Best Garden Furniture Covers

Best Garden Furniture Covers

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Garden furniture covers are viewed by many as an essential tool for any home with outdoor seating or equipment. They are specifically designed to protect your patio tables, chairs, and other outside effects from harsh weather conditions. Quality products help preserve the integrity of your exterior accessories and extend their usable lifespan, leaving you to enjoy them for years to come. They come in a wide range of different dimensions and compositions, some of which are better suited to the job than others. This article examines top products and evaluates their prominent traits to assist you in determining the ideal selection for your specific needs.

How We Compared Garden Furniture Covers

To find the right garden furniture covers, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size
  • Durability
  • Security
  • Water Resistance

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Garden Furniture Cover Reviews

YoungBee (Editor’s Choice)

This product has a rectangular shape that is ideal for protecting a dining table and chair set. It is breathable, durable, and suited for all-season use, making it highly accommodating overall. 

The YoungBee Garden Furniture Cover is made with 100% waterproof material featuring a PVC eco-friendly backing. It consists of an upgraded 420D yarn-dyed Oxford with a ripstop grid pattern for exceptional tear strength. The structure possesses excellent fade, wind and UV resistance. It also contains a specially formulated compound that causes water to repel and bead, even at high pressures. 

With double-stitched seams and the ability to resist rot and cracking, you can expect long-lasting performance from this shell. This selection also promotes a tight fit thanks to availability in a collection of dimensions. It has a 360-degree drawcord locking system and four buckle straps that also enhance security during extreme weather conditions. As needed, it can easily be hand-washed. 


  • Extreme weatherproofing compound 
  • High durability material 
  • Securing straps and drawstring 
  • Various sizes for the perfect fit
  • UV and fade resistant


  • Some wind may still be able to get underneath
  • It could be thinner than anticipated 
  • The strap stitching might be less resilient 

Dokon (Luxury Choice)

The large and accommodating size of this pick makes it a fantastic choice for most homes. It provides you with excellent protection from harsh environments like intense snow, rain, dust, sunshine, and more.  

The Dokon Garden Furniture Cover has a round shape that measures 230 x 100cm. It is made from a heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric with an eco-friendly PVC backing that is UV-stabilised. The black material has a waterproof fabric top and is sun-resistant, windproof, snowproof, and rip-proof. It is also easy to clean by spraying it down with a hose.

Hidden air vents with mesh barriers are built into this selection to help prevent mould development and lofting caused by strong breezes. They can also be used as handles for simplified manoeuvrability. Four click-close securing straps are located at the bottom for attaching around the legs to ensure it stays in place. You can easily place it in the included zipper bag for compact storage and transport when not in use.


  • Large round build 
  • Straightforward cleaning process
  • Built-in air vents with mesh
  • Four clicking straps
  • Advanced protection from intense weather conditions 


  • It could be less durable than other top models
  • Wind resistance might be somewhat lacking
  • It may be larger than expected 

Osarke (Best Value)

This solution conveniently comes in various sizes and configurations. It is suitable for most shapes, including sofas, tables, pool tables, storage benches, and other patio structures. 

The Osarke Garden Furniture Cover is resistant to UV rays, wind, and snow. It is made from 420D material with a PVC coating. The shell features waterproof tape to prevent leaks and effectively discourages tears and fading. Its ventilated fabric structure also reduces condensation and moisture from developing inside.

This protector is equipped with four nylon buckles and an adjustable drawstring that establishes a secure fit over your outdoor equipment. As a whole, it is simple to fold and carry as a storage bag comes included. When it comes time for a cleaning, you can quickly rinse it with water and dry it with a towel.


  • Excellent fade and tear resistance
  • Waterproof tape 
  • Nylon securing buckles 
  • Easy storage 
  • Ventilated fabric structure


  • The pull cord may be of lower quality
  • It might lose its waterproofing over time
  • This pick could be thinner than other selections

Landrip (Best for Versatility)

If you desire a protector that fits rectangle or oval-shaped tables, benches, and other square items, this makes an excellent pick. It creates a comprehensive arrangement for your outdoor patio accessories and is simple to rinse and dry with a towel. 

The Landrip Garden Furniture Cover measures 350 x 260 x 90cm, but various other sizes are available. It is constructed using heavy-duty 420D Oxford fabric and has an eco-friendly PVC backing. The structure is UV-resistant, and its waterproof coating makes it suitable for rain, snow, or shine. In addition, it does not tear easily.

This product contains critical seams detail with tape to help prevent water from leaking through the material. It is designed to be extra windproof and utilises click-close straps on each of the corners and an elastic hem with a cord lock to create a custom-like fit overall. As a bonus, a waterproof zip bag facilitates straightforward transportation and storage as needed.


  • Seam tape adds reinforcement 
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant coating 
  • Convenient storage bag included
  • Securing corner straps 
  • Elastic hem around the bottom


  • The material may be less durable than other options
  • It could develop puddles with heavy rain
  • The pull string might be less secure 

SIRUITON (Best Easy Care)

With a heavy-duty build, this device offers excellent coverage for a range of furnishing demands. It has a black rectangular shape that measures 200 x 160 x 70cm, but various other sizes and configurations are also available to ensure you get the best fit possible. 

