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best fans

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

A fan is a great item to have at home or in your office when opening a window simply isn’t enough. It offers brilliant cooling, especially when there’s no natural airflow or you are just too hot. They work by circulating the air and providing a refreshing breeze exactly where you need it. If you are in search of a new fan, we have found seven of the best choices available.

How We Compared Fans

To find the right fans we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Type
  • Adjustability
  • Noise Pollution
  • Ease of Use

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Fan Reviews

ANSIO Tower 30-Inch (Editor’s Choice)

This tower fan is excellent if you want to cool larger rooms or for multiple people. This is due to the power of the airflow and other features like rotation and timer functions.

The ANSIO Tower fan has a wide 60-degree oscillation: this can cover a great area if you position the fan in the corner of a room, for example. It also has three-speed settings. Therefore, you can easily adjust it if more or fewer people are present.

You could also use the fan in the bedroom if you don’t mind the low noise levels. It has a timer function which can be set for up to 7.5 hours. You could, therefore, place it at the maximum setting so that it is on as you sleep.


  • It has three-speed settings to suit different conditions
  • This model has a timer function to limit power use
  • It can be operated on the unit or via the remote control
  • Three mode settings – normal, nature, and taper
  • Provides cooling over a 60-degree radius


  • It may not be the smallest tower fan available
  • This fan may not be the quietest

Rowenta Turbo VU5870 (Luxury Choice)

This traditional floor fan is ideal if you are a light sleeper or don’t want any disturbance from fan noise. It has a quiet motor, so it should not interrupt your sleep.

Despite the quiet operation, it is still powerful. It delivers up to 80m3 per minute of airflow on the highest setting. The head also oscillates, which means its strong airflow is delivered to a much larger area.

This Rowenta fan also offers simple operation via remote control. The remote is stylish but has simple controls like turning the fan on and off; you can also use it to adjust the speed settings. This fan has five different settings— from ultra-quiet for night use to turbo boost for maximum refreshment.


  • Delivers an intense airflow of up to 80m3 per minute
  • It also has a relatively silent operation
  • It can be operated via a remote control
  • It has five different speed settings
  • The natural breeze mode mimics gentle outdoor wind


  • It may be quite large in tighter spaces
  • The remote control might not include a battery

Honeywell TurboForce (Best Value)

This desk fan is ideal for a directed airflow in a smaller space. For example, it could be placed on a bedside table to cool your side of the bed at night.

The base of this Honeywell TurboForce fan is also durable. You can comfortably set it on tables and flat surfaces. Alternatively, it includes a wall mount if you intend to use it in a fixed position, such as above your office desk.

We also like that the head oscillates 90 degrees vertically. Moreover, the speed settings are adjustable with three different modes. This makes it versatile, and it could be used in many different situations. Lastly, this fan is powerful and can circulate air up to 7m away.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • You can feel the airflow from up to 7m away
  • It has a 90-degree oscillating head
  • It can be mounted on a table or even on a wall
  • Three different speed settings


  • It may not be the quietest on the highest speed setting
  • The power switch may be in an awkward position

Honeywell QuietSet (Sturdiest)

If durability is essential for you, this fan is a brilliant model. This is due to the durable casing and the robust remote control. This characteristic could be crucial for busy households where fans could easily get knocked over or damaged.

Thanks to its powerful cooling capabilities and 80-degree oscillation, the Honeywell QuietSet can easily improve air circulation in large spaces. So this fan could be ideal for living rooms, playrooms, or home offices.

It is also easy to use and offers a variety of settings. For example, it has a timer function that you can set for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours, which is excellent if you want to conserve power and not have the fan running all day if you forget to switch it off.


  • Advanced controls with 8-speed settings
  • It has a remote control and a top-facing control dial
  • Includes a timer that can be set to 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours
  • It oscillates by 80 degrees for great cooling coverage
  • The top control dial is easy to use and understand


  • There could be an occasional mechanical noise
  • The base may be a little brittle

Meaco 1056 (Best Eco Option)

Fans can often be power-hungry, but this is a solid option if you want to conserve electricity. It has a Class-A energy rating and thus shouldn’t contribute much to your monthly bills.

