Best Lawnmowers

Best Lawnmowers

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

A must-have for good garden care, a lawnmower helps to keep your greenery neat and tidy. Whether you’re managing a small patch of grass outside your front door, or an entire yard for kids and pets to enjoy, the right product is essential. Today, we’re going to be listing some of the most impressive options on the market to transform any outdoor space.

How We Compared Lawnmowers

To find the right lawnmowers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Performance
  • Ease of Use
  • Handling
  • Bonus Features
  • Capacity 

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Lawnmower Reviews

Einhell GE-CM (Editor’s Choice)

Lightweight and convenient, this battery-powered lawnmower is ideal for those who don’t want to be tied down by cords. The simplicity of this product, with its easy handling and fantastic ergonomics, makes yard work a breeze.

The Einhell GE-CM is a straightforward but effective lawnmower with an award-winning design. This product is built to maintain lawns up to 600 metres squared with two 18-volt batteries. That means you can quickly switch out your power source if you run out of energy mid-job. The batteries are also compatible with any other device in the Power X-Change system.

An innovative brushless motor helps you minimise excess foliage fast without damaging the device’s mechanics. There’s also a mulching wedge to shred and distribute clippings onto the lawn. As an added benefit, the cordless mower has a foldable handle for easy storage. There’s even an adjustable guide bar to suit any user’s height.


  • Two batteries included for long-lasting power
  • Mulching wedge included
  • Space-saving design or easy storage
  • Adjustable guide bar for any user height
  • No cords for better manageability


  • This product might be difficult to assemble
  • It may struggle to cut through some tougher weeds

Murray IQ18WM44 (Luxury Choice)

Powered by a Briggs and Stratton 18 volt lithium-ion battery, this mower is built to cut through tough garden jobs in no time. The product comes with two batteries and a dual charger, so you can easily swap between power sources for longer-lasting jobs. The batteries have enough energy to cover up to 640 square metres of grass.

The Murray IQ18WM44 is a fantastic high-performance lawnmower, combining the strength of a brushless battery motor with a low-noise engine. The soft-grip handle minimises vibration, so you can mow for longer without discomfort. Plus, the lightweight structure places less strain on your back.

High rear wheels allow it to easily move across all terrains, while the hard-top catching bag collects up to 50 litres of grass at a time. For those with limited storage space, the handles also fold down to make your device more compact in the shed or garage.


  • Large wheels perfect for navigating tough terrain
  • 50 litres of grass collection capacity
  • Dual-lithium batteries included with a double charger
  • Soft-grip handles for ergonomic performance
  • High performance with lower noise levels


  • The product manual might not be very helpful
  • The grass collection bin may fall off when over-filled

Flymo Hover Vac (Best Value)

Ideal for smaller garden spaces, this lawnmower only measures around 79 x 39 x 81 cm. The high-quality materials throughout this device were all chosen with user comfort in mind. This means you get a lightweight experience when rapidly trimming your lawn or garden. The 1400-watt motor is excellent for tackling tough jobs faster.

The Flymo Hover Vac is a versatile and reliable device for yard maintenance. The 25 cm cutting width and adjustable 11-31 mm cutting height can tackle a range of outdoor spaces. There’s also a 15-litre grass collection box, so you can quickly store grass clippings without worrying about raking later.

The grass box even compact collected waste so you can dispose of everything easily. The 10-metre cable is more than enough to cover most small gardens without trouble, and when you’re done mowing, everything folds neatly for storage.


  • Compact design for smaller gardens
  • Lightweight and easy to use for people with limited strength
  • 15-litre grass collection box
  • Convenient 10-metre cable for constant power
  • Folds neatly for quick and easy storage


  • This mower might struggle with longer grass
  • It can be difficult to control due to a lack of wheels

Bosch Rotak 34R (Best for Manoeuvrability)

This convenient and easy-to-use device prioritises ergonomics to help you move around any yard freely, with minimal discomfort. The corded electric functionality also ensures you don’t have to fret about running out of power in the middle of a job.

The Bosch Rotak 34R lawnmower has a strong rotary blade and 1300-watt PowerDrive motor. The integrated rear roller also helps to compact your grass as you work, giving you a professionally striped effect when you’re done. Surprisingly lightweight, this compact mower is easy to carry from your garage to the yard and back. There’s even a set of handles to help.

The inset front heels and grass combs on the mower also ensure you can cut grass cleanly close to the edge of your lawn to get a precise finish. A large grass collection box also reduces the number of trips you make to the compost bin.


  • Easy to move with a set of helpful handles
  • Edge cutting precision with grass combs
  • Advanced 1300 watt PowerDrive motor
  • Excellent ergonomics and strong wheels
  • Large grass collection bin


  • It might be difficult to place the wheels on this product
  • You may need to sharpen the blade regularly

Flymo Speedi-Mo (Best Bundle)

Trim the edges of your driveway and keep your lawn in excellent condition with this multi-functional set. A lawnmower and a strimmer in one package make it easier to transform your entire yard with minimal effort. The former comes with a powerful 1500-watt motor, while the latter features a 650-watt system with a double auto-feed mechanism.

