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best mops

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

A mop is an essential cleaning appliance if you have non-carpeted floors like wood, laminate, and tiles. These products are used to wipe away dirt, stains, and grime with ease – marks that a hoover cannot remove. If you need a new one, or your current model is not performing great, we have just the thing. Below, we have picked the top seven options available for your benefit.

How We Compared Mops

To find the right mops, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Handle Length
  • Mop Head
  • Maintenance
  • Collection Bucket
  • Product Type

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Mop Reviews

Vileda Turbo Microfibre (Editor’s Choice)

Our top choice has a traditional design that integrates some modern features to make mopping easier. Among these, you’ll find a foot pedal that rotates the head when in the wringing compartment to drain dirty water quicker.

The Vileda Turbo Microfibre Mop looks great and is highly functional, too. This is due to its extendable shaft and the carrying handle ergonomics. Firstly, the telescopic pole increases to 130cm, making it suitable for people of all heights. Secondly, the bucket handle has a groove that the stick slots into, which makes moving the unit easy. The front spout also enables you to conveniently empty the container when finished.

The mop itself is also well-designed. It is comfortable to hold, and the fibres are spread out to cover a wide area. As a result, less effort is required to tackle entire floors.


  • Foot pedal to rotate the mop head in the drainage area
  • Extendable telescopic handle up to 130cm
  • It includes a spare head
  • Front bucket spout to remove water easier
  • The carry handle has a groove to secure it


  • Some customers may have found damaged handles
  • The head could sometimes come loose

Vileda Steam (Luxury Choice)

This is an excellent option if you want a cleaning device that kills bacteria effectively while using less water. The fast-action steam pump heats up in 15 seconds and eradicates 99.9% of germs which could be helpful if you have susceptible small children.

The Vileda Steam Mop has an ergonomic design and features. For example, the handle is long, so you can hold it without bending. It also has a curved hand grip. 

We like that you can use it on multiple surfaces like tiles, wood, laminate, and vinyl. The triangular shape of the head means that you can easily clean in corners. From 400ml of water, you can operate this product continuously for 28 minutes.


  • Heats up for cleaning in less than 15 seconds
  • Can kill 99.9% of bacteria on your floors
  • The mop includes a carpet glider to refresh surfaces
  • Simple operation
  • It has a long, ergonomic handle


  • It may need regular cleaning to remove limescale
  • The power cord could reduce movement capabilities

Flash Powermop (Best Value)

Our next pick is highly recommended if you want an appliance with powerful cleaning detergent for immediate use. Included in the basic package are one bottle of Flash Power Cleaner and ten pads. As a result, you can remove tough floor stains straight away.

The Flash Powermop system allows you to spray cleansers directly onto the floor as you mop. The solution bottle attaches to the head, and you activate it via a push of a button on the handle. For power, this requires 2x AA batteries.

Additionally, the pads are easy to remove and have improved absorption properties. This should mean that it collects dirt and grime more effectively.


  • Should achieve faster floor cleaning than a mop and bucket
  • The battery-powered button activates the cleaning spray
  • It includes ten absorbing pads
  • Safe for use on any type of hard-sealed surfaces
  • Ergonomic handle and grip


  • It may need frequent battery changes
  • The cleaning fluid could sometimes get stuck

Vileda 1-2 Spray (Best Lightweight)

If you struggle with lifting or don’t want a heavy mop, this lightweight cleaner is the ideal option. The durable but thin pole is easy to hold, and the head with microfibre pads doesn’t add too much weight to the device.

The Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop is excellent if you don’t have room to store a bucket. It has cleaning cloths that attach to the head quickly and uses a spray system. At the top of the handle is a small compartment where you can insert water or detergent. 

From there, a pipe connects this to the head, and you release the liquid using a flexible trigger. As a result, you can control the flow easily and ensure you are not using too much of your cleaning solution.


  • It has a microfibre head for effective dirt removal
  • The flat cleaning section makes it easier to cover large floors
  • It has a long handle to prevent back pains
  • Simple trigger mechanism to release the cleaning spray
  • The microfibre pads are easy to attach


  • The handle may not be adjustable
  • The liquid compartment cap may loosen over time

Leifheit Clean Twist (Best Heavy Duty)

If you prefer a traditional mop and bucket design with flexible movement, this is a superb choice. The bucket is mounted on four castors and thus can easily be pushed in any direction. It also means you don’t have to continually bend down to pick up the container.

The Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Mop has an ergonomically designed, heavy-duty head and handle. It can extend to a maximum height of 130cm, and the base has a unique twist mechanism. Consequently, you can wring the fibres more effectively in the bucket at the push of a button.

