Best Mini Fridges

best mini fridges

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

A mini fridge has so many functions and can be an invaluable appliance. If your main unit isn’t large enough, you could use it as an additional countertop fridge. Alternatively, mini fridges are brilliant for man caves, games rooms, and outdoor garden bars. If this is something you fancy, look no further! We have compiled a list of the seven best mini fridges currently available below!

How We Compared Mini Fridges

To find the right mini fridges, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size and Weight
  • Storage Space
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Style

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Mini Fridges Reviews

Russell Hobbs RHTTLF1B (Editor’s Choice)

This mini fridge looks fantastic and has a stylish design to fit any modern kitchen. Thanks to its decent storage capacity and flexible shelving, you can use it in various situations.

If you want a mini fridge for your kitchen top, the Russell Hobbs RHTTLF1B could be a good choice. This is because it provides enough storage at 43L but is still small enough to sit on a countertop. Alternatively, it would also make a great choice for a living room or frequently used games room.

In terms of specifications, this fridge has an F energy rating. Moreover, the door is reversible and uses a standard AC power connector.

The door has two separate sections for storage – one for snacks and small items and one for upright bottles. We also like that there is a removable shelf inside and a drip tray to collect any condensation from the cooling unit.


  • Stylish and modern design
  • Door storage for drinks and milk cartons
  • The door is also reversible
  • Decent 43L storage capacity
  • It can easily be used as a countertop fridge


  • It may not have the best energy rating
  • The noise could be too much for some people

Subcold Super85 (Luxury Choice)

This mini fridge offers a larger storage capacity and is perfect for multiple drinks cans, bottles, and cartons due to its four-shelf design. It is also made from premium materials and is incredibly durable and built to last.

If you want to keep your drinks separate from your food, the Subcold Super85 is a viable choice. This is because it has four storage shelves and thus allows you to store bottles and cartons horizontally and cans upright.

The design of this mini fridge also looks great as it has a sleek black casing and dual-glazed glass door. As a result, it could fit in a modern kitchen or be used to stock an outdoor mini bar.

The overall storage capacity is 85L, and it is deep enough to stand items up. You can also customise the storage as the four metal wire shelves are removable and adjustable.


  • Suitable temperature range of 3 to 18 degrees Celsius
  • Made from high-grade materials
  • Includes four removable chrome wire shelves
  • Large storage net capacity of 80L
  • Sleek and simple black casing


  • The lack of door storage may not be ideal for some 
  • The door-reverse instructions may be difficult to follow

CROWNFUL 4 Litre (Best Value)

This stylish mini fridge is highly portable and could be used as a convenient bedside fridge or for travel. With a height of just 13.5cm and a lightweight design, it could be placed on a small cabinet without causing any damage.

If you just want a mini fridge to keep a few drinks or snacks cool in your office or bedroom, the CROWNFUL Mini Fridge is a top selection. This is because it has a capacity of 4L which means it can hold up to six drinks cans or a variety of cold snacks.

We also like that it is available in pink, black, or white, which means you can get a colour that matches the room decor.

For storage, the door has a simple panel for chocolate bars, and there is also a removable wire shelf inside.


  • Available in three stylish colours
  • Retro design with rounded edges
  • Highly portable or great for bedside use
  • Includes a removable shelf
  • It has a sleep mode for reduced noise


  • The magnetic handle might be weak
  • The fan could be too loud

AstroAI 4 Litre (Best Range of Colours)

This model is a brilliant pick if you want a mini fridge to match a particular decor. You can choose from five different stylish colours – white, blue, pink, teal, and black. Additionally, its compact size means you could use it on bedside cabinets.

The AstroAI mini fridge looks great, but it is functional too. Firstly, the unit is lightweight and easy to carry due to the top handle. Secondly, it has flexible storage as you can remove the shelve inside to cool taller items.

We also like that this mini fridge has a dual function. Aside from keeping items cool, it has a keep-warm function which means it can maintain things like coffee warm up to 66 degrees Celsius.

This model is also ideal if you want to take a mini fridge with you on road trips, as it includes a 12V DC adapter to quickly plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter when needed.


  • Available in five fun colours
  • It has a removable shelf
  • Includes two plugs for standard outlet and vehicle cigarette lighters
  • It has both a refrigerating and heating mode
  • It can hold up to six standard drinks cans


  • The rear power connection could be flimsy
  • It may not have a thermostat control to prevent ice build-up

Chefman Portable (Best for Travel)

This portable mini fridge is compact and best used for travel or day trips due to its lightweight design and DC 12V adapter for in-car power. It is an ideal accessory for small snacks and drinks on a hot day.