The Flymo Speedi-Mo set includes both the Speedi-Mo electric lawnmower and the Flymo Contour for edging. The mower has a 36cm cutting width and adjustable 20-60 cm cutting height for a neat and tidy finish every time. There’s also an easy-to-empty 40-litre grass box and 12-metre cable, meaning you can cover more of your garden quickly, without unnecessary breaks.

The lightweight lawnmower floats on a cushion of air during use for better movement. With the included strimmer, you can trim any grass you miss and cut your shrubs and hedges simultaneously. This also features a handy 10-metre cord.


  • Multi-functional grass cutting kit with mower and strimmer
  • Lightweight design for easy movability
  • Large 40-litre grass collection box
  • 1500 watt motor to tackle tougher grass and weeds
  • Adjustable cutting heights


  • The mower’s components could feel a little flimsy
  • Your device might not pick up all of the clippings automatically

Hyundai 15” (Best for Durability)

Perfect for small to medium-sized lawns, this mower comes with a large 380mm cutting width and five adjustable heights to choose from. Thanks to a set of solid and high-performance wheels, you can get a flawless finish on your lawn every time and enjoy easy manoeuvrability. Plus, there’s a roller included on the back for a traditional striped yard.

The Hyundai 15” lawnmower is a strong but compact device balancing ease of use with performance. Surprisingly lightweight, this product is great for storage, thanks to a set of foldable handles. A 40-litre grass-catching bag also reduces the time you spend emptying cuttings between mowing sessions.

For eco-friendly gardeners, there’s a mulching feature so you can return some of the extra-fine grass cuttings to your lawn. What’s more, the soft-grip handle helps to reduce vibrations and keep you feeling comfortable as you work.


  • 1600 watt motor to make light work of big jobs
  • Rear roller for striped lawns
  • Mulching feature or 40-litre grass collectors
  • Soft-grip handlebar with easy-folding function
  • Strong treaded wheels to manage any terrain


  • The grass collection bin might get blocked at times
  • A 10-metre power cable may be too small for some gardens

Webb Classic WEER33 (Best for Smaller Lawns)

If you don’t have a lot of garden space to keep track of, this could be the mowing product for you. Lightweight and compact enough for easy storage, this device tackles small yards in no time. A 33cm cutting width can leave any lawn looking immaculate. There’s also a convenient lever to adjust the blade from 25mm to 65mm in height.

The Webb Classic WEER33 makes gardening quick and simple. There’s a large grass collection bag capable of holding up to 35 litres of clippings, so you can make fewer trips to the compost heap. The device also has a 1300-watt motor to tackle more demanding jobs easily.

This lawnmower has its own cable storage system, so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to keep the wire safe when you’re putting the mower in the garage. Plus, the wide handle is comfortable to grip for good manoeuvrability combined with the large wheels.

How to Choose a Lawnmower

Your ideal lawnmower will likely depend on the type of garden space you have to manage and your specific goals. The best products can include a range of features, from adjustable blade heights to mulching capabilities. When choosing a device to rely on, consider the following factors:


The abilities of your lawnmower will depend on a number of things, including the strength of the motor. Battery-powered devices can sometimes be less powerful than the corded alternatives.

If you’re choosing a product with a cord, the length of the wire will be essential to ensure you can cover all of your yard space at once. If you’re opting for something battery-operated, consider looking for a device with a spare charge so you don’t run out of energy in the middle of a job.

Ease of Use

When evaluating ease of use for a lawnmower, the manoeuvrability and handling of the device are often the main factors to consider. A set of solid and sturdy wheels will help you navigate various terrains effortlessly. However, you’ll also need a strong and ergonomic handle to grip as you’re pushing the blade through the grass.

Other elements that can influence simplicity include the features for controlling the device’s cutting height. A simple one-touch lever should be all you need to lower the position of your system to the right level.

Bonus Features

The bonus features included with a lawnmower can hugely influence the appearance of your garden. Some of the most popular products come with a roller in the rear to help create the traditional striped effect on professionally maintained lawns.

Other additional capabilities can make your device more practical. For instance, a mower with a handle that folds down can be more easily stored due to its compact shape. You can also keep an eye out for bonus extras like a mulching wedge for distributing fine clippings back onto your grass.


Unless you’re interested in mulching, you may want to ensure you’re constantly collecting the cuttings you create as you move through your lawn. A grass bin can help with this.

Smaller products can quickly become clogged, forcing you to run back and forth to the compost heap. If you have a larger garden, it’s worth looking for a device with a bigger grass container so you don’t have to make as many trips.


Our top choice for the best lawnmower was the Einhell GE-CM. This battery-powered device is a simple and effective product with lots of cutting capacity. The item can maintain gardens up to 600 metres squared in size, with two 18-volt batteries included. There’s a mulching wedge for distributing clippings and a fantastic foldable handle for easy storage. You can even adjust the guide bar to suit your height.

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