The Meaco 1056 air circulator looks fantastic and has a stylish design. It can sit comfortably on your desk, bedside cabinet, or table without taking up too much room. However, although it is compact, it is still powerful, and the different speed settings will provide fantastic cooling.

This model is also generally quiet, aside from the occasional knocking sound. As a result, it could be comfortably used in your bedroom, even if you are a light sleeper. At the slowest speed setting, this fan has a noise rating of 20dB.


  • Has minimum noise levels of 20dB
  • It also has multi-directional oscillation for a wider coverage
  • Has built-in energy-saving features
  • Includes remote control for convenient operation
  • Sleek, stylish, and compact design


  • It could have the odd knocking sound when rotating
  • The remote may sometimes have an unreliable connection

VOXON TurboForce (Most Versatile)

This desk fan has a sturdy base and is a viable option if you want a fan in a fixed place. You could use the wall mount or desk mount to position it in the best area of your home office or bedroom.

The VOXON TurboForce fan has a large, durable base. From this, the fan head is fixed and secured via two axes and pivots 90 degrees. Therefore, if you mounted it vertically, it could give cooling to an entire room with ease.

Inside the fan head, there are three powerful blades. These have been designed to be quiet for general house use and provide superior cooling, with a noise level of between 38 to 55 decibels.


  • This fan has a stable base and can be wall-mounted
  • The head pivots 90 degrees
  • Includes two different speed settings
  • It has a noise ranking of 38 to 55dB based on the different settings
  • Compact design and great for smaller rooms


  • It might be a bit loud to use in bedrooms for some
  • The fan may not tilt downwards

Schallen 16” Electric (Best Adjustable)

This traditional fan is perfect for office environments or living rooms. It has a large adjustable stand that allows you to use it in various situations. For example, you could use it in an office and alter the height to suit a group of desks.

The Schallen fan head sits on a long pole secured to a four-legged base. As a result, it is durable and stable. We also like that the head can be rotated, thus cooling multiple areas – like several people in an office.

This fan also has a metal grill covering the fan blades for improved safety, which means that no one should be able to touch them or stray items get caught inside.


  • It has an adjustable height to suit different settings
  • Simple controls with three-speed settings
  • The fan head includes a metal safety grill
  • It is incredibly lightweight for repositioning
  • The base is sturdy


  • The mains power cable could be a little short
  • The assembly instructions might be difficult to find

How to Choose a Fan

Fans are available in many sizes and designs. As a result, it can be challenging to pick one. You must first think about where you intend to use it, your available space, and what you need it for. Once you have done this, look at the considerations listed below in our simple buying guide.

Type – Floor vs Table

The main difference in fan designs is floor vs table. Table fans are much smaller and lighter. For example, they can typically be positioned on a desk, coffee table, or bedside table. These are better suited if you have limited space. They are also useful if you only need cooling in a fixed area.

Floor fans are usually much larger. There are tower fans and traditional head/stand fans. Both types of fans are much taller and take up more room. The benefit is that they usually have greater oscillation, which means they can provide cooling to a larger area.


Next, how can the fan be adjusted? Does it have different speed settings? These are common traits of most fans.

Some fans also have timer features. Timers are excellent for limiting power use and great if you intend to put one in your bedroom. For example, a timer will keep the fan on for just a few hours as you fall asleep.

Noise Pollution

Consider also the noise pollution. Most fans have some operating noise level due to their design—this is unavoidable.

However, some fans are quieter than others. If possible, check the fan’s decibel (dB) rating to know how quiet it is when switched on.

The noise level also depends on your personal preference. For example, if you are a heavy sleeper, this may not be an essential feature to look for.

Ease of Use

Lastly, how easy is the fan to operate? Most fans have a simple set of buttons. These are used to turn the fan on and off and change the speed settings.

However, some fans have a control dial that can include different functions and things like a timer. Some fans even have a remote control that allows you to operate the fan without continually getting up to switch it on and off.


Our top pick is the ANSIO Tower 30-Inch fan, a complete cooling solution. It is easy to operate thanks to the top dial and remote control, and it is an excellent choice for bedrooms. This is due to the timer mode that can be set for up to 7.5 hours. The 60-degree oscillation also means you get a greater airflow area and, thus, better cooling.

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