Best Grow Lights

best grow lights

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Grow lights are essential for starting seedlings and promoting advanced development in house plants of all sizes. They also facilitate a year-round gardening season. If you enjoy cultivating greenery, adding one of these accessories allows you to take your indoor foliage and flowers to the next level. These devices are also a great way to start seeds and cuttings before moving them outdoors in the summer. Due to their practical design, these instruments come in a range of different styles and configurations. This article explores top-quality products and examines their defining characteristics to help you select the ideal model for your needs.

How We Compared Grow Lights

To find the right grow lights, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Design
  • Coverage
  • Brightness
  • Ease of Use

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Grow Light Reviews

FECiDA 600W (Editor’s Choice)

This pick is made with high-quality components and meets the needs of all growth stages. It is great for cultivating plants, from starting seedlings to growing, flowering, and fruiting.  

The FECiDA Grow Light provides you with full spectrum brilliance. It powers its 588 LED pieces with 600 watts yet remains equivalent to 65W power consumption. While this configuration is excellent for various purposes, stronger options are also available. The bulbs in this selection are dimmable and facilitate a daisy chain function that allows you to splice freely for multiple glow modes.

You won’t feel any heat from the panel on this device. It is equipped with the strongest cooling system in the LED board to enhance performance. It also features a quiet fan built into the aluminium case. The design makes it a safe pick that promotes a high yield.  


  • Full spectrum for optimal results
  • Advanced cooling system with a quiet fan 
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Top-quality components
  • Dimming daisy chain function


  • It may not be as bright as anticipated 
  • The LED chips could be more miniature than other options
  • It might be smaller in size than advertised

Phlizon 2022 (Luxury Choice)

Providing you with three by three feet of coverage, this product serves as a full-cycle solution for indoor sole-source or greenhouse growing. Its actual power is 200 watts, and it is energy efficient by design. 

The Phlizon Grow Light is equipped with Samsung LM281B LEDs. It contains 476 pieces that facilitate excellent energy conversion, longer life, high intensity, less decay, and better lumens than your typical unit. This device also runs at a lower temperature, eliminating the need for a heat sink. The bulbs can be dimmed, and a daisy chain function allows you to link up to 50 pieces together for a customised layout.  

This device does not have fans, so it does not make any disturbing noises. It features a waterproof power supply that is external to the main portion and easy to replace. The board on this selection also adopts sealing technology resulting in a water-resistant structure overall. As a result, there is no need to worry about potential humidity damage.


  • Suitable for the complete growth cycle
  • Water-resistant by design
  • 476 energy-efficient LED pieces
  • Long lifespan
  • Dimmable with a linking function


  • It could heat up a bit more than anticipated
  • The centre of light may sag slightly
  • It might not achieve its expected coverage

Woputne Grow Light (Best Value)

Suitable for foliage, flowering, potted, succulent, and seedlings in the office or home, this selection makes an excellent choice for most purposes. It helps maintain strong roots and optimal growth status, regulates flowering time, promotes fruit ripening, and improves their quality and taste. 

The Woputne Grow Light is comprised of a 13.2-inch light bar and comes in a two-pack. They have 16 blue and 32 red bulbs for a total of 48 LEDs that meet photosynthesis requirements. The units also have four dimmable levels that you can adjust based on your garden’s needs.

This model features a timing and memory function. It can automatically turn on and off after two, four, or eight-hour increments. For power, it uses a USB plug-in. This accessory is also easy to install. It comes with screws and magnets, enabling two mounting options.


  • Red and blue colours emitted
  • Pack of two bars
  • Timer with memory function 
  • Four dimming options
  • Enables versatile and simple mounting


  • It may contain fewer bulbs than other models 
  • This pick could prove to be less durable 
  • It might have a somewhat limited coverage range

EWEIMA Grow Light (Best for Versatility)

This device is ideal for tabletop use with seedlings and indoor flora. It has an upgraded configuration that is portable and accommodating for user convenience. 

The EWEIMA Grow Light features four heads on flexible goosenecks to facilitate a 360° light range. The portions contain 80 LEDs, and they can be turned on individually or all together. The bulbs are capable of producing three colour modes, including full spectrum for rooting and germination, red, blue, and full spectrum to fuel the growth of leaves and plants, and blue and red for indoor growth, flowering, and fruiting. 

This selection enables ten dimming levels and is equipped with automatic four, eight, and twelve-hour timers. A powerful and large clip allows you to connect this product to surfaces measuring up to three inches. It also comes with a remote control that has a range of up to 30 metres so that you can change the settings from a distance. 


  • Four flexible heads 
  • Strong clamp attaches to a variety of surfaces
  • 360° light range
  • Three variable light modes
  • Ten dimming grades


  • It could prove to have a shorter lifespan
  • The remote control might be somewhat temperamental 
  • It may not be as bright as other models

Sondiko LED Grow Light (Best for Ease of Use)

With two strip-style units included in each pack, this option is versatile and convenient. It is suitable for all plant life stages and has all the features needed to help along the way. 

