Best Light Switches

best light switches

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Light switches are items that are often overlooked, but they can dramatically change the look and theme of your rooms. Additionally, depending on their functionality, they can improve your home life and give you greater control over your lighting. For example, you can get smart products you can manage via WiFi or dimmer switches that allow you to change the brightness. If your current models look outdated or shabby, why not consider upgrading? We have made this task easier by providing seven fantastic options to look at below.

How We Compared Light Switches

To find the right light switches, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Installation
  • Style
  • Light Control
  • Extra Features

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Light Switch Reviews

CNBINGO Touch (Editor’s Choice)

This light switch’s slim tempered glass panel looks unique and offers something entirely different to most devices. You could install these models to complement a modern home or as part of your smart system.

The CNBINGO Touch Light Switch may not have any raised buttons. Instead, they sit flush against the case and are backlit by LEDs. As a result, they are easy to see in the dark, and you get a clear notification of when they are turned on or off.

The materials are fire-retardant and do not use any electrical arc technology. Therefore, they are incredibly safe. Add in the waterproof qualities of glass, and you can use these switches in any room – bathrooms included.


  • Tempered glass design for brilliant durability
  • Touch buttons with an LED backlight
  • No neutral wire is required for installation
  • Available in several different colours
  • The glass is also waterproof


  • Some customers may have reported faulty products
  • The back might be quite large

NASHONE Wireless (Luxury Choice)

This could be a great buy if you have minimum electrical knowledge and want a high-quality, quick-to-install product. It has a no-wiring and no-battery setup but uses a wireless receiver for the switch signal instead.

The NASHONE Wireless Switch includes two cases and one receiver, but you can pair the single device with up to five modules. It works via kinetic energy, which generates the electrical signal to turn the light on and off – this is why no battery is required.

Furthermore, the casing itself looks great with a traditional white metal finish. The large switches occupy most of the space, making them simple to use and stand out compared to conventional designs. With a transmission distance of 50 m indoors, you should easily be able to set these up around your home.


  • Easy to operate with a large button
  • It doesn’t require any wiring for installation
  • No battery needed either due to the kinetic mechanism
  • One receiver can be paired with up to five switches
  • Decent transmission distance of up to 200 m


  • Screws might not be included
  • The button could be quite loud

BG Electrical NBS12-01 (Best Value)

This brushed steel casing is superb if you want a functional and straightforward device that still looks slightly different from the conventional white plastic switches. It has soft rounded corners, a gently curved rocker, and matching screws that all add to the look.

The BG Electrical NBS12-01 Single Light Switch is also available in two other contemporary finishes – black nickel and polished chrome, both of which look great. You can also get them in different wiring configurations, and there are some double-button models too.

For installation, it should easily fit a 16 mm back box, and the captive screws mean that there should be no fixture loss. We also like that it has a moisture control gasket to prevent tarnishing and potential electrical water damage.


  • Made from sleek and slim brushed steel
  • Soft and rounded corners for an elegant look
  • Colour-coded captive screw terminals
  • It also has an integrated gasket to protect it from moisture
  • Lacquered surface to reduce fingerprints


  • The wiring space may be limited
  • Some customers might have found broken buttons

Trendi Switch 1 Gang 2 Way (Best for Design)

The unique design of these devices makes them stand out and look completely different from conventional light switches. They have a narrow, long central button that could look like some type of abstract art.

The Trendi Switch 1 Gang 2 Way Light Switch has a high-quality fireproof ABS plastic casing that matches the sleek look of the button. Moreover, the corners are rounded, and it should fit flush to your wall in most cavity sizes.

This product should be compatible with all standard light bulbs, including LED and fluorescent. Furthermore, you will see no screw holes on the front as these are hidden on the rear panel. If you want to swap them out for another switch, it has a clip-on design for the casing that can easily be changed.


  • CE certified for improved safety
  • The ABS plastic casing is also fireproof
  • Should work with all common types of light bulbs
  • Hidden screws for a better look
  • Easy to clean due to the smooth surface


  • The instructions may be confusing
  • The covers could be difficult to remove once fixed

AET CPC1GDIM4 (Best for Versatility)

This light switch is a top option if you also want to experiment with dimmer bulbs. It looks clean and modern, but the button is a dial compatible with most dimmer bulbs, except LEDs. Therefore, you can control your lighting and set the mood in your home accordingly.

The AET CPC1GDIM4 Light Switch is finished in a classical polished chrome that looks sleek with its rounded corners. Furthermore, it is a relatively standard size that should fit most back boxes at 8.8 x 8.8 cm and 5 cm deep.