We also like that it can be used flat due to the flexible design of the handle connection. This way, the furniture is no obstacle, and you can easily clean underneath.


  • The bucket has wheels for convenient movements
  • Large mop head area for quicker cleaning
  • There is a spout on the container for effortless emptying
  • The head can lie flat to clean under furniture
  • Integrated wringing feature on the handle


  • The bucket could feel a little flimsy
  • The circular head could be difficult to push into corners

EasyGleam Microfibre (Best Compact)

Thanks to its tall and narrow container, this set is an ideal solution if you don’t have space for a large mop and bucket. Its small footprint allows it to take up minimum floor space in cupboards or utility rooms.

The EasyGleam offers dual functionality. The container comes with two compartments – one for dry cleaning and the other for wet wiping. This feature effectively allows for efficient housework.

For wet cleaning, the mop head has detachable microfibre pads that are durable and excellent at picking dirt. Also, they can be hand or machine washed at 30 degrees and reused multiple times, which helps save on cleaning costs.


  • Both wet and dry cleaning functions
  • The bucket has two chambers for the different uses
  • Suitable for ceramic, tiles, marble, concrete, stone, etc.
  • The bucket is compact and easy to store
  • Includes four microfibre pads


  • The bucket may be susceptible to knocking over when full
  • It could be a little complicated to use at first

MEXERRIS Microfibre (Best for Large Areas)

If you want a versatile sweeper that makes cleaning large floors easy, this mop fits the bill. The two refillable solution bottles mean you can always have a dirt removal mixture ready to go. Also, the mop head has a considerable surface area to wipe floors quickly.

The MEXERRIS Microfibre Spray Mop has a pipe and container system, so you can release a cleaning agent as you work. The refillable bottles slot into the base, and then the liquid is activated with the trigger at the top of the handle.

We also like that it includes a small scourer tool – you can scrape this along the head to remove hairs and stubborn pieces of dirt.


  • It includes two refillable bottles for the pre-mixed cleaning solution
  • The mop has a velcro connection for the pads
  • A trigger at the top of the handle releases the spray
  • The handle is made from high-grade aluminium
  • The head has a large surface area for quick cleaning


  • The trigger could feel a little cheap
  • The solution bottles may need regular cleaning

How to Choose a Mop

As you can see, a handful of different mop designs and types are available on the market. It could be difficult, therefore, to pick the right one. If you are struggling, we have written a short buying guide to explain the main factors to keep in mind when choosing these products.

Handle Length

First, the handle is extremely important. Usually, mops have a longer shaft so that you can operate them without bending over and straining your body. This is something to consider, particularly if you suffer from back problems. 

Some appliances also have variable-length chassis. These could be suitable if several people of different heights use the mop in your household. You can simply adjust the length to suit the individual.

Mop Head

The configuration of the head should also be taken into account, as there are a few designs available. 

Firstly, you’ll find a rectangular configuration. This style usually consists of absorbent cleaning pads instead of fibrous tendrils. Generally, these are easier to maintain, and you can get replacement parts faster.

Secondly, there is the traditional multi-tendril head. This option usually comes with a bucket you squeeze excess water and dirt out of during use.


There are several factors to think about for maintenance, too. For example, how long does the head typically last and is it easy to buy replacement parts? You don’t want a product that has to be fully replaced every time the cleaning part is too dirty.

Also, can it be quickly stored and are cleaning solutions like bleach suitable to use with the mop? These are all things to consider and will impact how convenient the item is to use.

Collection Bucket

Depending on the model, it may include a collection bucket. This is a highly useful item and improves the cleaning capabilities of the appliance. You fill the container with warm water and add cleansing products like bleach.

If a bucket is included, is it durable? Does it have a drainage section to rinse the mop with? Is there a handle so you can easily pick it up and move it around the house?

Product Type

You must also think about which kind is best suited. There are generally three main products types, and we have listed them below:

  • Traditional unit and bucket
  • Steam mop
  • Spray head

The standard mop and bucket are versatile, and you can add cleaning products to the water for superior results. A steam appliance uses heated water vapour to remove dirt and grime quickly. Lastly, mops with a spray head disperse liquids as you work, reducing water consumption.


Our Editor’s Choice is the Vileda Turbo Microfibre Mop and Bucket Set. This traditional setup has everything you need to effectively clean tiles, laminate, and wooden flooring. The head and handle are ergonomic and balanced for ease of use. The telescopic handle also extends up to 130cm. For quick dirty water draining, the bucket has a foot pedal which rotates the drainage cup. Lastly, the front of the container has a large spout, making emptying easier.

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