The SIRUITON Garden Furniture Cover features advanced traits to help it function well in outdoor conditions. To help make it wind resistant, it contains an air vent and four click-close straps. It also has an elastic hem cord made from nylon rope with a toggle for better tightening capability. 

This shell is assembled using 420D Oxford material that is snow and waterproof PU coated. The textile is dustproof, anti-UV, resists tears and is easy to clean. The layout is also constructed with adjustable velcro and double-stitched seams to enhance performance. You can keep it in the included storage bag with a zipper when not in use. 


  • PU coating for enhanced protection 
  • Simple to clean
  • Nylon hem cord
  • Reinforced seams 
  • Adjustable Velcro


  • The fabric could be less durable than expected 
  • It might not be 100% waterproof
  • The straps may break easily with prolonged use

AWNIC (Best All Season)

This accessory has a heavy-duty build that helps you maintain the pristine condition of your garden and patio items. It establishes a perfect fit for full-on coverage paired with total convenience.

The AWNIC Garden Furniture Cover has a lightweight build and comes with a handy bag for storage. It is made from a 100% polyester 420D Oxford material. The solution-dyed woven fabric minimises fading caused by the sun and is mould-resistant. It forms a black shell that is available in several size options so you can establish edge-to-edge coverage over a variety of outdoor effects. The textile is also easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

This unit’s design facilitates all-season use. It features cleverly placed air vents, making it able to endure heavy water pressure up to 5000mm H2O and strong winds. Hook and loop fasteners at the waist and securing devices at the bottom create a snug and reliable fit.


  • Various sizes for excellent fit capability
  • Solution-dyed fabric for improved protection 
  • Easy to wipe clean design 
  • Several fasteners for better security
  • Strategic air vents 


  • The sizing could be slightly off on some products 
  • It may be flimsier than other models
  • The ties might be somewhat less intuitive 

PATIO PLUS (Best Basic)

With a rectangular shape and an extra large size, this selection is highly accommodating to different needs. It establishes protection against wind, snow, rain, and sunlight. 

The PATIO PLUS Garden Furniture Cover Green is made from green polyethene that is more durable and thicker than other options. The top-quality PE fabric is UV and tear-resistant. It is also water and dustproof as a result of its bonded edges and high seam density. It features a drawstring rope that you can tighten to avoid being blown around or away by the wind for a more secure fit. 

This particular model measures 200 x 160 x 70cm and is suitable for patio tables with up to eight chairs. However, many other sizes are available to help you better adjust to your particular needs. It also works for rattan and oval-shaped furniture. This protector is simple to clean and dry in the sun and can be folded for easy storage. 


  • High-calibre PE fabric 
  • Extra large dimensions
  • Bonded edges for added reinforcement 
  • Elevated seam density
  • Drawstring rope around the bottom 


  • It may not be completely waterproof  
  • The top film might crumble over time 
  • It could prove to be less durable than similar options

How to Choose a Garden Furniture Cover

With a comprehensive understanding of your options, selecting the ideal garden furniture cover is easy. The following sections explore prominent product features to help you compare options based on your specific outdoor equipment demands.


The most important factor to consider when choosing a garden furniture cover is its size. This product comes in various dimensions and shapes to help you get the proper fit. The right unit will provide you with a complete shield and will not leave any exposed areas. To ensure you get the correct device, start by measuring the outdoor chairs, tables, or other equipment you wish to protect and select a slightly bigger unit to ensure it will be easy to install. 


Considering garden furniture covers are designed for use outdoors, they must be durable. Harsh weather and exposure to persistent UV rays speed up the deterioration of materials kept outside. However, many products account for this and include protective coatings and a heavy-duty material build. Quality devices are able to withstand a variety of extreme conditions and still facilitate long-lasting use and dependability. 


Garden furniture covers need to be secure when put in place. Otherwise, they are likely to move around, shift, and potentially blow away in windy conditions. Look for products with straps that click around legs and a drawstring on the bottom to create the best, most reliable structure and fit. Adding wind vents can also help improve their ability to stay put. 

Water Resistance 

Garden furniture covers need a high level of water resistance to protect your outdoor accessories. Most products are designed with waterproofing as a top priority so that you can use your equipment anytime without having to dry it first. Models with a repellant finish and reinforced seams often perform the best.  


The YoungBee Garden Furniture Cover provides you with long-lasting performance and dependability. It features an extreme weatherproofing compound that helps repel and bead water on the surface and is exceptionally fade-, wind- and UV-resistant. It is made with an upgraded 420D yarn-dyed Oxford that features a ripstop grid pattern for exceptional tear strength. This pick is available in various sizes to help you establish the perfect fit and contains securing straps and a drawstring to ensure it stays in place. The highly durable material of this selection, paired with its accommodating dimensions, makes it an outstanding choice for most outdoor needs.

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