Best Oil Burners

Best Oil Burners

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Oil burners are amazing products and can set the tone and mood in your home. You can use them to slowly fill your rooms with pleasant fragrances or as a light source. Typically, the process involves burning wax melts or essential oils, which give off various smells. These can keep your property fresh or help relax your mind, relieve tension, and have a calming effect. If this is something you need, we have picked seven fantastic options in the below guide.

How We Compared Oil Burners

To find the right oil burners, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Method
  • Style
  • Size
  • Upkeep

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Oil Burner Reviews

Bobolyn Ceramic Electric (Editor’s Choice)

The larger size of this product and its features give it fantastic usability and mean it can also double as a reading lamp thanks to the high-quality GU10 Halogen 220V bulb inside. The unit acts primarily as a heating device but also shines through the beautiful patterned exterior and casts a pleasant reflection.

The Bobolyn Ceramic Electric Oil Burner could not be easier to use. It has a long power cord, so you just have to plug it into a socket and switch it on, and the bulb will light up. You can then place your oil mixture or wax melts into the top tray and let the magic happen.

It is constructed from robust materials and should last for years. Additionally, the neutral colour and stylish design mean that it should easily fit with any house decor.


  • The casing is made from durable and high-quality ceramic
  • Simple operation – add your oils, plug it in, and switch the power on
  • The bulb provides a pleasant glow
  • Stylish design with an elegant circular pattern
  • It gives a consistent and stable temperature for heating


  • Some customers might have noticed faulty bulbs
  • The bulb may not last long

Serentify Colour Changing (Luxury Choice)

If you want an attractive piece of home decor as well as an oil burner, this is a brilliant option. It has an energy-efficient LED light that you can change to seven colours with a simple button. Not only that, but it is available in either a matte black or gloss white finish.

The Serentify Colour Changing Electric Wax Burner has a superb tree design on the outside that is silhouetted when the light is on. For operation, it uses a high-quality metal hot plate that works separately from the LEDs.

We like that there is a removable top dish where you can add more burning substances, which makes the unit very easy to clean. Lastly, it is constructed from metal and should be highly durable.


  • LED lights can change into seven different colours
  • Stylish and elegant tree pattern on the outside
  • Available in either a matte black or gloss white finish
  • Uses a modern PTC hot plate to heat the oil or wax
  • It should be more energy efficient due to the LED lights


  • The wax melts could spill a little from the dish
  • Some customers might have reported dented products

ComSaf Wax Melt (Best Value)

This candle-based oil burner is an excellent choice if you prefer a traditional design and operation. It features a tough and durable porcelain structure that has been fired at 1300 degrees Celsius and finished with a protective glaze.

Additionally, the ComSaf Wax Melt Burner has a neat, removable oil tray with a large capacity of 160ml. This means that you can make a bigger mixture of water and oil so that the fragrances last longer. It is aided by the functional design of the candle holder.

It has a handle so you can quickly pull it from the unit and insert a new light. This product is available in two different colours – white and black. Furthermore, you can buy these two hues in two styles too. One has a petal design on the exterior and a non-detachable oil tray.


  • It is made from robust fired porcelain and finished with a glaze
  • The tray is removable so that it can be used as a candle holder
  • Includes a tealight spoon to remove the candles easily
  • Stylish design
  • Available in two different colours and shapes


  • The candles could leave stains on the inside
  • Some customers might have found cracked porcelain

Natural Sources Stunning Electric (Best Design)

This electric burner could not be easier to use. Firstly, it heats the oils via a bulb; to power this, you simply plug the device in and switch it on. Secondly, add your burning substance to the removable dish on the top, and it should diffuse effectively.

The Natural Sources Stunning Electric Oil Burner looks incredible with its mosaic-style exterior. When the product is switched on, this latticework is also illuminated. It adds to the overall beauty and doubles as a handy lamp.

This unit should last up to four hours longer than disposable candles, reducing the effort involved. We also like that it is entirely safe to use around children and pets, as there is no naked flame.


  • Fantastic mosaic design for the exterior
  • Safe to use around children and pets with no naked flame
  • It should work quickly and provide fragrance in 5-10 mins
  • Doubles as a small lamp too
  • Simple operation with an on-off switch


  • The wax holder may be cracked
  • Some customers might have found faulty units

Nivana Wax Melt (Best Elegant)

This is a superior choice if you want an oil burner that looks amazing and is also practical. For style, the exterior is covered in a beautiful design that resembles a forest of trees. This is complemented by the chunky wooden base.

The Nivana Wax Melt Burner is an electric model. All you have to do to operate it is place your oils or substance in the top dish, plug the device in, and switch it on. The bulb will slowly heat up and diffuse the liquid around your room.

