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best moving boxes

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can undertake. Therefore, it’s a great idea to plan ahead and minimise any potential issues or extra work. A simple thing you can do is make sure you have an adequate supply of moving boxes. These dedicated storage units allow you to organise your possessions, keep things neat, and relocate effectively. If you have an impending upheaval or want to pack some unused items, we have hand-picked seven of the best sets available.

How We Compared Moving Boxes

To find the right moving boxes, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size
  • Durability
  • Assembly
  • Sealing

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Moving Box Reviews

Direct Global Trading Extra Large (Editor’s Choice)

For complete house moves, the 108L capacity of these storage boxes will prove fantastic and mean you have to undertake fewer trips back and forth. This is complemented by the 10-piece set and the easily stackable design.

The Direct Global Trading Extra Large Boxes are made from tough, double-walled cardboard for improved durability. Moreover, each item has a checklist on the side that lets you quickly identify your possessions and which room they belong to.

We like the robust carry handles that simply pop out of the sides so you can lift comfortably. In addition, you get a roll of “fragile” tape that you can use to secure the lids of the boxes. The initial assembly is straightforward, and the units can be disassembled into a flat-pack size for reuse.


  • Double-walled for extra durability
  • Large 108L capacity with ten boxes included
  • Simple carry handles on two sides for easy lifting
  • With a printed list so you can identify the contents quickly
  • Made from 100% recycled materials


  • Some customers may have reported a missing box
  • Could be susceptible to overloading

StorePAK Large (Luxury Choice)

If you want to maximise each removal run or make the most of your storage space, the stackable upright design of these moving boxes is ideal. Their material is strong enough to stand multiple units on top of each other, too.

The StorePAK Large Storage Boxes are made from 100% recycled and eco-friendly materials, including high-performance paper and corrugated board. Aside from being environmentally conscious, the units are durable and can be used multiple times.

The boxes have a simple assembly method that involves folding, and you can secure the two flaps of the lid with some tape. For convenient carrying, there is a pop-out handle on each side. In the standard pack, you get ten items, each with an internal capacity of 116L and external dimensions of 55 x 46 x 46cm.


  • Open-side handles for convenient lifting
  • Stackable design for effective storage in vehicles
  • They can be collapsed and reused multiple times
  • Made from eco-friendly and 100% recycled material
  • The external surface can easily be written on


  • The boxes may not have any contents text on the sides
  • The upright design could be problematic for some

BANKERS BOX 39L (Best Value)

The strong C-Flute corrugate board construction of these storage boxes makes them ideal for transporting heavy and sharp objects. This is further improved by the double-wall build, keeping your possessions safe.

The BANKERS BOX Moving Boxes provide exceptional carrying performance due to the reinforced handles on each side. Additionally, the rectangular shape and stiff lids allow you to stack multiple units for improved storage.

The items are also FSC certified and 100% recyclable. Furthermore, the inks used to print the logo and other contents are 100% water-based, which helps reduce pollution and environmental damage. On the side, there is a handy diagram of different room types with a tick box underneath. This allows you to mark the boxes and keep your house moving organised.


  • Made from strong C-Flute corrugated board
  • Reinforced carry handles for heavy loads
  • They use water-based inks and are 100% recyclable
  • The side has pre-printed graphics to identify the contents
  • Ample size with dimensions of 47.5 x 32.5 x 27cm


  • You may require additional tape to secure them
  • Some customers could have found holes in the boxes

Direct Global Trading Mixed (Best for Variety)

If you don’t need only large moving boxes, this mixed-size set conveniently includes five extra large and five large units. The XL could be reserved for bulkier items like appliances, while the L size would be better suited for ornaments, cutlery, or even clothes.

The Direct Global Trading Mixed Boxes set includes a 66m roll of ‘fragile’ packing tape. This convenience is improved due to the two pop-out carrying handles. Additionally, the items are simple to construct and can be disassembled for easy storage and future use.

In terms of size and capacity, the XL units can hold 108L and have dimensions of 52 x 52 x 40cm. In contrast, the smaller ones have an internal area of 44L and overall measurements of 47 x 31.5 x 30cm. There is a useful checklist on the side for you to mark the room to which the box belongs to help keep your storage organised.


  • Mixed selection with five large and five XL
  • Large capacity of 108L for the XL boxes
  • Completely stackable for more efficient storage
  • Includes a room tick list on the sides to help the organisation
  • Each box has two carry handles


  • Some customers may have reported missing tape
  • Included sizes could be misleading

STORM TRADING GROUP 10 XL (Best for Practicality)

The large open ink box on the side of these units allows you to create a custom checklist or info of the contents. Above this, there is also a handy set of pictograms. These show different rooms such as the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. Either way, this makes this set practical to use and easy to keep your valuables all in the same place.

