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best key finders

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Losing small items or valuables like keys, phones, and wallets is incredibly easy. We can drop them, misplace them, or they can fall out of pockets and bags. What if there were a way to avert disaster and keep these expensive things safe? Oh, wait, there is – a key finder. These devices have special sensors and systems that allow their location to be tracked. Simply attach one to your belongings, and if you forget where it is, you can quickly access the accompanying app and see its position. If you are prone to misplacing your items, we have listed seven amazing options in the below guide.

How We Compared Mini Ovens

To find the right key finders, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size
  • Portability
  • Connectivity
  • Alerts

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Key Finder Reviews

Apple AirTag (Editor’s Choice)

This product is superb if you want an item that has great longevity and works with your Apple devices. It has a long-lasting CR2032 battery that rarely needs replacing. Additionally, the casing is solid and feels robust.

The Apple AirTag works perfectly with iPhones and iPads, and you can use features like the Find My network to locate your lost items over a much wider distance. For immediate tracking, it has a decent Bluetooth range.

We like that you can easily whip out your iPhone and use a live location map to quickly find your items. Furthermore, it plays a sound, and you can even ask Siri where your device is. Lastly, the AirTag is water resistant, too, so it can be used outdoors.


  • Easy to set up with a one-touch pairing
  • It can be put in Lost mode like other Apple devices
  • Excellent battery life
  • Built-in speaker, so you can play a sound
  • Stylish and portable design


  • It may not have anything to attach it to the keys
  • An Apple ID might be required to use it properly

Tile Essentials Bluetooth (Luxury Choice)

The robust and varied set of four items allows you to track multiple valuables at once. With this purchase, you get two black mates, one slim, and one sticker. The sticker can be attached to a remote control, while the slim is perfect for fitting inside a wallet.

The Tile Essentials Bluetooth Item Finder Set looks fantastic, and each unit is durable and easy to attach to your valuables. To find things, you can connect to the Tile app. It rings the receiver, and you can hear a loud noise when you are close.

Aside from immediate tracking, you can also connect to the Tile Network. This brilliant system allows people to find their lost items over a much wider distance. Plus, it has a Bluetooth range of 76 metres.


  • It includes four different tracking items
  • Usable design with holes to attach to keyrings
  • Works with the companion Tile app
  • Uses both Bluetooth and the app for long-distance tracking
  • Durable, water-resistant casing


  • Some customers may have reported faulty batteries
  • You could occasionally have connection issues

Esky 4 in 1 Wireless (Best Value)

This comprehensive kit is a fantastic option if you want a simple set of trackers to find regularly misplaced valuables in your home. You get four receivers and one remote. The items are all colour coded and relate to a button of the same hue on the remote. For example, if you press the purple button, it will activate the find feature of the purple device.

The Esky Key Finder has a powerful locating sensor that works for up to 30 metres. Additionally, it can penetrate through walls as it uses a radio frequency. Aside from the loud noise it emits, the remote control also has an LED torch light, so you can easily locate the receivers at night.

The devices have a hole through which you can attach a metal keyring for portability. This means you can hook them to items like keys and a wallet.


  • The set includes four trackers, a remote, and the base
  • Colour-coded receivers
  • Each device has a keyring hole
  • The radio frequency works for up to 30m and through walls
  • It has both a sound and light function for easy finding


  • The battery life could be inconsistent
  • Some customers may have reported remote overheating

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ (Best for Versatility)

For tracking valuables out of your home, the Ultra Wide Band technology and Augmented Reality capabilities of these devices make items easy to find. Just connect to the SmartThings app, and you can use various features to locate your lost goods quickly.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ has a stylish design and is available in multiple colours. Additionally, you can buy it as a single item or a two or four-pack. They have an impressive tracking range of 120 metres, but you can also use the Galaxy Find network to search in a wider area.

We also like that these key finders can work with various Internet of Things items. As a result, you could program them to turn on lights in your home or even close an automatic garage door.


  • Precise tracking with both UWB and Augmented Reality technology
  • The durable units have a keyring hole
  • You can connect to the Galaxy Find network too
  • They can also control IoT items for broader functionality
  • A decent tracking range of 120m


  • The SmartThings app might be tricky to use
  • The battery life could be short

JTD Remote (Best for Ease of Use)

If you are prone to losing items around your house, the simple functionality and handy remote of this set are brilliant. You get four trackers, one transmitter, and a base for the locator. Each key finder has a large hole to attach a keyring loop.