For durability, the casing and essential oil container are made from metal. Additionally, we like how quickly it works: you should notice the fragrances in 10-15 minutes. Not only does it function as an oil burner, but thanks to its bulb, you can also use it as a small bulb.


  • Beautiful tree lattice around the exterior
  • It has a durable, removable wax tray
  • Made from robust materials – wooden base and metal cylinder
  • It should melt the oils or wax in 10-15 minutes
  • It has a long power cord for flexible use


  • The dish may not sit flush in the top
  • It could take longer than advertised to heat up properly

ANNIUP Aromatic (Best Contemporary)

Perhaps you have contemporary decor in one of your rooms? If so, this model’s geometric shape and design will fit perfectly. It uses a simple black-and-white colour scheme, and the angular frame is constructed from sturdy iron.

The ANNIUP Aromatic Oil Burner also has a white ceramic dish on top of the mesh. This is easy to remove and, therefore, simple to clean of used oil or wax. It is large enough to hold an ample amount of burning substance and should be able to give fragrance to an entire room effectively.

In the centre of the iron container, there is a neat holder for a tealight candle. You can drop it in through the top slot and then place the ceramic dish back into place. Due to this unit’s open design, the candle will reflect and provide a pleasant glow to the immediate surroundings.


  • Simple geometric frame design made from iron
  • The oil tray is constructed from durable ceramic
  • Relatively easy to use with oils or wax melts
  • With a candle, it provides a pleasant glow
  • The fragrance tray is easy to clean


  • The candle may be challenging to light through the frame
  • It could be tricky to insert a new candle through the hole

Klass Home Jali Soapstone (Best for Sturdiness)

The durable Palewa stone this item is built from makes it durable but also gives it an individual charm and traditional vibe. It resembles old Moroccan ornaments and architecture with lattice-style patterns on the side of the candle holder.

The Klass Home Collection Oil Burner is made to last and includes a separate top tray that fits neatly onto the cylinder. This is filled with wax melts or your oil and water mixture and is incredibly easy to clean once the liquids are burned.

At the bottom, there is a large semi-circular opening through which you can insert a tealight candle. This should provide effective heat and start releasing those luxurious fragrances in no time. You can also remove the tray and use it as a simple candle holder.


  • Fantastic Moroccan-style design and patterns
  • Made from traditional Palewa stone
  • It has a removable oil tray on the top
  • Relatively large space to slide the candle through
  • It can also be used as a candle holder without the tray on


  • The tray might be a little small
  • There could be colour variations in the stone

How to Choose an Oil Burner

As you can see, oil burners are incredibly diverse, and you could spend hours trying to find a suitable option. We’ve put together a simple buying guide that lists the four primary considerations to make when buying these products, so you can choose easily.


Firstly, it’s essential to understand the two burning methods, as these significantly affect how you operate the device.

Traditional oil burners use a lightable heat source, like a small tea candle, that sits underneath, in an apposite holder. Above there is a tray where you place your essential oils or wax melts. Simply light the candle, and this slowly burns the substance to release the fragrance. The benefit of these options is that you can position them anywhere without the need for an electrical cable. However, you’ll have to replace the burned tealights continually.

In contrast, electrical devices feature a heating element or lamp that does the same job as a candle. As a result, they can last for much longer, and the only thing you need to replace is the fragrant substance.


Aside from the oil burning, these products also make fantastic ornaments and can add a little style to your home. Therefore, the design, colours, and shape of the item are something to look at too.

Most electric units feature a lattice pattern for the main structure, allowing the heating lamp to shine through. They look incredibly decorative and have a dual purpose too. Traditional candle burners come in various shapes and colours, so simply pick something that matches your decor or appeals to you.


The size is important as it dictates where to place your oil burner. Perhaps you want one for your bedside table with a relatively small surface. Look at where you want to use it, and you should be able to select a reasonable size.


Lastly, think about the maintenance and ongoing upkeep of these devices. Traditional oil burners have two replaceable items you will need to buy continually – the candles and the wax melt or essential oils. In contrast, electrical products only require the fragrant burning substance, so they effectively need less attention and upkeep.


The Bobolyn Ceramic Electric Oil Burner is our top pick due to its elegant design, fantastic radiating light, and ease of use it provides. This item simply plugs in, and the heating lamp slowly burns the substance you place in the top tray. Furthermore, the bulb also emits a pleasant, warm light to add a subtle glow to any room it’s used in. For cleaning, the oil container is removable, while the ceramic material should not get overly hot, so it’s still safe to handle.

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