If you regularly go on road trips, days out, or holidays, the Chefman Portable mini fridge is a great companion. It measures just 17.78 x 23.19 x 25.4cm and weighs only 1.68kg. Therefore, it could easily fit in a footwell or the boot of your car. Don’t worry about power either – it includes a 12V DC adapter so you can plug it into a cigarette lighter.

While travelling, this mini fridge will allow you to store up to 6 drinks cans. Alternatively, you could use the removable shelf to store other items like cold snacks, sandwiches, and fruit. In contrast, it also has a ‘keep warm’ setting, which means you can even use it to keep hot drinks like coffee and tea warm.


  • Can store up to 6 standard drinks cans
  • It has a keep cold and a keep-warm function
  • Includes a car plug and standard plug adaptors
  • Stylish black casing with a top handle for carrying
  • It also includes a removable storage shelf


  • Condensation could build up at the back of the unit
  • The top handle may not be deep enough

Subcold Ultra 10 (Best Design)

This modern and sleek mini fridge looks superb and can fit within any office, kitchen, or bedroom design. This is a superior pick if you want a fridge that blends in with your decor.

The Subcold Ultra 10 mini fridge has a sleek design with rounded edges and a bold front door. It also offers some flexibility in colour matching, as you can choose from a black or grey door panel.

While this mini fridge looks fantastic, it is also functional. Firstly, it has a 10L internal capacity which means you can store up to ten standard drinks cans. Alternatively, you could use the storage shelves to store fruit, chocolate bars, snacks, and even skin-care products.

Secondly, it has reliable cooling technology, and you can keep items cool up to 18 degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature. Although there may not be a thermostat to regulate the temperature, a switch allows you to change between the ‘keep cool mode’ and ‘keep warm mode’.


  • It has door storage for snacks and chocolate bars
  • Includes two storage shelves inside
  • It also has an AC 230V lead and DC 12V lead
  • Cool to 18 degrees Celsius, heat to 45-65 degrees Celsius
  • Made from high-grade ABS plastic


  • The rear cooling element could frost up
  • The cooling fan may be too loud

Inventor WEE/MM0449AA (Best Large)

If you want additional cooling to your main kitchen fridge, this model offers 65L of storage capacity. Therefore, it could sit on a kitchen top or in a cupboard as a secondary unit.

The Inventor mini fridge has 65L of internal storage. Its total capacity is split between the door and the internal space, giving you flexibility. Firstly, the door has a bottom rack that you can use to hold milk cartons and drink bottles. Secondly, it has a smaller top rack suitable for cans and eggs.

There are two removable wire shelves and a small freezer compartment inside the main space. These give you plenty of customisation and allow you to store a range of general cold groceries and drinks.

We also like that it has a reversible door, and the legs are adjustable so that you can alter the height when used in a cupboard or on a work surface.


  • Large 65L capacity with door storage
  • Includes two removable wire shelves
  • Has low-frost technology to reduce defrosting
  • The door is reversible
  • The legs are also height-adjustable


  • It may have occasional noise outbursts
  • The freezer compartment may not be consistent

How to Choose a Mini Fridge

You should have a clear idea of the different mini fridge designs available. But which is suitable for you? If you are feeling confused, don’t worry! We have created a simple buying guide below explaining the main pointers to consider.

Size and Weight

The dimensions and weight of the fridge are incredibly important. Before looking at the size, you must first think about where you want to place the fridge. Do you want it on your kitchen counter? Perhaps you want it underneath a mini bar in your garden summer house? Once you have considered the location, you can choose a mini fridge that fits.

The weight is also crucial for safety purposes and support. Can you comfortably lift the mini fridge on your own? Moreover, if you intend to place the fridge on a counter, will it be supported properly?

Storage Space

The inside of the mini fridge is also something to consider. This depends on what you want to store in it and how often you intend to use it. The storage capacity is usually stated in litres – this gives you an overall idea of how much you can place inside.

Aside from the overall capacity, look at the shelves design and the addition of any door storage too. This shows you what types of drinks you can store and the largest items you could fit inside.

Energy Efficiency

Energy usage and efficiency are also important as this will determine how expensive the mini fridge is to run. You can gauge energy efficiency by looking at the energy rating. For example, this will be listed as having an ‘A’ Energy Rating, with A being better than C.


Lastly, the mini fridge’s style, colour, and design may also be significant for you. For example, you may need a mini fridge that matches your other kitchen appliances; therefore, you want to pick one in a particular colour or design.

In contrast, if the fridge is simply placed under a bar or a cupboard, the colour and style may not be that important.


Our top pick for the best fridge is the Russell Hobbs RHTTLF1B. This stylish and modern mini fridge looks great. It is also compact, so it could easily be used as a countertop fridge to match your other appliances. With ample door storage and a removable interior shelf, this 43L mini fridge provides versatility for all your cooling needs.

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