The JTD Remote Key Finder kit has a simple colour-coded system. Each tracker has a different hue corresponding to the same colour button on the remote. Just press the relative icon, the key finder will emit a noise, and its LED will light up.

They have an excellent 30m range, and the radio frequency also works through walls. As a result, there should be no disruption, and you should always be able to find your missing items. Each product has a simple on-off switch on the rear, and the batteries are included.


  • Easy to use – click the remote button and follow the sound
  • Transmission range of up to 30 metres
  • The transmitter also has a built-in LED flashlight
  • Comprehensive set with four receivers
  • The radio signal can work through walls


  • Some customers may have reported faulty buttons
  • The battery might run out quickly

Nutale 4-Pack (Best Design)

If you don’t have any keyrings or attachment methods, this excellent four-pack includes everything you need to get started. Each device has a chain and metal loop so that you can immediately connect them to your keys, smartphone, or wallet.

The Nutale Key Finder looks incredibly stylish with its dark grey finish and textured surface. Each one has a battery included, but two spare ones are also present. Furthermore, you get four double-sided stickers which can be useful.

For detection, the tracker connects via Bluetooth to the Findthing App, which can be installed on Android and iOS phones. You can then use the “call” function to play music on the key finder to locate your missing item quickly.


  • Each item has a connected keyring loop
  • The companion app works on both Android and iOS devices
  • Simple location feature that plays music
  • The app also includes a real-time location map
  • Comprehensive set with four trackers and two spare batteries


  • The chain could be a little flimsy
  • App connectivity may sometimes be inconsistent

Chipolo ONE (Best for Colour Range)

The fantastic colour selection of these devices adds a little brightness and variance to your tracking. They are available in different hues and in several packs with multiple options. Aside from this, the trackers are highly functional and have numerous connection methods.

The Chipolo ONE key finder is small and compact and comes with a hole at the top to loop a keyring through. Moreover, it has a free companion app that works on Android and iOS devices. This lets you quickly ring the device and check its last-known location using a map.

We like that you can connect it to external items like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. As a result, anyone can speak a voice command to these units to activate the tracking feature.


  • Stylish design with multiple colours
  • Various tracking options outside the range
  • It can connect to home devices like Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS
  • You can set alerts to remind you to pick up your keys


  • The battery life may be variable
  • You could have connection issues with Android devices

How to Choose a Key Finder

The style, design, and functionality of key finders vary greatly. These aspects make choosing a suitable product complex. Which is the best option for you, and how do you decide? If you are struggling to pick one, we have compiled a simple buying guide below with the four main considerations to make before completing your purchase.


The product’s dimensions are something to look at as this determines how you can use it and what items you can attach it to. Usually, key finders are relatively small – similar to a key fob or set of keys in size. This is intentional so that they are discrete and easy to carry. It also means you can secure them to a keyring and keep them with the device you want to track.


Ideally, you require a device that has something that you can attach to your keys, smartphone, or wallet – this is usually a simple hole or a metal keyring. 

There are other methods, too, however. For example, some products have an adhesive back so you can stick them to objects like a remote control. Look at what the set contains, and think about what you want to use it for. You should then be able to select a key finder that has the required portability.


There has to be some ability to connect to the tracking device so that you can locate it. Usually, this is either done via a companion smartphone app or a remote control.

Remote control connectivity is better suited for finding your items indoors. This is because they generally have a shorter range, and carrying such a device with you is not as practical.

In contrast, an app gives far greater flexibility and usually supports longer tracking distances. You can use the program anywhere, provided you have your phone with you, and the apps typically have a myriad of other handy features, too.


Lastly, how does the device notify you of its position? This point is incredibly important, particularly if you have hearing or visual impairments.

There are three methods. Firstly, a flashing light is often used on the device, and this option is great for those with hearing impairments and makes it easy to see in the dark. Secondly, many items emit a loud, repetitive noise so you can pinpoint the location. This is ideal for those with visual impairments. 

Thirdly, those with a companion app often have a location tracker inside. Their physical position is displayed on a map, which is useful if you lose items outside your house in a town or city.


Our top pick is the Apple AirTag, thanks to its stylish and portable design, excellent functionality, and companion app. These trackers look fantastic and are on-brand with other Apple products. Additionally, they work brilliantly with other devices like iPhones and iPads. You can set up and connect the tags, and the built-in speaker lets you play a sound to locate the device quickly. You can also track lost items outside of the range using the Apple Find My network.

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