and flat base to suit different ovens
  • Made from long-lasting stainless steel


  • Some customers may have reported defective products
  • You could find the markings fade over time

Salter 513 SSCR (Best for Durability)

This option has a solid stainless steel frame and base if you regularly cook or bake and need a reliable and durable thermometer. The front lens should also never scratch, which helps remove those pesky cooking stains.

The Salter 513 SSCR Oven Thermometer can accurately measure temperatures between 50 to 300 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the boldface, dial, and numbers make it incredibly easy to read. The digits are listed in increments of 50.

For use inside your oven, it has a wide stainless steel base that you can place on your racks. Additionally, it has an adjustable hinge so you can conveniently alter the angle allowing you to always see the temperature.


  • Built from stainless steel
  • Boldface with easy-to-read numbers
  • It measures temperatures from 50 to 300 degrees Celsius
  • Large and flat base to balance on oven racks
  • Adjustable viewing angle


  • There may be no hanging hook
  • It might not display Fahrenheit

Hotloop Digital (Best Multi-Purpose)

Its food-grade probe and unit design are ideal if you prefer a digital display and don’t want to read your device through the steam. The durable sensor sits inside the oven and is connected by a long wire. The receiver is then placed outside for excellent accessibility.

The Hotloop Oven Thermometer is highly accurate and can read temperatures to ±1 degree Celsius for temperatures between 0-150 and ±2 degrees between 150-300. Additionally, it supports a fantastic cooking range of between 0-300.

The device requires one AAA battery for operation and can be used for various purposes such as cooking, BBQs, and even heating baby milk. We like that the sensor and receiver are also made from durable materials that will last for ages.


  • Probe and unit design for ease of use
  • Clear and large LCD display
  • High accuracy for temps between 0 to 300 degrees Celsius
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • It has a Celsius and Fahrenheit switch


  • There may not be a user manual included
  • The receiver might not have any fixtures

How to Choose an Oven Thermometer

Selecting an oven thermometer can be tricky as there are so many different designs. First, think about where and when you will use it and what you typically cook. Next, check out the four primary considerations in our buying guide below.


No one wants an oven thermometer that isn’t accurate! This can lead to undercooking foods, which could be incredibly dangerous and result in salmonella or food poisoning. 

Most devices will list the temperature range they can measure between. Make sure you check this so you know if it can read the foods you want to cook. Secondly, many products have a +/- tolerance, which states the degree of accuracy you can expect. Ideally, you want a +/- of 0, but this isn’t always possible. Just remember that numbers closer to zero are better for tolerance.

Reading Method

Secondly, how does the thermometer actually work? In most instances, the device has a sensor that must be inside your oven to read the temperature accurately, and a wire may then connect it to a receiver. 

Alternatively, with some other models, the entire unit sits inside your cooker. These can be trickier to operate as you have to place everything in the interior, and you might have to open the door to see the dial. In contrast, products with only the sensor in the oven give you more flexibility.


Any appliance or device that is used with an oven must be safe. Typical safety features include heat-resistant handles and body or items you don’t have to place inside the cooker. Ideally, you want a product that you have minimum interaction with and touch as little as possible to avoid the potential for burns.


Lastly, does the oven thermometer require any maintenance? Some are battery-operated, and thus you will need to keep a supply available when they run out. Other models connect to your smartphone. Thus, you would need to learn how to use the companion app.

Moreover, the sensor section of these products has to be placed inside your cooker. Therefore, they can quickly get covered in grease and juices. As a result, you want something easy to clean – materials like stainless steel, for example, are quick to wipe.


The CDN Proaccurate High Heat Oven Thermometer is a simple, no-fuss device and our top pick. It is constructed from commercial-grade stainless steel and thus is durable but also incredibly easy to clean. Furthermore, it has a laboratory-quality glass lens, which protects the temp mechanism and makes it simple to read. You can hang the device from an oven rack at the front of your cooker. The large 5cm dial and red gauge needle mean you should be able to see the temperature clearly. In terms of operation, it can measure between 50 to 400 degrees Celsius.

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