Sondiko Grow Lights feature four brightness levels and an automatic on-and-off mode to enable straightforward use. These sunlike devices contain 48 LEDs and measure 13.2 inches long. They include premium 50,000-hour bulbs for better performance. 

An upgraded controller on this selection facilitates more precise time monitoring. It has various buttons and two indicator lights to help establish better recognition. In addition, this product comes with cable ties, two screws and 3M adhesive, allowing for various mounting options on a cabinet, shelf, or wall.


  • Four brightness modes 
  • Two-pack of 13.2-inch strips 
  • Improved controller design
  • 48 premium LEDs
  • Three mounting options


  • It might not have the most extended lifespan
  • The glow could be whiter than anticipated 
  • It may not work well with an external timer

Brite Labs (Best for Practicality)

If you desire an accessory that functions as an excellent propagator, this product makes an outstanding choice. It enables immense changes when it comes to colour, texture, and remarkable growth and allows your garden to thrive in the winter. 

The Brite Labs Grow Light is constructed with 40 full spectrum LEDs with a 20 W power rating. The bulbs have nine dimming levels and three light modes, including red, blue, and a combination of both. The device has three, nine, and twelve timer settings, and a controller switch helps you cycle through different functions.

The structure of this pick consists of two flexible gooseneck arms that facilitate 360° rotation. The pieces are connected to an adjustable clip that attaches to surfaces up to 2.5 inches. It also comes with a USB cord and power adapter to ensure easy to use all around. 


  • Two flexible arms 
  • Easy-to-use controller
  • Nine dimming grades
  • Three different lighting modes 
  • Adjustable clip attachment


  • It could be less durable 
  • The timer may not be completely accurate
  • It might not be as powerful as other top options

MOYA STD (Best Design)

This option is excellent for small greenery. It has a decorative appearance and a unique application that facilitates straightforward use and an appealing style overall.

The MOYA STD Grow Light uses 15 watts and enables three light settings. It contains 24 growing LEDs for full spectrum cultivation, 12 3000K bulbs that simulate the sunlight at noon, four red pieces that improve photosynthesis and flowering, and eight 6500K cool white units that are great for veg and leaf. The configuration enables dimming and has five variable brightness levels.

Designed with an arc-shaped dome sitting atop a telescopic pole, it is versatile and fashionable. It easily stakes into the dirt of a pot and allows you to adjust the height as needed. A connected fitting also creates a firmer grip inside the soil. This device has an automatic on-and-off function for daily cycles paired with a three, six, and twelve-hour timer. It also has an extra-long 90-inch cord for simplified connections.


  • Unique and decorative build
  • The colour settings for different stages of growth
  • Five brightness modes 
  • Secure fitting in soil
  • Long power cord


  • The power button might be somewhat fiddly 
  • It may have a shorter lifespan
  • The timer could constantly blink and cause a disturbance

How to Choose a Grow Light

Selecting a suitable grow light for your indoor garden starts with understanding your options. The following sections explore features found in top products. Consider which traits will be most valuable for your specific needs, and choosing the ideal unit will be easy.   


Grow lights come in a variety of different designs. The most common configurations include strips, hanging panels, clip-on goosenecks, and stakes. Depending on your specific type of foliage, some styles may be more accommodating than others. If you desire an adjustable unit, products with rotating arms and clamp attachments are often the best choice. Options that fit into the soil also provide you with some adaptability. Dangling models tend to be less flexible but are generally more secure. 


The coverage provided by a grow light should also be considered when selecting a unit. Otherwise, you may find that some of your plants do not fit within a product’s range. Think about how many seedlings you wish to benefit from the glow and select a device that will encompass them all. 


The brightness level achieved by grow lights varies from one model to the next. Often, the quantity of LEDs contained within a device alerts you to their potential ability. These growing accessories are constructed with a wide range of pieces, spanning from just a few up to hundreds. If you want a more powerful tool, select a unit with a large number of bulbs. Many products facilitate a high level of versatility as well, which is beneficial in accommodating the needs of plants in various stages of growth. Features like dimming levels and different light modes make a product more adaptable and affect the overall glow.   

Ease of Use

The best grow lights are easy to use. Typically products that feature simple control mechanisms and top-quality components facilitate the most straightforward operation. In general, LEDs tend to promote a long lifespan. Look for devices with simple mounting options and durable parts to ensure simple and dependable operation. 


The FECiDA 600W Grow Light is ideal for all growth stages. It provides your plants with full spectrum brilliance for optimal results. This selection is built with 588 LED pieces and has a low power consumption to help you save energy. The bulbs are dimmable and enable a convenient daisy chain function for versatility and the ability to splice easily. The product as a whole is made with high-quality components, including an aluminium case. It contains an advanced cooling system with a quiet fan and air vents for improved functionality. Thanks to its highly accommodating design, this accessory is great for most indoor gardens and cultivation needs.

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