Best Extractor Fans

Best Extractor Fans

Our editors independently research the best products online to produce this list. We may receive commission on purchases made from the links below but this will never affect our product choices.

Extractor fans are essential items in bathrooms and toilets. Their mechanism effectively circulates air and removes moisture, odours, and smoke from the vicinity. Without these devices, rooms with a high humidity level can quickly become damp or have nasty lingering smells. If your current one is damaged, or you need a new model for a re-design, we have just the thing. In the below guide, we have hand-picked seven excellent units for your consideration.

How We Compared Extractor Fans

To find the right extractor fans, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Installation
  • Noise
  • Style
  • Effectiveness

Our team planned comparison points and specifically looked for products that would cater to all kinds of needs. We spent countless hours researching, consulting customer reviews and comparing features to come up with this list.

Extractor Fan Reviews

Envirovent SIL100T (Editor’s Choice)

This is an excellent choice if you want a great all-around extractor fan that offers superb functionality, low noise, and easy installation. It has an impressive performance rate of 26 litres per second (96 cubic metres per hour) to keep your rooms dry.

The Envirovent SIL100T Extractor Fan works with a low noise rating which should cause minimum disturbance. For safety and durability, it is IP45 rated too, and CE approved, which makes it great for electrical use in potentially damp rooms.

In terms of fitting, the casing is viable for a standard 100mm duct opening. Additionally, it has a power consumption of 8 watts and should be connected via a 230/240V AC mains system.


  • Impressive 26 litres per second output
  • Low sound output
  • IP45 rated for waterproof protection
  • It has a backdraft shutter to prevent heat leakage when not in use
  • Automatic PIR detection with a 4m range


  • It may not be the most stylish of designs
  • The timer function could be temperamental

Xpelair C4HTS (Luxury Choice)

The smooth and sleek facia installed at the front of this device gives you a stylish look and helps hide the fan blades. Moreover, it works to add sound dampening, and it clips on, so it is easy to remove if you need to access the rear.

The Xpelair C4HTS Extractor Fan is incredibly quiet and has a sound output of just 16dB. Additionally, it doesn’t lack power and gives an extraction performance of either 15 or 21 litres per second. During the installation, you can choose between these two settings.

It is suitable for wall, ceiling, or panel fitting and is perfect for 100mm standard ducts. We like that the facia is easy to clean, too – simply wipe it with a cloth to remove any dirt and dust. Lastly, it complies with Building Regulations Part F.


  • This fan includes a stylish smooth cover to hide the mechanisms
  • It has a simple twist-and-click installation method
  • Two variable speed functions of 15 or 21 litres per second
  • Near-silent running due to ghost air movement technology
  • Large cable access for easy wiring


  • The speed settings may only be tuned during installation
  • The humidistat could be overly sensitive

Xpelair DX100 (Best Value)

This no-nonsense model is perfect if you want a device that is quick to install without any special features. However, there are upgrades available too. For example, you can get this model with a timer delay or a humidistat sensor for added convenience.

The Xpelair DX100 Extractor Fan is ideally suited for a standard 4”/100mm opening and is supplied with all the necessary fixtures for either a window or wall installation. Additionally, the white plastic casing is IPX5-rated and BEAB-approved. Furthermore, it conforms to Building Regulations Part F1.

In terms of performance, you can expect an output of 76m3 per hour which should keep your bathroom dry. Moreover, it should prove relatively quiet during operation as it has a noise rating of 35dB to 3 metres. For installation, it has a standard setup and should be able to be connected to a light switch.


  • It has an excellent output of 76m3 per hour
  • Relatively low noise level of 35dB
  • IPX5 rated for splashproof protection, and BEAB approved
  • Standard operation for use with a light switch
  • Includes a window and wall kit for multiple installation options


  • It could look pretty basic
  • Some customers may have reported burns on the circuit boards

Manrose QF100T (Best for Easy Fit)

The simplistic no-fuss design of this model makes for an easy installation and a convenient fit. It has been manufactured for a 4”/100mm duct, a relatively standardised industry measurement. Therefore, you should not have to extend the hole or create a new tunnel opening.

The Manrose QF100T Extractor Fan has a durable white plastic casing and is rated to IP44 standards. As a result, it is suitable for electrical use in bathrooms. Moreover, it has an excellent maximum output of 27dB to reduce noise pollution.

To help preserve the temperature in your room, it includes a rear backdraught shutter, which closes when not in use. Furthermore, it has a strong flow rate to keep your areas moisture-free at 21 litres per second. Regarding connectivity, it should be compatible with a G-3 pin format system.


  • Quiet operation with a tested noise rating of 27 dB
  • It includes a backdraught shutter to prevent heat loss
  • IP44 rating to reduce the chance of water damage
  • Simple design and installation
  • It does have a timer function


  • Some customers may have reported product failure
  • You could notice an eventual rattle

Airflow iCON ECO (Best Design)

If you have a modern bathroom or toilet with stylish fixtures, the two different cover options of this device will match perfectly. It looks incredible and stands out compared to most other fans. You can find it in a standard white cover, anthracite, or a bold silver casing.

