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Best Kettles for Hot Drinks

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One of the most commonplace and crucial kitchen accessories, a kettle can serve a range of purposes for modern households. With it, you’ll always be seconds away from fresh, boiling water for cooking and hot beverages. Of course, with so many options now on the market, finding something you like can be challenging. Let our list help to narrow down your choices.

How We Compared Kettles

To find the right kettles, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Capacity
  • Power
  • Appearance / Design
  • Features
  • Ease of Use 

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Kettle Reviews

Bosch Styline Sensor (Editor’s Choice)

If brewing the perfect cup of tea is high on your list of priorities, this kettle with variable temperature control could be just the thing for you. Unlike your average kettle, this device allows users to choose from seven temperature settings. This is ideal if you’re brewing different tea varieties. You can select anything from 70 degrees to boiling.

There’s a concealed heating element and a removable limescale filter in the spout. This means you can protect against unwanted mineral build-up for longer. What’s more, the one-hand operation, with a quick lid opening function, makes it easy to brew the perfect cup fast.

The product’s double-walled stainless steel housing means you don’t risk burning yourself if you accidentally touch your kettle. Plus, the stylish cordless design ensures this kettle will fit perfectly in any kitchen. The Bosch Styline even has two colour options to choose from.


  • Variable temperature selection with guidance for specific kinds of tea
  • “Keep warm” function to keep your water hot for longer
  • Double-walled stainless steel construction keeps the kettle cool at all times
  • Stylish, cordless design
  • Multiple protections against limescale


  • May suffer from leaks after extensive use
  • Might be difficult to see behind the handle to check the water level

Smeg Retro Style (Luxury Choice)

A great kettle should be as attractive as it is functional. This retro-style kettle will fit perfectly with a range of other accessories in your kitchen, with various colour options to choose from. Capable of holding up to 1.7 litres of water, this kettle can make up to 7 cups of hot water.

The Smeg kettle doesn’t just look incredible; it also has excellent performance features. The removable and washable stainless-steel limescale filter and concealed heating element help to keep your kettle in good condition for longer. There’s also an automatic shut-off when the water hits 100 degrees Celsius to keep your kitchen safe.

The 360-degree swivel base is excellent for quick and easy access when pouring a fresh cup of tea. The water level feature lets you keep a close eye on how much water you have left. There’s even a set of anti-slip feet to keep your kettle stable on the kitchen counter.


  • Beautiful design with a range of colour options
  • Large capacity of 1.7 litres (7 cups of water)
  • Concealed heating element with automatic shut-off for safety
  • Removable and washable limescale filter
  • Easy to use with a soft-open lid


  • Might be a little heavy for some users
  • The lack of cable organisation might detract from the kettle’s appearance

Russell Hobbs Mode (Best Value)

A great kettle doesn’t have to be complicated to achieve fantastic results. Simple and stylish, this 1.7-litre kettle will hold enough water for the whole family’s coffee needs. There’s also an easy-pour spout and a simple push-open lid for convenient access.

Integrated cord storage built into the 360-degree base of this Russell Hobbs kettle means cables won’t get in the way of a stylish kitchen look. The device also comes with a removable and washable filter to keep your water free from limescale.

An illuminated water window will also make it easier to check the water in your kettle at a glance, or you can simply check on the water while it’s boiling. With a concealed heating element, this kettle is also designed for durability.


  • Stylish and modern design with blue illumination
  • Plenty of capacity at 1.7 litres
  • Convenient, easy-open hinged lid
  • Cord storage included in a 360-degree swivel base
  • Removable filter for limescale cleaning


  • Might be a little loud to boil at first
  • Might not pour as smoothly as some kettles

Breville Impressions Electric (Best Basic)

If you’re all about simplicity and convenience in the kitchen, this could be the ideal kettle for you. The lift-off lid means you have easy access to the inside of the kettle for cleaning and filling. The rear window makes accurate filling easy, and it illuminates when boiling to let you know your kettle is working.

The Breville Impressions kettle’s 1.7-litre capacity makes it a wonderful choice for families. It can boil 6 to 8 cups of water at once. What’s more, the 3KW concealed heating element provides rapid boiling without compromising on long-term durability.

A removable limescale filter ensures you can remove mineral build-up in seconds. Plus, this kettle looks great, with an elegant, ridged design, high-gloss finish, and beautiful chrome details. There’s even cord storage built into the base.