The STORM TRADING GROUP XL Storage Boxes have multiple layers and are incredibly strong. Moreover, there is a carry handle on each side, and the units are quick to assemble with folding. You can disassemble them too and lie them flat-pack for convenient storage when not in use.

The internal capacity is an impressive 115L, while the size is 53 x 53 x 41cm. Therefore, ten boxes should provide minimum removal runs and make the whole process easier.


  • Made from strong and durable cardboard
  • Each item has a checklist for improved organisation
  • The carry handles allow for safe and convenient lifting
  • Simple to build and dismantle for reuse
  • Includes fragile and right-way-up labels


  • Some customers could have reported rips in the cardboard
  • The handles may occasionally tear

VIROSA Laundry Bags (Best for Versatility)

If you want a multi-purpose container that can be used for more than removals, the durable plastic design of these laundry bags is a brilliant option. The flexible material is not only great for household goods but also for clothes.

The VIROSA Laundry Bags have reinforced cross stitching and a metal zip on the top. The stitching helps reduce holes and damage, while the zip protects your valuables and prevents spills. Each bag has a pair of handles for carrying.

Each bag measures 60 x 50 x 25cm, and you get ten in the standard package. They come in various colours, including red, black, and blue. However, the selection is randomised. Aside from moving house, you could also use these bags for food shopping.


  • Cross-stitching for extra durability on the seams
  • They come with a zip to secure your possessions
  • Multi uses for moving, shopping, and storing clothes
  • Simple storage when not in use
  • Large capacity


  • The handles may be a little weak
  • Some customers could have reported missing zips

Lifewit Large Capacity (Best Alternative Pick)

The sturdy construction and zipped lid of these storage bags are ideal for moving but could make an excellent solution for clothes or spare bedding. They can be used in many situations thanks to their thick fabric sides, large viewing windows, and foldable material.

The Lifewit Storage Bags look fantastic and are available in three colours – grey, black, and blue. In terms of size, each pack measures 60 x 43 x 35cm and has an internal capacity of 90L. We like that the zippers are made from durable stainless steel, too. 

Moreover, the fabric is breathable, eco-friendly, and high-density, so the bags should have great longevity.


  • Strong fabric design with a large viewing window
  • Reinforced handles for easy carrying
  • Generous capacity
  • The material is odourless and hard-wearing
  • Includes a stainless steel zipper


  • They may be better suited for clothes
  • This option might not stand stiff while packing

How to Choose a Moving Box

You may be surprised at the different styles and designs of the boxes listed above. Who would have thought that there was so much choice? As a result, you may not know which set is the best option for you. 

To help, we have listed the common considerations to make. Before even looking at these factors, we advise taking an inventory of what you intend to pack and move. That way, you can gauge the ideal size and quantity of storage units required.


First, size and internal capacity are huge factors. This directly dictates what you can store and how many trips you will have to make to relocate. The interior space of a moving box is typically listed in litres. Using this, you should have a rough idea of what can fit inside.

Furthermore, we advise checking the external measurements of the products as this is often a more accurate way of determining their usefulness. For example, you may have some photo frames or larger appliances that would only fit in specific-sized boxes. 


Next, look at the materials the boxes are made from. Most units are constructed from cardboard or some type of thick recycled boarding. However, you can also find solutions like flexible plastic laundry bags or even reusable products built from thick fabrics.

Look at the items you want to move. Are they heavy? Do many of them have jagged edges that could tear weaker material? Would flexible containers make the objects difficult to lift? By assessing your inventory, you can effectively pick moving boxes with appropriate durability and construction.


Not all moving boxes are pre-assembled, which can add to the effort and stress. We advise looking at how the items are delivered and what you must do to get them into a usable state.

For example, cardboard options typically arrive flat-pack. You have to fold and assemble them manually, which is not always a straightforward task. Alternatively, laundry bags require no construction, and you can use them immediately.


Lastly, what can you do to secure your possessions inside the moving boxes? Do they have lids? For example, cardboard units typically have two foldable flaps on the top that, unless fastened with tape, will move during transit.

Alternatively, laundry bags and fabric bag organisers often have zips so that you can close them. Look at the suitability of the items and how easily you can seal them and protect your valuables inside.


Our top pick is the Direct Global Trading Extra Large Cardboard Storage Boxes. These versatile units have an ample internal capacity of 108L which should minimise the number of trips while still allowing you to keep your valuables organised. Furthermore, with external dimensions of 52 x 52 x 40cm, the products are big enough to fit irregular-shaped possessions. We also like that the containers arrive in a flat-pack pile and include a roll of ‘fragile’ tape.

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