The Airflow iCON ECO 15 is an axial recessed fan and should allow you to easily comply with building regulations. Additionally, it is suitable for a 100mm outlet and generates an excellent output of 68mhr. In terms of installation, it can be wall or ceiling-mounted.

We like the triple coverings that open and close automatically in tandem with the on/off switch. These help hide the mechanism of the fan but also act as a front-facing backdraft shutter to prevent excess heat from escaping from your room.


  • Available in three colour options – white, silver, or anthracite
  • Stylish design that will fit with any modern bathroom decor
  • It can be installed on walls or ceilings
  • Automatic open/close fan coverings to improve aesthetics
  • It has a decent flow rate of up to 68mhr


  • The coverings may sometimes not close properly
  • It might not be the quietest during operation

Blauberg UK Chrome (Best for Versatility)

The chrome metal finish of this extractor fan gives you something completely different. It looks superb and makes a nice contrast to traditional white plastic devices. Additionally, the exterior material is UV-resistant. Therefore, it shouldn’t degrade or discolour over time.

The Blauberg UK Chrome Bathroom Fan has some excellent features that boost its utility. Firstly, a humidity sensor allows the device to switch on automatically. Secondly, it has an optional timer so you can adjust the length that it stays on after activation.

For sound pollution, it has a low output of 25dB, and it is IPX4 rated and thus electrically safe for use in bathrooms and toilets. It includes fixtures to wall mount and gives a high-powered extraction rate of 97m3 per hour.


  • Stylish chrome casing for modern rooms
  • The covering is UV-resistant and IPX4-rated for electrical safety
  • It can be wall or ceiling-mounted
  • Relatively low noise output at just 25dB
  • The extraction rate is fantastic at 97m3 per hour


  • The casing could be difficult to remove
  • Some customers may have reported faulty units

STERR BFS100L (Best With Light)

If you want a stylish unit to fit with the modern design of your bathroom or cloakroom, this device’s high-quality glass panel looks fantastic. It is semi-transparent and has a backlit LED that will activate when you turn on the item.

The STERR Bathroom Extractor Fan has an included backdraught shutter that helps prevent heat from escaping while it is not switched on. Furthermore, due to the positioning of the fixtures, you can install the unit horizontally or vertically.

In terms of dimensions, it is 158 x 158 x 125mm, so it should fit most regulated outlet sizes. Additionally, it has a decent sound rating of just 27dB; therefore, it will be quiet during operation. Other important features include a time switch and non-return valve for convenient functionality.


  • Brilliant glass front panel to obscure the fan mechanism
  • Backdraught shutter for heat retention
  • It can be installed either horizontally or vertically
  • Standardised dimensions of 158 x 158mm
  • Bright white LED light for improved visibility


  • The installation could be a little tricky
  • The LED light may work intermittently

How to Choose an Extractor Fan

Extractor fans need serious consideration as they involve structural work in your home. Additionally, they may not be the easiest to remove once installed, so you want to select the right one. Below you can find a buying guide containing four main factors to look at when choosing these products.


The installation is the primary concern when buying an extractor fan. Hopefully, you already have an opening in your wall and a channel to an external vent. This is required so that air can be effectively recycled outside. 

Before making any decision, measure the diameter of the opening to know the maximum size you can get. Next, consider the fan’s wiring setup and ensure the correct cables are available. Ideally, the initial electrical system is already in place – it’s then a simple case of following the instructions and connecting the wires to the fan.


Most extractor fans emit some noise – this is largely unavoidable due to the mechanism of these devices. However, you can still find products with varying dB levels. Therefore, if this is something that bothers you, we advise checking the output.

In most instances, the manufacturer will state the noise level in the item description, and some specific models have a “noiseless” operation.


Obviously, you want an extractor fan that fits in with the decor of your room. Most designs have a white casing and are relatively minimalist. These should be able to match the colour schemes, tiles, and wallpaper of your home.

However, there are also some stylish options that could be a great choice. For example, many include a covering that obscures the actual fan mechanism – these look more appealing and hide the ugly components. Think about the room you need the extractor fan for, its decor, and what type of product you would like to match.


Lastly, consider the effectiveness of the fan mechanism. This is typically measured in litres per second or cubic meters per hour. Essentially, it denotes how much air volume is extracted from the room in a given time.

In most instances, a higher number equates to a more efficient fan. Furthermore, some models have multiple functions and different speed settings – this can be useful and help save on energy.


The Envirovent SIL100T Extractor Fan is our top pick with its impressive output, low noise volume, and simple installation. To effectively remove moisture and odours, it has a huge capacity of 26 litres per second or 96 cubic metres per hour – this should keep bathrooms and toilets fresh and dry. Additionally, it has a low noise rating for minimum interference. The device is CE-approved and IP45-rated for waterproof protection. Furthermore, it includes a backdraft shutter to prevent heat dispersion when not in use.

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