  • Attractive finish in a range of colour options
  • Rapid boiling with 3KW concealed heating element
  • Rear water window makes accurate filling easy
  • Removable lid and limescale filter for easy cleaning
  • Great 1.7-litre capacity


  • Might be difficult to grip for some
  • Could shake and make significant noise when boiling

De’Longhi Brilliante (Most Durable)

Your kettle is one of the accessories in your kitchen you’ll want to keep for as long as possible. Fortunately, this 1.7-litre option is durable, with high-quality materials and a sturdy design. There are also three levels of safety protection to keep your kitchen as accident-free as possible.

With a 1.7-litre water capacity and a 3KW power element, you can boil water for the whole family in no time. The 360-degree swivel base makes it easy to grab your kettle in a hurry too.

A removable, washable limescale filter ensures your kettle stays in fantastic condition for longer. You can also check your water level with a see-through window.


  • Attractive design in various colours
  • 360-degree swivel base and ergonomic handle for ease of use
  • Concealed heating element for extra durability
  • Removable limescale filter for easier cleaning
  • Three-level safety protection system


  • Might be tricky to clean due to the small opening
  • Could suffer from condensation occasionally

Russell Hobbs Brita Purity (Best for Taste)

A kettle with an in-built filter is ideal for fresh flavour. Thanks to its advanced filtering technology, this kettle will instantly remove any taste-impairing substances. You’ll even have a cartridge replacement reminder light to show you when you need to change your filter.

The Russell Hobbs Purity kettle comes with Brita technology built-in, which lowers chlorine levels, and removes copper and lead. The filtration system can also reduce the build-up of limescale. With a 1.5-litre capacity, this kettle can boil plenty of water for two to three users at once.

Plus, you get a beautiful modern design with a completely see-through structure, so you can see your water boil. The glass kettle even illuminates when boiling.


  • Beautiful glass design for a unique aesthetic appeal
  • Easy to clean removable filter
  • Better tasting drinks with fewer impurities
  • Great at reducing limescale build-up
  • Easy to use with ergonomic handle and swivel base


  • Might have too small of a capacity for some users
  • Could be a little difficult to fill with the filter in place

Dualit Architect (Best Anti-Splash)

The last thing you want when pouring a fresh cup of tea is for boiling water to splash onto the kitchen surface. The patented spout design on this kettle delivers a smooth pouring action with no dripping or splashes to worry about.

With a powerful 2.3KW heating element, this Dualit Architect kettle can boil water faster. The element is also hidden away to avoid limescale damage. Plus, it comes with a boil-dry safety feature to switch the kettle off if it’s empty.

A high-quality stainless steel design sets this kettle apart from the competition. There are even interchangeable panel packs available to change the appearance of your kettle. A convenient glass window shows you how much water is needed for a number of cups.


  • Convenient indicator window for easy filling
  • Patented pouring spout to protect against splashes
  • Filter and encased element protect against limescale
  • Boil-dry protection for peace of mind
  • Modern design with interchangeable panels


  • Might boil a bit more slowly than some competitors
  • Could be a little noisier than other kettles

How to Choose a Kettle

A great kettle is an essential addition to any kitchen, but finding the right product for your needs can be tough. There are countless options available, and each has its own benefits. The optimum kettle for you will depend on various factors, including how you plan to use your appliance. Let’s look at some important things to consider when picking your kettle.


The capacity of your kettle refers to how many litres or cups of water you can safely boil at once. Most kettles have an average of 1.5 litres of capacity or above. The more water your kettle can hold, the more cups of tea or coffee you can make at once. Remember that a larger kettle may take up more kitchen space and take longer to boil.


The KW measurement on the device indicates the kettle’s power. The higher the KW, the faster your kettle will boil. More rapid boiling isn’t just convenient; it can also mean you use less energy when making a quick cup of tea. Look for a combination of great power and energy efficiency.


Kettles come in a range of design options to suit different aesthetic preferences. You can find stainless-steel designs, coloured kettles, and even products with a retro finish. The ideal choice for you will depend on the aesthetics you’ve chosen for the rest of your kitchen. Remember, a concealed cord will also improve your kettle’s appearance by reducing the clutter around it.


While all kettles can boil water, some offer additional features. A high-quality kettle might allow you to choose different temperatures for your water or give you an option to keep the water warm. Many kettles also include safety features. A common example is an automatic switch-off when there’s not enough water in the kettle to boil.

Ease of Use

The best kettles are easy to set up and use straight out of the box. It should only take one button to boil your kettle. Plus, you should be able to easily remove the kid to fill the device. It’s also worth looking for easy-cleaning features. A removable filter can help you banish limescale fast.


We chose the Bosch Styline Sensor kettle as our top choice, thanks to its smart and efficient performance. You can boil up to six cups of water and use a range of temperature heating settings for different kinds of tea. There’s even a “keep warm” feature, so you don’t have to re-boil your kettle as often.

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