Best Indoor Plants

Best Indoor Plants

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Indoor plants are the perfect final touch to any style of interior decor. Adding greenery to your home gives it a natural feel, contributes a bit of lush-looking liveliness, and, depending on the specific type, can also help clean the air. Different types of flora require varying levels of care to thrive, and if you are new to tending garden life, it can seem daunting. Don’t worry, though; there are plenty of options that are easy to maintain and grow. This article explores quality products to help you choose the ideal solution for your preferences and skill level.

How We Compared Indoor Plants

To find the right indoor plants, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size
  • Ease of Care
  • Versatility
  • Aesthetics

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Indoor Plant Reviews

You Garden Collection (Editor’s Choice)

This pick gives you six different plants, with one from each foliage type. The group is inspired by ‘umage’, a Scandinavian lifestyle trend encouraging improvements to your surroundings.

The You Garden Collection of Indoor Plants is compiled to bring you an assortment of flora. The group includes a parlour palm that adds a tropical feel, an evergreen shrub known as the Dragon Tree, and a corn plant with arching sword-shaped leaves. It also comes with a Croton or Joseph’s Coat that adds spectacular colour, a Dieffenbachia Camilla with a two-tone appearance with bright green and white leaves, and a large-leaved rubber plant that is well-known, iconic, and catches the eye. Combined, you get a lush bunch that breathes new life into your house. 

Easy to grow all around, this selection is ideal for beginners and gardeners with more experience. The pieces are tolerant to a variety of conditions and have low maintenance. They also improve the air quality around you by adding oxygen and removing toxins. An 11+cm nursery pot contains each unit.  


  • Full collection of new greenery
  • Six different and unique plants
  • Simple care and maintenance
  • Good for varying conditions
  • Improves air quality


  • They may not come with upkeep instructions
  • Some pieces could be switched out for others
  • The pots might be somewhat small

Flowy Areca Palm Tree (Luxury Choice)

Perfect for beginners, this plant also possesses exceptional air purification qualities. It arrives in great shape, is grown in optimum greenhouse conditions, and only takes a few days to move to your home. 

The Flowy Areca Palm Tree Indoor Plant is tall and lush with long leaves that like lots of sunlight. This type of flora is originally from Madagascar and is commonly found in tropical areas such as the Canary Islands or the Caribbean, so it adds a tropical feel to your space. It is also easy to maintain and poses no toxicity danger. For better results, detailed instructions are included, and its packaging pays specific attention to ensure the leaves and roots are protected for better health. 

This product is 125cm, but a slightly smaller option is also available. The pot is lightweight, durable, strong, and made from 100% recycled materials. It is waterproof, frost-resistant,  and UV-proof. Reassuringly, this selection is produced in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner with renewable energy, so you can feel confident about your choice for multiple reasons. 


  • Various pot colour options
  • Unmatched freshness upon arrival
  • Safe and protective packaging 
  • Tall and tropical 
  • Straightforward care instructions are included


  • It may be too tall for more restricted spaces
  • Some units might be smaller than expected 
  • It could be somewhat trickier to maintain

Botanicly Sansevaria (Best Value)

With its long multi-coloured display, this selection compliments any space. It is highly accommodating and adds style to your house that is both comforting and familiar. 

The Botanicly Sansevaria Indoor Plant is commonly known as a mother-in-law’s tongue. This particular type has beautiful variegated leaves that can easily liven up an area. It comes in a pot with various colour and style possibilities. 

This product is also hand-picked for your benefit. It stands approximately 30cm tall upon arrival but often measures above, which can be a nice bonus. This variety likes shady spaces, so it is an excellent option for rooms with fewer windows. 


  • Variegated leaf pattern 
  • It prefers a shady spot
  • Hand-picked units 
  • Height is about 30cm 
  • Stylish and complementary


  • The pot may be a bit small 
  • Some units could arrive with noticeable blemishes
  • It may be smaller than advertised

You Garden Yucca Elephantipes (Best Easy Care)

This option has a bold look that instantly impacts your home’s space. Not only is it an on-trend evergreen with striking foliage, but it also fills your home with clean, fresh air.

The You Garden Yucca Elephantipes Indoor Plant features three stems with a 60, 30, and 20-cm stalk. It stands about 100cm tall when measured from the pot’s base, providing a big accent piece for any space. An extra large option is also available for a more pronounced addition. 

This selection conveniently thrives in sun or partial shade, making it suitable for various locations. It is an excellent pick for beginners as it is also easy to maintain. Accompanied by a 21cm pot, this option arrives complete and ready for placement and enjoyment.


  • Simple to care for and upkeep
  • Striking and bold appearance 
  • Enjoys partial shade or sun 
  • Three variable height stalks
  • Large and extra-large size options


  • It may not come with the decorative holder pictured
  • Some units could arrive with bruised leaves
  • The pot might not be very resilient 

GardenersDream Spathiphyllum (Best Small)

If you desire a beautiful flowering option, this greenery makes an excellent choice. It has stunning blooms with white petals and, initially, yellow toward the centre. 