For installation, it has a 240V 10 amp single 1-gang light system. Moreover, it can be configured as either a 1-way or 2-way switch and has a maximum and minimum load of 400W / 40W, respectively. You can also get this item in different designs with more or fewer dimmer buttons.


  • Dimmer functionality included
  • Stylish polished chrome finish
  • It can be used for either 2 or 1-way wiring
  • Relatively easy to install
  • It comes with all the relative fixtures


  • It could be quite deep for some wall cavities
  • The dimmer function may not be compatible with LED bulbs

MoesGo No Neutral Wire (Best Multi Control)

If you have a smart home with a variety of devices and automation, these light switches are the perfect addition. They have wireless functionality, and you can control them via the complementary mobile app. Additionally, you can pair them with Alexa and Google Home for voice activation.

The MoesGo Smart Touch Light Switch looks fantastic with a slimline design and no buttons. Instead, two touch panels light up when you press them. The product is also available in black or white to match your decor.

The surface is tempered glass and is incredibly durable and long-lasting. Moreover, it has all the necessary fixtures for wall mounting, and the screws are hidden behind the front panel. For installation, the wireless can connect via a 2.4 GHz network or Bluetooth.


  • Modern design with no buttons
  • Wireless capabilities with apps or Alexa
  • Made from durable tempered glass
  • Available in two different colours – black or white
  • The touch buttons also have a backlight


  • Some customers could have reported electrical faults
  • The supplied screws may not be fit for the purpose

Retrotouch RMS12-W (Best Large)

This light switch gives an excellent mix of style and functionality with its large buttons and different materials used in the frame and casing. Firstly, it has a neat trim that sits flush against the wall. Secondly, various glass parts give it a premium look.

The Retrotouch RMS12-W Light Switch features a large button that takes up most of the unit. This is easy to use and stands out compared to conventional models. It has a screwless front panel with fixtures hidden behind it to improve the sleek look.

In terms of installation, it should fit into a 25 mm back box, and you can get it to a 1 or 2-gang way. Moreover, it is 10 amp rated, has a mechanical rocker switch, and the overall size is 86 x 86 mm, which is classed as a standard single switch.


  • Each switch features a neat trim for added style
  • The large button is highly visible and easy to operate
  • High-quality finish with some glass for added durability
  • Hidden screws make for a clean finish
  • Should fit comfortably in a 25 mm back box


  • Some customers may have reported faulty lights on the switch
  • It could be damaged on delivery

How to Choose a Light Switch

Who would have thought there would be so many different light switch designs to choose from? With all these options, you may be confused as to which is the suitable pick. Don’t worry. First, look at your existing products and their installation. You should then be able to see what type of replacement you can get. Next, check out our simple buying guide below with the primary considerations to make.


First of all, you must be aware of the installation and how the light switch can connect to your existing electrical setup. It could be an idea to have an electrician assess your devices or even help set up new products.

Ideally, the item will include a complete manual that shows wiring diagrams. Some devices make it easier as they do not need a neutral wire. Moreover, you can even get switches that are wireless and require no electrical work at all.


The style is one of the main reasons you will upgrade your switches. Therefore, think about what type of product you want. Do you require a specific colour or material finish? Perhaps you prefer a product with touch controls instead of standard dials or buttons?

There are many different designs available, and oftentimes the manufacturer will provide several different finishes or colours so you can get what you want, so it matches your decor.

Light Controle

Next, how does the switch work, and what is the light control method? The simplest form is just a button – you flick it to turn the light on and off. These are the most basic product; they are easy to operate but don’t offer any advanced functionality.

You can get dimmer dials, too, which allow you to change the brightness. There are also touch controls – these don’t have a traditional switch but a sleek, flat panel with responsive zones, like a smartphone.

Extra Features

Lastly, does the light switch come with any additional features? Some, as mentioned previously, have dimmer capabilities that work with a compatible bulb. Furthermore, you can get items with WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. This feature can be a nice touch but also improve practicality, as you will be able to control them with a companion app on your smartphone.


Our top pick is the CNBINGO Touch Light Switch – it looks superb with a modern design but also has brilliant functionality and some excellent features. The switch is a smooth tempered glass panel with backlit LED touch buttons. These are satisfying to use and would complement a contemporary-style home. Additionally, for peace of mind, these items are fire-retardant, and the glass is fully waterproof, so you can also use them in bathrooms. Lastly, no neutral wire is required, and you can benefit from the comprehensive manual that walks you through the installation process.

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