The GardenersDream Spathiphyllum Indoor Plant is more commonly known as a peace lily. It is an evergreen perennial with large dark green, ovate leaves. Studies show that this species can absorb and effectively remove different pollutants in your home. It makes a welcome addition to any space, including window sills and functions as an excellent gift.

This pick arrives in a 9cm growers pot and stands 20 to 30 cm with the holder included in the measurement. It is relatively low maintenance and prefers partial shade. When exposed to optimum conditions, it has the potential to spread 20 to 30 cm and grow between 50 and 60cm tall over time. 


  • Removes harmful pollutants in the air
  • Ideal for partial shade locations
  • Low maintenance
  • Stunning blooms 
  • Evergreen perennial 


  • It might not be large enough for all preferences
  • Some products could arrive without leaves
  • The supplied pot may not be as pictured

Thompson and Morgan Collection (Best Giftable)

This product comes as a set of three. The species included are perfect for cleaning your home and office’s air and make an excellent gift. 

The Thompson and Morgan Collection of Indoor Plants comes with a snake plant, a peace lily, and a spider plant. The collection is relatively large and provides you with various shapes and textures all in one. If you prefer, a more extensive set of six is also available.

As a bunch, this product is great for purifying your space and transforming air into clean oxygen. It creates a better quality atmosphere and ambience overall. Each piece comes in a 12cm pot, and they do well in both full sun and partial shade, making them appropriate for most spaces. 


  • Improved air quality
  • Set of three 
  • Suitable for partial or full sun
  • Moderately large 
  • Adds various textures and shapes to an area


  • The pots may be different from those pictured
  • Some units could be toxic to pets
  • They might not be as fresh as other top options

GardenersDream Ficus Robusta (Best Medium)

This option’s ornamental and classic appearance creates a stunning accent to nearly any space. Even with its dramatic effect, this variety needs minimal effort to grow.

The GardenersDream Ficus Robusta Indoor Plant possesses highly beneficial air purification qualities. More commonly known as a rubber plant, this pick does best in partial sun. It has dark green, glossy leaves that look beautiful while also cleansing and refreshing the surrounding air. 

This product measures 30 to 40 cm tall, with the pot included in the dimensions. Over time, it can reach a height of 2.5 to 4 metres and spread up to 1 to 1.5 metres. Advantageously, it only requires a small amount of time for care, which is also suitable for a busy lifestyle. 


  • Air purifying capability
  • 30-40cm tall with the holder
  • It prefers partial sun conditions 
  • Classic and ornamental look 
  • Glossy and dark green leaves


  • It could be a bit trickier to care for than other options
  • The size might be smaller than anticipated 
  • It may not arrive in optimal shape

How to Choose an Indoor Plant

Determining the best indoor plant for your home depends on a few different traits, like the size of the area and the correct growing conditions. The following sections examine essential features found in products to help you choose the right units for your space. Consider which elements will serve you and your preferences best, and selecting the appropriate pick will be easy. 


An indoor plant’s overall size must be considered when comparing your options. Not only do you need to ensure you have a big enough spot for it to live, but you have to remember that it will also grow and expand the longer it lives. Small touches of greenery can have a dramatic effect on a space. However, if you have enough room and desire more of a cleansing effect on the air, a more prominent product is ideal. Larger pieces of flora also significantly impact the design of a room and can improve its decor. 

Ease of Care 

Caring for an indoor plant varies greatly in effort and ease based on the particular kind. The maintenance level fluctuates from one species to the next. Some options require daily attention and highly specific growing conditions, while others require minimal interaction and can flourish in different climates. As a result, some greenery is better suited to beginners, and others are ideal for more experienced gardeners. Tending and growing products can be rewarding when done correctly, but only if you have the time to work on them. How much exertion are you willing to commit to keeping them alive?


Some indoor plants provide you with a high level of versatility regarding their ideal growing conditions. While some options are quite picky, many types of greenery can do well in varying light exposure. Options that flourish in the full and partial sun are often the most versatile. Even so, greenery that grows in the shade may be a better match if you have a limited amount of light in the location you plan to let it grow. 


Indoor plants can create a wide range of diverse aesthetics. They have endless appearances, all of which add a slightly different look and style to a room. Make sure you choose greenery that looks appealing to you and complements your space. Do you prefer long leaves? Flowers? Something more tropical?


The You Garden Collection of Indoor Plants comes with six pieces from a different foliage group to establish a unique yet complimentary feel to any area. Combined, this set of greenery adds a lovely, lush aesthetic to your home. As a bunch, they are effortless to care for, making them ideal for growers of all skill levels and are low maintenance overall. The pieces are suited for varying conditions, making them easy to place. They also work to improve air quality in your residence, office, or other space by adding more oxygen and removing toxins. All around, this product makes a fantastic selection for most rooms and homes, as it is highly accommodating and provides you with an extraordinary level of versatility. 

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